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Bunk Beds

Bunk Beds

Shakespeare Footnote

Shakespeare Footnote Just another historical tidbit about Shakespeare’s Richard III versus the historical king. Shakespeare Footnote #Shakespeare […] Read More

Serge A. Storms

Serge A. Storms Serge A. Storms rides again… Wisdom from Serge: “Cabin fever is the natural enemy of strategic judgment.” “and my luck is long past the expiration date.” “It’s just another glaring opportunity missed by the general populace. There’s no law against pretending to be a civilian professional.” “A negative genetic experiment crossing Danny […] Read More

Pluto Square Uranus

Pluto Square Uranus Quite possibly, this would be one of the final passes from this particular planetary arrangement, Pluto Square Uranus. While I’ve addressed this before, in the past years, mostly featured as Uranus Square Pluto, I’m changing this up a little because I had a perfect example of the energy, manifest in a proper […] Read More

Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby! The image is more than a decade old, and it’s from a disposable camera, best guess, and best guess is Las Vegas, for someone’s wedding, back in the day. But that’s a guess, at best. While I still own the attire, doubt I’ll be wearing that anytime soon. It’s Las Vegas, Baby! #throwback […] Read More

4. Read. A lot.

4. Read. A lot. It’s a dictum. “Read. A lot.” In order to be constantly improving, there’s the secret ingredient of reading. One of my cousins is published, tenured, expert in a field that is bereft of any technological input. No machines and using tools that are certainly as old as the Clovis Civilizations. When […] Read More

Astrology Transits

Astrology Transits “What changed?” Astrology Transits, predictions, heart, and the Near Death Experience… The change occured some years ago, when I under the influence of a Pluto transit. Pluto, to some, is a harbinger of the dead. To be honest, yes, the Pluto transit did almost kill me, but no one told me I was […] Read More

What I Learned Blogging for 14 Years

What I Learned Blogging for 14 Years What I Learned Blogging for 14 Years, which, really it’s been longer. Write every day. Not everything is good. Continue to learn (grammar matters). Read. A lot. Ignore the pundits. Ignore metrics. Be inspired by everyday wonders. Experiment. Do something outside of the comfort zone. That’s the short […] Read More

The Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse

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