Texas Rose

Texas Rose

Yellow Rose

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Facebook Hoaxes

Facebook Hoaxes Facebook Hoaxes. Like on FaceBook […] Read More

9. outside of the comfort zone

outside of the comfort zone

Astrology Apologies

Astrology Apologies Astrology Apologies – not to be confused with an astrologcal apologist, which is a dofferent category. The serial comic strip made me wonder if there would be market for greeting cards with sun sign apologies, like, “I’m a Sagittarius, and I deeply regret what, oh look!” Or a Pisces? “I am SO very, […] Read More

Flow Charts

Flow Charts Simply put? “I love flow charts.” […] Read More

Sonnet Form

Sonnet Form All about Shakespeare’s sonnets, with a bullet point or two. Problem being, I haven’t used sonnets since last year, year before, not directly […] Read More

8. Experiment

8. Experiment. The List. 8. Experiment. One of my books, most recent, was an experiment in fiction. I gathered up previous material, new, unused, plus underused, and pulled it together into a text. Good experiment. It was an artistic success, and a commercial failure. In that collection, at least one story “pre-dates the internet.” The […] Read More

7. Be inspired by everyday wonders

7. Be Inspired Every Day

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