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Software Tools – ByWord

Software Tools - ByWord

Most Influential Motorcycles

Short link about the ten most influential motorcycles of all time. Not sure I agree with all, but there are a few that stand out. The first Honda 750/4, the RD 400, for sure, and the KZ 1000 […] Read More

Board Walk Empire

Board Walk Empire stars on of my favorite actors, Steve Buscemi, fellow Sagittarius. On more than one occasion, I’ve commented that I wanted him to play me in the movie of my life. Strange choice as he tends to play quirky, offbeat characters. Perfect call, if you ask me. And, after all, the movie is […] Read More

Coffee and Publication

Coffee and Publication Dates

No Service

No Service

The 9 Minute Audio File

The 9 Minute Audio File

9 Minute Audio File

As alluded to before, the 9 Minute Audi File is located here. >Crazy good on many levels. >I find myself using it multiple times >daily for meditation timing plus >mindfulness timing when writing. With the non-instructions located here, and the Gemini reference linked here […] Read More

My Favorite Device

My Favorite Device from a link? “My favorite device…” My favorite? For a few years, I loved my Apple Air, one of the early Air models, a lightweight, full keyboard experience. Very light weight, compared with the old days of lugging around laptops, as I’ve done for most of my professional career as an occasional […] Read More

Reverse Bucket List

The Reverse Bucket List is about goals that have already been accomplished. Casting backwards to look forward and a perfect Mercury Retrograde kind of list to make. I stumbled across the notion of the “Reverse Bucket List” someplace online, and it was lead-in for goal setting. Probably selling a “Goal-Setting app,” but I don’t recall. […] Read More

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