Week of: March 24-30

It is the stars,
The stars above us, govern our conditions;

    Kent in Shakespeare's version of King Lear (Act IV, scene iii)

Aries : Happy Birthday to all the early Aries! And what a nice birthday it is, too, because the benevolent rays of the planet Venus are shining down on you. Yes, Venus has started her annual trip through your sign, and unless you support Maya Astrology, this is a very good time for you because Venus will conjunct your Sun and bring her sweetness and light into all your relationships. There is also a little lingering effect left over from Mercury, too, so you are able to communicate with ease and grace this week. The single problem stems from Saturn, but that just means get back to work, sort of a dull echo on a bright a week.

Taurus : The unsettling news is merely addressing the relationship issues. I remember when I was a part of a large a community, and we weren't allowed to have girlfriends. What we had instead were "issues," although the word "girlfriend" was synonymous with this. You are face to face with "issues" and in this case, it has to do with some unusual romantic entanglements. You might feel like you've cast your line into the lake of life, but all you caught was massive snarl. A more traditional astrologer might tell you about wedding bells, but I think you just find the snarled mass of fishing lines.

Gemini : Gemini's have never been known for their great depth of character. The better word is "breadth" rather depth. This doesn't imply that you are shallow, just well-versed in a number of different subjects. This week, as spring is in the air, perhaps the best thing to to is stick to the topwater lures and plugs because that's where you will find the best fishing. The big bass haven't gone into the deep water yet, and neither should you.

Cancer : This can start out as a most difficult week. That's the problem. Now, as the week unfolds, there will be few unhappy events at work which can put you in a bad mood. If you are careful, though,m and that means to move with a certain degree of stealth, you might find that these little obstacles are miraculously transformed into situations which can resolve themselves in your favor. The question you face this week, with everyone else doing surface flashing, is: "Am I ready to to start working in the deeper water, even if it's ahead of the season?" The answer is yes.

Leo : My dear Leo friend, it's spring and love is in the air, or so that would be the good news. The problem is that everyone else is feeling a bit peckish these days, and even though you feel all right, the rest of the world is draggling you down. It's not that you don't have problem, it's just that you r attitude has been spectacular lately. Work is cruising along doing just fine, as is the romance stuff. Best bets for this week is to stick really close to the astrological home, and find plenty of of other Leo's for a mutual admiration society.

Virgo : Don't you just hate it when astrologers talk in riddles? How about when the stars send you mixed messages? You've gone thing which is slowing down your pace of work, creating whole mountain ranges out of what had been molehills, and then, there's you social life, which, by certain stellar indications, ought to be blowing, and yet, by other indications, ought to be wilting. Which ever choice you make this week doesn't matter. You will feel like you are making the wrong decision.

Libra : Top water plugs or sinker? Spinners or live bait? You know what? It doesn't matter and you don't care. You will be buoyed along by a fresh wave of optimism and this heady crest of water will wash you ashore in a most flamboyant and productive way. In other words, last week's troubles are now, miraculously, transformed into this week's pleasures. Careful with the dietary intake on Wednesday, and that is the only thing to watch for.

Scorpio : Ever thought about working alone? Being a Scorpio, you probably have. This is one of those weeks where concerted, concentrated effort can have a high yield, but only if you do the bulk of this work alone. And you have to be wiling to look at the bigger picture when it comes to addressing this work thing. In fact, it looks like a special assignment or project that you will be working on, and you need to go it alone.

Sagittarius : The Sun makes a strong aspect, strong and POSITIVE angle to you this week, and that means your subtle little plans (okay, so an Archer doesn't usually do anything subtle) will come sharply into focus and fruition this week. Best bait is to stick to topwater plug and artificial bait this week, too, since the deep water fish aren't biting, at least, not for you. But, I do predict that it will be a good week for your own personal fishing plans, wherever that might take you. Look for an opportunity to reel in some trophey-sized fish.

Capricorn : Ever thought about fishing alone? The problem with fishing alone is that no one will EVER believe the stories you tell about the "one that got away" or just how good that one particular spot in the lake was. The good news is that, if you work alone this week, you will have a long stringer of fish to show for your efforts. Nothing is better at proving them wrong than being able to pull that huge stringer of fish up and laughing at them. When you get back to the marina, make sure that some one gets your picture with all those fish.

Aquarius : It is time for you to start making plans for your summer. As a professional prognosticator, I can tell you that there will some rather unexpected turns in your wheel of Fortune, but which way that wheel turns, that is up to you. In other words, start making some big plans, but don't be upset if the plans don't come though. Personally, I would start looking for a new lake to fish in. You are about due for some new horizons, and that minnow pond on the back forty, it's really not big enough for you any more.

Pisces : Pisces, got to love them, you poor guys are so much maligned at time, and after what you've been through, it's no wonder. The problems you are having this week are really rather minor irritants, and some of this comes so close to after your birthday that you shouldn't be having trouble at all. But you are. Get out the old fish finder, dust of the transducer, and get it operating this week because you could use a good fish finder by the weekend.

About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person.

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