For the Week starting: 8.23.2007

"Music and poesy use to quicken you;
The mathematics and the metaphysics,
Fall to them as you find your stomach serves you."
Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew (I.i.38-40)

    Sun goes into Virgo, as we welcome our earthly brethren. Venus? Still backward, in Leo. Upcoming events, information is here.

leoLeo: It was the special effects in a movie I saw. I can’t recall the film’s title, the players, plot, any of that. All I can remember was when a character went into a trance, or had visions, or something happened, that there were the special effects graphics. And I wouldn’t really remember the images too well if they weren’t familiar symbols to me. Like I see in an astrology chart. So someplace deep in Hollywood — again, I’m guessing that’s the source of the original film — there’s an artist, maybe a whole cadre of them, who either know something about planet symbols, or, at the very least ripped off a bunch symbols from some source.

Good visuals, too. Interesting, anyway, as the images have stuck with me. But it was also a symbolic system that I understood, and I figure, the real purpose was display a bunch of arcane symbolism that would seem mystical to the viewer. So there’s a lot of flashing light, and superimposed on the Leo retina is all kinds of glyphs in a confusing array. Gold lettering, if I remember correctly. Whish is why the image came to mind for Leo.

So there’s this confusing kind of special effects going on, in your head, maybe at work, maybe at home, or maybe in all three places. Instead of trying to tie a substantial, and very real, meaning to this, why not just figure this is something the guys in the graphics department dreamed up to confuse you? Really, that’s all it is. Sometimes, the special effects don’t have any definite meaning. And those confusing symbols might just be that.


virVirgo: About two weeks ago, I tumbled on some steps. No real excuse, just me being clumsy. My pride was far more damaged than anything else. But I did skin my knee pretty good. I hobbled home then washed my injury with hydrogen peroxide. Smeared some goop on it, called it a done deal.

Now, a few weeks later, it’s almost all healed up. The last little scab is there, and it itches. I started picking at it a little, just lifting up the crusty edges, revealing nice, new, pink skin. But I picked a little too much, and that caused a geyser of blood, and it didn’t hurt, but the sight was almost as horrific as the first time. And now, it will take just a little longer to get completely healed over.

My fault for not leaving it alone. With this nice, graphic illustration, I hope I don’t have to make the point, but I guess I will. Don’t pick at it. Doesn’t have to be a skinned knee, either, this could apply to just about any injury, whether it’s physical or emotional. If you do natter, fidget, pick, scratch, or anything else? Just takes longer to get better.


libLibra: The sign reads, "If you are grouchy irritable or just plain mean there will be a $10 charge for service." Must’ve picked that someplace along the way. Not that it matters, but you need a sign just like that. For work. For home. For just about any place where you’re going to encounter other people.

It is not you. It is we. Pretty simple. You’re outgoing, jovial, smiling in the face of adversity, always looking on the bright side, and there’s still a problem. Some days, the simplest solution is the best. Like a sign that let’s folks know that there will be surcharge for service if the request is not handled a more friendly manner. As befits a Libra. The solution is to print up that sign, and then, since it was my idea, I’d like 1% off the proceeds. I’m not expecting much, but it’s always worth a try. At least, I’ll ask nicely, instead of demanding. But I might be the only one.


scoScorpio: It was an employment tip, all about not wearing the wrong accessories to a job interview. My mind did a back flip with the ideas. Permutations and combinations. From overtly casual, to, perhaps, some of the most garish and outlandish displays of personal jewelry, ever.

A certain character from TV comes to mind, actually. Just an image of guy with arms bigger than my thighs and lot of gold around his neck. Pity the fool who messes with a Scorpio, too. But this isn’t about employment tips, this is about a matter of taste.


sagSagittarius: There are really two messages contained in the Sagittarius heavens at this time. One points to something immediately, and it’s like a gentle nudge. It’s a whisper in our long, horse-like, some would suggest mule-like, ear. Just faint whisper. A hint, that’s all. Gentle. Not broadcast, not really. Whatever the message is? That’s the first hint.

In a couple of weeks, Mars will be opposite from Pluto. That’s the second half of the message, the other part. What this is about? I’m not sure, I haven’t gotten the gentlest of nudges yet. But that the way this works, one gentle nudge then, because, as is our wont, we’ll all just blithely ignore the message. Of that, I am sure.

It’s two-piece message, the same news, repeated, again, in about two weeks. But the repeat? The second half? Delivery will be more firm. This is like a tap on the shoulder, Mars opposes Jupiter. Pay attention, though, we’ve got a couple of weeks to make our corrections. Then, when Mars is opposite Pluto? We’ll get a chance to see if we paid attention to the subtle message. Otherwise, probably me, too, I’ll ignore the first tap on the shoulder. The problem that results from that is like a swift kick. Nudge or kick? Pay attention.


capCapricorn: Cell phones, which begs the question, why are they still called cell phones, when, in fact they’re all digital? Never mind, cell is just easier. So I was looking for another charger for another cell phone. Got one charger at home, needed another with the road gear. In the branded cell phone store? A replacement charger cost, like thirty dollars. Or more.

However, in the oddest of places, a building supply mega-store, I fond a charger, and it fit. Plus, the charger was, like, less than ten bucks. Less than a third the price at the phone store down the street. Which makes it a good deal.

It’s matter of choices. And there’s a tricky balance point here, too. Ask anyone involved in retail about price points and convenience. It pays to shop, and it behooves your Capricorn self to make sure you look alternatives before buying. Matter of fact, look in places where you wouldn’t expect to find a certain item. Use the Venus influence to your benefit, it can be done.


aquAquarius: It’s very strange occurrence, and at this point, I’m sure your Aquarius self is tired of mystical mumbo-jumbo. It’s Neptune, in strictest of terms, moving forward and it’s Venus, moving backwards, and those two form a direct opposition for a few days. Guaranteed to confuse the issue. And the issue is probably something that involves that Venus-effect. "Venus, that’s, like, love, right?" Right and wrong.

Venus can be about love, but it can also be about one of love’s cousins, Lust. Infatuation. Desire. Wanton wherewithal. I’m not saying that you’re going to be confused about love, but I would watch out for some of the problems associated with romance. Lots of folks don’t get it. But it’s easy to see a problem or two, inspired by the trigger point with those two planets, and that means you could do something really stupid. How to keep that from happening? Enjoy the feelings that wash over you, like waves lapping up against the beach. Then, in another week, the planetary tides will shift, and you’ll see — and feel — a lot more clearly. It’s matter of not acting in a rash manner, especially when a little forbearance will reap bigger rewards.


pisPisces: There’s a subtle reverse going on in Pisces land. It’s not a big shift, but there a little hint from the heavens that things ain’t what they’re supposed to be. Consider that this scope goes live on a Thursday morning (a little after midnight). From that point until Friday morning, you’re in normal work-mode. Suit up and show up on Friday, just like it was a normal day. Only it’s not. See, everyone else decided that it was going to be an extreme casual Friday, sort like one last summer blast at the office. So there’s your usual Pisces self, in normal business attire, and there’s the rest of the world, in exceedingly casual attire.

While this might not be the actual scenario, it’s close enough for the sake of illustration. It’s about one step off, on a different page, or, one more cliché, you didn’t get the memo. It could also be the opposite, too, you dress casual, only, everyone else is dressed up. Where I live, the way I live, every day is casual Friday in my book. But whatever it is, this isn’t, like, a big deal, not really, but I would urge you to err on the side of caution. It’s easy to remove clothing to affect the casual look whereas, showing up in a bathing suit? Kind of hard to dress that one up. Oh, and you’ll be busy, too, while this subtle reverse trick is played out. Bad or good? You’re call. But I’d be prepared.


ariAries: A "Texas Trout Hauler" is a rig I’ve seen numerous times. Typically, it’s two small, lightweight lead-heads with some trailing feathers, or feather-like substances covering the hooks. The two jig-heads are joined by a single strand of monofilament line, and then the whole set-up is packaged for display and purchase. Prices range from under a dollar to several dollars, depending on a number of elements. Retail location, time, color, quality of components, packaging, all of that factors into the wide range of prices.

What it boils down to, is the set up is simple arrangement, two sparse lures tied together with a single line. I’ve used this kind of set-up, along the Texas Gulf Coast, and during trout season (speckled trout), this kind of tackle is as effective as anything else. It’s about the way the two lures seem to dance together, near as I can tell, that mimics the action of a little pair of baitfish. Which makes each one more attractive than a single source of bait. So I’m guessing. You can buy these rigs, ready-made. Or you can make one yourself. But a trout hauler, or whatever name you care to call it? That’s what you can use this week, something that looks like two, but is, in reality, just a single item.


tauTaurus: At the bottom a lottery ticket, I noticed that the big jackpot was many millions of dollars. In that chunky, hard-to-read print, the ticket also had a note, "Chance of winning is 40 to 1." That means, if I bought one ticket, each week, for year, I’d have to win something. That’s the way I read it, anyway. Surely there’s nothing wrong with my computations.

That dollar lottery ticket represents financial freedom, vacation, a life of ease and retirement. It’s also pure fantasy, as the odds are pretty harsh. But those odds of winning? I’m unsure of what that means. This lottery ticket is a factor in this week in Taurus. Odds, straight up, on the ticket itself, one in forty, or winning. Something. Odds on winning more than that? My mind ran away with the ideas, and I figured if I bought, like, 40 tickets, then, for sure, I’d win the big jackpot. There’s a flaw and perhaps a dream built on a lottery ticket. And since I didn’t win the lottery, all those dreams are on hold, just for another week, and another drawing. But it says, I can win, odds are one in forty…. Those odds? About the same for Taurus. Maybe, if you did buy 40 tickets, you’d win.


gemGemini: me and a friend we having a quick bite, and we timed our meal wrong: downtown lunch-hour rush. Bad call. We squeezed into a booth next to table that had two "business men" there, at least, that’s what they looked like. It was an earnest discussion, and since I didn’t appear to be a threat, I was ignored. The parts I overheard, though, were just fascinating. "See, you make money, even if the company doesn’t make money. It’s how you make money without the company ever making a single dollar. And you and me? We’d be the major stockholders."

His companion protested, since the plan seemed to have a few loopholes. I smelled a scam, myself. Didn’t bother me, either, nor did it bother the guy who was receiving the pitch. See if this doesn’t sound like a Gemini brainchild: start company, get an investor, issue stock on a proposed idea, then the major stockholders sell all their stock, and keep the money. I think — business law is not my field — there’s a problem. Ethics? Morality? Legal? Something’s wrong.

Mars is frying in Gemini. Are you making a pitch that you fervently believe in only, maybe, you should go back and figure out where the proposed company can actually profit? That’s the question. It’s about making a hasty play for quick cash when some longer range planning might be in order.


canCancer: Mars is behind you and Venus is backwards, in front of you. That leaves you in a weird place. I live in Texas, mostly Central Texas, and that’s plenty weird without any further edification. Mars behind you is like the cowboys, the ranch hands and rednecks, making a lot of racket on one side. Venus (backwards) in Leo, that’s like the tree-huggers and neo-hippies, on the other side, doing whatever it is that they do. Probably the hippie-shake, looks like arrhythmic movement, or variations on a theme of modern dance. Can be quite fetching, too, when done by the right person.

Only, remember, here you are — Cancer — stuck in the middle.

Freaks of one stripe on one side and freaks of another stripe on the other side. I can’t make any of this better. Me, personally? I deal with both those groups, happily, easily, and in a comfortable manner. More important, though, I make an effort to deal with one group, or the other, but not both at the same time. Makes it a lot easier for me. Them too, I presume. So while the planets are playing games with freaks on both sides? Perchance the most expedient route to Cancer satisfaction is to deal with each faction in a separate manner. Works, sometimes, for me.

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