Fishing Guide to the Stars
By Kramer Wetzel
(c) 2007-2008 Kramer Wetzel for astrofish.net
For the week starting: 11.6.2008

"Deep night, dark night, the silent of the night,
The time of night when Troy was set on fire;
The time when screech-owls cry, and band-dogs howl,
And spirits walk, and ghosts break up their graves,
That time best fits the works we have in hand."
Shakespeare’s The Second Part of King Henry the Sixth (I.iv.11-15)


scoScorpio: The West Coast (I’m thinking San Francisco and Seattle) has fog. Fog, fog items, fog cutters, legendary fog, and so on. So when I mention fog, few people realize that it’s particularly common element along the Eastern Flank, sort of the right shoulder, to the Texas Hill Country. West of here, all fabled and storied Hill Country highlands. East and South? Coastal Prairie, Brush Country, stretches to the beach. Between the two? Or as a cause of the two? Or whatever the correct geographical term is?

Warm coastal breezes meet cooler country air, and there’s fog. Seen it on the lakes, seen it in the low lying areas, seen it at sunrise, or just before, and it’s not uncommon. Not at all. Cool weather meets warm waters, results in fog. Eventually, the morning fog burns off. I’ve been headed out in a fishing boat, before sunrise, or right after sunrise, and the fog is so thick, there’s very limited visibility.

That’s what this feels like, lots of fog. The fog in Texas, though, along the flank of the Hill Country? This fog burns off. Usually gone by 8 AM. There is a fog that creeps into the Scorpio chart at night. And like the local flavor of fog, a strong cup of coffee, a little extra time being cautious, and I expect the Scorpio vision to be at 100% effective capacity by, let’s say, ten in the morning. Careful in the fog, even though, like the local version, it doesn’t last too long.


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sag Sagittarius: Moral high ground is a lovely place to be. Affords us Sagittarius types a great view from our vantage point, that moral high ground. But there’s a cautionary tale that goes with standing in a place, where we can survey — and judge — all that we see: details.

If "God is in the details" then maybe we’d better pay attention to some of the details. Our moral high ground is a lovely place to get a grand overview, a chance to survey all that lies before us. That’s good. But there is an inherent problem with minute, finite, and even the tiniest of hidden clauses, something which we might not be able to see from our moral high point.

While, in general, we are correct, what I’d watch for? As the Moon gets more and more towards Full? I’d watch that we don’t start preaching when we should be listening. I’m not saying for sure that this will happen, but there’s a tendency for us to get a little too full of something, maybe just hot air, maybe organic bovine by-product, and we should just watch that a little more closely. The cause? While we’re looking down from on high? We miss obvious clues that are hard to see at a distance.

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cap Capricorn: I’ve got one client, she wouldn’t buy a lottery ticket when the Moon was in a fixed sign. This scope starts out with the Moon in Aquarius (fixed, air) and ends with a Full Moon in Taurus (fixed, earth). So this would be a time, according to that one person’s mythology, not to consider even buying a lottery ticket. And as I talk about lottery tickets, I tend to look at these at metaphorical little slips of paper that might hold untold riches.

Cash value is certainly a lot less than the stated value. I can hear the Capricorn worry machine picking up speed on that, "See? Even if I win, it’s not really that much, not nearly enough as I thought it should be." It’s all free money and I tend to regard the lottery as allegorical. I doubt that you’re really going to win a huge chunk of change from the lottery. Doesn’t happen to mere mortals, and besides, you haven’t even bought a lottery ticket. That’s not what this is about, though. This is about putting yourself in a position that this sort of event can occur.

Now do consider that the Sun is also in Scorpio (fixed, water), so that lends a strong, stubborn kind of energy to the situation. I’m not saying that you should buy a lottery ticket, but that kind of luck, where something seems to almost fall from the sky? Bet it happens this week. And if it’s really good? I would like 1%, just for the sake of form, you know, I predicted it for you.

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aqu Aquarius: Post office I use is about a half mile from here. Maybe a little more, but who’s counting? I’m there, more often than not, weekdays, some time in the afternoon, weather and schedule permitting. I tend to wander in around noon, and there is usually a line at the counter, sometimes stretching out the door. I rarely have any interaction with counter people, other than to pay for the PO Box, and sometimes mail a weird package.

I had to ship a small box the other afternoon. I walked in, then, before I even checked my mail box, I glanced up and there was no one in line at the counter. Empty. It was shortly after noon, and I would expect, I tend to observe, that there’s a long noontime crowd. Office workers, a local warehouse, some city employees and at least one local university, they all call at noon. What flummoxed me, in a good way, was the lack of customers. Calm before the storm. Quiet before the loud noise. I walked up, smile, and asked where everyone was. "Oh they’ll be here, you can be sure," the guy at the counter assured me, "yeah, they’ll be here yet." I don’t suppose that it’s really that lucky of a break, but I was ready to spend hours in line, and I didn’t have to. When you stumble into a situation where you seem to get a little break, where you least expect it, in a manner that is out of the ordinary? Enjoy it. Can’t promise exactly when, but soon, very soon.

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pis Pisces: I started working on the Pisces charts, and all I came up with were more questions than answers. Which is kind of a problem, as that’s the way it is. More questions than answers. I erased everything I’d written, and then I looked at the astrology charts again. See, Mr. Uranus is moving backwards whereas Mr. Saturn is moving forwards. There’s a dynamic between the two planets, as well, since Uranus energy and Saturn energy don’t exactly get along.

Saturn is old school whereas Uranus is newfangled. In the long term, I see the new, inventive, interesting theories taking hold. However, that’s not without a fight, and Saturn can put up one mean fight. Old style fighting, Possibly a little dirty. Maybe a kick that lands below the belt. Thing’s worse than a punch that hits someplace that isn’t scrupulous. Uncalled for.

"That wasn’t nice." Exactly. So when someone comes up and starts to wind up for that punch? Block. Turn sideways. Spin, bob and weave. New and better will ultimately prevail, just might take a little spinning and weaving in order to get there from here.

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ariAries: I know this one Aries girl, and with the fall out from Halloween now nothing more than a faded memory, I should warn you. I was thinking of that one mom, like I said, she’s Aries, and I was considering her station in life, and what’s going, and as the single parent of a pair of strapping young lads, yes, she’ll do fine. Boys will be okay, too. That’s not even a question.

The problem? It’s mom stealing candy from her own children. On one level, it’s not even stealing, it’s just doing a parental parenting behavior. Liberating all the overdose of sugars and artificial flavors, not to mention the potential harmful dye and colorings, yes, just doing parent’s job of relieving the child of that burden of excessive bad taste.

It’s just that the mom, an Aries, she starts to eat that candy she’s stolen from her own children. In and of itself, this isn’t so bad. However, think about the harmful effects of all that sugar, all that artificial (and natural) flavoring, the colors, packaging, everything, consider the effects that it has on your system. All that sugar, while comforting, and even amusing, that can’t be good for you.

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tauTaurus: There’s a local singer/songwriter/Taurus. He’s good, for an old bar room brawler, honky-tonk junkie type. Part country, a little rock and roll, and possibly some soul, but I wouldn’t count on the soul part. His live shows are fun. Period. He rocks the house. Or, more and more, the amphitheater, as his venues are getting bigger and bigger.

The live show is careful crafted and choreographed, although, it appears to be spontaneous. There are a few of the older songs, some live stage banter, the joke, some more hits, the band introductions, another familiar song, a classic cover tune, then new material. But the new stuff is careful packaged between old and reliable hits. It’s a good way to do it. Strategically placed. Can’t be upsetting the crowd with too much unfamiliar material.

Think about how the new songs are layered and folded into the old material? The songs everyone knows by heart? Bookends for new stuff. See what takes, see what stays the same. It’s a good act; guaranteed fun for the whole family. I was thinking about the last time I saw this show, how there were a few new tunes that showed up from the latest CD. The layering of old and new. Keep the faithful happy with the familiar. As the the planets and so forth ease along in Scorpio, remember to keep us all happy with a layers of old as well as the new.

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gem Gemini: I was offended, when, last August, that’s more than ten weeks passed, I saw the inklings of Xmas crap starting to migrate towards the displays of retail markets. I was highly offended. It’s only worse, now. Thanksgiving has yet to arrive, and the big Xmas push is on, hoping to stem the tide in the economic world. It just sickens me to see devout high holy days crassly maligned and used for nothing more than ill-gotten gain. Picking on those poor, unsuspecting shoppers, consumers with no mind of their own, behaving blindly, drooling, longing, and finally acquiring more useless stuff. This minute’s hot fad.

There’s not going to be one item that you can get now, and be ready for the big fad in six weeks’ time. Sorry, no guarantees there. There is, though, something you can do, and it’s more like a vow with yourself, maybe between you and me, not to buy anything you don’t really need, not now. Groceries, sure, office supplies, like more ink, that’s cool, too. But no new stuff. It’s a little pause, and I’m not asking for a long time, but just curtail the retail for a typical Gemini long time. Might not even be the duration of the scope, not that it matters, it’s just for a few minutes, don’t give into the urges. Don’t act like a little trained puppet animal, stupidly following all the dictates of some invisible master. Cut the puppet strings, pull the ventriloquist’s hand out of your backside. Just stop. Think, you’re a Gemini, think about not acting or reacting, and pause for a second. Is it something you need, want, just desire, or is it just something, like so much Xmas hype, that you think that you might want, but you’re not sure? Don’t get swept away in the moment.

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can Cancer: "I poked a badger with a stick." That’s what she said. I asked what the results were. It wasn’t pleasant, that’s for sure. The critter isn’t called a "badger" for nothing. It’s not the kind of creature you want to poke with a stick. Mean, more or less nocturnal, if I have my taxonomy correct. Biology, other than the basics, was kind of lost on me. So I’m not too sure about my badger data. Still, I don’t think it’s something you want to poke with a stick.

So, let’s save my Cancer friends some difficulty these days, maybe, instead of poking at it with a stick? Maybe try not doing much of anything towards a heavy, furry creature that doesn’t look like it wants to play. Might be the best idea. The problem is that the comment, "I poked a badger with a stick" might be completely ironic in that the little Cancer girl might not have poked anything with a stick. Still, all I’m saying?

Try not exacerbating the state of badgers and their relationships with Cancers by poking them with a stick. While there’s all this mess going on? Not doing something is just as valuable as trying to do too much. You get to make the decisions, but I’m suggesting that you put that stick down.

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leo Leo: "Oh man, that’s just gotta hurt," a buddy was explaining. I — involuntarily — winced at the description. Sounded like it would’ve hurt. A lot. Would’ve hurt a whole lot. The description of the event, oh, never mind, I don’t want to embarrass anyone, but it sounded like the mistake was costly, but more than just costly, sounded painful. Not in a fun way, painful.

The description, see, there was this mutual friend, and he was, oh, never mind. Too painful to repeat. Maybe a little dumb, too. Did I mention it would wind up costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars? All for a little mistake? And then the painful part, he got his, never mind, bothers me just to think about it. You see someone like this, and the first thing you think, "Man, that’s got to hurt, don’t it?" I’m sure it does. Why would Leo be worried about that? I’m sure you’re like me, you don’t want to be the individual in pain.

I can help prevent the Leo from suffering indignity and pain, mostly just pain, and then, there’s the people who will come along say, "Man, that’s got to hurt." Let’s skip all this pain and problem, not to mention the embarrassment, what’s worse, you know, if they got a video of it? And posted it on the interweb thing? How bad would that be? Simplest way to keep this from happening? Don’t.

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vir Virgo: A lot of rural communities depend on Volunteer Fire Departments to handle "first response" calls. Volunteer Fire Departments, in many of the outlying local communities, depend on donations, grants, and bake sales to fund the cost of maintaining and operating the necessary emergency equipment. One place, not far from here, got a reputation as a strange one, the volunteer fire department runs a fireworks stand twice a year. Once in June to July 4th and then again, from December 1 through NYE.

The volunteer fire department was throwing open the stand again, and they (the volunteers) were getting in stock, painting, and getting ready for next month. Some people might think this is a conflict of interest. I tend to look a little different, I think it’s more like assuring job security. If those fireman aren’t selling the firecrackers, someone else will be making the money, and at least with the volunteers, it’s going to a good cause. The bonus is fireworks are a leading cause of brush fires, hence the job security. Think, can’t say I haven’t warned you about this, but think about the job security issue.

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libLibra: Full Moon is approaching, and that’s going to lend a good flavor to the weekend. More or less. With Saturn and Uranus opposed to each other, there’s a sense that the old guard needs to make way for the new kid on the block, and I’m not sure it’s going to work that well.

The simplest way to avoid problems for a Libra? Avoid problems. Catch phrases, like, "Let me get back to you on that," and "I’m not qualified to make a comment on that particular subject at this moment," are good phrases to keep handy. Rather than get buried, this a time when tactical avoidance pays off big. Avoiding a fight is the first step towards winning. Avoiding the problem, you can see it looming up ahead, that’s the first way around.

I was riding with a friend, it was a little eco-friendly ulta-low-emissions vehicle, and in the November rush hour traffic, we both saw that the freeway was stopped up, from rolling to ground to a halt. My friend took the fast approaching exit, a deft maneuver, across two lanes of slowing traffic, just in time to speed up and then slow down, and finally, slide along the feeder road while the freeway itself was stop and go. Mostly stop, less go.

We were headed to the next exit, I think it was a TexMex place. We passed a long line of stalled traffic on the freeway. It was a simple, last-minute move, but that early exit prevented an hour or more of frustration, waiting to get to the next exit. It’s a good example of "problem avoidance," although, I’d watch the exit from the wrong lane trick. That was just a lucky break.

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