"I can hardly forbear hurling things at him."
Shakespeare's 12th Night [III.ii.78-9]

    Saturn moves into Libra and Saturn squares Pluto. First of many.

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astrofish.net Scorpio: Last spring, I'd tried to hit a day for fishing that was going to accommodate several friends. Balance the moon against three other schedules, line up on a weekend, and pray for fish. Got it good, so I thought. I guessed wrong. Hit the full moon on the very day we hired a boat to drag as around the mud flats. No fish. Probably lots of fish at night, just none in the day time. At all. Sort of a bad break, and I got ribbed for that, a little. However, in my defense, and as a Scorpio, I'm sure you'll understand, it was the balance point.

Three different buddies, wives and girlfriends, that's up to to six people, and myself, that's 7, and a guide, that's 8, and now it's gotten to the point that it's completely unmanageable. Which was the problem I faced, last spring.

As a Scorpio, and with the highest of Scorpio holy days approaching (either your birthday or Halloween), there's a point where you can't make everyone happy. Question is, how many people should you try to appease? The correct answer is 1 (one). That's all. That's all that really matter. Instead of trying to accommodate a group, that's not going to work. I'd suggest, if, like me, you wanted to fish? I'd suggested you pick a day that's good for you. Next week? Looks good, Tuesday or Wednesday, hit that time/tide/lunar calendar for what's best. Best for you and fishing, anyway.

astrofish.net Sagittarius: I pulled on one of my cowboy hats, I have several, and a pair of vintage cowboy boots. That was it for Halloween. Not much of a leap. There was a point, though, since this all about what the planets are doing to us, right now, and how we feel about what's going on, and what we're going to do about it?

As little as possible. Whether this is for Halloween or whether this is for something else, doesn't much matter. There's that last-minute, minimalist effort that is required, but do so in a quiet way. Great time not draw attention to ourselves, and that's what this is all about. No need to try and ham it up for glory, fame, and eventually, ridicule. Nope, not our Sagittarius selves, no, not this weekend.

While it's a good time to play, party and do whatever the holiday dictates? It's not a good time to act like we must be the center of attention, and it also not a good time to lavish (unnecessary) resources (no expensive costumes) holiday merry-making. I'm not saying you shouldn't have some fun, but do so in refined manner, taking one step back out of the people who are the stars right now. Not us. We're stars, but the quiet and demur type. For now.

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astrofish.net Capricorn: I tend to be a private person, at least private about some things in my life. I had a string of luck, when I was living on the river in Austin, I had string of luck that meant I caught, repeatedly, a ton of little fish. I would take phone-camera images and post them in my web journal (code name: xenon).

I got a call from long-lost and forgotten love of mine, an ex-wife, really, and she was mocking me. Not like it's hard to do, I'm an easy guy to mock, apparently. But she mocked my little fishes. I'l admit, they weren't manly fishes, but then, on some days, even a little sunfish on a small, gold hook is better than nothing. I was fishing. However, my pride was wounded. Shortly thereafter, I quite posting images of smaller fishes.

There's a time to live life out loud, and there's a time to make bold pronouncements, and there's a time when even little fishes are bragging rights. However, like that old flame mocking me? There's also a time not to lay yourself open to ridicule. Slow up, pause, reflect, decide on how much is too much. Too much information, in this day and age? Makes you wonder. I'd like to see you slow down, just a little, on letting out too much information. Stick to basics. And watch what you make available. Never can tell when someone will come along and mock you.

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astrofish.net Aquarius: Proceed with caution. It's Halloween, or Samhain, or Dia de los Muertos, or All Saint's Mass, or something. Party weekend. Go slow. Proceed with caution. There's, like, a ton of good stuff all stacked up in Aquarius, around Aquarius, and there's just one caution: caution. It's the traditional, hits close to a full moon, year-end harvest celebration. Depends on one's religious beliefs, how to approach this.

I'm not saying one is better than the other, not me. It's just that there's an air, an expectancy, a sense of "something good about to happen" for Aquarius. Don't blow it. Don't jump when you should just sit there. Let the pace, as determined by the natural order of the events, let the pace proceed at its stately and elegant rate.

"Jumping the gun" is an expression that refers to a time when there was a starter pistol, and getting a head start, a too-hurried approach, that's called "jumping the gun." And that's exactly what I'm warning my little Aquarius friends about. Don't. Jump. The. Gun.

astrofish.net Pisces: Coastal fishing is a fine sport with excellent rewards, in that, well, along the Texas Gulf Coast, a "grand slam" is Sea Trout, Redfish (Red Drum) and Flounder. I've angled for that trilogy several times. Been an elusive target, for many years now. I hear about guys getting it all in one day, and I read about it -- frequently. But no, it's a goal I have yet to reach.

I did, by accident, happen to get close, the problem being, I didn't have evidence of all three on my line. No proof means that there's no way to substantiate the claim. My word, about a fishing topic, isn't really sufficient evidence. Besides, I wanted that "Texas grand slam" as my version of trophy. Just the images, too, I would have those fish prepared and consumed.

Weather's a little suspect, but there are still some good days for fishing. Might not be the big "Texas Grand Slam" that you're chasing right now, but there's some goal. While I won't promise that you win the prize, attain the goal, I will promise that this is an excellent time to pursue that desire. Not just good, excellent.

On Writing a Short Story

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astrofish.net Aries: I was listening to one of my Aries buddies argue a point. My buddy, he was eloquent. Had facts and figures, bulleted talking points, all at his command. It was like he rehearsed some of this material ahead of time. He was only about two beers into an argument, so he was still quite lucid. But then, this one Aries buddy, he tends to be frank and upfront, and still, he can win arguments with an impressive command of rhetoric and facts.

Only, in this argument -- I have insider knowledge -- my Aries buddy was wrong. Didn't stop him from presenting a brilliant argument, well-put-together case, and making his points in gentle yet forceful manner. Wrong. Artfully assembled. Still wrong. I'm not being stubborn, I just happen to know more than he did about that one topic -- the benefits of liberal arts education. Still, I was more than impressed by the artifice of the argument. Any outsider, just listening to my Aries buddy's points? Impartial outsider would award the victory to my buddy. He was still wrong, though, and I never played that trump card.

Which one are you going to be? Impressively, persuasively wrong? Or, like me, the (non) Aries? Right but silent. Think before you answer.

On Writing a Short Story

astrofish.net Taurus: I get blamed for some occurrences that are clearly not my fault. But for a price, I guess, I have to accept the blame. "You told me to 'go fishing' and I could've closed this big deal at work! It's your fault!" Which means my allusion to "fishing" and work was wholly lost on that individual. Too bad, so sad. Besides, it was a good day to fish. Maybe not a great day, but perhaps that one person will understand my banter a little more clearly.

Or not. But this isn't about a good day to fish or a big deal at work, or anything along those lines. It's about being blamed for something that's clearly not your fault. You're not guilty. Palpable culpability obviously lays with someone else. Doesn't mean, like me, you won't get shouldered and burdened with the associated guilt. Or that some person will point a finger at your fine Taurus self and say, "He did it!" (Or, "She did it!")

Just as advice, while this little game of finger pointing and blame storming is floating around your Taurus self? Duck. Be someplace where they can't find you. Works better than any amount of sidestepping after you've been fingered as the culprit -- even though you and I know you're not guilty.

astrofish.net Gemini: Life -- Gemini life right now -- it's a giant buffet table. Last time I was in Las Vegas, one of the girls I was with, she absolutely refused to eat at the (free) buffet. It was part of the package deal, and free food is a good deal, and she was resolutely unable -- unwilling -- to dine, as she put it, "At the community trough." Hardly how I'd look at it, but then, that's me, and I'm not a Gemini, although, I'd like to think I were handsome enough to play one on TV. Not going to happen. What? Either the trough food or me on TV.

However, life is like a buffet and the trick (or treat) is to sample. Do not gorge. Sample a little of this, and little of that. Load the Gemini plate up with whatever looks good; however, in no case are you under any obligation to finish every sample. It's like the archetypical candy treats passed out at this sacred All Hollow's Mass, the namesake for the holiday. Grab a bunch of the bite-sized candy. Don't bother with the full-size, or the stuff that looks too healthy, but sample. Like a hummingbird, sample all the candies on the tray. In the bag. Sample all the stuff that looks good, on this buffet table of life. Just know, in good Gemini fashion, when to push back from that buffet table laden with sticky goodness.

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astrofish.net Cancer: I ran across an expression, it was "pocket culture." I didn't research this, I didn't look it up, I just adapted to the Cancer horoscope. To me, the definition of "pocket culture," what first sprang to mind was El Paso, TX and its immediate environs. Cross the state line into New Mexico, and the culture changes, most demonstrably, the cuisine. South of El Paso? Ciudad Juarez. Again, different culture entirely.

While sandwiched between these two, there's an idiom, cuisine, cultural bias and language that appears, all on its own. It's, to me, a "pocket culture." Not big enough to make a demographic blip on the sociologist's radar, but enough of a difference to be noticeable to alert observers. I'm not sure where you're at, while you're reading this. But look around. Note some of the local variations.

Pocket culture. With the relative movement of Mars and so forth, there's something, I'm not sure the exact details, but there's something you should pay attention to. It's right in front of you, and probably, using my definition, an inherent part of the local (Cancer) pocket culture.

astrofish.net Leo: There are two totally different astrological aspects I'd look at. First, it's Mars. In Leo, frying along. Mars is "just fixing to" square the Sun and Mercury, in Scorpio. Not there yet. But almost. Second? That Saturn and Pluto thing, hitting the cardinal signs, and hitting the "Start" or better yet, "start NOW" buttons. The action of Mars plus the minor irritation that results from the Sun in Scorpio? Or is it that Pluto and Saturn are at a tension angle? Call it what you want, but there's a little too little Leo and far too much "other stuff," which precludes you getting what you want.

At least, as a Leo, you're not going to get what you want -- not right away. Doesn't mean it won't happen, but then, maybe it will happen at a better time. Not now. The energy is there, but there's also a sense of minor frustration. Not major, just minor. Small. Miniscule. In a normal setting, this would fall well below your Leo-level of tolerance. Wouldn't bother you a bit. Hence the problem. This time, this week, it does bother you. Best course of action? Just remember that this is going to annoy some other (non-Leo) people worse than it will bother you.

Let is slide. Justice will be yours, eventually.

astrofish.net Virgo: Halloween is particularly good time for my little Virgo friends. Usually, anyway, and I wouldn't get too caught up with all the details, but this is a time of year when the fantasy can run amok. Which is exactly the point, as this week. Saturn slips out of Virgo, but Mars isn't in Virgo yet. This one of the times to to do the ultimate Virgo Expression of Self, the Slutty Librarian.

The inner tramp needs an outward display to overcome the basic, and often times false, impression of Virgo's as being "uptight." Might be "wound tight," as I'm unsure of the correct expression. But now, more so than ever before, this is a time -- I'm looking at planetary charts and energy -- the Virgo come out of the Virgo shell, and express a more provocative side. Yeah, it's personal, and yeah, I've known a Virgo or two, and yeah, I like the idea of the tramp/tart/dominatrix alternating as a librarian/geek/nerd. Work out the details anyway that fits with your personal fantasy.

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astrofish.net Libra: Saturn enters the tropical zodiac sign of Libra this week. And in doing so, at the same point, Pluto squares Saturn. Not exactly a happy place. Bad? No. Unfortunate? Sort of depends. There's a point wherein you say to your Libra self, "Self, we've had about all we can stand, and we can't stand anymore."

That's where you make the stand because you can't stand what you've been given, the hand you've been dealt, or the unfair treatment at the hands of the planets.

I'd quit fighting, this one. I'd quit pushing. And I'd suggest you stop pushing on a doorway that is clearly marked "Pull."

There is a way through, around, and dealing with this kind of energy. Figure out what's the most broken part of this problem. I'm not suggesting trying to fix everything, not all at once, just isolate a single issue, a particular part, just one piece of the puzzle. Let's just turn our Libra (Saturn and Pluto) infused energy towards that one (thing). Tend to just that. Then wait. Let's see what else develops. Halloween suggestions? All black. Try the "Lord of the Underworld" gig. Like one namesake for that planet.

On Writing a Short Story

About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person. More at KramerWetzel.com.

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