Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.30

    “My heart
    Leaps to be gone in mother’s bosom.”
    Shakespeare’s Pericles, Prince of Tyre [V.iii.54-5]

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 10.30

scorpioScorpio: “Let’s talk about it!” Simple sentiment, sums it all up. This is much less complicated than you figure it is. Instead of complicating it too much, not always a Scorpio trait, but an inherent risk under the current influence? Simple suggestion, talk about it. Might help to preface your talk with, “Maybe,” or, “possibly,” and, “perhaps,” which are all shortened forms of, “a potential outcome of these set of circumstances might be.”

Birthdays, no more retrogrades, maybe other stuff, which is why, with utmost certainty, you should follow my lead, and hand out a definite maybe. Not always a Scorpio trait to equivocate, but not a bad one to try, just for now.

Sagittarius HoroscopeSagittarius: Buddy of mine hurt himself — badly — washing dishes. Soapy water, sink with suds, warm water, might have been some adult beverages involved. Hand slipped, plate broke, finger got sliced open. Tough break, huh? Know what it means?

Almost 100% of the home accidents occur at home. Tough break, no? The problem, and why this is a good example, as Mars moves around in Capricorn, is the plate broke because he wasn’t paying attention then he plunged his hand into the soap-clouded water to grab the shards with the shards finding his palm, first. Tough break, yes? The point is accidents happen, and we must be ever vigilant in Sagittarius for the broken shards. It’s leftover from Mars (and Mercury Retrograde).

capricornCapricorn: My fishing buddy, one of many, he’s got two-year old at home. That kid answers everything with “no,” no matter what the question. Kid might be older than that, I’m not sure. The answer to every question, first response, is always negative. Because I’m larger, and I’d like to think, more clever, at least for the time being, I started to ask questions that served the child best if answered with a “yes” instead of the characteristic negative. I think the constant “no” stems from observed behavior and being stuck at home with mom who says, “no.” Apparently, a lot. Now, with Mr. Mars where he is, Capricorn is going to start to reposed like that child, “No.” Might want to learn to build in an extra pause, for now, to help alleviate the constant negative of Mr. Mars. You might be getting a question you want to answer differently.

“You want to go fishing this weekend?”

“It’s Halloween, man.”

Really? Instead of fishing?

aquariusAquarius: I scared myself one year, rather well. I wandered into a super big-box store the week before Halloween. Trivia fact oft-repeated around me: next to Xmas, Halloween is the biggest retail event of the year. In my own world, there’s Dove Season (good time to fish) and up coming? Deer Season (good time to fish). Ducks are in there, too, someplace. I don’t know. Never been duck hunting. My fright factor was caused by looking at the mass accumulation of plastic Halloween-theme material, pumpkins, goblins, ghouls, ghosts, skulls, and crossbones — all heaped in an array to move that product fast. What scared me so much, wasn’t the materials themselves, but the amount of effort and energy put into this event. That’s frightening. The cacophonous, discordant displays with an unsteady mixture of archetypes and messages, all wrapped up and stuck in the center aisles? It’s the season, and the best way for an Aquarius to avoid this? Don’t go there. Simple, no?

piscesPisces: Absolute certainty, absolute clarity, no? As a Pisces, you tend to have better intuition than most. Also, the gift that goes with the intuition? I’d call it the “Cassandra Complex,” as in the figure from mythology who was given the gift of correctly foretelling the future, and having the curse of no one ever believing her.

So this week is a mini-version of the Cassandra Complex played out in Pisces. You have the gift; no one believes you. There’s at least one Pisces reading this now, thinking, “No one believes me? Even I don’t believe me!” Wait, wait for it: there. See? It was true. Your intuition was correct. Too bad even you didn’t believe it at the time. How to correct this? Write it down, see what happens.

astrofish.netAries: This is a three, maybe even a four or five, exclamation mark week. Not like this! Like THIS!!!!

See how that carries an almost comic air with it? Mars, arcing through Capricorn create tension. Not everyone feels this tension. You do: you’re Aries! Only, when I just use one exclamation mark, it doesn’t carry the gravity of the situation. Other signs will look at multiple uses of the exclamation mark, !!!!!!, and wonder about you.

It’s a Mars thing, and yes, you’re right, there is extra whatever, and the extra punctuation marks are justified, in Aries!!! Herein is the problem not all of us “get it.” Or, “Not all of us GET IT!!!!” See the effect? You understand. I do, too, because I’m Aries-centric. However, I might be the only one to get it. As this energy unfolds, the Moon gets real full, consider using extra punctuation to help carry your point. The wrong people might interpret this as comic. Just one of the hazards of being Aries???

taurusTaurus: At first, I was going to make this about obstacles. Then I thought about it some more and decided it’s less about obstacles, and more about perceptions of obstacles. It’s about how our Taurus selves decide to deal with exigent circumstances. Here’s a hint: one at a time. Let this stuff pile up? Gets to be a big mess. No way to sort out the big mess. However, take the problems the most pressing, and there’s a very binary way to deal with this issue: yes, I can fix it now, or no, I can’t fix it now. If it is yes, then fix that one problem. If it is, “No?” Then move on to the next item on the Taurus list of issues that need to be addresses. Slow, pedantic, methodical, and most important?

One at a time.

“But, but I can do this and this at the same time, and watch!”

Wham. Fell apart. One at a time.

geminiGemini: I’m fairly constrained in what I can do. I can write about anything, but the format is usually about the same, 100-200 words, the approach of a full moon, and the rest is fine-tuning. I deviate from the format because I can, and as a Gemini, you understand my need to break monotony — and a as a Gemini? You want to break it on down, too.

Not happening, not this week. Let’s stick with tried and true routines. Material that always works. The same stuff that worked last week, maybe the week before? OK, that was Mercury in Retrograde and maybe the usual routine didn’t work last week, but if you will forebear, it will start working this week. Then, too, the big holiday? Same costume, you’ve used it before, but it was effective then. It will be effective now.

cancerCancer: The idea of “telecommuting” has long since arrived. I’ve worked for years like this. It’s not new. It’s still the butt of jokes, as the idea of a mobile platform is more important than before. Still, all I need for an “office” is a relatively quiet space. Coffee shops don’t work. Too much noise and too many distractions, and if it’s a really good local coffee kind of place, I get questions. “What’s the WiFi login?” mixed with, “I’m a Cancer, so what does this week look like?” It looks like you’re quietly working on something with a vague and immediate deadline, kind of staring you in the face, while someone, or multiple someones are vying for your attention. Like trying to telecommute from a busy coffee shop. Need to find the peace and quiet with no distraction to get stuff done.

LeoThe (mighty) Leo: Patience? Never really a known Leo trait (I’m just sayin’, not condemning or anything). Still, that’s what we need. One fly-fishing technique I learned and used, once the fly itself landed on the water, if the (usually mountain trout) fish didn’t take it just as it landed, gently, on the surface? Wait. Before adding action and movement, before animating that little piece of fluff with hook in it? Before jiggling it any way, just let it sit there. Pause. Wait for it. Wait. No, not yet, be a little more patient.

Not always a Leo strength, but if you wait, the first movement? Fish strikes, you win. Wait for it. Not yet. Almost, but not quite yet, wait for it….

VirgoVirgo: Not everyone is a pure Virgo — depends on lots of factors. Depends, in this case, on how much “fixity” you have in your chart. As a “pure” Virgo, it’s a good, good time. However, with anything else in the chart, especially any part of your chart that interacts with “fixed” signs, then we got issues.

Maybe not problems, but little obstacles. Big obstacles? I have yet to find a small obstacle that a good quality Virgo can’t turn into a huge problem. Takes a special Virgo skill to do that. So a “pure” Virgo has a great week, but if you have to interact with anything else, especially any other non-Virgo people? Be careful. Also, might want to watch that, “Every small problem has a larger problem struggling to get out” flavor. (Essence of Virgo, really.)

LibraLibra: This started with a Chili Recipe. There were two secret ingredients in my chili and one of them was really important: chorizo. Chorizo in this form, I was introduced to it as, “Mexican Sausage, the Jimmy Dean of the Central America.” One place I used to favor, in Austin, makes an excellent vegetarian chorizo with Textured Vegetable Protein. While I was in exile, I would get a version of pork chorizo at the “Mexican Supermarket,” and the ingredients, product of Mexico, read like the floor of a slaughter house, all swept up into a fine-ground sausage. Recently, I found a “Made in USA” Beef Chorizo. Used in moderation, like just a pinch or two, it’s an excellent addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner. I’ll usually start with the chorizo, cheaper the better, and then add eggs in the morning, or ground meat at noon, or chicken at night. The chorizo, whatever the flavor is? Adds the needed zest. The trick with some of the less expensive brands, or the dual-citizenship brands, the deal with those? One of the secrets to the secret ingredient? Don’t read the label. Fry it up and enjoy without too much attention placed on the contents. As this week slides by, as we dig out from Mercury mostly Retrograde in Libra? Until this is over? Season with the secret ingredient, but remember the secret ingredient’s secret: don’t read the label. You don’t want to know why it tastes so good.

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