Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 11.20

    “I see crowds of people, walking round in a ring.
    Thank you. If you see dear Mrs. Equitone,
    Tell her I bring the horoscope myself:”
    Excerpt From: T. S. Eliot’s “The Waste Land.”

I tend to prefer to use Shakespeare’s canon for an introduction, I was sawing my way through the Eliot’s “The Waste Land” again, and I caught this bit as introduction for this week. Welcome to Sagittarius.

Uranus “squares” Pluto, but what does that mean?

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 11.20.2014

SagSagittarius: There’s a literary detective, or maybe it’s just cozy little murder-mysteries, but anyways, the main character, I won’t give out his name, the main character, the detective, he buys flowers as part of the first scene’s set-up. Not to give it away, but the bouquet has much to do with the how long the story will take to resolve. Not unlike my own experience with store-bought flowers, which, in my examples, have lasted anywhere from two days to two weeks, the mystery that is solved, the end of the tale is when the flowers are dead and carried to the waste bin. Recycling would be in keeping with the times, but whatever. One story is the length of a single rose bud, and I’ve seen those things go in as little as two days. Which was about right, as he worked for 48 hours to solve the one case, doing so, without giving it away, with a little bit of “Deus Ex Machina” solution, if you ask me. But no one did. Murder Mystery, flowers, and the start of Sagittarius, what’s this mean? It’s a good week. We have something starting, like fresh cut flowers might last a while or might not last long. Up to you, Sagittarius, like the author of that series? You’re in charge.

CapricornCapricorn: “Tag, you’re IT!”

Sorry, all I could think about, a kid’s game. Just a simple version of tag. The person who is “it” has to chase the other players. When another player is tagged, then that player becomes the one who chases. Chased and chaser.

Way this one works out, there’s a simple game of tag, but I got confused, and so did you. Dear Capricorn, are you “it” right now, or am I? The energy that’s loose upon the world — the Capricorn world — that energy is playing a demanding game of tag, and we’re not sure who is “it.”

“Tag, you’re IT!”

aquariusAquarius: “I don’t like what they say about Aquarius, ever, so I don’t want to be an Aquarius. I’m one of those new signs, now.” Which, if you know anything about the science that I depend upon, the so-called “new signs” are just a bit of yellow journalism and tabloid press to keep the public interested. Or my version of astrology debunked, which, as it turns out, really isn’t the case. Besides, is there a more Aquarian statement than that? On top, just to heap the troubles up a little further, yes, the Aquarius-theme and flavor still hold strong, and you can even feel it rousing through your veins, even now. Give it up. There is a situation that does not meet with your expectations, but I learned a long time ago, I can’t expect big fish, every time I’m out. Some days, it’s just fishing. Some days, it’s catching. Realize this, and we’ve got this week beat into submission, but trying to change who you are? Let me know how that works out.

“I don’t want to be an Aquarius!”

Why not? Hard to be cooler and way ahead all the time? Seriously? Instead of considering a “bad hair week,” think about it as a an “avant garde style,” instead. Better, no?

PiscesPisces: I had the trash, recycling box, really, and I headed out the door. I caught part of the door with my heel, as I’m used to doing that with boots or sandals. Barefoot. I skinned the back part of my ankle, almost literally, the Achilles Tendon. Thought nothing of it, wobbled out to the recycling bin, deposited cardboard and bottles, and hobbled back in, favoring the damage ankle. It wasn’t until I got inside that I realized I had a huge gash, and blood was pooling under my foot. I looked back, bloody footprints like either a crime scene or horror movie. Halloween was last month, please. Ran it under the shower, watched more blood leak out, and then I tried to stop the flow. Back of my heel, almost zero pain but it was a gusher for a spell. This is what happens. Not bad, not good, not anything. Just a big pain in the neck, from looking at the backside of my ankle where there was the tiniest indent from missing flesh, presumably left on the door frame.

Casual injury, just headed out the door, like taking the trash out. Careless, on my part. No one’s fault but mine. Pisces, please pay attention: I was “injured reserve” for the rest of the weekend because of my own mistake. It’s not the big things, but the stupid, little things. Worse? It’s something we do to ourselves. Let’s be careful with Pisces bare feet, and anything else that can get nicked like that. Seriously, no pain, just inconvenient

AriesAries: Life would be ever so much easier if I could get Aries to just ease into this next transition period. Plan, fiddle around with some details, draw up a schematic, pace out the distances, look at it framed in your hands, get the images here? Doubt this will be easy, though. You’re not adverse to planning, it’s just that something in the recent past has gone so far off the Aries rails that you’re wondering if you should plan for the future. Yes, but what I was talking about, was more like brainstorming, sketching ideas, and working with concepts rather hard, cold numbers. Pencil and chalk lines, not pen and ink. Plan, fiddle, amend, go back and plan again. Got it?

TaurusTaurus:Hatch Chilies” are usually an Anaheim Pepper, nominally grown in Hatch, NM. Every fall, a few stores carry the thusly marked peppers that are renowned for flavor, cooking ability, and taste. I had some late season ones, probably the last of the load, and the peppers looked good in the store. Unspoiled, good color, sweet, New Mexico aroma. There’s a good place to fish, just up the road from Hatch. Good burger and BBQ place in Hatch, too. Sparky’s. Never mind that, this is about Taurus and the last of the seasonal peppers. I started to cook with those peppers and is my style, I’ll slice a little chunk to taste. Good flavor. Kind of hot. My eyes started to water. Those were some mean peppers. Hot. Crossed with a Serrano kind of heat. Slow burn, too, crept up. Good thing I sampled them, so I could reduce my amount used, didn’t want the dish to overwhelm. Sample, test and taste. Do not grab handfuls and stuff them in your mouth. This week, pay attention, sample. Sample before you chop up a whole handful and toss it in. Thank that stuff in Scorpio. Made my mouth burn.

GeminiGemini: Do you really want to do that right now? It’s a valid Gemini question because, yes, holidays, family, all of that, but there’s also a suggestion of something else. There’s possible rift in the Gemini romance, and instead of blowing this up, instead of making it a BIG DEAL, instead of doing the typical Gemini thing, turning this into an event, let’s step back for a moment.

Is this really a change you want to make? Have to ask some tough questions right now, and the point of the questions is get you to longer — further — than just the next couple of days. Maybe there’s a change you don’t want to make right now.

CancerCancer: Lady looked at me, choked back an expression, and then, exclaimed, “You’re not my husband!”

No, I’m not. I did the elevator eyes on her, and I decided I might be able to be her husband, but I wasn’t sure that would fit with what she was looking for. With the planets in an equal array of good and bad? It can be a case of mistaken identity. Unlike my example, I could see this as having a more fortuitous and happier outcome than my experience. In line, at a store in the mall, I was grabbing pre-Xmas goodies for family. Not my usual terrain, and a location where I’m a little out-of-place. The expression and my amusement therein? Just made it a better interaction, at least, for me. Mistaken identity? Misplaced husband? Wandering eyes and strangers with a twisted sense of humor? Adds up to your week.

“You’re not my husband!” No, but we could work something out.

The LeoThe (mighty) Leo: Austin, San Antonio, I’ve lived “downtown” in both places, makes me an urban anomaly. I’m unsure which location I first noticed this, but it popped up again not long ago, and I couldn’t help but think about The Leo. It was noon hour, I’d guess, and it was a pair of women in business suit-skirts, with knee high (sports) socks, and heavy running shoes. Looked like cleats, soccer — or what is that game with the sticks, kind of like golf clubs?

From the back, to me, it looked like a pair of Catholic school girls, ready for the sporting event of the afternoon. Never said I wasn’t sexist, and I never claimed not to be disturbed and askew. The downtown scene just made me think of high school athletics at an all-girls school, made me think of Leo, the Leo, sort of a spring in her step, rolling on the balls of her feet, ready to jump. Kick, run, some action verb. Likewise, for all Leo, for this next few days, be active, like those noon-time, downtown walkers (who looked for all the world like female athletes in old school uniforms, cleats and all).

VirgoVirgo: I trust you. I trust Virgo, in general, and I trust you to usually make the best decision possible. The current round of obstacles are not going to go away, but they will recede. I was thinking about a favorite fishing stream, little creek, not far from here. Best known for small-ish Guadalupe Bass, but sun fish abound, as well. More like “catch and release” rather than trying to get enough for a meal for two.

Old-school trout bait is brightly colored, usually orange, “salmon eggs.” West of the Rockies, this would be a common bait, and common food source. Here, in Texas? Maybe not so much. However, I had some leftover “salmon eggs,” and I tried that. Worked. Might’ve been the plastic scent, might’ve been the color, might’ve been my artful placement of hook and bait in front of the fishes. The solution to the current set of problems? Trust me on this one? It involves a slightly different, maybe a little unnatural (seeming) answer. Does it work? Proof is landing a fish.

LibraLibra: Take one step, all I’m asking. Take one step towards that goal. Seems simple enough, right? It is. Really. The “cardinal cross” energy, it’s an astrology term, makes Libra a focal point for indecision. My favorite interaction? “I’m not indecisive, am I?” No. Yes. Maybe. Take one step towards the goal. I’m not sure what that goal is, but the iffy quality about this holiday weekend leaves us with something “Up in the air.” Here’s the trick. Take one step towards whatever the goal is. I’m unsure of your exact goal, the preferred destination. One step, as tailored for your individual Libra needs.

ScorpioScorpio: Distance is very important in my work, apparently. The further away I am? The more important I become. Why is this important to you? Think about it. In my own, hometown, like, all those years in a trailer park in South Austin, I was unknown in the trailer park except as a slightly odd person, and really, a trailer park in South Austin? “Slightly odd” wasn’t odd at all. Further south now, I command a higher price in Austin because I’m not from there. Here. I’m worth twice my going rate in New York or Miami, as what I can command in my own, hometown. Being from “out of town” adds cachet. The further afield I get, the more I’m worth. I’d suggest you advertise your Scorpio self some place online. The further away you get, the more you’re worth.

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