Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 11.6

    “Saturn and Venus this year in conjunction!
    What says th’ almanac to that?”
    Prince Hal in Shakespeare’s Henry IV, part 2, lines 110

Horoscopes by the Fishing Guide to the Stars starting 11.6

8scorpioScorpio: I do very few group readings anymore. They are not comfortable for me, and most good Scorpio’s really, and I mean really, don’t want to share secrets. I adore my Scorpio buddies, but they don’t share well. The biggest problem with the next few days? It isn’t non-Scorpio people, no the biggest issue is my Scorpio buddies revealing too much, too fast, too often. Too. There’s an almost pathological inability to be quiet with the current planetary array, between Mars, and everything else. Here’s the deal, silence is worth $100 a minute. Do you have enough to pay for that? If not, how about just keeping quiet and not having to pay for the silence? Some days, silence is golden. Some days, even better than gold. Besides, a quiet, silent Scorpio, who would be amazed at that?

9sagSagittarius: There is an unhealthy attachment some of my friends have to certain things. Some folks suggest I, too, have an unhealthy attachment to certain items, as well, like phones, computers, tablets. Brand loyal. Brand conscious. Some days, I do. Other days, not so much. This is about cutting one of those cords. Maybe not even cutting the cord that ties our Sagittarius self to that possession, more like giving it some line, room to run.

The hint is that it’s time to distance ours Sagittarius selves from one — or more — of our possessions. I ran across an interesting post about how our stuff possesses us rather than we possess our stuff. Who is in charge? As a freedom-loving Sagittarius, do we want to be dictated to, by our stuff?

I think we all know the answer to that.

This week, it’s about deciding who really is in charge.

Capricorn Capricorn: This is a really tough one, isn’t it? No right answer, and yet, you’re sure you can make this work. The Full Moon pushes you to try harder, and that might not be the best way to expend the Capricorn energy. Instead of harder, consider making sure you have the right place to apply your pressure. “Work,” or “energy,” to some. Like the old physics text books? Work — energy, and it’s measured by how much (something) has to be used to move an object from here to there. Or something like that.

Got an image, maybe an equation to figure out that so many kilojoules are required to make this week start working better? Ergs, have to exert so how many ergs, burn so many calories, a unit of measurement, and it’s about work. My suggestion, still, has to do with using less energy, and working it in another direction. What this next few days is about is looking for the right place to apply that Capricorn strength.

aquariusAquarius: This is about goal-setting. Not grandiose goal setting, not an app, not a paper product that purports to make your Aquarius life easier (if you follow all the steps), no this isn’t about a big deal. This is about the post-it notes in life. This is simple, remember when those little notes only came in the color yellow? To this day, I still keep yellow ones around, along with other shades, but the yellow grabs my attention best. Might not be a post-it note, but a simple scrap, with a single, plain, maybe just a two-word goal. Not extravagant, and not too “airy-fairy,” like “world peace,” or, and I’ve seen this one before, “world domination,” no, nothing like that. With Jupiter opposite, and the Cardinal Trigger of Pluto/Mars square Uranus? Simple, easy-to-reach goals, little bit at a time. Small, easy to obtain, goals. Simple. Little steps, at first.

PiscesPisces: I think you’re going to need new jewelry. I have numerous tricks and trinkets that I use, methods I employ to make life easier and better. Because I work in environments where I rely on intuition and empathy, although interpersonal communication is not always a strength with me, still, I have a few items that help. In person, this winter season, you’ll notice that I tend to wear a lot of black clothing. An even older trick, I used to make sure I always had a black earring, or pendant, something with black. Sparkly, not sparkly, doesn’t matter. Being Sagittarius, I tend towards black t-shirts as that’s most expedient for me. Perhaps a tiny fleck of obsidian or dark crystal of some sort, as a dangly earring, still the idea is that the black repels the negative energies. Another trick is a simple Christian Cross, or my favorite, a glow-in-the-dark rosary, $1.99 at the corner store. Still, the best is black diamonds or black crystals, as earring, necklace, something. The idea? Pisces is best turning off the empathy and intuition next few days. Like I said, you’re probably going to need some new jewelry.

AriesAries: One of the best questions, for a week like this? “Was it fun at the time?” The most cogent answer? “Oh HELL yes!” The epithet and it’s emphasis indicates that, given the same set of circumstances, ask yourself, would you do it again? The powerfully affirmative answer spells it all out correctly, now doesn’t it?

Aries: would you do it again? I think I know the answer, and since that’s the answer, when this week pops up with that opportunity, while other folks suggest you not do it? I think you know my answer, I’m there, alongside you!

TaurusTaurus: Check it out, around sunset? Look to the west. There’s Venus and Saturn, opposite from you, just making things squirrelly. By the end of the weekend, they will be joined by the little trickster, Mercury. There are several decisions that should be rendered at this time. You’re being called up on to make a judgement call, and normally, as a Taurus, I’d trust your judgement. Normally. With all those little planets, along with Saturn, in Scorpio, just at sunset? As Prince Hal (soon to be Henry V) asks, “What says the almanac to that?”

It says you’re judgement isn’t so much clouded as both intransigent and inconstant. Can’t make up your mind, not now, and that’s the one thing that’s really needed.

Good week for one of my favorite lines, along with Prince Hal’s line, “Definite maybe.”

The opposing influences suggest that it’s a not a good time to make it definite.

GeminiGemini: A Gemini buddy started to date this single mom, and the kids — her kids — take precedence. Good relationship, and with my buddy factored in, it’s like three kids at times. The big problem, and what I’ve coached him about this — I’ve dated single moms, this is experience speaking — the kids take precedence.

Get used to it.

A Gemini doesn’t always need to be the center of attention, but it’s rough when they’re not getting some attention. In true Gemini fashion, he was calling and complaining because she was busy with the kids, then work, then kids and then, she was worn out and went to sleep. He complains. I point out, he wanted to watch the ball game, and he was playing that online game, and he was updating his tumbler and all. In Gemini fashion, though, he had to come to terms with the idea that there are days when the kids win. Way it is. This is a week when the kids win. Doesn’t mean the relationship is over, or the flame is gone, or the spark has gone out. Other people have other priorities.

Gemini: you’re still number one to me.

CancerCancer: “But what does it mean?” A plaintive wail from a Cancer Moon Child. What does it mean? I’m rather gifted at interpreting symbols and gathering data points that indicate archetypes, but some days, the message I have for you is, “Isn’t it obvious?” This is about being serious. This is about not jumping on the first glib train out-of-town, and digging around a bit. Sift through some of the dirt. Tease some of the symbols and see what resonates. It’s not obvious but there is fairly clear indication about which direction you’re supposed to go. Can’t say it’s not obvious, as you can pay me the big bucks to spell it out for you, or, you can just look. There are about three serious clues that indicate which way you’re supposed to turn.

The LeoThe (mighty) Leo: Screw it, “Classic Rock.” I’m unsure what else to call it for the majestic Leo, with just one too many things bouncing off one too many walls. Every once in a while, a song cycles up, true “classic rock,” and that’s the answer. After a long, and loose, affiliation with the music industry, I’m completely unsure of where to draw the line between modern, alt, and classic rock. It’s one of those things — you know it when you hear it? One of my younger friends calls just about anything from the last millennia “classic,” which would include grunge. I’m out on this debate, but there’s a song or two from the classic rock stock that, the majestic Leo, the mightiest of the mighty, there’s something you need to hear. It’s inspiration. It’s memories, or, in one Leo situation, it’s annoyance. Still, if that serves the stated purpose of answering the need of the moment, then it works. Crank up the radio — or whatever you’re listening to these day.

VirgoVirgo: One of my farmer’s market buddies offered “wild honey” for sale. The term alone made me giggle. Wild honey, though, not the filtered, adulterated, sugared, pasteurized, sanitized stuff that’s “store-bought,” but the real thing, from local bees drawing on local flowers for the flavors? That stuff is excellent. It’s healthy, it has healing properties, it’s tasty, it’s sweet and sticky, and yet, good for a body, too. Build strong bodies twelve ways, I’m sure. For reals. I’m sure there’s data points other than this horoscope for all the medicinal and folklore uses for honey. One that comes to mind is a cough suppressant. Works wonder to heal sore throats. Just one of many natural wonder. Still, the thought of buying “Wild Honey,” is that product our Virgo selves want to market? There’s a thoughtful consideration that goes into something before we start yelling, “Hey, I’ve got some ‘Wild Honey’ here!”

What’s worse?

One buddy will break out the non-Virgo song, “Pour some sugar on it…” (Def Leppard)

LibraLibra: Feel like an outcast? Feel left behind? Feel excluded from all the fun and games? Wonder if there’s something you’re missing? It might not be you. Mercury moves passed the point where it started this last retrograde, effectively clearing a path for Libra. The problem is one of feeling a little left out, and after the recent events that have been, well, for lack of better words, unsettling? We need something — in Libra — that is some kind of an easy break. I can’t make it for you, but I can suggest that it is here. There is other action in other signs, and that’s part of the problem, being a Libra, like you are, you feel our pain, real or imagined. Part of what’s required is to keep plugging away at that single goal, instead of getting scattered. One goal at a time, easier that way.

“But I like to try them all!”

Again, part of the problem and the disenfranchised sentiments.

One goal at a time, easier that way.

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