In Their Words

In Their Words

Readers write in:

In case no one has told you today, you rock!!

    Thank you so much! What a great reading!

“Thanks so much! Gave me the focus I need! And as always with a bit of sassy humor thrown in!”

    “Sweet, funny and accurate!”

“Kramer is great! I enjoyed his interpretation of my birth chart , mixed in with some intuitive hits. Especially helpful were his willingness to offer timelines, too.”

    Quality, Customer Service, Other, Wait Time
    “Everything and you’re really great at what you do!!!”

“Thank you very much for the excellent reading today. I greatly appreciate it!!!”

    Thank you so very much. This is exactly what I wanted. The turnaround is above and beyond, so thank you for that as well.
    My favorite astrologer! Every time your weekly email shows up I smile. This week’s another good one.
    Thank you very much for the excellent reading today. I greatly appreciate it!!!

“I bought your book on Amazon. Very interesting. Fun to read.”

    Wife reports that you are very smart.
    “Capricorn and Capricorn”

Mercury retrograde has already STRUCK!!!

Thank God I read your book over the
weekend to prepare for this event.

I got a text from a person this morning
that crawled out of the woodwork that I
wished would just have stayed there!!

Thanks for the heads up, and love the book.

    I think your friend does interesting work.
    He has an original, engaging writing style and it
    was quite fun to read. It also made me think
    more deeply about myself and made me wonder if
    I am really more like that than I thought!
    I like how u think!
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Thank you…think I’m a bit more prepared now.
You’re wonderful!

    Your reading was so much fun even if the topic was heavy.
    I only have been able to listen to the cd in private now.
    I very much appreciate your insights!

Next time I will come around I’ll make sure I’m not rushed for time and can actually enjoy the day at the metaphysical fair..Will you be at the fair in May? By the way..Thank you..

    Now I am finally getting your great scopes I used to read when I was working and they were free! Now I can know how to handle things! It’s great to be back!

For your advice on waiting for my “grand entrance” until the moon is in Cap. I took some amazing shots at the wedding, like ones that would make people get teary eyed and probably the bride will sob when she sees them. ;) I made some awesome edits to them, they look professional and artistic showing the true emotion (my goal). I was going to post some of them on facebook, but after reading the horoscope I will wait until 4/22 to show any of them.

    Kramer “Amazing” Wetzel,
    You’re amazing, but for reasons for which you may be unaware.

Sunshine, I LOVE your site…I been with you for a long
time…years…but I am new to your website…I LOVE it when your
RIGHT and I LOVE it when your WRONG…dont sweat it…I dont really
know when your right or wrong…its more like…I agree with what your
saying and even if i dont agree with what your saying…i see what
your saying…

    Hi Kramer – yes, all is working fine. Thanks for making this a personal experience.

Hi Kramer…
New website looks VERY nice.

    Hello Kramer,

    Also just finished San Pedro Creek & enjoyed reading your collected works – especially mind-mapping the passages to what I was going through in my life at the time of publication. Also found some of the scopes for other star signs I’d always skip over especially entertaining – great job!
    Your fan,

I wanted to give you some feedback that could be useful- your demeanor and spirit is incredibly safe and warm. I was thrilled when I departed because I felt understood! So, thank you very much for the time.
With warm regards,

    dear mr kramer,
    I would like to compliment you on your creative style and sense of humor. I have been a fan for a long time. I also like the Shakespear. When my daughter was in grammer school/jr high she had to read the Merchant of Venice as homework. we both snuggled up in the bed and took turns reading pages, her one then myself. We tripped all over the words and laughed alot, it is a good memory, and great appreciation for those works. I loved the movie Shakespear in Love and was greatly impressed by Gweneth Paltrows roll. I could never. Anyway, thank you for replying.

Okay, Kramer, now I’m convinced you’re the real McCoy. Not a hack, regurgitating the usual astrological pap, but a perceptive, weirdly accurate analyst of phenomenal insight. For three weeks, you’ve hit it just right. Eerie.

    This is why I like you so much…
    You keep me sane (Gemini)

Thanks, Kramer.
If You Dont Mind Me Sayin’…
Your weekly video segments have gotten remarkably better.
I finally upgraded my aged (2004) computer with the IE 7,
and all kinds of wonderful things have been happening for me, like getting your video feeds through QuickTime,
I recommend the browser upgrade to any of your customers that are having trouble accessing your weekly almanac.
Now How Much Do You Want For A Copy Of Your Favorite Fishing Holes Around Austin, Coupled With A When They Are Biting Almanac, and where is this place in the recent video?
and then perhaps you could name your price…

    Man, I am glad I renewed my membership, because your advice for Leo is just SPOT ON what my challenges are right now, taking calls at a call center, being careful not to let anyone get my goat, if you’ll pardon the expression.
    Keep up the good work…

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. They never fail to amuse, enlighten or, sometimes, befuddle me.

    Thank you Kramer. That sets my mind more to ease, which I desperately needed.

Thanks. I really do appreciate your doing this for all of us. If others don’t remember you – the Aquarians will.
Have a great year.

    which is what I was trying to say . . . you were right, Kramer!  You nailed it!  I didn’t say that because I have just gotten so used to you being boom-boom-pow right all the time!

Thank you very much for the excellent reading today. I greatly appreciate it!!!

    Seriously, you are the best!

Mars retro- got it!
Just came naturally the other night…
creative juices are flowing and wow-
cast and crew, on set really are giving me some major compliments.
Lots of cool things are happening- we need another reading.

Old Press:
“Or for a little backcountry wisdom, drop in at Kramer Wetzel’s trailer in Austin, Texas. This former motorcycle mechanic considers Shakespeare his soul mate. He also reveres the King, so after you’ve reeled in his quirky FISHING GUIDE TO THE STARS, drop a line into his Elvis & Me section and view a rather fishy photo of Kramer standing alongside a young Elvis.”
July 1999 Yahoo! Internet Life magazine

“ — The people have spoken and made this redneck fisherman-astrological site numero uno.”
Gregory Kallenberg, Austin American Statesman

“The other celeb worth checking out is Kramer, Fishing Guide To The Stars. Dubbing himself the “astrology home buoy”, this folksy prognosticator, who offers weekly forecasts and a variety of paid services, treats the whole job with a refreshing lack of reverence….”
The Sydney (Australia) Morning Hearld

“Here, you’ll find Kramer: Fishing guide to the Stars. This local astrologer, who fancies himself Shakespeare’s soulmate, actually writes some pretty coherent and funny horoscopes. What’s so amazing is how accurate he is. Under my sign, Scorpio, he predicted I’d be doing a year end project and Voila!”
Austin American Statesman XLent magazine

Invece la Fishing guide to the stars non é un sito di previsioni per appassionati di pesca con le bombe, ma una pagina dove le previsioni e i consigli offerti sono di una certa profondità e anche fornire informazioni assai dettagliate ed evocative. Non buoni in questo senso gli sforzi dell’oroscopo di Pelagus (in italiano, per una volta), bilanciati però da un’estrema chiarezza dei consigli. (t.t.)
Oroscopi online, tra ciarlatani, appassionati e carte di credito [] {Translation: The FGS isn’t a site for the passionate about fishing, but a page that offers advice of profundity and length. This seems to be the new trend in astrological sites, to provide information that is detailed and evocative.}