Horoscopes starting 4.20.2017

    Romans, countrymen, and lovers, hear me for my cause, and be silent, that you may hear.
    Marcus Brutus in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar 3.2.13

“Look, it’s Four-Twenty! Ha-ha!” Some people, maybe this is an Austin hangover, but some people? They just never grow up. I mean, seriously?

The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac sign of Taurus April 19, 2017 at 4:27 PM — in San Antonio. Moon in Aquarius at the time.

Mercury, currently retrograde, backs down into Aries.

“And that means what?”

Horoscopes starting 4.20.2017



The Bull

Bass are game fish. Black Bass, common around me, great fun as game fish, but finicky as can be, subject to every little weather change. I’m sure there’s a picture on the website, someplace, me with a tiny little bass. It was that weather; a cold front pushed through, rained heavily, then, cooler, high, clear air came afterwards, with no clouds. Brilliant day. The challenge, from a bass fishing point of view? The high barometric pressure yields bass with lock-jaw. Fish hard, fish well, fish a long time, all of that? Very little results.

Two ways to see this? One, don’t bother fishing when the weather’s like that. Or, two? Enjoy the day on the lake, but don’t count on a big catch. It is called fishing, not called catching. This weird weather, happens in the spring in Texas, this weird weather is like the astrological weather, even now. Can enjoy some aspects of this astrology weather, but other aspects? Not so much. Either it’s a good day on the lake, but without a catching a lot of fish, or it’s a good day to be some place else.



The Twins

I always detect gentle, subtle, but pronounced and verifiable change when a the Sun shifts signs. Likewise, as Mars changes gears and bounces into Gemini, there’s a pronounced shift. Change you can feel. Change in the air. Mars is about activity, and the Sun is yet in Taurus. This takes that — trademarked — Gemini Energy and ratchets it up a notch. Or two.

Might just “Go to Eleven!” Might be a dated reference that makes no sense, but was part of my understanding of the world, at one time. That allusion also marks the point where entertainment, satire, and social commentary collided, for a brief, shining moment.

There’s just a too much going on, and there is no way — even good Gemini like yourself — can keep up with the disparate distractions. Too much, too many directions, too few answers. The trick is Mars. He represents energy and understanding that this is Gemini energy devoid of orderly direction? You’re allowed to shoot off in hundreds of different directions, at this time. None of it will make immediate sense, not any time too soon. Embrace the chaotic nature of the moment.



The Crab

The first article I read this morning was about a cult. The line between “cult,” religion, support group, and followers of a dedicated (and charismatic) leader? Hard to tell. Some cults are really a good thing, and don’t forget, recent holidays aside, there’s a predominance of a certain cult that eventually became a mainstay organization. Look at the Vatican.

The cult article was roughly a thousands words, and by the end of the magazine-like piece, I was scanning for the paragraphs rather than reading intently. The conclusion was too open-ended for my tastes.

The absolute dedication to a single, persuasive, possibly charismatic, self-appointed leader? That’s a problem. As a child, it was ground into my head, into my bones, into my psyche that I had to test any hypothesis before before accepting the results.

As a Moon Child, New Moon approaching, Mercury backwards yet? Proof. Have to have proof. Hard proof that the process works. Hard proof that the messianic leader can lead. Hard proof that the promise is valid and is attainable.

Hard proof, not wishes, dream,and unfiltered fantasies.

Cancer: Hard proof.

The Leo:

The Leo

The Leo

Amusing, to me, in my Sagittarius ways, how I can have friends from all kinds of backgrounds. I posted an Easter image, from this one church that I like because the icon resonates with me. To me, that symbol crosses systems and can be from any of number of beliefs. It’s not, in my mind, limited. However, to watch the salute? There is a parade of reactions to that symbol. From disdain and irreverence to adorations and accolades. To me? It’s just friggin’ symbol on page, an interesting image that spoke to me about rebirth, regeneration, and the rapidly approaching New Moon in Taurus. That’s all. Not about faith or beliefs, or, heaven forbid, any one particular religion. No, this one was about symbols on a printed page — that’s all. How that galvanizes and coalesces various people in my feeds, and the reactions? Some days I don’t get it. As a Leo, as The Leo, are you going o get up and roar about that symbols? Just an image, really just a digital imprint of an image painted on a piece of paper from a nominally liberal Austin-based organization.

Two common reactions? “That’s awesome!” Joined with an equally vehement, “that’s terrible!”

The Leo: Your comment? Right now? “That’s interesting.”

The Leo: Strong emotions. No need to wade intro the fray.



The Virgin

When old is new? That would be the way I would suggest you approach this week’s totally weird and wacky energies.

“When old is new.”

I keep books, real books, like, words printed on paper that is derived from dead trees, type of books, I still keep a number of those around as reference manuals. When I’m stuck, or, recently, with this Mercury Retrograde, I’ll refer back to some of the dog-eared texts. Perhaps, in this recent example, it was a book I’d been meaning to read, but I have — successfully — ignored for many long years.

Diving into that one book, finally, I found that the thoughts, as printed on the page, the essence of thoughts — as I understood them — translated across centuries of time and brought relevant views on my world understanding, and then, relevant ways to see what’s going on, even now. Part is historical. Part is hysterical. Part is pertinent to current events, even now.

This started with digging back into an old text that I’ve put off addressing for a number of years. Which is part of what this week means to Virgo: “When old is new.”



The Scales

Every couple of years, one of two theories circulates. One? There’s a “13th” sign, which, if one understands the basic mechanics of the zodiac system, it’s obvious there’s no room for a “13th sign,” because all 12 slots are fully occupied. However, to be honest, one must admit the Nov. Sagittarius tend to be a bit different from the Dec. Sagittarius, just as an example. But that’s by degrees, not a real, verifiable 13th sign. The other theory that pops up? The 9th Planet. The planet that is so far out, it is beyond our ability to observe, but surely it must exist, because of, and then there are number of competing theories as to why the planet exists. Interesting astrological theories, but I tend to stick to the stuff that I know works. As a Libra, at this juncture, as Mars moves forward into Gemini and Mercury moves backwards into Aries, along that previously referenced Tropical Zodiac? Some weird theories crop up, especially in the Libra mind, and especially in a curious form. Do these theories hold water? Do these theories stand the test of time? Does these concepts hold up under the twin infection of metaphysical and scientific study?

In the 13th Sign example and the 9th Planet theory? Yeah, no. The math works for both but practical observation has confirmed no results. It’s quite all right to play with theories like this, but it’s not a good time to build a new plan based on those theories.

Byword for this next few days? “We’re looking into that, for sure.”

(But “we” haven’t made a commitment, yet.)



The Scorpio

I’ve tended, in the past, to give this as a simple binary equation. My quick disclaimer, before we address Scorpio specifically, is that this not a hard and fast rule, more like a solid guideline. Adjust as need be, right?

“You can have love or money, which will it be?”

Standard Scorpio response? “Both.” My reminder, for this week’s time frame? Mars, moving into Gemini, where that falls in your Scorpio chart? And then, Mercury, slipping backwards to Aries?

Next week, there’s a New Moon in Taurus, opposite from Scorpio. That provides a focal point for this discussion, and why I was suggesting, concentrate on that Scorpio objective, which leads us back to the binary question, “Love?” Or “Money?” Which will it be?




Having been on both sides, I understand how this can be painful. I also understand how this can be caused by the most innocent of comments and most pure, altruistic motives. Still, it comes out wrong. The way it will likely come across to our Sagittarius selves, in the next couple of days? “Don’t take this wrong, but…”

Which means, as a typical Sagittarius, we will take it wrong. What’s intended as polite, helpful criticism, comes across as hurtful, pointed barbs. Verbal attacks. Ad Hominem remarks, or so it seems. With Mars settling into Gemini, this can cut two ways, either we get all worked up and lash out, at what appears to be an attack on our stellar Sagittarius character, or we pause long enough to figure it out — the attack is not meant as an attack. It was meant in the spirit of love and cooperation, intended as a kindness, not a full-frontal attack. Doesn’t mean we won’t take it as an attack, and what’s worse? It’s an attack on our Sagittarius character, not just who we are, but what we stand for, as well.

I have a sort version on how to deal with this.

“Your mother dresses you funny.”
The attack.

“No, I dress myself like this, no help needed.” The riposte — the riposte that effectively disarms the situation and buys a little Sagittarius time to figure out that it was not a personal attack, but a kind of observation.



The Sea Goat

At one point, I got to where I would quiz my clients, after talking with them. “What was your take-away?” Ostensibly, I was trying to figure out wha the client retained as a valuable knowledge, and what was discarded as too much “Kramer chatter.”

There’s the online version of this, too, where a short survey is provided, at the end of the interaction. Personally, I just let it open for comments at the end, but that gets to be too much, some times. As previously noted, I’m sure I would take a constructive criticism, I would interpret the intent wrongly, next few days. However, as a Capricorn, there’s that important question, “What was your take-away?” What did you learn from this horoscope? What did you learn from this interaction? What — I figure this one’s the most important — what was the message you were supposed to get from this?

There will be a symbolic action, possibly a life-changing event, possibly a game-changer, possibly just a little, cosmic nudge. The important Capricorn question?

“What information was I supposed to garner from his message?”

Or, in my terms? “What was your take-away?”

When that action occurs, symbolic or otherwise, ask your Capricorn self, “What was my take-away?”



The Water Bearer

There’s one Famous Author I know of, and he had a webcam setup on his workspace, for years. It was a little weird, watching him type on a computer’s keyboard. For several years, I had a webcam attached to my feed, as well, but after a spell, it got just a little weird, and little too invasive — but that’s me. Besides, watching me work can be pretty boring. I fidget. I dash off to refill the coffee mug. I look at a book’s entry. I flip through my notes. I adjust the volume of the sounds, pushing it down lower. I do a quick web search to fact-check a notion, only to have it proven incorrect. I sip more coffee. It’s not really that interesting to watch. The Famous Author did his thing publicly for some time. I admired that. I’m less public, preferring the solitude and quiet that I can get. Public persona versus private persona, and there’s a battle, in the next few days, in Aquarius. What’s public, what’s a permissible window, and what is best kept totally private? My webcam’s feed is still live, but only as a placeholder and while Mercury is still Retrograde? That placeholder and code serves as a throwback reminder of nostalgic website works. There are two parts to this week’s Aquarius messages. One is about what is too invasive and what is “just right” for letting the world know what is going on in the Aquarius camp. The other is about archaic technology that we al seem to hold onto, and is it really necessary?



The Fishes

Many years ago, shortly after graduating from college, place where I lived? Nice, big backyard. What I kept thinking about, a backyard gazebo, like a detached patio, where I could have climbing vines form a green canopy, and perhaps half the year — or more — I would be able to work outside. It was a noble ideal. Years later, in a trailer park in South Austin, I did have a door that opened, and I was subject to the gentle susurrations of the Texas zephyrs, easing the moist air back and forth. Almost the same idea, only it did work, after a fashion. Once again, I find myself with an arbor-esque setting, and once again, I wonder about it building then maintaining a vine-strewn pergola in which to work. Great idea. Follow that plan all the way through, though. I'll really work out there two or three times then complain about bugs or heat, or WiFi access being weak.



The Ram

Happened some years ago. Party, ostensibly a spring-fling party, not long after Eeyore’s Birthday in Austin, which was/is a real thing. So, around now, many-many years back. A series of females were giving the party, and the nights were alive with hope, promise, young love, some pollen, and insects. Mostly harmless gnats, but mosquitoes were starting to emerge that year.

One of the females, let’s call her a “girl,” I was rather interested in her, in that way. At the party, though, there were two or three other guys who were also interested in her, in that way. One was a biker-like feller, no contest there, he wasn’t going to make any time with her: too gruff. Another was a tech-hippy, and he was too clean-cut. This was back in the day when swimming in Barton Springs qualified as daily bathing — I was clean. Finally, there was a guy who played in a band — a real guitar player. One was too clean, one was too rough, me, I was almost perfect — except? I got beat out by a guitar player. Not long after that, I picked up a guitar case, just to see if that trick worked. That’s different story, told elsewhere. I was a second choice to a real guitar player, and I’m OK with that, but I’m not the Aries in this situation. There’s a pretty good chance that you’re passed over for someone’s first choice.

At first, Aries-like, glance, this is huge mistake. Stop. Pause. Consider where the planets are right now, and consider what’s happening, winding, unwinding, and going sideways. Not much longer, after that?

“I will never date another musician!”

Guitar players in Austin had a well-deserved reputation.

What might not work according to the current Aries time-table? A little longer view and this all plays right into your hands.

“You know I’m a writer, right? Not a guitar player?”

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