Horoscopes for 11.1.2018

Horoscopes for 11.1.2018

    Stephano: O brave monster, lead the way.

Shakespeare’s The Tempest (II.ii.185)

Happy Scorpio Birthday!

Horoscopes for 11.1.2018




The difference between a cult and a religion tends to be numbers. Cults have fewer members. This isn’t going to be a debate about the various religions, either. I was raised in one faith, gravitated towards another, and then, over the years, I’ve gradually embraced a fair amount of Eastern Mysticism in my beliefs. This all could change, too. However, what I heard one of my buddies say the other day?

“Oh, I’m catholic — we don’t use the bible.”

I was a bit taken aback by the comment, as he deadpanned the delivery. I couldn’t tell if he was joking or serious. He seemed serious enough. Is that a thing? I know precious little about the True Catholic Faith, other than what I’ve read, or by association, or the way the local archdiocese pops up on the news frequently. Politics, the Vatican, yeah, Pope, yeah, don’t know much about the underpinnings of the faith itself. Cool churches? Great artworks? Because something didn’t ring true to me, I had to test it. As a Scorpio, some recent statement doesn’t ring true, and that will require further Scorpio inspections, research, and general, delving into a topic that you might, or might not, like too much. I was fascinated but the doctrine and millennia’s worth of great works is cool — to me. Mars squares your New Moon, “let’s start something” energy. A little more willing to be open-minded about some topic will help.


What was your first concert? Concert experience, whatever, however, that shows up, what was it? Name, group, band, venue, what can be recalled. In this setting, though, what I was thinking about, what was the first popular musical experience. Sure, I was dragged off to the symphony a few times, but that doesn’t count, what I was looking for, that first loud rock’n’roll, or even later, the first time it was live. What was your first concert?

Important question as it gives a baseline to move one forward, and that becomes a formative part of one’s later development as a person. First rock concert, or rock concert like experience? It’s how we plot our way forward from here.


Over the years, I’ve been affiliated with a number of retail places. Bookstores, the rock shop in Austin, a few new age churches, all my familiar territory.

See astrofish.net/travel for listings.

One story from a clerk in Austin, think: Capricorn. One story was about the customer who tried to sign the digital display with a permanent marker, “So is this where I sign?” My friend the clerk looked at the lady, then at the two kids in tow, “Don’t you teach her anything? Sign with your fingertip, please.” Part of what is important is a certain willingness to learn from the likes of the kids. Unlikely teacher, and one most parents wouldn’t agree with right away, but as the intersection of kids and technology advances, there’s a familiar observation, about how, “This is so simple a kid could figure out — now find me a kid, I don’t understand it!” Or, as the Capricorn clerk asked, “Don’t you teach her anything?”

Willingness to learn — sometimes from the most unlikely of teachers. Be willing.


“Normal is just two standard deviations.” Simply put, the metric by which we judge whatever “normal” is, such as it is, is merely the point between two extremes that are certainly not normal, whatever that might be. As an Aquarius, you’re going to need a quick riposte, a snappy comeback, a fast answer for this week’s challenges and more important, for the people who don’t understand that accepted Aquarius eccentricity. Fast answer?

“Normal is just two standard deviations.”

See how quick I had that answer? Spooled up and ready. Use it, as need be, this next few days when confronted with people — situations — where the normal Aquarius answer doesn’t seem to get across as easily as you would like.

“Normal is just two standard deviations.”

It’s a quick answer but you’ll be surprised how well it works. I might have just earned my money, this week. Well, for Aquarius.


Illusion and deception are both part of this, and the inherent problem is that there is an issue with telling the two apart. What is merely an illusion and what is deception, an illusion propagated to foster misdirection and misinformation? In Shakespeare’s Tempest, one character is a master at bending the forces of Nature to suit his wiles and do his bidding. That line, last time I saw it, it had a happy ending, so, in that example, it was used correctly. The tricky part about the Pisces illusion and deception is the way this creeps up and inserts in your life. While I do adore me some Pisces, there is an ability to bend reality that might be slipping, or you’re not sure, or, it doesn’t seem to be working the way you think it should! That’s why I was leading with illusion and deception, and sometimes, are we just deceiving ourselves? Kind of a pointed question, but that should help your Psices self see more clearly in the next few days.

Or not. Me? I live in a make-believe world, and that works for me.


“Can you hear the right!” Resounding cheer, right channel. “Can you HEAR the Left!” Equally loud cheer, left channel. The challenge, and this was a personal example, for me, the speakers are behind me so right was left, and left was right. The sound was backwards from its intended performance. In part this is because I have the speakers set up behind me, and in part, because I never thought about, and in part, it never mattered — well — never mattered before. What I did? I swapped the left speaker wire and right speaker wire around.

Super simple.

Most of this is Bluetooth via a phone or tablet, and never mind the details, left was left and right was right. It was a really simple swap, just changed the speaker wires, and these speakers are really nothing more than glorified monitors I use for background noise. Still, until that “call and response” in a live show I was listening to, until then, it never bothered me. What was fun, for me, was the easy way to fix it. Just swap left and right wires. Good to go. Red plugged into white, and white plugged into red. Instead of making this complicated, like, moving the speakers themselves, or rewiring the whole office, or anything exotic? Just swap the wires. Problem solved. Something’s backwards, and for Aries, there is a simple fix.


Seriously, the automated shopping suggestions annoy the bejeebers out of me. “You bought this (title), so you might like (title, title, title).” What has always worked best — for me — is a personal recommendation from a friend. I have no recommendations — not for Taurus — but I do have an idea or two. Those online recommendations are based on frequency, and items that are tagged to be similar. However, the planets and tastes, especially with Venus in her current condition, would suggest that the automated answers are going to annoy your Taurus self. The computers would suggest that they’re just trying to help, but it’s all driven by frequency, averages, and machine-driven guesses. Like the “Here are some suggestions for you” screens in life? Someone, more like something automated, is trying to get to you. As a guideline, realize, in their hearts, their little software driven hearts, their decision processes are driven by observed Taurus behaviors — hint: it’s not personal.

“We’re not trying to annoy you. But have you seen this?”


The perfect way to express this week’s energy as Mercury moves opposite from Gemini, while Venus slips backwards into Libra, what with Mars still cooking Aquarius? I got a particularly nasty e-mail from a former lover. She was pretty much not happy with me, how things ended, and the sorry state of how I conducted my life, before, during, and after her. Somehow, pause and reflect for a nano-second, pause and think that one through, maybe it wasn’t me, but I was a convenient Gemini scapegoat.

All I’ll do is shrug, “It happens.”

A few days later, I got another mail, I never replied to the first, and the second was a some kind an apology, with a notation about a bottle of wine, or something. Accusing then groveling, neither one looks good on Gemini. I can save you the pain.

That Mercury sets up for a chance to take a shot at someone.


Or, better yet, don’t do it right now. I know, I know, Gemini, now is not soon enough, should’ve been yesterday, and the idea is that maybe that email, text, phone call isn’t a good idea right now. Didn’t say it wasn’t a good idea, but right now? Maybe not so much. I was amused, by my missive, but then, I’m used to being blamed for events that are clearly beyond my control.


It’s job we’ve all held, at one time or another. The task, the job, its description, the low wages, not like we all haven’t done this at one time or another. It is a question about what we’re willing to do to put food on the table, roof over our head, and keep moving forward. One Cancer buddy was recently working in a call center. Rather ugly work, if you ask me, but he was a cut above the rest, as this was inbound sales calls, just handle the sales. He was hourly against some kind of performance-based bonus, but it was disagreeable work for him. As an artist, though, he needed to support himself. He did so by working at the call center. As a low-brow mystic, I suggested a form of “psychic protection” and once my buddy was on board with that, an amulet, a stone, and a t-shirt, he was better able to leave the day job as just a “day job.” Made more money, and he had more time for his artwork, which, eventually, will pay off. Realize that this week is about the “day job,” however that shows up for your Cancer, Moon Child self. Effort expended to make that a better situation pays off well in other areas. Sometimes, the connection is tangible, other time, this week? Maybe not so much, at least, not at first.

The Leo

There’s a fairly intense, kind of personal “restart” in the next few days. This isn’t for everyone, just for The Leo. Frequently, this doesn’t show up as any kind of an outward manifestation or symbol, just something internal, like a switch was flipped. The backward and slow, grinding motion of Venus seems to drag something out, and seems to add seconds, minutes, hours, then days, and what might seem like a week — or more — to The Leo’s timeline. Think about that “Restart,” like there was some extra cosmic time stuffed into this week so there’s a chance to go back and get a better grip — a better Leo grasp — on rewinding and then getting going again. This can show up as fairly intense energy, and good thing you’re The Leo because lesser signs wouldn’t be able to handle this. Restart.


A buddy of mine picked up a musical instrument after the Uranus oppose Uranus transition point (age 40/42, plus or minus). He was looking for a way to express his creative drive, and — I think — he was hoping for the accolades reserved for guitar greats. Instead, he’s not much of a musician, but he is an excellent student, and, as such, this is has broadened his horizons in a number of good ways. Over the ensuing years, he’s gotten better at his guitar playing, but more important, his brain functions at a higher level because he’s thinking in areas, and along lines, where his neural pathways didn’t fire before. Seeing him perform, not long ago, he’s actually getting pretty good, but more important, he takes it serious without any illusion that this is a viable career option. So he gets better, and he’s not afraid to make mistakes and experiment with the music, and he practices. Apparently, a lot. He’s got he guitar calluses, now. From mid-life crisis to a Virgo hobby that helps, and then, while he — currently — doesn’t think he’ll ever play professionally, he has unleashed a new way of seeing, feeling, and being. Besides, it is a fallacy to think that we can’t reinvent ourselves at some point, later in life. He’s doing that, even now. So, what would be the way you’d like to re-invent your Virgo self, this next week?


A good client called me, in panic about an issue. A Venus-inspired issue, I might add, but never mind that, now. At the time, I was at a super-big-box store, the kind of chain that has stores with footprints that stretch a quarter mile on each side. Looking down at the phone, I clicked on the pedometer, to see how far I would walk. I chatted with my client, less about astrology, and more about an issue, and after doing this for so long, I could recite certain specific details that helped remedy the situation, or allay the problem, for the time being.

I was idly doing a lap through that store, a phone in my hand, and wired earbuds dangling from my ears. I walked around for close to an hour, in air-conditioned comfort, while animatedly discussing the issues, and offering a few paltry solutions, as is my wont. In that hour, according to the phone, and the call timer, I covered about three miles. It was still hot as blazes a month ago, so the air conditioned respite was worth it, for me. Eventually, after I was done with the client call, I grabbed a cart, loaded a 50-pound bag of deer corn — on sale — and headed to check out. Three miles, close to an hour, and the issue wasn’t resolved. However, both of us felt better. I wasn’t walking in the heat, I got the deer corn, and the caller had a better grasp on the issue. Outside opinions help. Ask for a second opinion — don’t just go alone with your own, Libra “gut feeling.” Might not be seeing this in the correct light.

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