Horoscopes for 11.8.2018

    When we shall hear
    The rain and wind beat dark December, how,
    In this our pinching cave, shall we discourse
    The freezing hours away?

Arviragus in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline 3.3.36-9

    Happy Birthday!

Jupiter enters Sagittarius. What that might mean?

Horoscopes for 11.8.2018




Parties, holiday, extra-special Scorpio birthdays, all of that? We all need a moment to pause. Old trick, leftover from road warrior days, too much time spent coming and going rather than sitting. Old trick? Empty out the briefcase. The backpack, shoulder bag, or purse. Man-bag. Whatever. I am forever scarred by the fetching woman who referred to my messenger-style bag as a “purse.” Hey, if it fits? Have to wear the title. Whatever that Scorpio Every Day Carry bag looks like? Empty it out. Stale breath mints. Might want to toss them. A fruit bar, again, crunched, and might not be food I would want to keep. See loose change I was meaning to collect up. Wait, parties, holiday excitement, all of that? The trick with pausing long enough to empty out that every day carry and reload it? Helps to get reloaded as the incipient holiday madness starts. Besides, “Look I just dumped this out, I can’t — right at this very second — acquiesce to your request.”


There is a coherent and consistent thread here. The idea is that this not a thread, a new chain of thought, not a new idea but a continuation of a theme. The thread, it looks like it might be a little loose, but still, follow that single strand, and see where it leads? Two pieces of Sagittarius advice:

One: don’t yank on the thread and watch this all come unraveled even as Jupiter arrives in our sign. Pulling on the thread like that creates this comic, but ultimately sad situation wherein the entire sweater comes unravelled, and we’re standing there, naked. Or bare-chested, and it is kind of cold, now.

The second, Sagittarius reminder? This is a thread, a coherent, long-term, narrative thread, and we’ve been working this story for while, so we are not starting all over, but picking up where we left off, and pushing forward. The thread has roots that extend far back into our collective psyche — not new stuff. Recognize and acknowledge that this is a continuation of an existing thread rather than starting out all brand new.


Pull your hair back. Not everyone has long locks like I do. Did. Still have remnants of a ponytail, but that’s not the question, the simplest way to face forward with what’s going on? As Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for Capricorn? Pull your hair back. I use a variety of techniques, usually just a rubber-band-like hair-tie. Other times, it’s a cap. Some days, a bandanna, and those squares of cloth have deep roots with me. Still, the simplest and easiest way to get this across, the energy? Imagine a sweeping motion to get the stray hairs from in front of your Capricorn face. Since my hair starts so far back this isn’t much a gesture, not for me, not anymore, and with at least one of my balding Capricorn buddies, he’ll be upset at the idea. It’s a gesture, and it could be highly symbolic. Sweep something out of the way. Tie it back. Put it under cap. Some similar action to get an annoying strand of stray hair out of your face so we could finish what we were working on.


Over the years, I’ve collected a few friends who are listed in the liner notes — another strange term. That term itself, liner notes, alludes to the original writing that appeared on the paper sleeves that wrapped around the old, 12-inch vinyl records. At the time, the enclosed booklet, the material on the outside of back of the record’s jacket, or the paper sleeve, that was always a source of amusing, anecdotal, and possibly useful data. Liner notes have graduated and become the insert in the jewel case or the CD booklet, and now? The digital download version. There are a couple of buddies, some from the old days in Austin, some stretching further back in my pre-history, who are listed with various “thank you” notes, on some albums. In a way, it’s cool. In a way, though, this is quite archaic. There is one punk album I’m still looking for, it was a limited release, and an old buddy is supposedly listed there. However, he shuffled off the mortal coil, and I spend less time prowling used records shops, these days. Still, sort of have an eye out for that one. Always watching. I am less interested in the music and more interested in the possible apocrypha associated with my old buddy. Makes for a more interesting search. How will your Aquarius self be mentioned in the liner notes of life?

“Special thanks to Aquarius, thanks for all the fish?”


Last June, December seemed very far away. Last July, I suggested an “Xmas in July” event for Pisces, if I recall, and I might not. Now I’m merely reminding your Pisces selves that the winter months are rapidly approaching. Where I live, it really doesn’t count so much as winter, at least not too often, not in November. I can — and do — usually get away with shorts during the days. Might be chilly at night, but not too bad. I’ve seen freak snowstorms, less freaky but more damaging hail, heavy (think torrential) rain, and bright says when the high is a very balmy and tropical 80’s. The rain and the wind beat dark nights, and now that the candy holidays are over? It’s about squirreling aside resources. I’d like to think about those extra fat and happy squirrels who live around here. They were busy, last few months, gaining winter weight and getting ready by stashing acorns — everywhere. I don’t know, I understand very little about the way they work, the squirrels. But they are industrious, or so it would seem. Look very busy, and now that winter might be upon us? Time to chill and enjoy the (nuts) and fruits of the labor. You did heed that call back in June, right?


Have to wonder about the state of the world. It was a notice on some lipstick, on sale. “This item cannot be returned.” I was wondering about that, then I figured it out, maybe. I worked with one photographer, and her little secret was to go and shop for clothes, big, high-end retail places, grab a bunch of outfits, put them all on a charge card, dress the models, shoot the pictures, then, return all the fashionable clothing. The biggest challenge, in her photo shots, was making sure the tags were left intact and nothing was spilled, or otherwise fouled the clothing itself. So I guess I can understand, a little, why that lipstick had to be marked like that. Still, I have a common sense of decency, and a vague understanding of the supernatural laws of karma, “What goes around, comes around.” In the example of my photographer buddy, her images would sell those clothes, so she was only borrowing. Buying lipstick, using some of it, then returning because the color wasn’t quite right, or whatever, that’s just taking advantage of some retailer’s over-weening customer service. So the message for Aries is about borrowing and returning. Personally, I try — these days — never borrow something I can’t — or won’t — be able to return.


A person who fails to take action in the face of a moral or ethical question is just as guilty and complicit as the perpetrator. Stand idly by and that is tantamount to guilt, through inaction. I know I’ve got a quote buried in my material about that, but that isn’t what I was going for, there’s a suggestion that there is some outside force working on the Taurus psyche, and letting that work, or refusing to resist it, or either struggling, or not struggling, is the problem. It falls out differently from individual to individual, but there is a sense that there is an injustice being perpetrated, and it is up to Taurus, and Taurus-compliant planets to call attention, stand up for what’s right, or, at the very least make an effort to stem the flood of bad information. The greater challenge, and this week’s reminder has to do with this might not be the most comfortable route, not the first time. However, short-term discomfort can be — eventually — traded for long-term solutions and gains. Makes sense, now?


If nothing, I am Gemini-compliant. Always been a fan of that Gemini energy. Better looking, smarter, yes, you know my drill, by now. However, one the bigger Gemini issues is focus. That’s even worse, now, with the planets in an evil disarray, and what’s worse? Worser? There are numerous intellectual distractions for Gemini. Makes it fun, for me, as I like to exercise my brain. However, that is also a problem, if one, if a Gemini, spends too much time looking at books and not enough time taking action. Next few days? Jump. Take a step. Make a call, put down the the latest and greatest and tackle some kind of action. Active verb form. Do. No thinking, just doing. Activity. Action.

Gemini: Just do something. Probably be wrong, and probably won’t work — this time — but it will work out, and you will feel better.

Gemini: Just do something.


While it is a long-established fact that my tastes run to hot, spicy, and classically TexMex, there can be other flavors to assuage my palate. What made me think about that as I was mixing up a salad dressing-like thing. First step? Chop up some standard issue grocery store “Dill Pickles slices for hamburgers.” Pretty sure that was exactly how they were labeled, too. The first step, to what I was making for lunch, chop the pickle slices. The way I see it, “pickle relish” is too finely grated, and a whole pickle slice is too big. To arrive at the perfect middle ground, I have to chop up a few pickle slices. May be half that jar. Mixed with cheap, off-brand, store-bought Ranch Dressing? It worked perfect. Needed a little zest, but not too much. So that noise, for the CancerMoon Children for the week? The noise is the squishy sound of dill pickle slices being quartered on a cutting board. This represents the idea, the concept that what we all need is a little bit of a secret ingredient. I’d blame Venus in her position, but that’s me. Adding just a slightly weird ingredient, into that odd, just a little strange, and then, making it work better by adding a final cut, like my quartering action? That serves this week’s stars so much better. At least, this helps for Cancer, the illustrious Moon children. Not sure any other sign would understand the subtle yet important flavor

The Leo

It’s all about slaying demons. To some this can be a role playing game. To others, a Ren-Fair, and to some of us, it can be spooks and goblins who were originally the source of Halloween’s various myths. Ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and other creatures that might inhabit some worlds where The Leo walks. Now is the time to put them monsters to rest. Unsheath your might sword, and sally forth unto battle with thy demons? Sure, or, like I do, write about them, turn those demons into stories. Put these demons to work for you. Make them pay, over and over. Played correctly, previous problems are less problematic — now. Depends on your very Leo-like ability to slay your demons, too. Personally, and I am haunted by scars on my soul, so my personal experience? I made friends with my little demonic possessions, the spirits that try to haunt me. What’s really fun? Sneak up behind one those frightening specters and yell, “Boo!” Scare a ghost right out of its sheet. As I started with, it is a good week to slay some personal demons, or, at the very least, find a way to put them to rest for a spell.


To a typical Virgo, I come across as rash, bumbling, loud, obnoxious, and worst of all? Imprecise. I am, I’ll own all of those — and many more that indicate I lack the necessary precision to be a Virgo. Yet that Virgo precision is the the theme for this next few days. The world doesn’t run along the lines for the most perfect Virgo order, but still, there is an attraction and affinity that Virgo has for trying to summon up order, and straighten up the chaotic mess. Which where I have a suggestion for the next few days, don’t.

Don’t clean up after someone else.
Don’t be a Virgo and straighten up someone else’s mess.

Tempting as it may be, let those other people clean up their own messes, unless, just a the usual warning, unless this is a paid gig for your Virgo self. Step away from straightening up other peoples’ messes especially if those other folks aren’t interested in your more than capable Virgo assistance. You can help me, but then, I asked. If they don’t ask, then don’t help.


There’s an assumption that the “millennial” generation is a driving, economic force. People born before, and now after, have trouble understanding The Millennials because of the response. What normally triggers a non-Millennial to purchase, click, take an action, that same stimulus fails to work on the acerbic, sarcastic, possibly bitter, but brighter than the rest, Millennial.

“I just don’t get them,” one buddy lamented.

That generation, it’s easy for me, it is a hyper-wired, data-driven, decision-making group that values experience over tangible goods. Think: the opposite of hoarders. As such, there is a very Libra-like sentiment currently present, between the New Moon in Scorpio and the fall out from the retrograde Venus, now in Libra. The opposite of hoarding. The opposite of stockpiling anything but an experience. We can go on a trip and then shop, or we can go on a trip and extend our stay. Which works best? Stay longer and come home with fewer trinkets, but maybe more memories. Again, what works best? Extend the metaphor from Millennial to Libra, now.

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