Horoscopes for 2.21.2019

    The bay-trees in our country are all wither’d,
    And meteors fright the fixed stars of heaven,
    The pale-fac’d moon looks bloody on the earth,
    And lean-look’d prophets whisper fearful change,
    Rich men look sad, and ruffians dance and leap,
    The one in fear to lose what they enjoy,
    The other to enjoy by rage and war.

Welsh Captain in
Shakespeare’s Richard II II.iv.8-14

Happy Birthday!

Kramer in Austin

Kramer in Austin

Horoscopes for 2.21.2019



The Fishes

Happy birthday, baby. The recent spate of Pisces confusion should be lifting. That fog? The fuzzy understanding and indistinct voices? Sounds and images that aren’t quite visible? All of that should be coming back into focus, soon. That sense that there is something kind of amiss, but not really, but sort of out of step? Yeah, we find our Pisces equilibrium again. It’s not a bad time, and the fuzzy effect? Wah-wah pedal on guitar, the reverb-fuzz-feedback? Yes, it’s ok, it’s not you, it’s us, really, but it feels like it’s you and the fog? It’s starting to lift. You can, hear clearly now. More clearly than before, I hope. And happy birthday, did I mention that?


Simple expression, might help now that Mars is in Taurus? “Things change.” It’s really simple. Mars, and the lesser extent, Mercury, but mostly the placement of Mars against the Aries backdrop? “Things change.” There’s one Aries, all kinds of upset, “I just got it where I like it all! It can’t change!” Oh, but it can. What was the catchphrase, especially this next few days, as Mars gets comfortable in Taurus?

“Things change.” We can argue, fight, or dispute the facts, but the facts, are, that things are changing. Values, importance, emphasis, all of that shifts around. Things are changing. Married to one ideal? Might want to back up and take a second look at it. So sure this is the only way to answer this question? hey, “Things change.”


Read the instructions. “Oh, you mean, ‘read the DESTRUCTIONS,’ ha-ha.” No, I mean read the instructions, the manual, the piece of paper that came with the thing, and read the steps all the way through. Failure to do so? I have a simple code to unlock the phone, but if the code is entered incorrectly, like, ten times? Phone erases itself. Wasn’t thinking, the other morning, and thumbed the code into the phone, and it didn’t work, and tried again, and it didn’t work, and by the third or fourth try I was getting anxious. Know that anxious feeling, Taurus? Feeling it lately? It’s mostly Mars that does that, but I can save the trouble, and I can skip to the part that helps with the anxious feeling, RTFM.

Read The Manual — the F is silent. It’s French.

Read the instructions and then, since Mars is just adding friction, heat and impatience? Read the instructions all the way through, a second time, before you attempt to do whatever it is that you’re attempting. That second time, it helps. Slows you down, and there’s a small step, if you miss it? Yeah, doesn’t go well. Have to enter all the numbers on the code, in order. Slowly. Just like the stupid instructions for the stupid phone said. Had to read that twice before I figured it out.


One museum I’ve been to a number times is in Santa Fe, NM. It’s the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, a personal favorite. The artist’s canon spreads across volumes but is somewhat limited. Enough for a dedicated museum? I tend to think so. The collections seem to be ever fluctuating, but I don’t get out that way much anymore. Still, there is something about looking at the actual painting itself, not a reproduction, something about seeing the art in person, hung not he wall, in the museum, makes a difference. Tangible, palpable difference. Feelings, some element touches the soul, and I’m not sure exactly what it is. But the thing of it is, with that museum as an example? Have to see it in person. Have to stand in front of the thing, the Gemini experience isn’t complete, otherwise. Not a “virtual” experience, as much as those are nice, no, can’t really do this, that way. Has to be real. The museum itself came up in a recent correspondence as “One thing you must do in Santa Fe (NM)” — and that’s my suggestion. Too many to list, but that was a start. As I was thinking about, though, I realized that it’s one of those Gemini things, this week, have to see, touch it, feel it, tangible, palpable, right there in your Gemini face for the experience to count. Real. Not a reasonable facsimile thereof.


There is certain combination of elements that’s just deadly for me. In my case, it’s Scorpio/Leo. Both are fixed signs. Fixed fire (Leo is the best fixed fire sign of all), and fixed water — Scorpio. Some combination of Scorpio/Leo, not just sun signs but the rest of the planets, and there’s a tingle in my soul. A tickle in my throat. I can get dumb, speechless, I know, hard to imagine me speechless.

It happens.

As I looked at the chart for the next few days, compared with where the typical Moon Children planets might be? I kept thinking about those, there are two who come to mind, how I can be rendered speechless, in short order, just being around that Leo/Scorpio combination. On the first glance, it makes no sense. There’s a — deadly for me — combination of fixity, fire and water, makes a steamy combination. I know I am not man enough to handle that. It’s also kind of conflicted, and that might be the internal appeal, understand the twisted side, might be part of my stupidity. Still, I’m smart enough — now — to stay away.

“Respect,” and I bow.

That kind of deadly appeal? Comes up for the Moon Children this next few days. Strong and appealing. Is it good to act on that attraction? Maybe not. The speechless part, leave it at that.

The Leo

The innocence of youth is what kept coming to my mind, as I was poking through the Leo’s chart. Next few days, some way, some how, need to recapture that “innocence of youth.” Helps, for me, I’m an Uncle Kramer to a couple of fishing buddies, their kids. I get the joy of child interaction with none of the downside. I’m an impromptu babysitter, of sorts, as I have a more free schedule, and face it, I am kind of a last gasp, Hail Mary resource. Not first. Not second, way on down that call list. But it works for me.

Ever been to one of those child-entertainment pizza and games places with a 5-year old? Great bait. Excellent bait. The bonus is it gets me back in touch with that child-like innocence of youth. If your Leo self has access to kids or grandkids, or even rent-a-kid, like I do? This is a good time to get back in touch with that child-like sense of wonder and amazement. Here’s the trick, borrow a kid. Or just eat at a place where there are a lot of moms with kids. There is that child-like sense of wonder that helps make sense of this crazy Leo week. Child-like sense of wonder, and child-like innocence. This week requires, yes, I know you’re The Leo, but this week? Try that face of the innocence of youth.


“Listening” is a skill-set.

“Listening” is an acquired ability.

“Listening” is what plays such an important part of success for Virgo in the immediate future. There are a variety of “Listening” exercises, and there as many modes of listening. When I drive to Austin, for example, a frequent commute, I “listen” to Shakespeare’s plays, read aloud. Or I “listen” to academic lectures about those plays. Some good stuff. Some useful material. Sometimes, I’m “listening” when — in fact — my mind is clearly occupied with other tasks. Not to mention, either, the density of traffic around Austin itself. Perhaps those are an example of listening while not paying too close of attention. Not what we’re looking for here.


At the extreme other end is a certain person, and when I do a reading for her, she has two different colored pencils stuck in her hair, plus two — at least — different shades that she uses. Each sentence or notation seems to have its own color ink, or shade of pencil lead. Highly entertaining for me, and highly interactive listening, for Virgo. Which is what this is about. The way I’ll listen to a play, while driving? I drift in and out of the play’s activity, sometimes reciting the lines, and sometimes thinking about the stupid driver in front of me, or the guy behind me who is tailing me rather closely, and then, that was that other issue. At the total other end of this “listening” spectrum, there’s that one Virgo client with the four or five different shades of colors of pencils, with each shade representing a certain message. Really paying attention. Virgo: “listen.” It’s the skill, skills, required to surmount and emerge victorious.


Your boss ever tell lie? I don’t mean, a “This is business, and we’re fudging the facts to make it look a little better,” no, I mean a bold-faced lie? Patently false. Not just bad information, but wrong information? Disinformation with the intent to harm? Especially have this come from a Libra boss? There’s a level of deception, and some is forgivable. Some is to protect you, some is to insulate you, and some if just plain mean. Looks like this is a week when it’s easy to see at least boss, employer, person who holds a supervisory role over your Libra self, easy to see someone being deliberately mean with a falsehood. “Do you know what they said about you?” See how this goes? The little secret, if you’ll work with me, just for now, work with what we got? Wait. Wait for it. Wait until that falsehood has been launched, then don’t retaliate. Wait. Wait for this to come around In about a ten days, you will be vindicated. Two points, one, don’t jump to point out the inconsistency — that’s not your Libra job. And two? Wait for it. That simple, maybe not this week, but next week.



Woman working next to me looked over with her mouth agape. I was just wrapping a conversation with a buddy who is ex-military, 20 some odd years, I think, and retired. More or less. Our topic really ranged towards military stratagems used in certain campaigns, but it spooked the spook next to me. Realizing her discomfort at the topics, I assured her, “I speak redneck.” She nodded, “I didn’t understand anything you just said,” she iterated, punctuating her point. It wasn’t really “redneck,” but more along the lines of former warriors discussing previous campaigns and that one guy? He’s become a student of the classics, going back to the old Roman writers, like Tacticus and, of course, Marcus Aurelius. Bit late, doing it backwards, if you ask me, but then, that’s how we learn. He was more interested in the military topics as a point of academic inquiry rather than a way to surmount and subdue a foe. But “boys will be boys,” and I hoped that my commentary didn’t rattle the poor woman shadowing our conversation. For Scorpio, next few days? Helps if you have an easy comment to ally any fears coming from those around you. My comment was simple enough, and, in a sense, true, as I do speak redneck, but this wasn’t really the topic. However, think about it, in that setting? It sure helped.


Never be afraid to back up and take a “basics” class. Seminar, class, course work of some kind? There’s a silly notion that somehow, we already know it all. And that “we already know it all” attitude? That can get our Sagittarius selves in trouble, especially next few days. Yes, as matter fact, we do know it all. But we seem to have misplaced some of the basics. Not the far-flung, esoteric theories, and whatever is the latest data, no, we’re good with that kind of trivia. No, the problem is the basics, and I’ve admonished this before, but as a Sagittarius, sometimes we think we know it all — we do — but we can easily lose track of some of the basic underpinnings for what it is that we do. Another way to see this week’s “stuff?” It’s Sagittarius, “Back to basics” time! Simply put, we’re never too old, too ingrained, or too committed to one idea that we can’t go back and review some of the initial statements, the opening pieces, the beginner’s version. Nope, and failure to do so? We might get caught short. Never be afraid to go back and cover material we’re sure we know.


There will always be those people who seem to intimidate us. I watched, one of the most self-assured, confidant, public figures I know, I watched as he choked around a certain person. Happens to be a buddy of mine and the person who causes him to choke is a female, not really striking at first glance, but then, this isn’t about surface appearances. Know the two charts, so I know what the deal is. That kind of aspect, as I watched them do the little dance — again — this last weekend?

Same thing, same, similar energy in Capricorn. The self-assured, confidant, forward-thinking, mature, reasonable, self-actualized Capricorn soul? Yes, you choke, Or hit a situation that would make you choke, Or feel like you choke. Get that stammering, “Uh, uh, mmm, yea-yeah…” I watched, bemused, because, face it, it’s not me, as the dance unfolded. Stumble, be more like it. From grace to socially awkward in no time. This is occurring, a trick of the planets and energies, but as it happens? Being aware that this is up and coming? Next few days? Best choice of action? For Capricorn? Instead of opening your mouth and proving that you’re a fool? Shut up. Let the other folks guess at it. We look much wiser, this way. Or me, I look like a wise-something. Silence. If you find yourself at a loss for words? Shut up.


One of the great secrets is the “Scientific Method.” It’s really quite simple, measure, then adjust one setting, then measure and assess. Mark the changes. What’s different? What’s changed? Make one change, then test again. The secret is the “one change” then test. There is always a temptation, especially for me, to change about three things, all at the same time, and then try to figure out, going backwards, reversing the changes, to see which one broke it. Change five settings, then, when it doesn’t work anymore reset one setting, then the next, finally, a third... see how my methods isn’t the most expedient route? Change a single thing then test and evaluate results... The Aquarius temptation is to make wholesale changes then wonder what went wrong, backtracking over previously covered material and undoing all that progress, one step at a time.

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