Horoscopes for 2.28.2019

Alas, alas!
It is not honesty in me to speak
What I have seen and known.

    Iago in Othello (IV.i.225-7)

Horoscopes for 2.28.2019

Happy Birthday!



The Fishes

One of my fishing buddies isn’t much of a fisherman. He plays a lot of golf, I think. We all have our preferences. Last year, when we fished down at the coast? He was lucky. I picked the right time, right place, and the stars were on our side. Probably pictures on the website. Tides, weather patterns, phase of the moon, all added up to luck. He caught one of the biggest fish he ever caught and he was busy, the whole time, catching. Luck. We went again, a few months later, and I was catching fish because, I’m good. I would gently land a piece of bait in the exact right spot, with a gentle splash. My buddy was busy flailing the water’s surface, whipping and churning the surface, and most of the fish were probably under the water wondering why he was beating on the roof so. End of the day? I had some fresh dinner for us; nothing beats fresh-caught fish in a frying pan, and he had nothing. He was betting on his previous luck, not skill, and I used my skill. As a Pisces? Never trade luck for skill. Proof was in the pan.


There is so much to do, and seems like there is so little time. if I had the luxury of more time, I could write a shorter horoscope, whittle away at the unnecessary parts and pieces, and get it down to bare bones advice. Just the meat, no filler. Probably not going to happens because, like Aries, there seems like there is too much to do and not enough time. Presents us with an Aries-styled issue — time.

There’s a tendency, with my fine Aries friends, to get a long list of items that must be accomplished by the end of today. Yes, I get that. However, at the end of the day, with a number of items not ticked off the check-list? The first impulse is to berate one’s Aries self. Sorry, no time for recriminations and blame-storming. The second notion is to roll what’s left undone to the top of tomorrow’s list. Which then, it builds up, then it gets to where even less gets done on the following day because you have so much to do that didn’t get done yesterday. This can accumulate and then there’s an avalanche-like effect where your Aries self feels overwhelmed, and even frozen in the face of too much to do and not enough time. Or, you can follow me. What doesn’t get done one day? Goes on the bottom of the list for the next day, not rolling over to the top. Helps set priorities, and what needs to get done, that gets accomplished. The rest? Maybe it wasn’t important, but no way to know until net month.


My own assessment of the Taurus temperament was based upon a number of interactions, mostly an early version of myself filtering and observing. There was a slower, methodological approach I found in Taurus that wasn’t present in other signs. Attributed to the fixed earth qualities assigned to Taurus, my deductive reasoning made sense, and essentially? Still holds up to this day. Slow, measured, pedantic to some, leisurely to others, the typical Taurus pace is marked by a tendency to err on the side of caution. Observations, tens of thousands of birth charts, watching, listening, and most of all, filtering. The Taurus pace is usually sedate. Not sedated, but that does come up — usually. With what’s going on upstairs? There’s a certain frantic sense to the otherwise measured and seductive Taurus temperament. A function of planets and orbs, signs and houses, the problem — problems to some Taurus — seem to drive for hasty decisions. Possibly wrong decisions. Mostly, a decision where, a few moments, or hours, possibly a few days later, someone will look at your Taurus self, and ask, “You didn’t think that one through, did you?” Not a typical Taurus interaction, to be sure, and not one that serves well. The usual patience is in short supply, and yet, now, more than ever, patience is required.

Good luck with that.


Funny, to me, one of my friends is an old, Southern Belle. Drawls. The long vowels and words that seem to have whole syllables inserted. In part, she’s originally from the Deep South. In part, I suppose, it works for her. Funny, to me, I can listen to her talk for hours. Also funny, I live in South Texas, and her accent, although distinctly similar to some, it’s not quite the same. Watching how males interact with her is great. In other parts of the country, NY, I’m thinking of you, that distinctly “southern” twang is considered a sign of a lack of intelligence. Hardly the case, but a familiar prejudice I’ve encountered. Flip that around, Gemini-style, and watch. Around here, around her, surly and uncooperative males tend to soften, and then the longer the southern lilt goes on, “Ahm gettin’ the vapors here,” the quicker that charm reduces burly, macho men to sniveling little lap-dogs. It’s a function of the audio delivery. Considering where Mercury is? Considering what is up ahead? Work a trick that gets you what you want, how you want it. With my friends, it’s even funnier, she does this all naturally. She’s an organic, Southern Belle.

“Ah, hail, if you’re not going to do it, Awl jest do it ma-self.”

“No, here, little lady, let me get that for you!”


It’s about learning a new technique. Teaching an old dog a new trick. Or honing an already proven technique, and making it better? Sure, that works as well. When I lived on the lake in Austin, I would fish, or practice fishing, almost every day. Got good at it. Practice, practice, practice. Little harder now, but once it started to warm up just a bit, I read about new way of hitting an old target, with bait. I unlimbered a fishing pole and reel, from the wall in the garage, and I stood in my backyard, little lead weight tied to the end of the line, and I tried this way of just swinging it out, and then letting the bait drop, right at a certain point. Simple technique, one I was exposed to years ago, but then, different set of gear, we were swinging the bait in under branches. Similar, so this isn’t a totally new way to work, but I’m getting ready for the fishing in a another month. This is a way of just dropping the bait, looks like it just falls in the water. Drop it right in front of some hungry bass? Sure, great fun. I felt a little silly, but the sun was out, and I was in the backyard, swinging a half-ounce lead weight on the end of the pole, trying to hit certain spot. Over and over. I finally, after about an hour, got to where I could hit the spot, exactly. Not really a new technique, but honing a skill. Went back and tried, three days later. I was missing, at first, then I got to where I could hit it. Three days after that? Same effort, only, I was getting better. This is a week to learn a technique, or hone a Cancer skill set that you already have. Practice helps. Lots of practice.

The Leo

One Leo buddy, he’s been “down” lately. Nothing is good enough, no one loves him, and there’s no hope. It’s a temporary situation, has to do with him pining away for a person who is — how about we say, “Not really available” at this time? Sure, that works as well as anything. Deal is, things really aren’t so bad in The Leo Land, it’s just many of you aren’t getting what you think you want the most.

Might not be good for you, that (person, place, or thing) you feel like it’s exactly what you want. Loveless and lovelorn, drifting aimlessly, just going through the motions, then, “Hey, what do the stars say, Fishing Guide to the Stars, is she — at least — thinking about me?” Honest answer? Or convenient answer? Or, just words your Leo self would like to hear? What’s most important? I’ll pop up an astrology chart. “Of course she’s thinking about you, you’re The Leo, you’re the best.”

Is that how this plays? I was hoping we could plan a fishing trip, but he’s next to useless, and his “intended,” yeah, we can all see that’s not happening any time too soon. If you’ve been down, especially last week or so? Is this because of an unreasonable expectation? Normally, I wouldn’t associate majestic Leo with unreasonable expectations, but, based on what I’ve observed in the last few weeks? Seriously, move on. We can come back and visit these questions again, in the near future. “She might be thinking about me, then?” Right.


There are an explosive number of social media platforms, and I was, at one time, active on most of them. I have gradually weened myself away from them, although, to this day, I have a certain number of clients who will only contact me through those sites.

Simply put? E-mail is still best.

Message platforms tend to be ephemeral, at best, as do phone numbers, texting, and so forth. Want my attention? E-mail is best. While, in itself, the electronic mail is a highly fungible commodity in its various iterations, I can keep a record of what was said, a thread of a conversation, quickest and easiest, with e-mail. For me, E-mail is best. It’s how I prefer to work. One could say, “It’s how I’m wired.” (Or not.) Still, we all have a preferred medium. The Virgo preferred medium — this is more important next few days — the Virgo perfect preferred medium? I am so not sure, but that doesn’t matter. There is a preference. Whatever your preference, your preferred medium? If your Virgo self doesn’t tell us, we can’t communicate with that medium. You have to tell us what you like best. Me? E-mail is best.



Certain laws of physics just can’t be disputed. Gravity, that tends to be an example that is easy to cite. In some cases, this can be more demonstrative than others, like a sealed canister, perhaps one that was sealed at an elevation, then busting that seal at sea level? There’s a little implosion as the seal is broken, the ingress and equalization of two gaseous bodies. Then, too, there’s the inverse kind of reaction, as I had a canister full of ground coffee, rare and exotic coffee, from overseas, and when I — not so delicately — opened that canister, when I broke the seal, some precious coffee shards scattered everywhere.

Just plain physics.

Not too dramatic, and in my one example, just a tad inconvenient — I forgot about the physical properties of being right at sea level — fishing camp. These are just two reminders for Libra about the laws of physics. Simple stuff, really. A body in motion tends to stay in motion, while a body at rest tends to stay immobilized. None of this is new, but it bears repeating, as a reminder, for Libra. There are some points we can discuss, but basics laws of physics really can’t be disputed. Gravity, 9.8 meters per second (squared). Discuss, argue, cajole, but the basics are always the same.

As a final suggestion, maybe not arguing with the laws of physics, but employing them to help make it easier for Libra? “If you just give it a shove, gravity will take over and pull it on down the rest of the way....”


Know what people don’t like? People (especially non-Scorpio people) really don’t like being reminded that they just violated their own rules. Like, when someone says, “Don’t do this,” and then promptly does what that person just said not to do. When I work with someone in person, and I encounter this type of hypothetical hypocrisy? I remind the person that I am of the “This is what I’m suggesting, don’t ask me if I follow my own advice” school of thought.

At least, I’m honest about whether or not I do as I say to do. In the next few days, be cautious of giving advice that you’re not willing to follow your own, Scorpio self. To flip this around a little, there are certain situations that I suggest people avoid, and I know, from first-hand experience, what those situations are like, so I’m not in a “holier than thou” position. Nope, I been there, done that (several times, not a quick study like Scorpio), and suffered accordingly. Over and over. So, in the next week, when someone comes along and your Scorpio self observes the person violating their own directives? Be cautious about reminding them that they are breaking their own rules. “Yeah, you mean, ‘Do as I say,’ not as I do?” Just as a warning to Scorpio? Folks seldom take such criticism well.


In my many years as a reader of the stars, one of the less glamorous tasks is the “permission reading.” The first serious one was a wedding date, I was asked to pick, but in discussion, I found out, I wasn’t picking a date, but blessing a date that the couple had already decided upon. In other words, at the very best, I could suggest that the event occur near sunset, putting a number of elements in the 7th House (weddings), and that was as close as I could get. They did it in the morning.

Two years later? Suffice it to say, it was merely a starter wedding, not the real deal.

Permission readings are usually along the lines of a client, with a certain destination in mind, asking permission to move forward with that course of action, hoping, willing it, to be “written in the stars.” Self will, free will, and will power? All different versions of saying choices. I merely suggest good times, better times, or times not, to take action. Sagittarius wants permission to do something outlandish, and perhaps, not in our best over-all interests. Fun? Sure. Necessary? Maybe not. Good idea? At the time, yes. In hindsight? In retrospect, after the deed is done? Was this a good time to do this? Yeah, probably not. Just because it falls under the heading of, “It was fun at the time,” that doesn’t mean it is in our best, long-term interests and well-being. You can ask for permission from me, but I might not be the best source.


“But you always did (x-y-z)!” Kind of upsetting to some. Kind of an apparent departure from the old, established ways. Old habits die hard? No, the old habits are still firmly rooted in place. It isn’t the old habits that we are giving up, it is the way we moved through those old habits. For more than two decades, I made morning coffee one way. That’s more than 20 years, same process. I still admire that way of making coffee, but the French Press — tasty as it might be — is no longer the most efficient way for me to extract a morning cup of coffee.

I could, at any time, decide that it is the best way and go back to making coffee like that, there’s no way to tell. Then, too, there’s the anathema to most coffee purists, of which, apparently, I’m not, instant coffee. I tend to have some on hand in case of emergency, like one buddy’s girlfriend is pregnant, and we all might have to rush to the hospital, and I — service to my fellow mankind — would want to suck down a cup of something before greeting his new kid.

Or zombie apocalypse.

Have to be prepared for that, too. So just because I did make coffee one way, that doesn’t stop me from having morning coffee, I just don’t do it the same way. The coffee? Appears constant. Method of extraction, or even the occasional instant? Sure. “But you used a French Press for years!” Things change. Adapt. Adapting helps us move our Capricorn selves forward.

“But first? Coffee!”


There’s a fecundity about the times, but no one can seem to place the source. I know what it is, Saturn. Saturn is miles away from serious Aquarius activity, but Saturn does impart — to the sign just one away — a kind of expectancy, and a joy that we can all see coming. There’s huge “growth potential,” clearly visible in the immediate future — this is all plain to see, for Aquarius.

Not everyone gets it.

At some point, one must step into one’s “power” as an Aquarius, and one must admit that one has the ability to see potential and good, potentially good, where others don’t see that. Too saturnine of a soul might fail to acknowledge that this is visible, on the immediate Aquarius event horizon. But it is clear to most. Lovely time, sow them Saturnine Aquarian seeds.

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