Horoscopes for 6.6.2019

Our stars must glister with new fire, or be
Today extinct. Our argument is love,
Which if the goddess of it grant, she gives
Victory too.

Palamon in Shakespeare’s
Two Noble Kinsmen 5.1.69-72

Horoscopes for 6.6.2019


Not content but how it is delivered, that’s the key. This stems from a certain comedian delivering nightly news, and how he would read the information, the way emphasis was placed? Made a huge difference. I was reading an email aloud, and the way it started, I did a faux, fey voice, affected, “Kramer, that’s silly and stupid....” Then, thinking about it, I listened to the same message over, as a gruff, stern male. One, the first, is humorous and the letter of intent is clearly heard. However, hearing the same message with a totally different inflection plainly indicates a different, more combative and pejorative stance. All from a single line of text, and all how it’s heard. Delivered. All in the delivery. So the delivery matters, and the emphasis, the inflection, the tone, all of that colors and shades of understanding. Meaning it’s less about what’s being said, and more about how it is said. Birthday theme for Gemini, less about what’s said, and more about how it is said.


Digging around in Shakespeare stuff, I came across a reference that suggested, who suggested, as it was a person, that Shakespeare only contributed a small part to the play, Two Noble Kinsmen. All conjecture, but the textual analysis — allegedly computer generated — suggested that Shakespeare merely contributed a portion of dialogue of from a bit player. One of the fun — for me — reasons behind my obsession with Shakespeare’s works is because no more will be discovered, and there won’t be a lot to add but shading and nuance, or alternative interpretations. Like, I once saw The Taming of the Shrew performed by an all female cast. Good stuff. But no new plays, really. This week?

Stick with facts. When I want to reference a play, I shoot for play’s name, act, scene, line number, and I sometimes cross-reference that with a paper (book) copy of the play, and maybe a folio reproduction, as well. I have to wonder if some academic tomes, like The Complete Works of Shakespeare are sold by the pound rather than content. Padding in Henry III and the aforementioned Two Noble Kinsmen seems a little suspect. Unless, of course, this is just change for the sake of change. Then carry on. But the example, and the source for this week’s quote, a play that has only recently been attributed to Shakespeare? No making stuff up, tempting as that might appear in a moment of weakness. Conjecture is fine, as long as it is labeled as such.

The Leo

There’s a trap, just up ahead, and my reading of your chart should serve as a warning. I know you’re usually right. To me, it looks like you’ve been given incomplete data, and therefore, unable to properly render an answer to the question. Dealing with incomplete data paints an incomplete image, and an incomplete image leaves too many dangling, unanswered questions, which is the problem.

Look: you’re usually right.

The issue isn’t the logic of the situation or the answer you arrive at, the first time, and face it: I would clearly deduce the exact same answer given the data you’re given. As The Leo, though, some people are giving you inadequate synopsis and mere surveys when you clearly requested more data. The trap I’m trying to prevent you from falling into? That situation. Where you make a grand pronouncement, only to have back up next week, and amend that original conclusion. Nothing hurts worse than either having to go back and say, “I was wrong,” or “I’m sorry, apparently I didn’t mean that after all.”

Incomplete data masquerading as full data sets: watch for it.


There’s a prop I’ve long thought about, and I wonder if now isn’t the time for Virgo to put this idea into action. It’s the “badge on a lanyard” trick. I see this in any number of settings. Usually, though, anymore, anyway, it’s a corporate badge or picture ID with some kind of magnetic strip that serves as a keycard, photo ID, and proof of something. In one of my old working bags, filled with tarot cards, business cards, charts and an old laptop, plus chargers, and so forth? In the little ID slot, there’s an old press pass, long out of date, issued by the Department of Public Safety. So I did have a valid one, at one time. However, for this week’s exercise, the idea is to get a graphic program and working with that, make up an ID, with a title that fits. Various titles I’ve held? Long-lasting, is of course, Fishing Guide to the Stars, but Custom Low Riders was one, as well. Rocket Surgery, and Brain Science, both can be used on an ID card, the trick to make this effective? Photo, badge printed up, then laminated with a clear title at the top. Some days — people need proof. Pull together a real ID, and proper Virgo-like titles? Star Fleet Captain. Mad Scientist. Chief Bottle Washer. Information Architect. The sky’s the limit on titles, but Head of Tin Foil Hats Department, and Extra-Planetary Explorer always resonate. Hang this on lanyard, and when asked, just badge them. Means, just flash the ID. It’s not a fake, it’s just not real. Helps to have props, and that’s what this week’s exercise is about. Second to the clipboard, the badge is one of the best props.


While I’m rather adept at matching patterns, observation of human kind in all its gory glory? While I recognize patterns, more so as it applies to astrology and inherent observations, there are times when the obvious fails. I was sure, first glance, it was so obvious. Scorpio, not Libra. Thin frame, black scrubs top, black jeans, maybe leggings, I wasn’t looking too closely, but the build and angular features of her face? Scorpio with an inherent leer, and sarcastic comment pre-loaded.

My opening gambit? “You born in October, huh.” Good guess, educated, but extrapolated from a variety of textbooks plus years of doing this. I was half right, without tipping my hand, as it was a Libra October birthday, not the Halloween, and therefore scary, Scorpio. What this is about? Matching patterns, for Libra, then making a good guess, extrapolate, educated, intuitive suggestion, and finding out, like me, you are close. Like me, I covered pretty well, although my brain was screaming one word and the birthday was clearly different from my perceived pattern. I was sort of right and played it like I was amazing. Do this long enough, and I get some right, in spite of myself. Therein is the Libra clue, right in spite of ourselves. The part of about thinking on our feet for the reply?

“Yeah, I meant to say that.”


You do realize there’s a special Scorpio super-power you have in the next few days? It’s Scorpio-squared, or in non-math terms? “Scorpio times itself,” which results in more Scorpio powers, ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting world. Total world domination? Sure. Build an empire? Sure. Bestow bright blessings on a favored astrologer author? Now we’re talking! That last one, it was worth a shot. The power of persuasion, pervasive presentation, presenting your ideas and ideals, in the best light possible? Sure. Any and all of that. It’s about embracing that Scorpio strength, then using it. You’re already feeling it, now is the time to use it. Feeling more confident and supported by Scorpio fans and flames? Feeling stronger? Feeling Scorpio strong? Use that perception of strength. Use that feigned sense of importance, that solar-prop that holds you up, search within your Scorpio self and that juice — stars say it’s there. Grab a handful of Scorpio lightening bolts, by Jove, and be willing to fling them at appropriate targets. You have what it takes so use it.


As a Sagittarius myself, I write this as much as a reminder for myself as advice for others. Watch the exuberant attitude. There’s a dangerous kind of arrogance that masquerades as self-esteem, or whatever that stuff is called. The temptation is about resting on one’s previous results, and then, not pushing forward. Times like this?

Push a little harder. Last fishing trip, instead of leaving at 5 A.M., I was up at 4. Results speak for themselves — pictures are on the site someplace. We planned — originally — to be off the water at 2 in the afternoon, in time for a late lunch. Stayed out until 4. See how this works? Show up early. Stay late. As long as we put in extra hours, this combats the arrogance. More. Better, further, faster. Where, when we fall short is trying to get by with as little effort as possible? The greater the exertion, the greater the rewards.


There’s a kind of commentary that works during periods like this. As much as your Capricorn self would like to think otherwise? Maybe you’re not ready for the big-time, yet. There’s one piece still missing. One integral part of what makes this work isn’t here yet. Missing pieces are what make life interesting, and missing parts are what make for great stories. Like, a great love story? What we’re looking for is that lover, the lock our key fits into, or the key that fits into our lock. Yeah, something like that. While we look for the missing piece? That’s what this energy is all about, we’re seeking — along a Capricorn axis — the rest of the parts of the puzzle. The scene is almost complete but it seems a there are a few key elements that seem to be gone. Not on hand. So, as the week unfolds, “What are you doing?” The Capricorn thinks, “I’m missing one crucial part in putting this back together….’


Seen the sign many times, and I’m pretty sure it’s been incorporated into my fine print (terms of service, &c.) — the ubiquitous fineprint. “Please refrain from using a cell phone in the patient care areas.” One would assume that this is merely common sense and modern etiquette. However, both of those seem to have been left behind, the common sense and modern etiquette.

As an Aquarius-compliant individual, you’ll note that I’m asking for not, one, but two behaviors from your Aquarius self this week, and I’d like to point out, these are both increasingly rare in our current times.

Etiquette and sensical decisions.

You would think, given events, folks would start being nicer, and kinder, to each other. “You would think.” Herein is the weirdness to this week, not everyone is thinking as well as the Aquarius contingent. Begat a problem or two, and the quickest, easiest answer? Start being nicer, even though the person next to you, behind, you, in front of you, even though those folks aren’t nice? No reason to stoop to their levels. And don’t use your phone in the patient areas. Thanks.


There will be those people, bet you encounter some this week, who absolutely refuse to accept the hand of cards life has dealt to them. This week is like that, you know? “I refuse to accept what’s been handed to me.” I get bemused. Puzzled, filled with fear, lack of approbation, or just plain angry. Then I move on, as it’s a situation that I didn’t create, and I can’t correct other people’s mistakes. I can — but I’ve discovered it’s better if I let the chips fall where they will, and let other people clean up theirs own messes.

This next few days, looking over the Pisces planets, I realized that all of our Pisces parts suffer with a persistent illusion that we have some sway over the outcome of other people’s messes. This week, next ten days, or maybe longer? That’s an illusion that we can clean up other people’s messes. Oh, it can be done. Yes, we have the Pisces power to physically clean up the detritus — only, look behind you. No sooner do we sweep up their messes then, they come back and mess it up again. The lesson, the planets teach us, we have no control over other people and the other people will make mistakes. As a Pisces (friendly) person myself, I seem to keep learning this same lesson, over and over. Perhaps you can learn from me, no need to clean up what others seem so intent upon messing up?


The kind of pressure this week’s planets bring? Change. To most of us, “Change is good.” We like change, in some capacity — especially if this is change that we feel like we have a positive hand in, like, we feel like we’re directing some of this change.

Problem: part of this week’s energies includes not being totally in control. Not in control of our Aries selves, not in control of our directions, not in control of destinies.

The winds of fate — or whatever one believes in — seem to be billowing, gusting, and otherwise messing with the Aries direction. Or direction that we think we should be going. Keep getting blown off course? Keep getting distracted? Keep having minor problems blow up into larger issues? Keep getting your direction picked by some other element, instead of your own — Aries — choice? This week looks like a triangle, with three points, A, B, C. The quickest route from A to C is a straight line between the two points, the typical — usual — Aries answer. Solution. The way the winds of fate blow, in the next few days? The quickest route from A to C is through B. More than doubles the distance required, but winds up being the most expedient, and that, what’s best for Aries? That’s what I’m all about. Get blown around by the winds of fate, enjoy the ride, might be quickest if you don’t resist.


One of my fishing buddies also hunts. Not unusual, never been my thing, but that’s me. He also spends a certain amount of time at the gun range, an indoor, licensed , safety-first kind of indoor shooting range. Like on TV, only real. Again, not my thing, but a certain number of my friends — this is Texas — believe in such activities. I’ve been a time or two, as an astrological experiment. The one range, it’s kind of cool, the hallway has a series of old pickup truck tailgates. At first, I didn’t understand, I mean, cool art and whatever, but after some reflection, I realized that the old pickup truck tailgates, just that back door on a pickup truck? Those made it look like, feel like, in an artistic sense, that the range was operated out of the bed of an old pickup truck.

Verisimilitude. Feels real, even though everything about this is artificial. Good art amuses, validates and entertains, with an added bonus of acting like a puzzle. I was trying to figure out what and why they had a couple of old truck tailgates up on the wall, wall that faced the parking lot.

Good art can be a little different, and sometimes, shows up in the most unlikely places. Somewhere, there’s a redneck, gun-toting, cowboy-esque artist who thought up something funny for the gun range. I’m not passing judgement, but my buddy, the hunter? He never noticed. “Just thought it was weird, you know?” Look for the miraculous in the mundane, especially this next few days. It’s there.

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