Horoscopes for 7.4.2019

    Gallops the zodiac in his glistering coach,
    And overlooks the highest-peering hills:
    So Tamora.

Aaron in Shakespeare’s
Titus Andronicus 2.1.7-9

Happy Birthday!
Portable Mercury Retrograde

Horoscopes for 7.4.2019

Mercury conjuncts Mars and goes retrograde, all about July 7, 2019, around 6:14 PM — but your mileage may vary, see fineprint for details.


The Crab - the Moonchild
One of the problems especially when fishing along the Gulf Coast? The tint of the sunglasses. With a sub-tropical setting, and water that can change in the blink of an eye, the tint on the sunglasses — needs to be dark, polarized, and UV-proof. The problem is that the color of the lens change the color of the water. I was looking through some digital images from the last trip and I realized that I had thought the water was green, when — according to the pictures of me with fish, in the background? It shows more like blue water. All of it is “skinny water,” means rather shallow. Inter-coastal, in-shore, heard it called a lot of things, but for me, it spells out summer fun with a fishing pole in hand.

The question of the water’s color? Depends on the sunglasses. While I know of a few people who would venture without protective eyewear, ten, twelve hours in the summer sun? Not a chance I would go without not just one but two sets of shades. That’s how I discovered the difference the lens make. Maybe this isn’t really new information, but it seemed like a earth-shattering discovery for me, at the time. Subtle differences, shaded by the lens I use to look at the situation. Color of the water changes. Simple stuff, obvious clue, one could say, “Right in front of you,” or, “in plain sight.” This week, holidays and all? It’s how you look at it. Or, how you look at it, through what lens?

The Leo

The LeoEver been in one of them resorts? Think, like pool-side in Las Vegas, if that’s really still a thing. With temperatures easily cresting 110, yeah, I’m not going to be poolside in a cabana at this time. If there’s fishing involved, then there’s the cool bay water, and the breeze from offshore, or the wind in my hair as the boat motors along at 50 knots. But I was thinking about the pool-side cabana I see in the ads for resorts. Usually, there’s a series of those tents clustered around the pool, stacked like trailers in a trailer park. Rife with the same drama that comes from trailers in a trailer park, “He said that she said, that they said,” and then it get ugly.

There’s an illusion of privacy that goes with that. There’s a false sense of security proffered by a canvas wall. Looks safe, and it’s not, I mean, not really. Anyone passing with earshot can hear what’s going on in those canvas walls. What it is? An illusion of privacy. Like living in a trailer park, only much more upscale. I think the rent costs about the same, but the cabana is a shorter stay. Then, too, there is the illusion of privacy. Not really private, and this is poolside, so we’re out there in swimming togs, which, frequently, leave nothing to the imagination. Or not much. But the caution, as this week unfolds, for The Leo, this is about the illusion of privacy, compared to something that really is private. That canvas wall is merely an illusion of privacy.


VirgoOne of the worst fears is being “found out.” Found out as a fraud, found out as huckster, found out as a liar. Any of those? Or some combination? Me? I have nothing to hide; I am transparent as can be. I let my material slide through with typical typographical mistakes, every once in awhile a missed astrological fine point happens, but I remain, as I’ve long stated, committed to excellence with the work that I do. Transparently. Just ask, I’ll show all the ways I work. I typically cast a chart for the beginning of the week, the start date, then a chart for the end date, and when I need to access material within that time frame, I’ll spin the dials on the chart program, or use a book.

At least one Virgo gets excited when I talk about referencing a book. Works for me. This is about dealing with Virgo fears, and secrecy. Me, being totally transparent? There’s nothing I need to fear. But I’m not Virgo, and I’m not dealing with Mr. Mars and Mr. Mercury conjoined then Mercury retrograde — in Leo. that’s a problem and the fear is secrets. Me? I don’t have any secrets. But I’m not Virgo.


LibraMy sister sends me coffee beans from a particular coffee shop on the Left Coast. The tag line is something like, “A cup of love,” or “share a cup of love,” or something like that. When I first grind the beans, the heady, aromatic blend, hints of floral and chocolate, with a spice palate I can’t quite place? Good stuff. Previously, I complained, different roaster, because the coffee smelled wonderful, but the taste was only OK. Not great, and not bad, but hardly worth the fanfare and hoopla. This one, though, it was just a small sample, as soon as I smelled it in the grinder, I rendered judgement, assuming it would be like the previous Left Coast coffees from Sister — smells great, taste OK. I rendered a judgement before I actually sampled the wares. I was wrong, it was like a “Cup of love,” or like, my Sister was “sharing the love.” Whatever was on the package’s label? Yeah, that. This is a not-too-subtle reminder for Libra not to be so judgmental. Wait and taste, sample it, or touch, feel, whatever is required? See for yourself, first. Then judge.


ScorpioThe Oyster Bird is so named, I guess, because they are common on oyster reefs. Variously, totally apocryphal, I’ve heard the name derives from common location, or diet, with their semi-long bills, I’m sure they could easily dine on succulent little oysters. With Scorpio, I’m always willing to point out when my data is suspect, and as far as the naming of the bird, or its diet, I have no idea, other than what’s been passed along as oral tradition. That noted? Last week, summer fishing trip, we were parked adjacent to an oyster reef, as the fish would swim right in the cut between us and that reef. Little “oyster bird” alighted on the reef and started to serenade us. Or tried to scare us away, I’m not sure — I don’t speak bird, but that did start the conversation about “oyster bird.” Fishermen are notorious for fabricating whole tales cut from the cloth of non-reality. Could never tell what was first, the stories about the bird, or its name, and whether that name was derived from the oyster reef it alighted upon, or what it consider a main food source, oysters. Never did figure it out. However, owing to the source, my fishing buddies, I’m unsure that I can trust a single word they say. Trust them in a life or death situation, just not always with casual truth. However, for Scorpio, this holiday weekend, there is a source. We can settle this once and for all, if you (Scorpio) are willing to do the work.

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Texas - Roger Tory Peterson

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America (Peterson Field Guides)

Wow, “immature” American Oystercatcher, that’s the name. Rare in Texas.


SagittariusCute Latin quote, “Things said in Latin sound more erudite.” As a Sagittarius myself, I like to sound erudite. As a Sagittarius myself, I like to look good doing so. As a patient observer of humanity, I like to point out that Sagittarius tends towards neither, and especially not this next few days. Blame the planets, like I do, blame our “star,” Jupiter. Or blame the situation, but being aware that we are neither graceful, nor erudite for the next couple of days? With that in mind? We are neither graceful nor erudite? When someone hands us a lit firecracker, see how it looks like we’re the punchline of the joke! Or worse, the prank? What could go wrong? Yeah, best not to guess, and best to avoid the problem — all together. “Here grab this!” Best response? Look backwards, take a step back, and demure, “No thanks.”


CapricornLessons from a three-year old (Capricorn, buddy’s kid)? There is a fine line between what’s real, what’s imagined, and what goes in a child’s brain. The Capricorn brain, at that. I had the kid a couple of hours, always good bait, just, he doesn’t always comply. Looking at the woman behind the counter at the store, I was thinking, “OK kid, turn up that smile. Impress her.” Kid stammered a few words, looked at me, as if he was frozen in fear, and then hid behind my leg. Nearly pulled my shorts down, tight grip, that one. However, moments later, on their playground, that kid was “On fire!” He lit out and was racing up and down the structures, easily crawling to a space that is three times his height, maybe even taller than that. No fear. But a blonde lady in front him? Frozen. I’m sure I had similar fear, only I was much older. There are times when we all freeze up. What I learned from that Capricorn kid? The freeze comes at the worst time, or, when I expected him to be a super-cute? My expectations — what I expected out of the Capricorn was unrealistic. “OK, kid, want to impress this person, so be cute. Now.” Yeah, doesn’t work like that. Careful with what we expect others to do for us.


AquariusNo one ever seems to read the horoscopes that come out on holidays like this. Frankly, I’d agree, as I would be too busy with Fourth of July parties, celebrations, BBQ, and fireworks. Merely distractions, but then, we all need so distractions. There is a summer “downturn” in my business, and that is clearly seasonal. The astrology business is a tad strange like, dependent on seasons and patterns in the shift of the Sun and the Moon — plus the other planets. It’s how it goes. Because I’m used to the seasonal shift, I’ve learned to work in concert with it.

Harmonize with the seasons and understand that my business — the astrology business — slows down. Good time to fish. Summer doldrums, hot weather notwithstanding, good time to study, too. So fishing, reflection, and study. Good time for all three. Suddenly that seasonal decline in business looks like the time is filled up with other activities. As an Aquarius, this next week is filled with distractions, and there might be a seasonal slump. Good time to pursue other activities, like fishing, studying what we want to study, or just beach reading. Anything. Just some activity that is away from the daily routine. The stars suggest it.


PiscesCertainly a challenge in inter-connected world, there’s an ever-increasing wealth of material about the age-old science of astrology. Careful that you’re not just clicking and liking something that seems to be nice worlds, but ultimately useless data about your sign. Careful that the material being cycled up for today’s Pisces isn’t leftover from yesterday’s Scorpio.

It happens.

We’ve seen it before. Careful, and here’s the real problem, for a few, very select Pisces, there’s a strong influence that will sway you to the left and to the right, and push you away from what you know is true. The old joke? Dead material, but applies in this case? “Is it real or is it Memorex?” The line was advertising copy that caught on, helping promote a certain brand of allegedly high-quality, but hopelessly analog, audio tape for recording music. Or re-recording music. I crossed the gap more than 20 years ago, moving from analog to all-digital, so the term, “tape it” really implies recording, but not in an analog sense; although, see, this where Pisces has to watch out, getting bogged down in details. Call me, and I’l record it. I’ll call it “taping” even though there is no tape, and the devices are not analog at all. These are two examples of words that night mean one thing, but there’s a Pisces layer of interpretation on top of that. That layer of interpretation? In part, that’s where the magic happens, but then, that’s also where the problems start.


AriesI got a backpack I’ve been using lately, older model, pulled out of the closet. Nothing too special, just laptop slot, padded pockets, and a few extra tags on it, as it’s been around. I was packing it up again for work. I noticed a feature I use,d maybe once or twice, but never used again, and forgot about: a sound port. Old-school wired earphones “sound port,” which, at the time, was a feature.

There’s an internal pocket for an MP3 player, suspiciously sized for an iPod. Little slot, backed with rubber and flap, to snake out a wire for earphones. My first thought? I should try that again, with wired earphones. I have a set, I think. The more I thought about it, though, I use a phone with a wireless ear-things, and that works just fine.

If it isn’t broken? Why fix it? That “feature” on the backpack dates its design to early, mid “double-aughts,” after 2000, but before 2010, clearly. Looking at a pice of hardware, the various tags, as this one dates back to old Austin, made me think of the Aries and the Aries Adventures Ahead. There are “features” in modern life that are no longer required, at least, not in my world. While I’ve slowed way down in my adoption of new technology, I still appreciate it, and I do tend to move with the times, in some cases. However, with that backpack, very old school, and still very good as a tool. Old School, tool, and cool. Seeing a pattern here? How does that resonate with Aries? Latest, greatest or something that might be a little classic in its own right?

As a sidebar note? I still carry at least one pair of wired earpieces, just in case.


TaurusAn overlooked miracle food? Perhaps the next wave of “super-foods,” and before anyone else notices? It’s going to be the humble jalapeño — something commonplace, and so universal. The trick is, get ahead of this before this word gets out. A few of the predecessors? Peanuts, soy beans, kale, quinoa, and so forth. So the next one?

Jalapeño — heard it here first.

The active heat ingredient, varies from plant to plant, but the active ingredient is primarily capsicum. The heat is what heals. Then, too, all-organic, free-range, all-vegan? Wheat, soy and nut free? Sure, good stuff. There are those with a delicate stomach, and the milder variations will work just as well, like, I call them “winter jalapeño,” as that’s when they show up most frequently in my world. So no making faces because, “It’s too hot.”

The trick is, there needs to be a new item, a new source, a new plan, a new thing. To get in front of this? I suggest that the mighty and lowly jalapeño is the next super-food. It’s actually been a health food years. And until Taurus announces this? No one will be any wiser. Tell the world, you’re onto the next super-food: the humble jalapeño — and you thought I was kidding. Wait, it will be on the cover of next month’s Wholistic Health and Wellness Magazine featuring that well-known movie star, saying, “The humble jalapeño — the next super-food!”


GeminiGood Gemini directions, especially on the days following this holiday? There’s a pull on the Gemini heart, or the Gemini’s heart of hearts, which is at the very center of the true Gemini love. Yes, someplace in there. Or over here, you know bifurcated, like a good pair of the Twins, and I right? Or what? So follow your heart — there’s a new issue, a new deal, a new thing, a new demand on your attention at this moment, and I am, with all my heart, telling you to follow your heart. Wait, there’s one reminder I should add, but follow your heart, remember? Follow your heart — but take your brain just in case?

Gemini: following your heart, but including your brain? That might help prevent my best excuse, “Well, it seems like a good idea at the time.”

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