Horoscopes for 6.11.2020

“I will tell thee in French; which I am sure will hang upon my tongue like a new-married wife about her husband’s neck.”

  • — King Henry in Shakespeare’s Henry 5 Act 5, Scene 2
  • Horoscopes for 6.11.2020

    As Mercury unravels and starts a Mercury Retrograde pattern? Mercury starts this pattern on June 17, in the tropical zodiac sign of Cancer. Mars conjoins Neptune. What does it mean?


    Wishing a happy birthday to one Gemini. There’s an essence that I try to derive, a way to express the energy floating freely in the air space around Gemini. The air shimmers. Like a heat wave? That’s it. The air around Gemini has that ethereal quality of looking through a heat wave that distorts the view. It’s real, only, it seems to be a little “indistinct.” Can’t get a clear image at the moment. No worries, keep on being your Gemini selves.


    Echo and reverb. Like an old, analog “special effects” pedal on a guitar? The “wa-wah” pedal? That this week’s energy, echo, reverberation, bouncing back and forth, and then? Not going any one direction particularly quickly. Not exactly pointless, but that sense, “We’ve covered this before, right?”


    We have covered this before.

    That echo, the reverberations, the way the sound, or the essence of the week, the way the issues bounce back and forth? That’s due to the way this set-up works, in the first place. It’s not devoid of humor, although, that humor might be a bit bleak, perhaps a tad dark? I like my coffee, oftentimes, like my humor? Dark, and bitter. Cold, dark, bitter. It’s when this stuff echoes back, and we know our Cancer Moon Children selves have seen this before? The answer is the same.

    The Leo

    Watch where you step. It’s really kind of simple, just watch where you step. Where I lived last, the neighborhood had a great number of “tame” deer. Technically, wild animals and part of the city’s “wildlife department,” but essentially, pretty tame critters. One buddy called them my pets. Hardly, but I did like the way it made the other drivers go so much slower to avoid expensive deer-vehicle damage.

    The problem with this kind of wildlife running free on the lawn? Nothing grows underfoot. Which was why I liked them, but it also means there’s “deer pellets” everywhere. Which, as I intoned at the tip of the majestic Leo’s missive, watch where you step. Deer turds were not really a deal-killer in any way, shape, or form, other than mildly inconvenient. Which is what I was warning you about. Might not be deer pellets, could be any number of undesirable elements underfoot, but that’s a clear image of the problems at hand. Or, underfoot. So in this next few days, especially with Mars and Neptune? Watch where you step. All I’m trying to do is to keep you from stepping in it.


    There’s a kind of impatience that comes with this display of planetary energies. Mostly, this is the fault of Mr. Mars, but as he aligns with the relative position of Neptune? That takes the energy and makes it three times worse. Not really, but it seems so. There’s an idea bubbling in the back of the Virgo mind, and that goes from annoying to really annoying. The easiest way to work with it? Understand that Neptune implores all of us to reach for the stars, and Neptune also provides clouds for us to walk upon. Therein is the trouble as an earthbound person, the airy firmament of the clouds is insubstantial, and really won’t support our weight.

    Now leaven in some Mr. Mars on this mix. He wants action, and Neptune doesn’t. The balance point is akin to a cartoon character, feet pedaling as fast as the character can, maybe even represented as a wheel-shaped motion rather feet just flailing away. Still, the deal is, on the airy firmament of Neptune’s illusions? There’s not much traction. Instead of wasting effort trying to force an issue? With Neptune playing into the functions? Pause. Stop. Less motion, despite Mr. Mars and his urging?

    Neptune won’t let you sink, but it will stymie any kind of forward motion, despite Mr. Mars.


    One of the sites I followed included a recipe each week. Mostly, it was a cross between healthy and delicious. More along her lines of healthy recipes rather than anything tasty — the way I think something should be tasty. Me? I like grease, sugar, flour. Can’t beat that. So when I saw a mention of a “Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookie mix,” I was perturbed by the nature of the ingredients, to begin with. Never made it far enough into the recipe to see what it was all about, but there is a variation on a theme, vegan cookies, or some kind of healthy/diet plan that is nothing but mashed veggies. While I prefer a planet-based diet myself, every once in a while, BBQ is called for. Just how I think of it. And while I’ve been known to experiment with food myself, seriously, look that title alone: Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookie — what part of that is good together? While this offends my nature, some folks assure me this is delicious. I find it abhorrent. Not my diet. Chocolate chip cookies should be gooey messes with sugar, and refined flour, some kind of grease like butter, and — of course — real chocolate chips. As a Libra-loving person?


    It’s a slow descent into a kind of hell. Not all bad, but to some, this is the very definition of misery itself. Alone, the heat is off-putting, to say the least. Me? I was raised around this, and I find the heat invigorating, at best, and only slightly debilitating, at a medium, point, and at worst? I sweat a lot and that means I’m not fit for human consumption. Not sure if that’s “bad” or “good,” either. To some, it’s a bad thing, not being able to be around humanity, but for some, that’s an added bonus. “All hot and sweaty? No one wants to talk to me. Bonus!” Kind of various from individual to individual, as to how that last one plays out. However, I think of certain members of my own family, and they really don’t like the Texas heat. That’s the slow decent into hell, but for me, this is also marked by the transition points of Mercury and Venus. One getting retrograde, and one getting a title less problematic. While Venus isn’t totally there yet, and for that matters, neither is Mercury? The deal is this is happening, and it is marked by what feels like a slow descent into hell. Maybe not “hell” Hell, but a relative thereof? “Heck?” (Heck is Hell’s half brother and not nearly as bad.) The trick is to play with this, and be aware that a lot of subtle niceties just don’t seem to fall the way of the Scorpio this next couple of days.


    It was an afternoon over a plate of some TexMex. All of us — my three fishing buddies — we’re all Sagittarius Sun Sign. Quirk of fate, way I would think about it. The odd part, this is an ad hoc men’s group for us. Not without the usual posturing, but at its core, there’s still a camaraderie and sense of belonging, as well as a certain element of trust. This sense of trust doesn’t occur overnight. Not a new thing. Takes time, and in this case, years in boats together, then time spent driving to the lake, the coast, and time spent driving back. Good days. Bad days.

    It wasn’t until we were most near done with the supper that I realized what it was, as that kind of ad hoc men’s group. Looked like a bunch of guys chewing the fat when one of us was wrestling with a deeper emotional issue. This is about setting, space, and place. What’s the correct setting for this kind of deeper emotional issues? In this example, it was a rather impromptu setting, but judging from the content, it was established as a safe place. Time and space, place, and even pace? All part of this Sagittarius equation. Planets where they are? Ease into this sensitive material.


    This Mercury Retrograde that we’re setting up for? The one we’re going into? The one that is approaching, if it isn’t here already? It’s about the pesky Venus stuff. There isn’t a lot upside, and there isn’t a lot of good news. Not that it’s bad, really, it’s just that certain attention gets drawn elsewhere. Reminds me of fateful trip with an old girlfriend. We were looking at three, maybe four hours of straight Texas highway unspooling in front of us. About half hour in, she starts with the “How do you feel about me, and where do you see this relationship going?”

    That kind of chatter leaves me bedeviled.

    Not fun, not for me. My immediate thought? “Can we turn around and you drop me at the bus station?” Doesn’t work that way, and I had to talk fanciful and indirect for several hours. Hard to concentrate on the verbal dance when I was trying to navigate her car up the highway. That’s an indication of the kind of spot this energy leaves wide-open for Capricorn. There’s no escaping it, and the best way to be prepared? Either go alone, which isn’t any fun, or be prepared for that uncomfortable talk about how you feel. “No, I don’t just ‘like’ you, I ‘like-like’ you.”


    What I was looking for was an expression about testing limits of known surfaces. Limiting factors in the Aquarius arena of life. As part of this week feels like it is a stage show, and and sometimes, it’s a bit uncomfortable to be put on center stage. Other times, sure, we all love it, the spot light is on us. But this is a short time during which limits will be tested, in one form or anther.

    Instead of arguing with the testing process? Understand that the process is like a stress test, and they — or it — will push until something breaks. The usually fluid and dynamic Aquarius might want to push back. Not always a good idea; I mean, yes, I’m all for a proper revolution, but this is just an outside force in a temporary testing scenario. Still, there will be a test of some sort.

    “No matter how hard you push the envelope? It’s still stationary.”


    One of my fishing buddies did this, and it looked so easy, I volunteered at a recent party. The idea is simple enough, slice open a juicy Jalapeño pepper, squirt, dab, or layer in some cheese, then wrap it all with a slice of bacon. Grill — or what I’ve seen? Smoke on the BBQ pit. Either way, the results speak highly for themselves. The trick is the peppers themselves. Last time I did this, I grabbed a bunch of what looked like winter peppers, mild, almost sweet, limited heat, and more succulent than pepper-like. The problem was, while I understand the mechanics, and the basic premise of assembling these treats, actually doing the work itself? I’m less wonderful. Then, too, after I got it all assembled? There was a problem with the bacon sliding off and catching fire on the grill. Some of the results were more “char-grilled” rather than grilled or smoked.

    It was an experiment, and one that points to the very problem in Pisces, as this week looks good on paper, it’s just that execution? Some place between the instructions and the actual facts themselves, there’s a disconnect of sorts. Like my attempts at pepper poppers, just doesn’t seem to work right. Something was missing. Turns out, either a metal shish-kebab or proper hardwood toothpicks are required to hold that bacon wrapper together. It’s also better on a smoker, for a short amount time, rather than a grill. So approach this week with a head full of wonderful ideas, but realize that there might be some extra preparation, or give it a trial run, first.

    Some assembly required; batteries not included.


    There always comes a time when a little silence would be rather beneficial. This is one of those times. An open mouth gathers no feet, and as a Sagittarius who is an expert at inserting his foot into his mouth? I should know this one. But this isn’t about me. This is about Aries and how an open mouth can gather no feet. It’s not really a function of minor planets, but there is that urge. An urge to declaim, denote, point out, and make a serious effort at non-obfuscation of a particular point. Next few days, started last week, gnawing goes into next week. Look: you’re 100% right. Of that I am sure. But how you present that point? That’s what I’m calling into question. So instead of making the point, and taking a valiant stab at exposing the truth? Yeah, instead of all that? Pause. Stop. Shut up. Wait a second. Before you open your mouth to say anything? Take a breath. Wait a second. An open mouth gathers no feet, and I should know of what I speak. I am obviously much more adept at this than you are, so I can save you the trouble. Now isn’t the time. Remember, I’m a god example of what not to do; don’t follow in my foodsteps?


    This isn’t a new one, not to me, but seeing — again — it was like for the first time. It was a simple script, just a line, and didn’t take much to figure out its meaning. The simple tattooed line read, “Be here now.” I’m sure this could be dressed up, made more ornate, or elaborated upon, but as a simple reminder, I liked the idea. Too much time in Austin, and I think I’ve seen just about all the ink I need to see. If I were to get a tattoo, I would think along different lines, but it wasn’t my ink and I wasn’t the one who needed to be reminded to simply “Be here now.”

    There is a series of metaphysical constructs, precepts, and tenets that cover that kind of a message, and as artwork, it left me underwhelmed, but as as missive, and especially to one’s self? It carries a certain gravitas, and — I would hope — a message that transcends more than one belief system. With all the, feels like, seems like, localized Taurus chaos kicking loose? The simplest way to remain calm is to remain calm and strive to be in the moment. As that singularly tattoo reminded me, and I hope it reminds. You, this next couple of days? “Be here now.”

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