Horoscopes for 12-17-2020

What? Shall we curse the planets of mishap
That plotted thus our glory’s overthrow?

    Duke of Exeter in Shakespeare’s Henry VI, part I, (1.1.23-4

Horoscopes for 12.17.2020

Wishing you a merry whatever doesn’t offend you season.

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Saturn and Jupiter — together again. Seems like a long time, and we’ve seen this before, it’s analogous to?


Coming back from a fall coastal fishing trip, veering down two-lane black-top state highways and farm-to-market roads, I happened across a scene, and I’ve noted it before but this week, it echoes a Sagittarius sentiment. In a single tableau, there were tiny, rocking-horse pump-jacks, giant wind turbines, a field with shards of the fall corn harvest, a black-dirt (looked like cotton) field on the other side, and pasture land, cattle grazing. All in a single image. The farming was cattle, corn, cotton. The energy side a slow moving pump with a wind turbine lazily churning juice in the shore breeze. Miles inland, it was still that coastal prairie, rich, fertile, and diverse. This is about Sagittarius and what’s just up ahead. Be observant. Weird, to see all the old — and new — Texas icons in one place.


CapricornCoffee and keyboards (part one): Capricorn. As I sat and typed, I was trying to figure the connection between so many coffee accidents and keyboards. Back in the bad, old days? Keyboards were monstrous affairs with wires and clackity-clackity keys, and the poor, toner-stained wretches, pounding on those keyboards, late into the night. Or early in the morning. With a cup of coffee. Either scenario, there is a beverage involved, right? For most of us, this really would be coffee, but for a few of my friends, Mountain Dew, or adult libations, which, in turn open up new and stranger problems. However, most often, it was a fluid served in a coffee mug, no matter the contents.

That’s when I realized that the current state of electronic keyboard devices owe their collective heritage to the humble coffee mug in all its iterations. It also goes a long way to explain why there were so many frequent “coffee” problems with keyboards. I rarely — hardly ever — work without a cup of coffee close at hand. Sometime a bottle of water, or a canteen of sorts, but the beverage tends towards caffeine and coffee plus its mug, are the usual culprits. Which, once I figure this out, it’s just so obvious, right? Capricorn, coffee, and keyboards, are this week’s themes. The goal is to have them close, but not connected. The keyboards, even this waterproof one I’m using now? Those keyboards really don’t like hot coffee on the keys. It’s messy.


AquariusYeah, this is a long haul, now, the start to a recurring theme that makes me unpopular with Aquarius, but I have no control over that. Saturn is an errant taskmaster, and he’s grinding along, slowly, surely, just starting to get his tentacles into the Aquarius game. He’s all about being stubborn and doggedly pursuing a specific goal. He will — eventually — provide support for that determined effort, and he will — eventually — reward Aquarius efforts towards that stated goal. To get sideways with the whole scenario, though? There’s Jupiter, adding a layer of fun, distractions, and apparent ease. The tricky part of this next few days? Keeping focused on that main goal, the primary direction, the long-term and not succumbing to the Jupiter-inspired flights of fancy. Use that Jupiter-inspiration to figure the best way, and also to think about the longer-term goals you’ve got. Line that up with Saturn’s “due diligence” thematic elements.


PiscesCoffee and Keyboards (part two): Pisces. Lately, I’ve been getting a cup of a “gas station coffee” in the morning. Short walk, and short talk, more a nod, and I get a large styrofoam cup with a viscous dark brew. Not your designer, artisanal, hand-picked stuff, just black go juice. Good stuff. I’ll sip on the stuff coming home and then, I’ll refill that throwaway coffee cup with my own brew. I think I was drinking from a nickel bag of some batch-roasted, single-origin stuff. Full spectrum coffee experience? Yes, that, too. But this was about that coffee cup, the plastic, or paper, or plastic infused paper, or whatever it was, maybe a styrofoam cup? Plastic lid for sipping? I had that on the desk, and I was finished with the first cup of low-expectation coffee. I made a motion, jumped around to maybe answer the phone or something, and I knocked over the empty cup of coffee. Made me think, but as it turned out, I’d drained that cup on the walk home so there was not a single fluid drop in the cup. The momentary horror of coffee cup/keyboard intersection was averted, when I realized I tipped the paper cup over because it was empty, and easier to tip over. Tragedy was averted, or the gods smiled upon me, or who knows what it really was. However, the event underscores the exact feeling prevalent in Pisces, that, “Oh no, oh crap, oh-oh, whew. No damage. Scared me.” Which was exactly what went through my mind. Plus a few extra, less savory words. In the end? No harm, just a momentary increase in heart rate. Rather just use coffee for that.


AriesStop. Take three minutes to think about what you want out of the next year. Start with wild aspirations, one minute. Move to fantasy land, another minute. Finally, in the third minute, and I only asked for three minutes on this Aries exercise, what are some obtainable goals? Very simple. Three sets of wants, desires, and realistic goals. Now, let’s go back, we’re looking at the whole next year, right? What works for the next few days to get some of the pieces into place for that realistic goal? Just taking simple steps to make dream come true? I’m all about that for Aries, and with the larger shifts among the big planets? There’s a subtle shift in Aries thinking. Three sets of goals: dreams, fantasies, and realistic desires. Now, let’s work on one, two of those, just a few steps, right now, towards what you want to happen — next year.


TaurusThere are radical changes blowing in the wind. There are radical changes blowing in the Taurus winds, especially. This is merely the first introduction to what’s going to be an excitement-filled future. The problem is with words, terms, and words we use. To a typical Taurus? This looks like an obstacle. It’s not an obstacle, it’s not an impediment, it’s a temporary fixture that provides a challenge and suggests that Taurus learn to bend around that obstacle. Not an obstacle. Not a problem. Not really even a challenge. No, it’s symbolic of what the next year will hold, but there’s another element in play, this week, and it’s about how Taurus uses words to describe what looks like a fixed, immoveable object in your Taurus path. Temporary setback? Challenge? Problem? Or opportunity?

“Hmm, that’s interesting.”

That’s a good response.

“I can work around this.”

Even better.


GeminiStill need to do a little work outside of the Gemini realm to make this work for the Gemini. Look over there. Look over here. Look to the left, now to the right, and back, no, towards the center. This glancing around? This furtive, “looks like you’re up to something” kind of appearance? Action wherein your Gemini self looks around, “head on a swivel” type of attention? Eyes wide open? There’s an ample opportunity to take some steps forward, take some kind of action with an immediate return for Gemini — provided? You knew, with me, there’d be some kind of catch? The hitch is that this needs to look like a selfless Gemini act. We want this to look like you did this out of the goodness of your own heart with no designs on this being useful for yourself. Single, good turn? Look around, there’s an opportunity for an almost anonymous good deed. That kind of action is what we’re looking for, and you know, holiday and all? Secret Santa is a good idea. Or even a charity.


The Crab - the MoonchildThere’s a curious — to me — transformation that occurs within the Moon Children. In part, this is joyous, as there’s a certain freeing aspect to the nature of this transformation. However, there’s also the flip side of the transformative process, letting go of something that holds us back. This can be a thought, a process, an object, or a relationship with a specific person. I’m not naming names, as this varies, from person to person. The individual Moon Child has to figure out what this means, to him or her self. I can’t say without looking at natal and transit charts, but as a whole? There’s a process, triggered by serval heavenly motions, and that process is about letting go to gain more. Doesn’t always make sense, but then, look around, life doesn’t always make sense. Letting go, and letting it go gently? That serves a purpose to help move the Cancer energies forward. Letting go of something that’s been quietly holding us back? Sure. What happens? We gradually move forward.

The Leo

The LeoThere’s seafood place close to me, offers a seasonal version of fried green tomatoes as an appetizer. Good stuff. For a while I thought that was the best of the fried green tomatoes because — might be seafood — boiled, blackened, pan-seared, grilled, but mostly? Fried. So the place would know how to fry stuff. For a little while, I’ve been meaning to note this, but for a little while, I always envisioned it as the best place to get fried green tomatoes because, several factors weigh on my decision. It’s close to the source of the green tomatoes themselves, so they really are fresh. It’s a seafood place so they fry a lot of stuff, and they know how to fry stuff, from years and years of practice. It’s a seasonal menu item that is really quite delicious, so there is that, too. Look at the facts, my dear Leo, look at the facts. See how this stuff adds up? Several clues and that will lead to the greatest of success. For me, those fried green tomatoes, as a comfort food, and then, even though it’s just an appetizer? That can be a filling meal. Look for the clues, in the details, dear Leo. The place delivers, now. Even better?


“Dating? Seriously?”

What I heard?

“Dating” is like an unpaid internship.

I guess that settles that. Good luck.

Happy Holidays, Virgo.


LibraEver get stuck in traffic, and you cautiously move, and the guy in the car in front of you, or behind you? That guy, he honks and then gives you a middle finger salute? I always tend to think, “We’re number 1!” That’s what the middle finger, upraised, and pointing towards me means, right? So I tried. The interstellar traffic pattern causes that guy to get upset at your sweet Libra self and — even though it’s really not your Libra fault? You might get blamed. Probably get that “We’re number 1” salute. Probably not happy about any of it. Rather than get worked up, though? Just remember, you didn’t cause this, and they’re upset because it seems to be your fault. But it’s not (your fault). Still, be prepared to be saluted thusly, and be prepared to smile, or shrug, and not worry about it. Might help if you make extra effort not to (metaphorically, or realistically) cut anyone off in traffic.


ScorpioIt’s not like I haven’t documented my tenuous relationship with baggage, but getting ready to go someplace, holiday party time? I grab my face-mask, phone, wallet, keys. No lip balm, no portable hand lotion, no clutch with extra plastic. No bejeweled phone case. No water bottle. How can I survive? No spare eye makeup. No lipstick. How can I survive? Good question. I’ll muddle through, un-hydrated, un-protected from the elements, and, obviously, clueless, while wearing a face mask. Always thought “clueless” was part of my charm. This is about being prepared. Grabbing the items we need and moving forward? I tend to grab a pocket knife, wallet, phone, face mask, and keys. About all I need. To some, especially those females I know who travel with a trunk-sized purse of supplies? Yeah, I understand. I have an EDC bag like that, but I rarely tote it everywhere. While my bag is called a shoulder bag, not a purse, in private, and even publicly, I’ll call it a purse. Not a man-bag, that just sounds like a person it trying too hard. As a Scorpio, we are getting ready. Ready for what? Depends. But where I live? I tend to just shovel stuff into my pockets and call it good. As in “Good to go.”

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