Horoscopes for 4-8-2021

Horoscopes for 4-8-2021

“The April’s in her eyes, it is love’s spring,
And these the showers to bring it on.”

Venus enters Taurus around 2 PM April 14, 2021.


AriesOne of the most powerful expressions I’ve learned? And never too soon? “I’m sorry.” Then some smart-aleck in the background, an Aries, no doubt, “What are you sorry about?” No, see, the way this works? There’s a tentative alignment in this week’s chart, for you, and the most powerful expression of positive energy — for Aries — a simple, sincere, apology. My favorite thought process? “But I didn’t do anything wrong, why should I apologize?” Besides, it’s still The Ram’s birthday time, right? Still, think it through, if you can. It’s easy to see how the other person, other, non-Aries entity would think that it was your — Aries — fault. And how you should apologize. I know it’s not your fault; you know it’s not your fault, but in order to move ahead, quickly, and with less pain? An apology works wonders. It’s just this week, just a short, “Hey, dude, I’m sorry about that.” The subtext, not for publication, but the subtext we both understand? “I’m sorry, it’s still not my fault, but I’m sorry.”


There’s a point where fear overrides cool, rational thought. We’re at that point, in the next couple of Tuaus days, wherein the emotional content of the subject is proceeding into an irrational state. Fear, typically the strongest of these emotions, tends to grab us by the throat, that little catch in the back of one’s mouth, and then?

Seems like we’re frozen. Not paused, but stuck, sedentary in a single position, like statue, posed. Not poised, but posed. Frozen with fear. As suggested from the outset, this is about irrational fears that override rational thought. A momentary analysis in the light of day, an opportunity to look at all the data, not just the monster under the bed, but a chance to see it all? That’s when it all starts to make sense. I’m not suggesting that there is a rational basis for that irrational fear, no, not the question here, but I am suggesting that we pause long enough to see it wholly and with rational thought. Or, at least, with the balance points to insure that we are seeing all the facts, not just the emotionally tainted materials.


Keyboards are how we input data. Keyboards and keyboard technology is a big deal, at least, to some folks, it’s a very important aspect of the technology. I got sidetracked, imagine that, looking around and buying a couple of aftermarket, designer, high-tech keyboards. One had lights. That was cool. Did it help me type any better? No. Did it dramatically improve my written word? No. Did I have to mess around to get it to work correctly with the system? Yeah, there’s that. The time spent messing around, and the muted joy of mechanical switches firmly opening and shutting, it was okay, not really the promised game changer, but it was okay, for little while. I went back to the stock keyboard, though, as it was just slimmer and fit the desk better. Likewise, I had a portable keyboard that I thought would be really cool for work, only, someplace, the keyboard was slightly warped. The portable keyboard didn’t sit quite flat on the work surface, like the various table-tops where I set up to do readings. Weird, how can a piece of tech get warped? I don’t know, but I suspect the carry-time, hours, days, weeks spent in a travel bag might cause that. The keyboards are an integral part of this week’s energy, and it’s about not letting Gemini get distracted with lights, bells, flashing images of technology that promises to make our lives better. Currently, I’m using a stock keyboard, came with the old desktop, all works just fine. The sidetracked notion that a better keyboard will make you a better communicator?

“I don’t know, but if I just get a new phone…”


If I could just urge you to turn this into stamina? That would work so much better in your own favor. I’m a fan of the Cancer (Moon Child) energy, and when harnessed correctly, yoked to a task that sees fruits from efforts? That’s an amazing ability. Strength and stamina, not found in other, compatible , or even incompatible, signs. The strength is drawing not he weak, and somewhat oblique angle between Cancer and the stuff packed up in Aquarius. That will lend strength, but in tired voice, I hear a little crab ask, “Are you sure? I just don’t feel it?” Yeah, it’s there. It’s just matter of reaching down inside and tapping that material, you know you’ve got it, it’s there, just have to dig a little deeper to find it. THere’s an inherent kind of strength the shows up and it’s that point where there’s nothing left to give, but suddenly, a well-spring of reserve spouts forth. It’s there, just have to tap it.

The Leo

I’ve been imbued with many, mystically-derived powers. Or I get credit for such, true or not. I’ve been heralded as a remarkable seer and visionary, and equally reviled for the same. One part of what I do? It’s really important, and this is for me, not for you, to remember that I am just who I am, not a saint, not an ascended master, nor am I a “miracle worker.” Still doesn’t stop people from occasionally hitting me with the “You’re amazing” commentary.

The point, the Leo point, is to remember those roots, the basic bits and pieces that make you who you are. It’s easy to get lost in the accolades, it’s easy to forget essential humility, and it’s possible, especially now, to be grand in gesture when humble works better. Over the course of this career, I’ve been told that I’m gifted. Likewise, I tell every Leo how special he or she is. That being duly noted? Now isn’t the time for the usual, grand, sweeping gestures that accompany The Leo nobility. Keep it simple. Let other recognize and acknowledge that greatness, but don’t brag about it.


Comes a point where the hardcore, fundamentalists beliefs run into a wall. This is one of those philosophical walls for Virgo, even now. Yes, I’ve walked you through this before. Yes, you have a grasp of the underpinning its dread and concepts, but there’s always that point where the dogma and the karma run into each other, and something’s got to give. There seems to be this point wherein the precepts and teachings of the one way of seeing our world doesn’t align with the innate Virgo understanding. In my own work, I’m a big fan of tangible results. What this means? Proof. Hard, solid proof. Not words, not meandering social discourse, not bumper sticker platitudes, nor any other form of verbose filler. No, what we are looking for is proof. Those beliefs are going to run into a wall, and I stick with tangible results.

“Proof’s in the pudding,” as they say.


One of the coolest little tricks I’ve got? My computers, tablets, various pieces of electronic detritus that follows me around? Each item has that non-volatile PROM, Permanent Read Only Memory. In its original state, that was where an operating system was left, but anymore, with code updates and frequent patches? Most of what is left in that tiny piece of permanent machine memory? Just dates and details of construction. I had an old laptop, I was busy “repurposing” for a fishing buddy. I clicked into the data about the laptop itself, and it was 2012 specification, but a 2014 build. Absolutely useless data, but interesting from a historical way of seeing this. Again, in Libra, there’s a little bit of data that’s buried, and it’s also information that won’t go way. Doesn’t change. It’s a situation that shows what is where, and what we’ve got to work with. It’s all about working with what’s — factually — there, in hand. Can be done, just takes a little bit of effort, then get it all arranged.


I’m a big fan of all things Scorpio, and I’m a big fan the universal ideal of “Plan B.” While it goes by a number of different names, there needs to be a second, executable alternative to the primary pathway. Alternate route. Alternate course of action. Different way to achieve the same results. Or, as I like to think of it? “Plan B.” As I tweaked with your Scorpio charts, I realized that this is more about having, and exploring, a possible alternative rather than the picking a specific route. It’s about looking at that map and thinking, “There’s another road, the route is longer, but I’ll bet there’s a lot less traffic. Might be quicker?” It’s more a questioning scenario rather than a resolute, “This is the only way” kind of energy. Question, experiment, toy with, and play around, see what possible alternatives show up. Don’t have to stick to “Plan B,” whatever that is, but it helps, and it might make the original plan work faster — knowing you’ve got choices.


For several years, a background, or “back channel” source of inspiration was a game of phone tag with two other Sagittarius guys. Couple of quick messages in the morning, from the profound and deeply mystically spiritual, to the rudely amusing, the series was a fount of support, both emotional and spiritual — plus a way to understand our modern world. Foibles, faults, failures, all part of what makes us what we are. As a small group of nothing but Sagittarius sun signs, that was about it, just an odd collection of seemingly random fishing fellers, and we all happened to be born in that narrow window. While we all have divergent belief systems, one of them not even believing my brand of astrological lore, still, the common thread of profound to profane, back-to-back with each other, deep and meaningful, juxtaposed with commentary on the shape some person’s comely form. From the heavens to the gutter — and back again. Have to keep this in perspective, too, this next couple of days. Mars heats up our problems and we need to make sure we got a background noise, perhaps a special Sagittarius back-channel that works to help us find some kind of stable, emotional footing in these weird times.


Variations and grey scales. Subtle cross-hatch shading, deepening towards one end, but there is no “good” or “bad” with this set-up. As Venus approaches shifting signs, though, there’s a sense that this is shifting tides and times in Capricorn — and it is. We are changing from a position that is “sub-optimal” towards a better setting. The biggest hindrance facing Capricorn? Understand that this is a gradual shift, then bright and early on the 15th? Things just aren’t automatically all better. But they are getting better, if only by small degrees, moving in a better direction. There’s a huge boost coming along, and this is the just the very edge of it. Leading edge, so to speak.


Scrolling past a static image on a site, for a moment, trick of the light, it seemed like the fan blade in the background moved. Wasn’t what happened, as I rolled the image backwards and forwards a few times, thinking there was a hidden message. No hidden message, the ceiling fan blade was dark against lighter-colored background, and when the image scrolled upwards, at just the right speed, it looked like the fan blade was moving. Might be an optical illusion. I think it was a combination of tired eyes, and inattentive web-browsing, balanced against a need to be distracted. Seriously, though, it did look like the background was sort of moving. Trick of the light, optical perceptions as opposed to what was really there. Static image. Nothing was really moving. Some might suggest it was an optical illusion, but I don’t think it was planned, just a coincidence of the way the image was shot. Framed. Not even sure which was which. One of those. As we motor forward, through this week, it catches your Aquarius attention. Look, is that something moving in the background? No, it’s just appears to be in motion, but it is stationary. “That’s weird,” an Aquarius says. Really? That’s what’s weird?


There’s a twin energy concurrent with the present conditions. Two of everything? That means, if this is good, it can be twice as good. As an occasional saturnine Pisces will point out, “That means there will be twice as much bad stuff. See? This guy hates me.” One, I don’t hate Pisces, and two? This is about twice as much. Good stuff, bad stuff, mediocre stuff, doesn’t much matter, it doesn’t matter. For good or for ill, it will feel like there is twice as much. Might not really be twice as much, but carries the same emotional weight as “two,” or “one more than usual.” There’s a sense of material doubling over the next few days. And most of the Pisces I deal with regularly will see an increase in work load with an increase in income, as well. See? “Twin Energy” isn’t all bad, now is it?

“Twice as much money?”

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