Horoscopes for 6-3-2021

Horoscopes for 6-3-2021

We’ll make foul weather with despised tears;
Our sighs and they shall lodge the summer corn,
And make a dearth in this revolting land.

  • Richard in R2 3.3.162-4

Venus enters the Tropical zodiac Sign of Gemini on June 2, 2021, around 8:21 AM, (+/-) your mileage may vary.


e-mailI reached up to grab a phone, and my coffee was right at hand, close by. I tapped the coffee cup with the back of my hand, and didn’t knock it asunder, but I did jostle the contents, and slop a little bit of precious morning juice on the top of the desk. On some non-essential papers, and on some old business cards. And on… it was sort of messy. Not traumatic, but I didn’t need a 15-minute interruption in my orderly work flow. I’d say it pissed me off, but I grabbed a rag, mopped up the precious coffee, and despite what you might’ve heard, I didn’t squeeze it back into the coffee cup. I just poured some fresh, took a minute to straighten my mess, and I was back at work, merrily motoring along. Mercury. Mostly Mercury, but there are other influences, but let’s just say, you know, “Mercury.” That should be a complete statement, and that explains an impromptu 15-minute interruption to mop up a small mess and then? Motor forward. Look? The desk top is cleaner now. The Gemini work-space is easier to navigate, and reminds us to be careful with beverages around keyboards. Apparently, liquids and electronics don’t always play well with each other.


Recently, an old mentor spoke to me from beyond the grave. No, this isn’t some kind of a “talking with the spirits of the deceased,” or seance, or any such silliness, but I was listening. I made a comment about an astrology chart, and the client suggested that the first time they heard that? My old buddy used the same expression. To me, it was a lesson, and a message, from beyond the realm of the living. Little weird? Kind of has a point, though. Mercury?

Mercury, in its current position, and appearing to move backwards against the night sky? Mercury tricks us. In this example, I re-enforced what I knew to be true, and that was also validated by that former teacher, now sadly departed for other realms. The fact we use different systems to arrive at the same conclusion makes the statement even more thrilling, and to me, amusing. But it was matter of listening, then pausing to assess the value of what was said, then compare previous experience to current condition, and finally? Just admit, it was a message from beyond the grave. Kind of a hat tip, or nod, right? Cancer? Listen for it, listen hard, pay close attention. There’s message for you in there, too.

The Leo

The LeoLet’s turn the wheels of time way, way back. I was giving a presentation about astrology, before I even fully developed the BareFoot Astrology ideas. Nascent lecture notes? Sure. I described The Leo, it was only Leo at the time, when faced with an immovable, fixed object, like a brick wall? The Leo sits right down and loudly explains, “That there is a wall here, and someone had better get in here and get this thing out of my way.”

My image was a majestic lion-king, resting on his back haunches, roaring, maybe like the old MGM Lion? Given what’s up right now? I’m going back to that original image of that lion, sitting there, loudly, or, at least, noisily exhaling and exhorting that there is an obstacle in front of your fine Leo self, and someone else should come in and attend to this issue. I would take this a step further, and I would suggest, that image, of a lion stubbornly waiting on someone else to do their part? That works, this next few days, as a way to deal with some obstacle, probably a Mercury Retrograde kind of problem, and you know? Let your support staff, worker bees, or whatever they are? Let them get this out of your way. Out of “Our” way, you know, always use that royal form.


As I understand it, the baseline for mental clarity, when it’s time to think “retirement home?” One has to be able to feed one’s self, clothe one’s self, and care (hygiene) for one’s self. Can’t hit all of those? Might be a problem. I heard this, in respect to the care and feeding of an elder parent, something we all will encounter one day. Maybe. Or the care and feeding of ourselves, never can be too sure, am I right? At least some of my old Austin friends, on more than one occasion, have suggested that I needed some kind of care years ago. Of this I am not sure. Hi Mom. However, that standard, care of one’s self, feeding and clothing? Use that as a baseline to gauge who well your Virgo self is handling this current set of conditions. Most this is the result of the Mercury Retrograde, but we can’t hang it all on Mr. Mercury. Some of this is merely deeper material that gets pushed to the front. Or, in some cases, this is old stuff that seems to accidentally bubble up to the top, a miasmic mud of old, festering wounds. That idea of Virgo self-care, especially when the planets are like they are? How do you think you would look on the scale of needing help?


I depend on a certain Libra for advice — especially fashion advice. While I’m not a dress-up doll, or mannequin, or, for that matter, I’m not particularly fashion-forward? Doesn’t matter, I get little tips, and I get to ask the question, “Does this look good?” I also know my astrology charts, and I know that Mars and Venus — in Cancer — with Mercury Retrograde — in Gemini? All of that spells out a little bit of Libra trouble. Seeing me in person, one understands that I have finely honed sense of style. I’m somewhere between “undressed,” “casual,” and “comfortable.” Depends on the season, where I am, and how much AC I have to tolerate. Go inside from a humid 100/100 (hundred degrees/hundred percent humidity) and dry, refrigerated air feels bitterly cold. Consider that the fashion advice I normally get from that Libra? Consider that it might be off by a degree or three. Fail to consider how hot the summer sun is, or fail to consider how cold the AC might be? Besides, at this moment, for more than — just about all of them? For most of the Libra folks I know? That fashion advice might be a little off. What looks good right now might not look so good in the harsh light of the summer’s sun.


e-mail“Let it percolate.” Got an idea, got a possible solution, maybe talk it over before jumping on fixing that Scorpio problem. Mercury, you know, in its current state, Mercury Retrograde and all? Nothing beats waiting until someone else makes the first move. As a good Scorpio, though, you’re finding that Mars and Venus in their present states are leaning on that innate sense of urgency. The internal messages are “Hurry, no, hurry!” That inside voice sounds more like it’s screaming rather than a good, hushed whisper. Therein is our problem and my simple admonishment for the Scorpions — “Let it percolate.” Let the problem, and possible solutions, let them sit there, in your head, side by side, and let them get to know each other, marinate, perhaps, but most of all? “Let it percolate.” Answers and real solutions, better solutions, will be forthcoming, but one would be best served if one were to, wait for it, “Let it percolate.”


Sagittarius fantasy, I’m taller, thinner, more hair, and maybe about ten years younger-looking. Not sure I would want to go back, not entirely back to ten, or even twelve, fifteen years back, yeah, not sure about that. What I learned along my way? I like that. It helps me. It adds a certain perspective to what I know, what I’ve seen, and who I am now. I think of it as ten miles of hard road. The washed-out, rutted, dirt-track that I studiously try to avoid these days.

No need to jar my internal parts with the rough stuff. Again, as a younger person, that might’ve even been fun. But that sense of perspective, no matter where you are in your Sagittarius soul evolution, doesn’t much matter, there’s innate, and inherent understanding that a distance perspective, be it time, like my years and years, or if it is miles, like thousands of miles, or, better yet, time and distance? All of that perspective lends a lens that we desperately need to see clearly in the current murky conditions. Perspective from time, perspective from distance, or best? Both. Either way, step back. Step out of the fray to avoid the problems. Stepping out lends that much-needed perspective.


Mars opposes Pluto, while Mercury is in its deshabille condition, revealing “weaknesses in the communications with others” area. Arena. Over the years, I’ve gotten the two terms confused, only, in my mind, it’s not confused. I’m sure that I mean “arena,” which should denotes a large, possible oval space with seating for hundreds if not hundreds of thousands of people. The spectacle occurs in the center of the arena, and in this case, there’s something very plutonian about what unfurls.

“Unfurls” is natural, and usually refers to sails being unfurled, unrolled to catch the gentle zephyrs that blow us all forward. In this week’s Capricorn, though the winds of fate blow the Capricorn sails around an arena that has to do relationships, care, concern, and the expression of that care and concern in relationships. It’s less about what is being said, and more about the style, the wrapping that the message is ensconced in. Less about what you say and more about how you express what it is that you’re trying to say. In the arena. In the relationship arena. Mosh pit to some, NASCAR oval to others, or a proscenium stage, to some of us.


I’ve long learned to heed my muse when she talks. Whispers. Sometimes, it’s like a little angel on my shoulder, murmuring epic prose that I merely transcribe. Other times, though, I’m not sure if it’s an angel or a demon, exacerbated by the sense urgency. Determining and deciphering the tales dictated from that Aquarius muse is the challenge, and it’s worse, this week, as there’s a confusing layer, a thin patina of shading that might — or might not — be the correct coloring. What makes this even more difficult, not so much that Mercury is Retrograde, but that there’s tension between Mercury and Neptune. That obfuscates the original message from your Aquarius muse, in turn, sowing confusion instead of sewing it up.


Think of a favorite song. Think of a favorite lyric, perhaps a lick from song, just a riff. For me, this is less about music, and I’ll think about particular line from a Shakespeare play. Single line, a whole passage, or just part of a piece? Preferably, this is music, but in my own head — not Pisces — I get part of a noble speech from Shakespeare.

Still think about that ear worm. It’s there, and that’s a crutch to help us all limp along for the next few weeks. At least one exclaims, loudly, and with a certain fear and trepidation, “A few weeks! No?” I don’t spin the fates, I just call them as I see them, and the little secret is to find that ditty, that ear worm, that poignant Pisces prosody that helps alleviate the current concerns. A simple tune, a portion of a tune, a bit of poetry that works? A bit of playful music, be it words or tunes, to carry you through.


You realize that there will always be days that feel like an attack. Individually, none of this is directed at your sweet, Aries self, but it sure can feel like that. The pressure, is really just planets and stuff, leaning and inclining one way or another, and that cause of the internal — and external — roots. While I tend to see this as not an attack, “That guy just took a swing at me,” yeah, it’s not an Aries attack, or is it?


e-mailSome years ago, and I know I’ve waxed poetic before, but some years ago, a buddy gave me a knock-off brand of Yeti thermos-style cup. Sat in the coffee area for a while, and one day, on my way to Austin, I tried it.

So fabulous!

Kept coffee warm for several hours, and I could get it refueled, topped-off, and then I could go all day. At home, in the afternoon, I found another use: afternoon coffee. I would make some coffee shortly after noon, or thereabouts, and leave the big Yeti-like tumbler on my desk, or the kitchen table, and wander off, only to return half an hour later, the beverage still piping hot. While I’ve owned a variety of thermos-like products over the years, the Yeti knock-off brand serves well. So well, when I stumbled onto a sale, a bought a couple of more. The knock-off brand is my personal favorite, but I’ve got fishing buddies who swears by the original, too.

Not going to take sides, I reward results.

As a Taurus, the trick with the moon as she gets smaller and smaller? Reward results. If it is effective, do it again. If it is not effective, then maybe don’t repeat the process.

But if it works? It works. Taurus: stick with what you know that works.

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