Horoscopes for 11-18-2021

Horoscopes for 11-18-2021

Dromio of Syracuse: (Within.)

Mome, malt-horse, capon, cox-comb, idiot, patch!
Either get thee from the door, or sit down at the hatch;
Dost thou conjure for wenches, that thou call’st for such store,
When one is one too many? Go get thee from the door.

The Sun moves into the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius Nov. 21, 2021 around 9:39 PM. (Mercury enters Sagittarius around Nov. 24, 10:57 PM.) Your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.


Scorpio Spin around three times, spit on the ground, and holler, “Satan be gone!” Now, the first question, is this spinning to the left or the right? Clockwise? Counter-clockwise? Does it matter? Yes? Maybe? No? Mars gives you an edge, and Mars gives you extra energy, and as Mercury shifts gears? You’re going to wonder if you are possessed by a demon. No, I think not, but that’s me. I know my Scorpio, and most demons really aren’t brave enough to try a Scorpio. I’m not, either, but that’s besides the point. The trick being, there’s an action, to me this looks largely superstitious, but there’s an action that gets this out of the way, moves you further down that Scorpio trail, and just enhances the whole experience. More than one friend is a “rosary rattler,” that works, too. I always found the connection between the Mandala Beads and the various rosaries rather comforting. Both items? Sit there and repeat a phrase, and count the number of times with the beads. So this can be superstition. This can be religion, and this can be meditation with a mantra. Any combination works, and what works individually? I still like spin around three time, spit, and say “Satan be gone.”

    ( periit spirituum malum sit )


False starts? Yes, one, two, maybe even three or four “false starts” for mighty Sagittarius. I would define a false start as getting started, ahead, on a project or task, and then, as it turns out, the original idea, the elements we used for the foundation, that doesn’t predicate the current position, and we have to start all over again, from a different point of reference. It’s a “false start,” and that explains what the week is like. Great idea! Best of intentions! And yet?

Sagittarius false start. We either jump to a hasty, and given the data at the time, apparently correct conclusion, only, as the days unfold, turns out there was more data required, and we didn’t have it all, and that gives a Sagittarius false start. It was right, but might be wanting an adjustment. What I’m suggesting, instead of blindly bludgeoning our Sagittarius way forward, only to have to go back and start over? Pause before moving forward. We won’t have all the data to proceed correctly until, like, next week.

Wait for it


By now, I’m an old man, and it really doesn’t matter. The image, though, imagine someone much younger and attractive, in that “younger person” way, imagine that person overtly flirting. I can only draw on my own experiences, and that means, this is coming from point of a certain age, and that young lass flirting, although it seems serious? Be realistic. It’s not. There’s a slim chance it’s for real, but likely? Yeah, no. My guess is there’s another use for that apparent attention — the other person is manipulating the Capricorn desires, the Capricorn dreams and fantasies, bending that to that other person’s own ends. I’d be cautious about being used, although, the last time this happened to one of my Capricorn buddies, he went along with it — all of his own free will — believed what he wanted to believe. Didn’t end well, but he claims no regrets. If it were me, and it has been me under a similar astrological transit, I would skip the temptation, “I’m honored, flattered, but no.”


I was thinking of a new way to express what happens when this occurs, mostly, looking at the phase of the moon, but there are other, contributing, factors. “Things go crashing apart.” I was trying to come up with a shorthand expression that answered the times, tones, and the way things appear in Aquarius.

Things go crashing part.

I liked the idea, first, crashing is the feeling that there is some outside energy acting upon the bodies, possibly bodies at rest, but outside energy at best. Then, the term “crashing” suggests a collision. Things run into each other. Then, one step further, add the modifier “apart.” Objects (and situations) crash into each other, and things can’t go crashing apart, as I’ve suggested. Which is why I like the idea, “Things go crashing apart.” It’s not bad, just being taken apart to assemble in a new order. The best tip for Aquarius? Stay clear of the stuff that’s falling apart. Or, “crashing apart.”


Simple exhortation: stay home, Pisces. Just stay home. More than one will claim that there is an extenuating circumstance, and even the notion of staying home is abhorrent. Used this before and I’ll trot it again, nearly 100% of home accidents occur at home. So we got two cautions that don’t make a lot of sense, but if you follow along, maybe you’ll understand. The first part is that home life, and staying home, that’s the Pisces safe space at this time. Scorpio into Sagittarius. Stick with what’s safe, right? But then, even at home, you’re at risk for stupid mistakes. Scopio, Sagittarius, and to finish the alteration? Stupid. Save yourself, save the rest of us from trying to save you, and watch out for the little things that can trip you up at home. This week, either you’re a good Pisces, or you’re a statistic

(cf. Scorpio.)


There’s an “androgynous energy” in Aries. Not bad, just one of those weirdness things. No, not bad at all, although, as few of my more “redneck” friends argue that it’s not appropriate. That being noted? It’s easy to see them with that same expectant glee at a new outfit when it’s a Camo-colored, hunting gear. With matching — never mind — it’s just a whole new outfit. The good stuff, the kind that makes them look like trees, like part of the forest, or whatever. Amusing, as there is a way that it conceals who, and what, they really are. Which in turn, goes back to the androgynous energy in Aries. Hint: it’s not bad. I’d use the analogy of the deer/camo stuff as the idea. The Aries intent is to blend in with the background, and the quickest way to achieve results? Shoot for that slightly androgynous look. It works well.


A grand overview is what is required. It’s that Sagittarius influence, and what it means? Stepping back, stepping away from, putting distance between your Taurus self and whatever the perceived issue might be. Time, space, distance, or even just a step backwards? All it takes. It’s not much. It’s not a big deal, just a little more distance. There’s always that one Taurus who wants to get up close, up and “in their faces!” Sure, I understand the feeling, and if it makes you feel better? Sure, go ahead. However, as I suggested at the outset, time, space, and distance are your friend with this kind of a problem. Getting up close and personal, while emotionally, in the short run, can feel gratifying, it tends to turn out with less than totally successful results. It’s about giving yourself some space to let others do what they need to do, and that proves, over time, that you’re right. However? The easiest way to let this happen? Time, space, distance.


Used it before, but with the slow transitions into Sagittarius, on the “yonder horizon?” I would suggest that my years will help Gemini with a certain situation this week. I looked at a grizzled old guy, who had been married for years and years. I asked his secret to long, happy, fruitful marriage. “I make all the decisions unless she thinks it’s important.” This echoes a similar sentiment I collected elsewhere, same situation, long, marriage. Their secret? “She makes all the small decisions, and I make all the large decisions. 38 years? Not single decision’s been large enough for me to make.” Two examples from my files, over years, over the road, and along this path, collections then collating data? What this means, for Gemini? Select what decisions you are planning to render. Consider outside counsel. Better yet, check in with the people that you check in with, mate, spouse, family, friends, whatever.


Picking a destination helps. Simple as that. Some afternoons, I get to take a walk. I can’t just roll around the neighborhood with no destination in mind, that really doesn’t work — not for me. While I’m not a Moon Child myself, I understand that need for a destination rather than just pointlessly perambulating on a treadmill. Or walking in the hood, with no goal besides miles. What works best, I give myself a goal. Like walk up to the store and buy a single grocery item. While, in and of itself, it doesn’t seem lke the best use of time, it’s exercise, and it has purpose. I think that’s the part that makes it so important, as trivial as it might seem, each action — the Cancer Moon children — each action needs to feel like it has a purpose. Goals, destinations, little tricks for making even a mundane task feel like it accomplishes some specified target-action? That’s the secret ingredient. Instead of “just because” as an excuse? Give the task a reason.


One Leo that I know, just the one, she does just fine with this. The rest? There’s a running battle, and it doesn’t have to be like this, but it feels like one of the epic battles with the hero in a white hat (The Leo always plays the hero) is being chased by a larger number of bad guys, clearly in black hats. I was thinking, this was grainy, vintage TV scenario, in glorious black and white, which makes it even better. Here’s the trick: you know, by the end of the scene, or the show, you’ll be the clear winner. But getting there? This week feels like you are outmaneuvered, outgunned, and overrun by bad guys. “Bad guys” are typical non-Leo people, and they fail to understand that The Leo will eventually prevail. Against all odds, but this week? Yeah, this is the third-act cliff-hanger, and it looks bleak.


Follow the recipe exactly? Then wonder why it doesn’t turn out like the picture in the cookbook? Ever wonder about that? I think the problem is, in part, those photos are shot with a professional photographer, doing some “food styling,” and then the color, the hues, the images’ saturation points, all of that is manipulated. Plus: the term, “food stylist?” That’s like a make-up artist for food. Amusing, at best, severely disappointing at worst, judging your own, very Virgo efforts by the pictures? It’s not really a fair equivalency. I think the term is “false equivalency,” wherein the two items being compared, are not really equal in any way of measuring. Sure, you used the exact ingredients that the recipe called for, and baked it the requisite time, but you also don’t have a behind-the-scenes camerawomen-crew, teasing, spritzing, fluffing the targets. Look at the image, closely, the recipe called for a bed of lettuce. See the edge of the leaves? That’s kale, not lettuce. No wonder yours doesn’t look like theirs, those are pros who cheat to get the best image. Does it taste good? Empirical is the only way to go at the tail-end of Scorpio.


One author, I was really looking forward to his latest book. “Years in the making,” more like a few months, but I was eagerly awaiting the new, epic tome. Good author, I’ve read a number of his works, enjoy his style, characters are likable enough, and the prose is workable enough for my tastes. The new book had a great cover, gold-gilt letters splashed large across the high-gloss hard-back cover. I grabbed the book, at full (discounted) retail, and started to read. First hundred pages, or so, yeah, not so much. End of the book, because, at that point, I was committed, end of the novel wasn’t that great. Too many loose ends, an obvious middle point in a trilogy. Yeah, unless the next book is ready to read? I’m not happy, not at all. It was too much of an upset with no fulfillment. The promise? Unfulfilled. The relentless pre-publication teasing? No even close. This week, until next week? Sounds familiar, right?

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