Horoscopes for 12-30-2021

Horoscopes for 12-30-2021

’Tis holy sport to be a little vain,
When the sweet breath of flattery conquers strife.

Luciano in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors 3.2.27-8

In the new year,
what’s up ahead?

Venus started a retrograde pattern at 26° Capricorn December 19, 2021 and Venus will remain retrograde, turning direct January 28, 2022 at 11° Cap.

While I usually lead with Mercury’s pattern, the way the year starts? Venus is up first, then, during that Venus shadowy time? Mercury goes retrograde January 14 to February 3, 2022, starting in Aquarius and sinking back into late degrees of Capricorn.

Mercury is next Retrograde May 10 to June 3, starting in Gemini but sinking back to the late degrees of Taurus.

Mercury is retrograde from September 10 to October 1, starting in Libra and going back to a late degree of Virgo.

The final Mercury Retrograde of the year starts at 24° Cap., December 29, 2022, finally stopping at 8° Cap on January 17, 2023.

Mars goes into Gemini August 20 and turns retrograde from October 30 to January 10, 2023, not emerging from Gemini until March 24, 2023.

Jupiter moves into Aries May 10, turns retrograde July 28, dips back into Pisces October 27, turns direct November 23, and flies back into Aries December 21.

Pluto is around 28° Capricorn for most of March, April, May, and even part of June.

What does that mean?

’Tis holy sport to be a little vain,
When the sweet breath of flattery conquers strife.

Luciano in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors 3.2.27


e-mail I tend to favor thinking that the Capricorn new year starts in December, on, or a little before the Winter Solstice. With Venus, and what’s up ahead for Mr. Mercury and his pattern, as well? That’s the planets doing an end-zone dance, spiking the ball, celebrating with a war-whoop and prayer. Personally, I tend to favor the obligatory “cross” motion, touch my forehead, left side, right side then heart. When I lived close to the local Catholic Cathedrals, I was in there. It’s a matter of paying allegiance to whatever local custom is rule. Not even a rule, more like a guideline, but I’m all for keeping the peace, and that’s what this is about. Started a little early, and this is the cosmic review period, will last all of January, and it’s about abandoning long-dead ideas. I didn’t even suggest abandoning dreams and hopes, just the extra stuff that is a weight. Usually, to me, this looks like an emotional burden rather than an actual object, but interpretations vary. It’s Venus, retrograde, and the early onset of Mercury in Retrograde, and the two, together?


Niggling self-doubt. Short phrase and yet it wraps up an entire volume of questions, answers, and thematic elements for the next year. One, kind of an old-wives’ tale, theory suggested whatever was happening on December 31 to January 1? Whatever a person was engaged with? That sets the tone for the next year. From a strictly astrological perspective, there is some validity this time, the New Moon in Capricorn January 2, 2022, around 2 PM. So we’re back to “niggling self-doubt,” the year ahead, and the planets in apparent disarray. The first month of 2022, for Aquarius is filled with that slightly annoying voice, “Your Aquarius self isn’t (select one or more): tall enough, short enough, thin enough, thick enough, smart enough, dumb enough, rich enough, poor enough…” and the list goes on. And on.

The aforementioned niggling self-doubt in Aquarius is just that. Slight but annoyingly persistent. I’d tell it to shut up, but there it is, again, as soon as you close your eyes. Or whatever. Understand that this is a conspiracy between two planets, mostly, Mercury and Venus, and their job is to introduce the self-doubt as a limiting factor in the first month of 2022, just to keep everything under control. Unbridled enthusiasm is nearly as reckless as feckless self-doubt. To those detracting voices in your Aquarius head? “I hear you; I appreciate your concern; I’ll watch for that.” Pay some attention, sometimes those voices are right.


Dig the through my archives, dig through my personal life, and I have a long history of bad decisions. As I’ve been known to intone, “I’m not a paragon of virtue, no, it’s all voice of experience.” Then, too, there’s the notion that bad decisions make the best stories. Only, sometimes these are painful to recall. With Venus where she is, doing what she is doing, and that energy greatly compounded by Mercury’s slow, and abysmal slide into nothingness? The first month of 2022 is about that Pisces leadership role. This position falls naturally on the Pisces shoulders because no one else is able to see clearly. I, personally, doubt that Pisces can see clearly, too, but this isn’t about my own beliefs or Pisces shade. This about that natural leadership that handily falls on your shoulders, and it’s up to you to assume the mantel, because no one can help more than you can. It’s a proverbial bird’s eye’s view that helps. Big picture stuff, for Pisces. Concentrate on that, and the other idea? Watch, with frustration, while every other sign blunders about and wait until asked for your help. Don’t offer assistance until asked. It’s that natural leadership thing. Feeling. Skill. Something.


There are two ways to see this. One, the new year doesn’t start until around February. Two, this whole year is about rewinding, going over previous material, and figuring out how to recycle, repurpose, and reuse existing Aries stuff. The problem with the second? Aries stuff is just way too ambiguous to adequately cover whatever it is that needs to be recycled, reused, or just repurposed. I can hear it now, “Stuff? What is this stuff you’re talking about?” Instead of a question mark, I would expect an exclamation mark, making it a statement rather than a query. By the time the new year arrives with its promises of goodness and light? That start in February, and until then, like starting, last week? Repurpose some Aries material. Reuse some Aries stuff. Recycle some Aries actions, as it’s time to look backwards in order to move forwards. There’s always an image I have of an Aries, stumbling forward, then falling flat on his face because he was spending too much time looking backwards and not watching where he was going. I said look back to take stock of what will be recycled, reused, and repurposed. I didn’t say dwell on it. New year starts, how about when Aries starts, the Spring Equinox? Set that as a target.


Disruption. To an ordered, organized Taurus even the notion of “disruption” is annoying. What this is about, though, if not a total disruption of the existing, status quo, it’s about some normal routines that are interrupted. It’s about whatever notion that your Taurus self holds as near and dear to your heart? That routine is subject to untimely, unseemly changes. Some of this is dramatic. Some of this is subtle. That’s the little indicator about how this will go. Eventually, you’re going to be re-aligned with new, better, greatly improved, and other superlative comments. Until then, though? There’s going to be a long-standing flavor as Saturn makes a tension angle to Uranus. Uranus is in Taurus, and the sign associated with Uranus, Aquarius, has Saturn, the stern, authoritative figure. Watch: there’s an array of disruptions and changes afoot. Not fighting with those changes? Helps make this much smoother. Authority will eventual cede control to new, but not without a fight. In this situation? Observer is better than participant.


There comes a time when the simplest answer is the best. Owing as much to a familial lineage as anything else, oh sure, blame ancestry, but it has always been the way of my people to needlessly complicate and obfuscate matters. If there is an arduous route, let’s take it! If there is ever something that is opposite of “The Easy Way?” That’s our path! So it is not without some trepidation that I make this suggestion, as it goes against my own, genetic code. Could be a learned behavior, but I won’t comment further about my own upbringing. This is about what works best for Gemini. Simplest answer. If one word will do? Done. Finished. Completed. Yes. No. It’s that easy, that simple. Look for the simplest answer, or, in other words? The shortest distance between where Gemini is currently at and where Gemini wants to be. Shortest distance. Cleanest route. Path of least resistance? Or, as I suggested, the simplest answer is the best.


I can no longer do the voice, but the tone is a stentorian, low, the bottom of the bass range, with a quiet yet forceful message. It’s about exploring options on the spiritual realm. To some, this looks like bargaining with the gods, and to others, this about arguing with the fates. To some, this requires attendance at church, daily, weekly, whatever the dictates are? Old observation, from glory days downtown? There was a penitent character, for several mornings, prostate before the cathedral, apparently such a sinner he couldn’t enter. Praying his little heart out, crossing himself, on his knees, begging for — a guess? Forgiveness. This varies from individual Moon Child to individual Cancer Sign, but the message is the same, this is about exploring some of those options. It’s not like your faith hasn’t been tested, no, that’s not the question. The question, to me, from me? How did you answer when your faith was tested? Double-down on church? Abandon the church altogether and seek solace elsewhere? Alternatives? This is less about a particular faith and more about how to answer when the Moon Children’s faith is tested. Explore some options.


You know the rules. You know the game. You understand the parameters of what’s happening. For The Leo? You got this. The gentle Jupiter shift creates an opening, won’t be for long, but we got a shot at this — if you act now. Two problems, one astrological and one is more like a pervasive societal influence, Venus and Mercury, than the whole New Year thing. “This is the year I will…” That statement is followed by a long string of broken promises. Part of this about being realistic with our goal setting. Part of this is following through within the steps needed to obtain that goal, and part of this, where I come in? Part of this is understanding that the two inner planets, Venus then Mercury, are destined to upset little stuff along the way. “I was on time until I couldn’t find my phone, keys,” and so forth. Or, “I was on track to hit that goal, then…” some form of derailment occurs. I’m warning, and then suggesting that sticking to the stated goal? Whatever that is? Sticking to that goal yields results. Maybe not right away, but eventually.


Before the end of this calendar year, once Mercury has circled thrice? The missive will be clear for dear Virgo. But until that point? What this requires is some applied common sense. This varies from regular common sense, which, if you look, isn’t too common these days. It might make a come back, and I’m hoping for that. However, all our modern inconveniences have made it questionable. For dear Virgo? In the coming week, and let’s just set a pattern for the year, the answer to the questions will rely on basic, obvious, common sense. However, to see if this really works, as one of those who consistently answers with rejoinders, misdirections, sidebar items, and footnotes galore? Some answer that is hopelessly mired in rhetorical waste, attempted subterfuge, and glorified wordiness? The way to cut through that is Virgo applied common sense. This week, and then, the rest of the year? The patterns etched in the heavens above suggest just a direct, no side-emendations, no distracting sidesteps, none of that. Direct. Simple. Think: Occam’s Razor. Or, as i like to think of this, for the coming year? Virgo perfect applied common sense.


Thoughtful analysis yields the best results. Regrettably, and locally, this is even more obvious, “Thoughtful analysis” seems to be the rarest of qualities. There will be any number of earth-shaking events, at least, potentially emotionally upsetting kind of “earth quake” event in Libra. However, looking further down the road, and seeking to find a pattern in the events of the coming year? When the event occurs, I just imagine a cartoon Libra person running in a circle, stricken with panic, “Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!” That does no good. Thoughtful analysis and time to consider, then reconsider the possible avenues and outcomes? Given enough to time to sort through the problems, the processes, and the possible solutions? Better options, better ideas, and the best path forward will emerge. To make that happen? Apply a thoughtful analysis before acting, and certainly before reacting. Thoughtful analysis will yield the best Libra results, especially this next year.


For the last dozen years or so, until the hurricane wiped the place out? I looked forward to an extended week or two at the Gulf Coast, right before January started. I tended to be quite in demand, starting January 2, then a punishing schedule of appearances, as astrologers are really popular in January, with the common theme of, “What does my year ahead looks like?” Crickets in December, then ball-busters in January. We are facing very Scorpio delays in the immediate future. The Scorpio new year won’t start until March or so. This week, and the rest of this month? It’s like that lull I used to get in December, and my best use of time? I would head down to the coast for a few days. Fishing, reading, eating, not a lot else to do. Take a few good books, and, on more than one occasion, I worked my way through heavy, long texts I wouldn’t have otherwise made time to read. Use this time wisely. Fishing, as the weather permits. Reading, as catches the Scorpio fancy. Fine dining, or fresh fish as a food, whatever works to satisfy that Scorpio appetite. You get a time to rest when everyone else is hurriedly going nowhere fast. Scorpio New Year doesn’t start until March, not for you guys.


There’s a kind of “scorched earth” policy that feels correct. In the coming months, over the next year? Maybe not a good idea, but at this moment? Looking at the new year, and what’s ahead?

“Let’s burn this baby to the ground!”

It’s more an attitude than a viable Sagittarius option. Although? Let’s be honest, it would be immensely gratifying to just raze everything, and start fresh. However, I’m thinking, consider Sagittarius like a historic district, and just tearing everything down? That misses the point. Misses the mark. Doesn’t do justice to our shared histories, weak and weird as that might be. Or as strong as we might think our Sagittarius selves to be? The allure of the scorched earth policy is merely Mars, making his way along in our sign, and as hint? It’s not a viable option. Enterain the notion? Sure. Do it for real? I’d suggest not. Something to think about for the week, and year, ahead.

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