Venus, Capricorn, and 2022

Venus, Capricorn, and 2022

“Yet have I fierce affections, and think
What Venus did with Mars.”

Venus entered the tropical zodiac sign of Capricorn on November 5, 2021. On November 18 or 19, Venus tapped 11 degrees of Cap. Pay attention. We will visit that degree point of Capricorn again.

Venus, Capricorn, and 2022

Venus gets to 26 degrees of Capricorn mid-December, officially turning retrograde December 19, staying retrograde until January 28, 2022. Venus turns direct at 11 degrees of Capricorn. Venus doesn’t crawl out of her hole until it gets to 26 Cap, and that’s not until March 2, 2022.

In total? Venus entered Capricorn on November 5, 2021, and doesn’t exit until March 6, 2022. Typically, Venus spends about three-four weeks in a sign. Four months? Backwards almost half the time?

What does it mean?

Venus, Capricorn, and 2022

In part, there’s a basic understanding of the Sign of Capricorn. What Capricorn means, what it stands for, what energies does it represent? Capricorn is an Earth Sign, means it has that sense of reality some of us lack. It’s also Cardinal sign, so it is great for starting, sometimes a little less on finishing, Capricorn is associated with the 10th House, which in a traditional setting means business, career. Finally, there’s the planet: Saturn.

The “ringed wonder,” Saturn tends to a 28-year cycle, and I prefer to think of it as a “him,” and a boss. The uncomfortable version of the term, “Lord of Karma” is what I was taught. Saturn deals with inevitable situations, and the most correct outcome. Saturn also deal with the drudgery of real work, as well. One term? “Taskmaster.”

Put the planet of love, backwards, in a highly charged and Saturn-tinged sign, like Capricorn? Got stuff we need to deal with and not all of this is about “love,” and its associated feelings.

Venus, Capricorn, and 2022

Cycles, circles, and cardinal — the other note? Looking backwards, Mercury was last retrograde in Libra, a Cardinal Air sign. Looking ahead, Mars will be retrograde in Gemini, a Mutable Air sign. As a casual, off-hand observation? It’s time to start thinking about how we approach the subjects.


AriesThere’s a classic intersection of business and pleasure. One example, one that I liked for this, and what this is about? A colleague set about to define his work, and place on the internet in the simplest, easiest terms. He took a complex design and kept winnowing away at elements until he would up with a basic, black and white, website. Looked like an early computer screen, think of a time before there was the internet, and that might be too dated. But the design, while supremely functional with not much more than a display of current data, it lacked any kind of personality. No elements of whimsey. Worked across multiple platforms, and that is like it should, but as a business card? Really bland. Boring as can be, in faded black and white, no sparkle, no glitter, no fancy moving bits, just raw data. Right now? Simple is best. The simpler, the easier. In glorious back and white, just makes life so much easier. Think: opposite of good taste, because, you know, Venus is retrograde.


TaurusWhat to watch for, and while this is an example that’s rather trite and more tired than it should be? The trope stands. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Yes, we know that this is a very overused expression, but I was thinking, in practical terms, there’s a certain author I like; I’ve read maybe three or four dozen of the books? The covers offer lurid examples of artwork, gold-tinged lettering, and the cover is nicely finished. Heavy, glossy paper, it glistens in the reading light. In this example, I’ve read enough of the works to know that I’ll enjoy the latest release by the author. Fancy cover doesn’t do much for me, other than it looks good on the bookshelf. However, picking that artwork? Negotiating the deal? Selecting a book, a course, a destination for Taurus? With the planet of Taurus in apparent regrade motion? Doesn’t end up well. Doesn’t go like we want it to go. If there is any element of aesthetics involved, any element what—so—ever? What is most likely to happen? After this is over, say in March or even into the Taurus birthday times, like April, May? That book cover that lured you in? Likely you find it inappropriate, questionable in taste, or even downright deplorable.

“Why did I ever buy this book?”

Seemed like a good idea at the time?


GeminiThere’s a single reference that I have, a grammar guide, and I have it in both digital and hardback form. Nice book. Looking at my written word, more than one person has suggested I need to reference those grammar manuals more often. Not what this is about. It’s about having data available in every format. I like the digital copy as I can find it, in hurry when I’m away. I like the hardback as it was both a sentimental gift, but it’s also a proper paper reference for the guidelines of grammar, or, for me? Rules of the road. I’ve been getting paid to write for over thirty years. Begs the question of why I would like to use a grammar guide, no? While I doubt I’ll ever be a better writer, I can work on the nuts and bolts of the craft itself, and that’s where a book comes in handy. Like that one, which I’ve got, in two formats, just to be sure. There’s that inherent notion of the duality the nature of this Venus Retrograde comported with Gemini, my favorite Sign of the Twins, and that backs up to my suggested “rules of the road reference” manual. Manuals. While I have a number of them, that particular one seemed to cover more material, in a manner that’s easier to access. What this about? This planetary pattern? Data. Covering data, perhaps rules of the Gemini road that you’ve covered before? Still, don’t be afraid to go back and look at it again. Or have duplicate sources for the same data.


The Crab - the MoonchildEarly on, after I learned? I suggested, occasionally importuned, individuals about what to watch for. It’s the desperation of the new year’s eve energy, with no thought — not thinking ahead of time. My old suggestion was that Halloween wasn’t too early to start thinking about that new year’s ever date. Looking at Venus, and her apparent pattern? Not too far off with those dates, though they have passed. Started last November, and hit the turning point in December, and now? We’re stuck with an astrologically untenable situation within the sign of the gentle moon children. Cancer elements in anyone’s chart are opposed by that Venus retrograde action. What it means? Start thinking longer-term about whatever that Venus-flavored issue is, typically, romance. Not always romance, and this can apply to any number of types of relationships, above and beyond the notion of “romance,” however that might be colored for an individual Moon Child element in particular chart. Depends. But Venus, opposite, and retrograde? Look at the question. Look at the question then look at the lack of forethought, although, I did warn you a year ago, never mind, to move forward? It’s matter of making the best of a difficult situation.

“When life gives you lemons…”

The Leo

The LeoCrape Myrtles (Lagerstroemia) are fairly common. Kind of a weird amalgam tree and bush, I’m not sure what to call it without looking it up online. Neighbor, fishing buddy, Leo Sun Sign? He had one in a section of his yard, and he wanted to landscape. Somehow I got dragged into this, and one summer afternoon, I was stuck helping him dig up then carry the giant bush from one section to another. The root ball itself wasn’t too big, but at ten feet or more in height, the bush was, at best, awkward. We trundled along with it to the side of the of his yard, then I called it a day. Middle of a mild fall, even though the bush was doing well, my buddy decided he wanted to move that damned crape myrtle back to where it came from, “Looked better, you know, over there.” Should’ve left it there in the first place? Maybe shouldn’t have bothered me with manual labor? Once these crape myrtles are established? Virtually impossible to kill. It’s not a big deal, but like my Leo buddy? Continually moving them around? When we got that one bush back in its original position? It died. Venus, retrograde. Leave the landscape — leave the aesthetic decisions — just leave them all alone. Unless, of course, the goal was to kill that bush in the first place. I never know with this neighborhood.


VirgoPunctuation is important. How we punctuate life? How the Virgo life is carved with breath marks, indicating a pause, or serial list, set off with proper punctuation? I’m a big fan of the Oxford comma, in a list. While it doesn’t show in the early versions, especially in the latter works? It’s obvious that I both struggle with correct punctuation, and that I am a fan of that kind of serial comma use. What this is about, originally, punctuation was where a breath would be taken. It was a mark for rhythm and timing, for the purpose of ease of delivery. What this is about, with Venus in retrograde in her apparent position, compared with the rest of the energies cause by the whispering of the planets and their locations? It’s about how your Virgo self picks the correct kind of punctuation, and there’s a cosmic hint that some extra, added-value marks for breathing space, that would help. A lot. “That would help a lot.” It’s about building in the breathing space that’s required. The problem being, it looks “wrong,” or doesn’t seem correct, and then I’m back looking stuff up online then in actual books to understand what goes where, and what the problem with the grammar is, in the first place. This Venus Retrograde — for Virgo — leaves us arguing about the correct use of punctuations and whether that trailing comma is required. Hint: it probably is. Think of this as a question about the rules of the road, so to speak.


LibraSometimes it takes a lot of shopping to find the perfect one. While that can be construed on a number of different levels, and in this application, that’s what this is about, but pick that level you want. Is it shopping for a perfect mate, or looking for the perfect place to live, a car that suits your Libra self, or just clothing that fits and accentuates that Libra figure perfectly? It’s a season of “do overs,” or maybe, a make over that gets a second or even third adjustment after the work is finally finished. More like a works in progress rather than finished project. I snuck in a little winter fishing, just before all of this cratered. Gulf Coast wasn’t that cold, so I could survive, but I ran into that classic line, “You should’ve been here last week; they were really biting then.” I go as my schedule allows, and I can’t always pick the perfect time for it, but we’re fishing. However, I had fun. Wasn’t great, not a lot fish for my effort, which doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun, but it is called “fishing” rather than “catching.” Likewise, for Libra? This is called “shopping” rather than “buying.” We’re looking. With one of your main influence retrograde in place that doesn’t bode well? Hardly a time to “buy.” However, as a notion? Shopping. Sometimes? It takes a lot of shopping to find the perfect one.


ScorpioWhile I’ve used this example before, in a weekly horoscope, I didn’t use it in this context, and as such? It makes the perfect example of what — exactly — my little Scorpio friends should watch for. Watch out for. Be cognizant, alert, and aware, so this doesn’t happen to you, too. When I set up and approved the artwork for the cover of one book, since I did the original graphic manipulations myself? I used a particular typeface that is now the butt of the joke in design circles. However, at the time, it was perfectly acceptable for “casual” use. At the time, that design choice both made sense, and looked good. It has not aged well — not at all. Fortunately, the book is now back catalog, back listed, and no longer in general distribution, although that cover image lives on — probably as a marked up design tutorial about what not to do. Feel my pain? Realistically, when I first curated and crafted the image, the choice was obvious, and the internet wasn’t broken. As an example of an aesthetic decision that hasn’t held up well? That’s the pointer and reminder for Scorpio: hard as it may seem, hew to classical lines for design. Artistic choices in the next few weeks might seem OK at the time but probably don’t hold up well over time. My mistakes are your guides to success.


SagittariusYoung woman, wound up being a cashier for us, she had all of this covered. Around her neck, on a gold chain, there was a diminutive, but expensive, crucifix, with the hint, gold chain and all, that it was a first confirmation — think Catholic Style. On another, looked like a silver chain, there was a tiny piece of Citrine in an open-ended setting, and that stone is for health and abundance. Finally, over one wrist, there was a set of gold-colored “coins” threaded on red cord, and knotted. That’s at least three different metaphysical schools, and that was a just from a single glance. Just about covers some of the more well-known schools of thought, Catholic, Alchemical, Fengshui. Conventional, or traditional, Mystical, and “Eastern.” All in a single glance. Sagittarius, and I know because I asked, not because I am particularly intuitive. However, as a notion, her jewelry reflecting an eclectic belief system? Not sure which one is right? Instead of trying just one answer to the conundrum of bad luck foisted by Venus in a retrograde pattern? Try all three — or more. Instead of sticking with a single, “It has to be this way,” dogmatic approach? Broaden that possible belief systems and try more than one. There is no one right way. Understanding that there is no one right way to approach this time makes it a lot easier to grasp the change-up required. I kept thinking about the one person, her dark, olive skin, the gold setting off it off, the silver setting for the citrine, then the Fengshui coins, all of it, how some of it was mere adornment, and some of it — I’m not sure which one — is the perfect answer to the Venus inspired mayhem.


CapricornThink in terms of an old-school Movie trailer. On more than one occasion, the movie trailer, the carefully cut and spliced scenes, the advertising, the enticement was far superior to film itself. The advertising, especially that short take of 30 seconds upwards, maybe, 2 minutes? That short set left enough data to know what to expect, and, as it turned out, the trailer was better than the actual film. While I have used this an analogy before? The movie trailer idea popped back up, and especially for Capricorn with Retrograde Venus since this is about best, worst. While the whole of Capricorn is bracketed with the essence of Retrograde Venus, the month of Capricorn feels this the most. Late December to late January, it hits hardest. Instead of trying to convey large amounts of data in broad, expensive patterns, instead of using a typically effective, broad-based dispersal method, like a shovel, a backhoe, or a spray paint? Instead of the broad strokes? Think in terms of a whole movie condensed to a mere two minutes — or less. Just the high points. The essence of the cliffhanger without revealing the plot twists, but enough of the action to adequately convey what needs to be conveyed. Teaser. Not a main course. Think in terms of a movie trailer, and how — some times — the movie trailer is better than the film itself. We all have to same endgame in mind, it’s how we arrive at that part? “And they lived happily ever after?” How we get there? Think in terms of a two-minute video presentation, or, like I’ve suggested the movie trailer.


AquariusIn my life, there are periods of time wherein novels offer an escape and comfort. Great art, trashy literature, all about the same. In one “great work of literature,” as I was reading, or rereading it, maybe, I found an over-arching metaphor I hadn’t encountered before. I recall the first time I read the novel, I liked the plot, the action, the way events unfolded without reading too much into it. Great story, for me. Entertaining and comforting. However, I never realized the layer of possibly deeper meaning with themes that stretch far beyond the scope of the novel itself. The first time, I was reading for escape, for entertainment, and for comfort, not looking for any kind of a message. I’m suggesting that there is a subconscious kind of absorption that took place, first time I read that book. I didn’t look for the big themes, but those themes might’ve been apparent on some level I wasn’t openly aware of. Looking back, it’s easy to see how this is the kind of material that has helped shape me, my critical thinking, and my approach to problems. The conscious mind takes up about ten percent of our mental operating capacity, according to the most recent studies, which allows about ninety percent of the Aquarius capacity to think about other issues. Problems, solutions, and how to tackle that “thing,” which has no easy answers? With Venus where she is? There’s material ticking away and not until Venus arrives in March of 2022 does the message become more clear and easier to decipher.


Pisces Pascal’s Wager is a bit of philosophical detritus that recently resurfaced. In short? The philosophical riddle bets that either a god exists or doesn’t exist, and humans should live as if a god does exit, otherwise, if one doesn’t exist, then there’s nothing after death, but if one does exist, and a human worships accordingly, then heaven. It’s an “either/or” situation, and this long Venus period, all in Capricorn is about some basic binary decisions for Pisces. Hell or high water? Good or bad? Or, at the root of the riddle? Right or wrong? Looking back, I’ve been guided by similar logic to Pascal’s Wager, although, at times, I would never admit it. With Miss Venus backtracking through Capricorn, there’s a sense of Pisces shortcuts that might be nice, but ultimately, cutting corners is shoddy workmanship. No good Pisces ever wants to be accused of that. With this Venus retrograde, though, for the sign of the fish? Follow that philosopher’s wager, either you do the right thing, or if you take the wrong course of action? Eternal damnation. Venus will — temporarily — confuse the best Pisces answer. Don’t be dissuaded?

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