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Cancer guys: It’s a Cardinal Water sign, and the crabs can fit these personalities pretty well since this can be the original white trash trailer house group. They can up and move that house in no time, rather than leave anything behind. Watch out, these guys are ruled by the moon, and flit through moods faster than most. It’s a water sign, too, so these characters lead with their emotions. If you can get them out to the lake, they are the greatest of fishermen.

Grocery store: Look out baked goods, here comes Cancer! In the grocery store, the Cancer is often found lingering over the pastries and other, similar baked goods. Nothing is quite like this. I observed, on many occasions, my favorite Cancer male subject in the store at weird hours of the night, searching for a cupcake. If you really want to see what catches a Cancer, eschew other bait, and lay a trail of cupcakes and cookies. It isn’t guaranteed to work, but I’ve seen it be pretty effective, in fact, more effective than some real bait I’ve used.

Shopping at midnight: A Cancer might loathe the very idea of shopping at a super discount warehouse of a place, but there’s a slightly pecuniary side to the Crab as well, and this makes shopping strikes, especially after midnight, a good idea. Of course, there’s a lack of direction that the Cancer subject might display, sort of an idle, almost aimless wandering around the store at that hour. There’s a chance to linger over the various food groups –– nothing there will match up to the Cancer’s degree of taste. Still, there are those old blueberry muffins that look good –– and then there’s the clothing section because you can never tell what kind of a bargain you might find on a decent shirt. And don’t forget the oil for the truck, you’ve been meaning to pick up an extra quart.

Brick wall: When confronted with an immovable object, square in the face, like the ubiquitous brick wall, the Cancer usually reverts to what his sign is symbolic of: the Crab. Sure, a Crustacean is a shellfish, lives in and out of the water, but have you ever really observed a little crab down at the beach? I had chance not long ago, down on the Texas Gulf Coast. And it’s really true –– the crabs don’t seem to move in a forward direction. With their big claws and funny shell, the crab always seems to move sideways. And that’s how a Cancer often approaches a problem: sideways. He’ll scamper to the left, to right, but never come out and address the problem head on. Just like the crab at the beach. There is a way around the problem, and the Cancer might be able to find it, as long as it isn’t sitting right in front of him.

Bait: Bacon strips –– Nothing works better for catching a Cancer than food. And what could be a more tasty bait than a nice, decent bacon strip? In fact, a bacon strip that is double–hooked works even better. The only other thing I’ve seen work on Cancer is a little fish that looks like a minnow, but seems to be a major ingredient in Caesar Salad and compliments Pineapple on pizza. Be forewarned, not every one likes them little fish. I’d stick to the Bacon, myself.

Body part: Stomach and breasts.

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Aries: My dear, sweet and kind Cancer woman, why did you ever get yourself wrapped up with another Cardinal sign? Actually, we all know that there was an instant attraction, and you’ve spent the rest of your life trying to figure out just what it was. Cancer women are, as a rule, nurturing. And Aries men sure seem to need your love and compassion.

I believe it’s compassion that should be emphasized. If you are lucky and get a good one, many years down the road, you’ll hear a little comment about how he “couldn’t have done it without your help.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? What you’ve got to work on is getting down that road. You’re going to find that Aries has an annoying tendency to work with what is right in front of his face. Got that? It’s real simple proposition, one that should be easy to deal with, but it’s only what is right in front of his face.

So this is a relationship that’s bound to wind up right in your face a little more often than you would like. That’s something you need to be aware of. That’s a cautionary tale. Or maybe there should be a warning or two. But you know, that Aries guy is not without a few appealing characteristics — but warnings, too.


Taurus: In traditional astrology terms, Water and Earth make mud. But by my way of looking at things, there’s a certain soft and gentle quality in the mud that is ever so comforting. It’s soft, warm on a cool day, cool on a warm day, refreshing, and in some of the better health spas I’ve been at, it’s also considered a delicate beauty treatment. And that’s what this can be like, a virtual mud–bath that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

The problem with those health spa places is that they neglect to tell you just what that mudpack is going to do to you in the long run. Or, in my case, what the Taurus is like in the long run. This does have the FGS Seal of Approval for a Fixed and Cardinal relationship. But Mr. Taurus, unless he’s got a fair degree of maturity, isn’t going to be willing to work with some of the more obvious of the Cancer traits. It’s that depth of feeling that you’ve got, and I’m not sure a young Taurus understands how to respond.

Plus there is the ever so appealing sensual side of the Taurus, Mr. Tactile, and this can amaze you for hours on end. Then there’s also a shared love of the good life, especially if this good life includes food. That much works well for you two. It’s just the other details that are problematic. Neither of you two are real willing to confront the little areas in a relationship that occasionally need some gentle confrontation. For a better understanding of what I mean, check out the brick wall metaphor under each sun sign. Then imagine those two together.

When it works, there can lots of love here. When you’ve got some kind of a stable foundation, it looks really good. But without the foundation, this one looks better than it really is.


Gemini: I’ve got one of my special Cancer friends, and she took one look over my shoulder at what I was about to write, and she suggested that, “All Gemini men are psycho.” I patted her hand assured her (in jest) that she could encompass a group larger than just Gemini, given her last few failed attempts at relationships.

However, with a Gemini guy, sooner or later, you’re going to pull this note up, and say, “You know, Mr. ‘Know–it–all’ Fishing Guide, your friend was right. All Gemini men are psycho.”
It’s just not true. The group, though, collectively referred to as Gemini, is a bizarre one. Depends on what you’re looking for. Fun and adventure? They can be that. Loads of entertainment, your Gemini can be that, too. Weird and wacky? Sure, and we haven’t even left on the date yet. You guys do get along, that’s the good news. But if you are looking for a serious, long–term committed relationship, I might suggest that you look to another sign. I’ve seen one or two sets of charts where this pairing has worked well for a long time.

In those examples, what the dear, sweet Cancer woman does is look after the Gemini. He’s like a small child, at times. Of course, given his changeable nature, he is also like a fully–grown adult at times, too. The Cancer girl learns how to enjoy the brazenly bizarre nature of the Gemini. It could happen. I’ve seen it in two stellar examples.

If you know anything about statistics, two examples don’t make an accurate random number of successful attempts. But I figure this can work. There is always someone who will tell you it doesn’t work. But when you show up for this Gemini Rodeo, remember that you’re doing more than just barrel racing. You might be required to ride wild horses, or you might even get stuck on top of one of those giant bulls, one of those guys with a seriously bad attitude. But the bull ride is just like the Gemini, and maybe that’s why this does work sometimes, that ride is only 8 seconds of angry animal, and then it’s back to everything being wonderful again. At least one male Gemini I know considers 8 seconds to be the Gemini equivalent of two normal lifetimes.


Cancer: Cancer female and Cancer male can be one of the most powerful and wonderful feeling relationships there is. There are some drawbacks, though, and the Moon Signs of the two characters needs to be consulted, as well, because the Sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Emotions run high in this relationship. Very high indeed! Even worse, is the thought that the two Cancers might never, ever get out of the house.

However, the Cancer Male and the Cancer Female are completely different creatures, though. Due to societal limitation, upbringing, and the way we tend to think, the Cancer male is lost in his sea of feelings whereas the Cancer female is perfectly at home in this same ocean. She navigates with perfect ease and grace while he sort of fumbles along. This is where the trouble occurs. While it’s a generalization of the worst kind, it holds remarkably true in this case. Ask a Cancer male how he feels, and the response usually has to do with something or other, and he takes a very indirect approach to actually answering the question. Like the archetype for the sign, a crab, the Cancer male will have very strong feelings for his mate, he just won’t talk about it.
Ask the same question of the Cancer female, and she will respond almost immediately with a great torrent of words. This is the fundamental difference between the two. I realize that this is hyperbole, but more often than not, it applies in this situation. Now, with Sun Conjunct Sun, which is what this is, the union of the two can be very powerful. The trouble lies in dealing with the huge amount of emotions that are at stake here. Both partners are sensitive, but the female is more willing to be vulnerable. And, indeed, in this relationship, someone is almost always getting his or her feelings hurt. Effective methods of dealing with this huge outpouring of emotions are necessary. The differences are between the Cancer female and the Cancer male because the one key concept for Cancer as a sign is nurturing. And, in today’s society, you just don’t see one football player telling another, “Hey, I just need a hug and some reassurance that everything is going to be okay.”

I’ll be surprised if my Cancer editor let’s this part stay, too, and that’s the finally thing that I have to say about Cancer males, and this really applies in this relationship: the key word is guilty. Remember that when you are face to face with a guilty looking Cancer male. He would flunk a lie detector test, just because of his Sun Sign. To this day, there’s one Cancer guy out there, feeling bad about something I’m doing or not doing.


Leo: Skip it. There are times when this works, and then there are times when this doesn’t work. And the times that it does work, it seems to dissolve into one of those times that it doesn’t work. That’s about the nicest way I can say it. A good Cancer girl doesn’t know what to do with a real Leo guy. And after you’ve been around him for a little while, he’s going to feel terribly transparent to you.

The problem is words. He is passionate and artistic. You are emotional and creative. Very different words for similar, but seemingly the same, type of behaviors. And after a while, you get tired of having to put up with his “party animal” ways.

Look: not all Leo guys are the life of the party. But just about every one of them likes to have the Sun shining on him, all the time. As long as you put him at the center of your universe, everything is okay.

The problem I’ve seen with this is that a good Cancer girl often puts the Leo guy at the center of her Solar System. Once again, we’re back to the actual definitions of the words. Works well for a little while. But that Leo guy is looking for you to be there for the rest of this natural life, and you are going to get a little tired of that after a while. And there are more objects in the universe than there are just in the solar system.

See what the little problems are about? Sooner or later, that Leo of yours is going to get upset because there is something that you are doing that preempts him. And while Leo’s are fine people, never let them slip to the number two position on your hierarchy of life. If he’s not the center of your world, then this might not work.

When it does work, you find that you can get over the little problems with semantics and let this thing go the way it should.


Virgo: Let’s get this straight, right away here. I love both Cancer women and Virgo men. I’ve got any number of got friends who can provide interesting fodder for looking at this connection. I’ve got nothing but warm respects for both signs. However, in a relationship, I’ve seen this go both ways. In theory, this is a good combination. On paper, this works well. In the real world, out there past the seething electrons of the virtual world I live in, past the printed page, though, this can be a little problematic.

I was reviewing some information, late last night, for a different astrology topic, going through an old Shakespeare play, and I kept hitting on strength displayed by the female roles in some of Shakespeare’s comedy plays. The women are strong and adaptable. What’s even funnier is when you get look at the historical side, it was originally males playing a female, and then you get a male playing a female playing a male, and then I get lost. But the irony shouldn’t be completely lost on you.

There’s a problem with this relationship because a strong woman can sometimes overpower a Virgo guy. He’ll be just as sweet as fresh Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit in the morning, but then, come evening, that delicious grapefruit has soured quite a bit. And he can seem to turn for no discernible reason. That’s a problem. Now, don’t lose sight of the fact that the Ruby Red Grapefruit is one of the healthiest and most delicious fruits grown. It has a strong taste and sometimes can make you pucker, but at its heart, it is also really good for you. That’s also a consideration here.

So how does this roll up into a relationship? It can be good. Next to the Virgo, though, at times, you are going to feel a little inconstant. He can be an anchor for you, but he’s voluble anchor, at best. It’s a good combination, although, it’s not always the best. He can be very attentive, too, and there’s nothing that a Cancer female can really enjoy more than occasionally be doted upon. After all, you are nurturing sign, and nothing works better than a little natural nurture for yourself.

Legendary Virgo attention to detail, though, can sometimes come across as Virgo anal–retentive preoccupation. That can drive a good Cancer girl right around the bend. When this is good, it is very good. And when it goes bad, be patient because there’s a better than average chance that he will come around again, soon. There is a long suffering quality about a good Virgo male, a touch of a martyr in him, and every once in a while, you have to succumb to this syndrome, if only for a little while. Pat his fevered brow, and tell him everything will be okay. It will.


Libra: A Cancer girl will usually fall right for a Libra guy. That’s good news. That’s even great news, in some cases. But there’s an encumbrance that the Libra guy brings into this relationship, and that little problem is the way he deals with problems. This can drive a poor Cancer woman to the edge. In at least one case, the Cancer woman came to me and asked about jumping off the cliff. I couldn’t really suggest it. However, the thought of pushing her Libra mate off the same cliff wasn’t such a bad idea.

The Libra guy is fun. He’s charming. He’s got a way of being able to sugar coat just about everything. That’s good. His refined actions and tastes indicate that he’s quite the suave character, at least in your book. But there’s always something that doesn’t seem to ring true… on certain occasions, you’re going to feel like he is pulling your leg. You’re going to feel like he’s not as sincere as he seems.

I wouldn’t worry about this apparent lack of sincerity. It’s not really the case. While your little Libra guy might seem to be overly concerned about appearances, that understanding is not all it takes to make this work. There’s also the part that goes on behind closed doors, and I don’t really want to know about the intimate details. However, I’m sure you do, and that’s part of what makes this improbable combination work. It’s the real intimacy, and yes, despite his appearances and smooth talking ways, he is very capable of it.

As with so many relationships, this is a case where the Sun Signs square each other. In traditional astrology, this is a bad angle. Good for attraction, bad for a fight. But the nature of these two signs seems to work okay with each other. And then there’s that other thing, that basic animal attraction that you two always seem to have for each other. Go for it? That’s up to you. Odds are good, but still odd.


Scorpio: This double water combination is not without some merit to it. It has great potential. However, if you’re like me at all, as soon as someone says, “You have such great potential,” a little red flag pops up. Translation: you amount to nothing right now.

But these two set of signs together, the Scorpio guy with his steamy, smoldering sensuality, and the Cancer woman with all her charm, it does look good on paper. I’ve seen it work, in the real world, on occasion. It does look good, too. But be very careful, you are dealing with a Scorpio Male. He has an ego, sometimes a frail one, and he might forgive an injurious comment, but the chances are, born out from long experience, he won’t forget. Keep that in mind.

The problem is that a Scorpio guy has a tough exterior. He can come across as mean and vindictive. But there’s also a tender, caring, and most important, sensitive side to this guy. Trust me, I’ve seen it from time to time. I know my Scorpio guys. And you need to handle this sensitive nature with care because there is an emotional bond between you two. Oh, it’s there, you can almost feel it. Of course, this is going to present a situation where you will sooner or later be exasperated with him. You might throw up you hands in disgust, to borrow a cliché, and holler, “What do you think I am, psychic or something?”

Well, dear Cancer woman, yes you are. We all have a certain intuitive gift. It’s very important. And no place better does this link show up than in this a–here relationship. Get used to it.
In the best of situations, you can spend hours gazing into each others’ eyes and communicating on an ethereal plane. Cool. But on a bad day, you can slip up and say that one thing he really doesn’t want to hear. That’s when the trouble starts. Remember, he might forgive but I’d suggest he’d never forget. In fits of anger brought about by frustration, don’t say anything you might regret. He’s a Scorpio. Always think before you say anything. Handle with care, and you can reap some rewards.


Sagittarius. Notice that there’s a period after the Sagittarius, not some other form of punctuation that would suggest that you go onward. It should end here. I remember a friend’s book about compatibility among certain Chinese signs, and there was one I looked up, a person I was pursuing at the time. There was the shortest paragraph in the book. Cancer Water and Sagittarius Fire should get the same treatment from me. It looks good on paper, all that fire looks like so much fun. In the real world, though, there are problems, like day–to–day problems with just about everything.

No matter what you do, you feel like he’s always looking “over yonder” as we are fond of saying in Texas. “Over Yonder” might be wherever he keeps one eye cocked. And like having loaded gun around the house, you’re just never too sure when this one will go off. That’s the allure of the mighty Sagittarius, though, the sense of wonder and the adventure of it all. A Sag fellow can play along fine, for a little while. But before you start doing something more than just polishing belt buckles, you’d better consider what you’re going to do with that old cowboy when he starts to stake out a claim on your bed. Remember that this is one that looks really good on paper, but the practical application might have him exceed your grasp. Not that it can’t be done, but this is a relationship that requires a little more thought preceding it than most. Look before you leap. But always remember, “Hey baby, who loves you?”


Capricorn: Rather than be objective about this, I’ll just say that opposites do attract. Look at my Gemini collection, and me a Sagittarius. I can’t urge too much caution with this one because it is always appealing. Very appealing at times. And that Capricorn fellow is a good one. You can sense his strength, you can see that he looks good to you, you love his levelheaded yet light hearted attitude at times. But wait, there’s more to this than that.

With opposing Suns, there is an attraction, but there is also room for some pretty big conflict. Major scale war. I’m thinking about a situation where a couple lobs low–yield thermonuclear devices at each other.

I went digging through my files for more information, and what I found was that this is pretty common relationship, and that’s against the odds. The ones who stick it out, usually there is a long courtship involved, but the ones who do stick it all out seem to have a pretty righteous relationship. So consider that. The similarities between both signs are good. And I’m staying away from the “water and earth” elements make mud analogy because, given time, the two harden into a rock. So yes, this can be as stable as a rock. There is a good indication that the Lunar Child, that would be the Cancer girl (now probably a woman), has done some homework on herself. Therapy, counseling, self–help books, something like that, and the Capricorn is sufficiently self–aware to be able to laugh at his innate foibles.

Since I’m particularly fond of Cancer women and Capricorn men, I’ve found this one to be successful. But it’s not a success without a little bit of work. There is that opposition of sun signs, and that means you guys are 180 degrees apart on some topics. At least, with you two, it’s easy to have points where you agree to disagree. One of you is bound to be an inordinately dense Republican whereas the other one might be a progressive, forgiving, forward, and right–thinking Democrat.


Aquarius: This looks so wonderful from my vantage point, I just can’t understand why I don’t see it more often. Of course, if I look at the paper version of this, the charts themselves, I can understand why the most frequent comment is, “He’s an Aquarius—it didn’t work because he is so….” then insert your favorite comment about Aquarius males.

He is appealing. He looks wonderful. He is so refined. It seems like it should work. But Cancer women have something that’s a special quality not found in other signs, or even other females (except, of course, the girls with Cancer Moons), whatever this quality is, the Aquarius guy just doesn’t get it.

If you are willing to put up with some of his tendencies to be acerbic and intellectual while you are emotional and have your own depth of feeling, it might work. At least, it works for a little while. Sort of. Don’t count on it lasting, though. I’m not the disturbed individual saying that all relationships with an Aquarius are doomed, nor am I one to pick on the sign. It’s just that this is an unlikely pairing, and from long experience, it doesn’t work as often as it should.

There are exceptions to every rule. If there is a degree of water in his Aquarius chart, or if you are willing to forgive his “apparent” lack of emotion, then this works. And I call it apparent, but no Aquarius guy is actually devoid of emotion, he just doesn’t always demonstrate it in the same way a normal guy does.


Pisces: It works and it’s a pretty good thing, really. What this is, as a combination, is it does combine the best of water signs in a rollicking festival where feelings run strong and deep. The Cancer woman can find all of her emotional needs met by the Pisces guy. It’s possible, and I’ve seen this work more often than not.

To be sure, as in all interpersonal relationships, as the astrologer, I only get to see the outside of what happens, I only get the parts that I’m told. Looking as an observer, though, I’ve seen this one work well because the basic nature of the two signs is such that they compliment each other in a supportive way. At the risk of using old time astrology keywords, the Cancer girl is by nature a nurturing person. And there is an element present in the Pisces that makes anyone want to just pick up and cuddle him. He likes to be looked after, and this is what the Cancer woman likes to do. Of course, this isn’t without some sort of ritual bonding. It could be something simple, or perhaps it’s a more complex ritual that defies what we observers fail to detect, but I’m pretty sure that it’s there.

Someplace, on some level, these two have a little “arrangement” which is exactly what makes this work so well. It might even be, given the nature of Mr. Pisces, a nonverbal deal. Whatever the understanding is, though, it’s an important piece of the way these two interact. It’s the keystone, it’s that little piece that hold together a Roman Arch, it’s the cornerstone.
Since water is symbolically linked to emotions, you can be sure that the emotional content of this pairing is high. And since the feelings are so strong, that’s part of the strength. Pisces guys sometimes get bad rap from other signs and in other relationships. In this one, however, it’s a good one.