Horoscopes for 9-7-2022

Horoscopes for 9-7-2022

“The body of your discourse is sometime guarded with fragments, and the guards are but slightly basted on neither.”

  • Benedict in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (1.1.109)
  • Horoscopes for 9-7-2022

    Mercury goes retrograde, at 8° Libra, Sept. 9, at 10:38 PM, which means that some will run screaming, and others will stoically accept that which is. It is what it is.

    The Moon is technically at its fullest, like, shortly after Mercury turns officially retrograde, with the Pisces/Virgo Full Moon at 17°41’ on September 10, 4:59 AM.

    Of note, looking forward? Mars “squares” Venus exactly at 14° Gemini/Virgo conjunct 3rd Quarter Moon, September 16, 1:59 PM.


    Two Keys I plan for periods like this, accentuated and bookmarked by Mercury in Retrograde. Prepared, as it were. Usually, it’s just candles, incense, and bottles of water, plus some extra coffee. This year, looks lot like a “Hurricane preparedness kit,” a lifestyle — living in Texas? One must always be prepared. Prepared for tornados, hurricanes, floods, fires, droughts, nosy neighbors, and stupid politicians. Never can tell what it will be. But I am prepared more or less, and that’s what this takes. It’s less about the Virgo specific steps and more about general way of being always ready — no one expects the unexpected. The Moon, Mars, and Venus? That accentuates the panic of the moment, but it’s not bad, not if you are prepared. I never thought I was a prepared person, but over the years, I have a “fishing box,” and what it really contains? Emergency supplies, should some natural disaster, or man-made freak event, should something untoward unravel reality. Good Virgo reality is frayed by astrological events, and as such? The usual preparedness comes into play. Virgo: you were prepared for this, right? I warned you before.

    Mercury in Retrograde?


    Do you remember learning how to drink coffee? I recall, must’ve been all of about 20 years old, fresh from school, sitting in a darkened diner, stirring soured milk into the coffee. It was at that moment, I learned to drink coffee black. The curdled creamer added little lumps in the coffee mug’s surface, the oily black slick disturbed. It was, at that moment, I learned how to drink coffee with no creamer.

    It was a matter of taste, and some years later, a passage in a novel reminded me that I like my coffee black, without a sweetener. Over the years, this has varied, but at the time of this writing, sure, I like black coffee, no sweetener, because it is faster, simpler, more efficient, and tastes like coffee. This is about efficiency. What is most efficient for Libra? This might be about coffee, or this could be other life-support systems in the Libra life, but the idea is that, with training, persistence, perhaps just in the next few days or weeks, you might be able to appreciate the succinct, flavorful notion that coffee tastes better without any accoutrements. It’s an efficiency move, and we need that.


    I’m sure it’s been used before, the myth of the Scorpion and the Frog? I’ve heard several versions, but in short? Scorpion needs to ford a river, and begs Frog to carry him across. Scorpion’s sting can alternately paralyze or kill Frog. Frog asks why Scorpion won’t sting him, and Scorpion replies, he needs to cross the river, and if he stings Frog, they will both drown. Frog questions Scorpion, asks if it isn’t in his nature to sting Frog, and there’s some kind of a dissembling answer or outright dismissal. The way the myth goes, halfway across the river, Scorpion stings Frog, and as they are both about to drown, Frog asks why. As the swift river’s waters close over him, Scorpion just explains, it’s in his nature.

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    Mercury and Mars make for strange bedfellows, and that’s the (Scorpio) tie-in to the myth.

    Mercury in Retrograde?


    It’s been a while since I’ve seen those old, glory days when I would walk out of a venue with a stack of dollars. The nature of live appearances faded, there is glut of information available at our fingertips, and my reach has narrowed. I travel fewer and fewer places for shows and events. I work a little less than before. Fishing buddies and family, pretty much in that order, seem to take precedence. What’s important? What’s most important? This next few weeks, really getting our Sagittarius noses ground into the carpet over some perceived slight? Can’t go back to our glory days. When those around us bring up the glory of old, this next few days, paving the way for the weeks ahead? Stay out of the reminiscent thoughts. That was then, concentrate on now. Probably be misunderstood, that seems to be our lot in life these days. Not time to revel in our previous glory days.

    Mercury in Retrograde?


    I’m old. I’m tired. And? I’m cranky. “Are you Capricorn?” No, but I’m sure you understand the tired and cranky part. There’s a facile notion that we can just blame a heinous little Mercury Retrograde, but that doesn’t capture the entirety of the situation. There’s more to it than just that. The Full Moon heightens the tension foisted upon the other elements in the Capricorn chart, and that furthers the tension. The best choices are sometimes no choices. At a recent interaction, the youngster kept calling me, “Sir.” “Yes sir,” and “no sir,” so forth. I suggested that the kid relax a little, and the reply “No sir, I can’t, it’s in my upbringing.” Made me feel old. However, as social lubricant, and as away to navigate the next couple of Capricorn days? It’s as an effective strategy as any. I’m old, I’m tired, and I’m cranky. Feel me?


    Don’t focus on romance. That’s like me rushing from the shower, dripping and naked, telling my girlfriend, “Don’t look at me!” (Hint: it’s not a pretty sight.) I left clothing where we disrobed the evening before. Not that it matters, nakedness wasn’t a problem, then. But it is now. Suddenly shy. Really, just an act, but we do what we must. The point is? As soon as I say, “Don’t look at me,” that draws a very human kind of attention to whatever I said not to look at. So the real exhortation is about not trying too hard with romance. I’m a fan of organic, natural, as delivered by fate, rather than forcing an issue. Romance comes up. We are in the dead heat of the after-summer-burn. There’s an extra layer of tension, communications are bad, and the best answer? It will all work out if you don’t focus on romance.

    Mercury in Retrograde?


    There is a touch of brilliance, just up and around the corner. There is also a hint of madness in the air. That hint of madness and brilliance? Me? It never bothers me. It might have an adverse effect on normative Pisces since the brilliance is wrapped up in the crazy. It’s a delicate line to tread, and one that I can’t comment upon, not at length, because I tend to present the same way. “Kramer? He’s nuts.” Frequent comment, but within that layer of banter, so I’ve been assured, and after a few decades, it seems to work? In that layer of banter, bad humor, and snippy asides, therein is the evidence of that Pisces brilliance. The question, more as a question I pose? The question, is it worth digging through those layers if the audience isn’t ready?

    Pisces fishing buddy looked at me one morning, “Some days, is it really worth chewing through the restraining straps?”

    Mercury in Retrograde?


    I still think that most of this material slides right past you. Doesn’t affect the Aries pieces of the chart, not directly. However, indirectly? Therein is the challenge. Instead of letting this go, or letting it slip past you? There’s an Aries action wherein you take on that which is not yours. I’m all for helping carry the load, but in this situation, face-to-face for Aries, there is absolutely no need whatsoever to pick up that load. It isn’t yours. It’s not your burden. It’s not your “karma,” whatever that means. It’s not your battle. Sailing forth to be of assistance, when it’s not requested? You might just piss everyone else off, and that doubles the existing problem. What to listen for? “I got this.” That means, Aries? That means the other party has this, and you have to let them figure out if they want help — or not. Don’t pick up nothing that ain’t yours.


    There’s a “duck, dodge, and deceive” sense that plays well. Given the unsettling and seems like discordant energies running afoul of the situations at hand? In Taurus land the best efforts are at ducking out of the way of whatever coming along, then, if need be outright dodging the scenario, and as a fail-safe, backup plan? Deceive as need be. I’m not suggesting a total fabrication of a relative truths, or facts masquerading as truths, when, in fact the data might be wholly manufactured for the sake of proving the Taurus point. But there is that. If it “feels” right? That’s always an option. Whether the facts are factual or not. There are three parts, three pieces, three components to handling this week. The first is obvious, just duck out of the way. If that doesn’t work? Dodge, takes a bit of either footwork or fret work, but either way? You get the idea. Finally, if neither one works, and as we close out the next seven to ten days? Don’t be afraid to manufacture or regurgitate material that we know might not be based in fact, but, sure, it sounds plausible.

    Mercury in Retrograde?


    When I was looking at this week, the Full Moon, and retrograde planets? I saw something to look forward to, or, for that one special Gemini? Something to look for? Sure, as a both condolences and congratulations? Yeah, depends on what we do this week, with Gemini energy as we see what happens in about ten days. Get prepared. I’ve go a whole, ever-changing, list of “Mercury Retrograde protocol.” Some of are funny, some are terse, some are strangely ambivalent, but it all carries the same meaning; it’s about “being prepared.” The two love planets, and the sign of relationships, Libra, all of that is of concern. My succinct message last week was a dismal future, except with me, but I’m not Gemini — I tend to see it all a little differently. However, we’ve got a few days on this scope before things “fall apart,” and if you’re ready for it? I just stand there and pick up the pieces. That’s the goal, be the one standing there, picking up the pieces. Going to be a tough one, no need to get yourself involved, right?

    Mercury in Retrograde?


    I know these are reruns, but, as noted above, the planets demand to rehash what we’ve been through before. I’m pretty sure I have no control over what happens in my dream-state, the REM period of time during a typical sleep cycle. However, I’ve had some tremulous dreams as of late. Weird doesn’t even cover the material that creeps in my slumber. It’s the nature of these reruns, the way we re-hash what we’ve been through thus far? It’s all about moving forward through what’s already here. The old stuff is popping up because of the planetary influences. What one decides to do with that material that keeps re-surfacing? Bubbling up from the morass of the subconscious mind? Let’s take a good, long, Cancer, Moon-child look at that material, the stuff that keeps nagging in one form or another? Look at it. I didn’t say “do anything,” just look at it, for now. All it takes.

    The Leo

    There is yet another silly season upon us. It weighs heavy on The Leo Heart because it seems like there’s an endless supply of idiots. Seems like there’s an army of them, and they are all allied against what your good Leo self knows is true. Right, righteous, and on the side of right? Yes, I know you might be the most correct, as an idea, just for now? Instead of taking a side? Instead of screwing your courage to the sticking place? Instead of loudly standing up for what you feel, in that mighty Leo heart as the only right answer? Let’s look at Mercury, weighed against Mars, and what that spells out? Look at the facts, the data, and the supporting evidence. Then, a very Leo-like pause is called for. I’m not going to change your mind, you’re not going to change your mind, but collecting more data is better. Remember?

    Mercury in Retrograde?

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