Horoscopes for Libra 2022

“My duty then shall pay me for my pains.”

Horoscopes for Libra 2022

The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Libra (the Scales) on 9/23/2022. And furthermore?

  • Retrograde Mercury conjoins the Sun 9/23
  • Retrograde Mercury enters Virgo 9/24
  • New Moon in Libra 9/26 at 3° Libra
  • Venus enters Libra 9/29
  • Mercury turns direct 10/1 at 24° Virgo
  • The Full Moon is 10/10 at 17° Libra/Aries
  • Jupiter retrogrades back to 0° Aries 10/18
  • Venus enters Scorpio 10/23

The Sun enters Scorpio 10/23/2022


You learned something about yourself last time. This is a birthday month and as such it’s a great time to sit, pause, and reflect on where you’ve been. Where you might want to go. How you might want to get there, from here, where you might be, and how that looks in your carefully constructed Libra mind. There are s number of elements that suggest Libra mental activity is at a peak. That’s good. It starts with a retrograde Mercury. While not bad, that does dredge old material up and forces us to confront old, outdated ideals. In a situation where new information is constantly coming up, and being added to the Libra data? That new material helps to arrive at a new way to see the old material. Some of that thinking might need to be discarded. I’m not suggesting we, wholesale, throw out the entire catalog, no, that’s not it. But as a birthday month rockets up and and down with planets? Think about getting ready to abandon that which no longer serves the Libra’s highest good. Little too metaphysical? Think about unloading useless data from your own head.


Ease into this next month. Blame the disposition and dyspeptic nature on Mercury’s errant path, or just blame the general timbre of Libra itself, but taking it easy, and not taking it so damn Scorpio personal is the easiest way to survive. Not sure you’ll thrive, but I’m willing to be wrong about that. Send me 1% as a commission? Always worth a try, you know. The placement of Mars in this next few weeks is the clue as to what is going on, and with Mars in Gemini, and that Mercury thing? This is about doubling then doubling that effort in order to succeed. Which, if you’re the good Scorpio that I suspect you are? You will succeed, but not without some either comic, tragic, or comical tragical foibles and missed opportunities. The understanding that benefits the most Scorpios? Understanding that this is the cosmos itself having a bit of fun with the Scorpio psyche, and it’s not really a personal attack. At times, and over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll hear from at least three Scorpio folks who will claim that this is personal attack on their collective Scorpio personhood. It’s not, might feel that way, but it’s not. From my distant place high in the stars? I can see this situation elbowing over and even being a point of comedy — next month. When this is all over. Wait for it?


One astrology presentation I did was totally on the fly. I had, at the time, a fundamental and ingrained working knowledge of the symbolism, the meaning, the definitions, and the placements of the planets over the next cycle. Forcing myself to present, while winging it? That helped keep it fresh for me. I had a basic understanding of what was where, and what would be play out, how it should play out, and then, given the Mercury in Retrograde issues, how that would not go as planned, but as provided for. All of that, swirling around in my head, when I stepped up to the white board, I was off on a roll. While I’ve tried to duplicate that kind of energy, I’ve found that it’s difficult at best, if not impossible, to capture the exact moment, and repeat the process. Knowledge, understanding, confidence in my material, and then, assembling it on the fly. I like the idea, “Just jump, you can sew together a parachute on the way down.” Worked for me — one time. Since then? I’ve discovered that I need to have notes, background material, and perhaps an outline of my talking points, before I get started. Always helpful. As the weeks speed on towards the year’s end, and as we get closer and closer to Scorpio, there’s a Sagittarius sentiment that we can wing it, just build a parachute on the way down, don’t worry, we got this. Works one time. The second time? Third time? I suggest we get prepared.


One of the most appealing aspects of astrology, as a science, or as an art, one of the most appealing characteristic is that it is forever open-ended. There is always new theories to test, new ideas, old approaches that are steeped in tradition and myth? Those can be reapplied in new ways. A tasty question came up then proved to be a starting point for a whole new line of inquiry, for me. Part of this is from listening to clients. Part of this is from exposure to old, entrenched ways of doing this, and part of this is being willing to rise up to a new challenge. Part of this — for Capricorn — is about looking at an existing data set with a different approach. Isolate the unknown, then solve for the variable. It is the Capricorn way? Only, this is different, only, maybe it’s not different. There is an open-ended way to solve the problems of the day for you, it’s just trying — what seems like — a different approach. Over the years, I’ve toyed with various astrological systems, and one understanding that has emerged, there’s a basic sense of grasping where everything is, no matter the name for the system. Most of the systems tend to have common elements, and most of this is observable. For me, this is a worthy opponent because it stretches my mind to work in ways that I hadn’t previously considered. New solutions to old problems. For the Sea-Goat, this is about using an older method that used to work, and that method had been abandoned in favor of new skills, only the older, rusty tools still work, and might be the most equitable solution to the current conundrum.


The attributions for this run deep. I’ve seen the phrase alternately attributed to Shakespeare, Buddha, Plato, and others. It’s simple, “I did not say that,” and then one of the various attributions. Or, like Shakespeare said, “I didn’t say that.” There are numerous variations on this theme, but it spells out the same way, most every time. Find a stock image, and then insert some variation of that expression, “I didn’t say that,” or write that, or whatever, it wasn’t recorded that way. I doubt that some great thinkers in their respective eras thought of everything, and I doubt they understood the problems we face with information overload. Is there an easy way out? Writing as the Fishing Guide to the Stars, I’m offering an easy way out for this month, for Aquarius — simple, easy to implement, and sure-fire success. Pick a person from history, or borrow from my short list above, and then? Give then a quote, totally made-up, entirely fictional, but the quote backs up whatever Aquarius point requires support. “See, it’s like Gen. MacArthur said, ‘The future belongs to those willing to avoid the negative’.” See how that works? Let me spell this out, Figure from History, and I tend to favor Shakespeare or a Roman Philosopher, and a statement supporting your point. It’s a simple way, who has time to look up sources, these days?


The goal is to live with as few regrets as possible. When I get to the end of the line, I don’t want to be thinking “I should’ve done that instead,” or that there was a message to some dear one left un-said. As few bad choices left alone, as few good choices un-acted upon, and a life, well-lived. That goal, however, gets in tangled with certain scenarios where a little voice in my head, a voice of reason, logic, and sound decisions speaks up. In my mind, it tends to be the quietest voice, out of the cacophony of the rabble, but never mind my thinking, this is about Pisces, and this unknown immediate future is about making the best decision for your Pisces self. What is best, as opposed to what looks like it would be fun, but might be problematic in a few days? Looks like fun — at the time — but you know, there will be hell to pay within a few weeks, in the ensuing aftermath. Now, in my own defense, “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” that’s a valid legal strategy, and one that works, except during times like this. Knowing that the consequences are too large to bear? That might serve as a deterrent. Besides, the point for Pisces is about not making the same mistake, over and over. Me? I find new ones. The goal is to have fun, but live with as few regrets as possible.


There are fragments and remnants of archetypes that lie fractured in the Aries subconscious. Seemingly unrelated pieces of memories float up and demand attention, but without a referential basis upon which to build? There is no solid ground to start a new construct. Another way to look at this month, what’s just up ahead in Aries land? It’s like a holiday jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces are in box, and the Aries decides to put the puzzle together, just a jumpstart on the Fall Seasons. What’s left, at the end of the weekend? A puzzle fully put together, but there’s one or two pieces missing, which in turn, makes for an angry disposition. That’s the problem with the unattached, unanchored memories, the image itself is the covered bridge, maybe with a dusting of snow, maybe just brilliant hues of Fall Colors, but the quaint image is marred, like something has been left out. There’s a string of fairly important Aries milestones in the next couple of weeks. This means something. The fragments that seem unrelated and that bubble up, unsolicited? The missing pieces to that puzzle? Can’t fix everything, and some losses, we just have to accept, it was like that when you got it. Easier if you understand that the missing pieces were missing before Aries arrived.


The expression, way I heard it? “Failure is an option.” What it means, not all attempts are successful. Looking back on a body of work that covers more than thirty years, I can see time when I was less than successful. I’ve made my mistakes, out in public, where everyone can see, and I let my record stand on its own merits, such as they are. However, a guiding tenet in what I do? “Failure is an option.” For more than a decade, I ran an experimental photo-blog, more as an exercise to keep me in touch, and less than a successful enterprise. Some of the images were big successes, as measured by accolades, awards, and traffic. Other images? Or better yet, an image that captured what I found rather amusing, and turned out, no one else thought it was interesting or even artistic, see? “Failure is an option.” But this is less about failure, and more about the accidental nature of science, art, and great discoveries that are made — by accident. Which is how this month works out for Taurus as the great strides forward are made when one feels less than successful. To understand this concept better, the measurement that Taurus takes, the gauge one uses to determine if it is “good” or “bad,” the tick mark that is our measuring stick? That’s totally, and wholly, internal.


The best solution for mercurial-inspired (Gemini) madness? Patient, focused work in a single forward direction. The relative motion, or lack of motion, by Mr. Mercury infuses dear Gemini with mantic energy, and the easiest answer? Patient, focused work towards a single destination. My little secret, and it’s not much of a secret now, I use post-it style notes. Because I am, at best, penuriously pecuniary about this? I use cheap, knock-off, no-name brands. Sticky stuff doesn’t stay stay stuck. Which means, follow along with my patient, focused direction, OK? Means I’ll have an idea, stick on the post-it place next to the monitor, then the note slips off by the next day, and I’m prone to forget what the note said, and away we wander, devoid of direction. Then, a few days later, I drop a pencil, dig around under the desk, and find the fallen note, get that lightbulb moment, hit my head on the bottom of the desk from rearing up too quickly, and I drop the note — again. Next day, I drop another pen, and bow down to look for it, find the note again, but forget the pen, and with a lump already forming on the back of my ahead, I scoot out carefully before rising up. This time, I have the note, and grab some sticky tape, and attach that destined note in its place. In my time, this had been a week’s delay. In Gemini time, all this could happen in a single afternoon, which might feel like a week or more. To get through the next month’s morass of confusing and conflicting energies? A simple note, a “pen and paper” list, post-its, one Gemni uses ballpoint on his arm, I mean, whatever works, right? The best answer is patient, focused work in a single, forward direction.


It’s the strangest kind of set-up, astrologically. I kept hearing a question, when I was looking at the various charts, “When is tension not tension?” As some kind of acerbic zen koan, sure, that would work, but in our current situations? These might require a more concrete, less abstract attempt at an answer. However, that simple questions, “When is tension not tension?” That simplistic ideal? It captures the essence of several apparently disparate threads that the planets etch out over the next couple of days. Week, next couple of weeks. It’s a big curve, and one with a number of slippery points on it, but the suggestion is to forge ahead, in true Cancer fashion, that is, sideways like the namesake for the Moon Children, the Crab. Forge ahead in the typical sideways fashion, and see if that doesn’t alleviate the tensions proposed by other signs, and see if that doesn’t circumvent the situations that cause the tensions, and see if that doesn’t help avoid the problems. It’s a navigation challenge. Being direct by not being direct? That works. Jupiter, lunar cycle, Pluto, all work into this configuration and how to play it best? Directly by not being direct. “I guess you’re right?” See how that works to your Cancer, Moon Child advantage?

The Leo

There’s a personal mythology I have about jalapeño peppers, a favorite for cooking and as a garnish. Makes every meal complete. I tend to believe that the peppers, like, in the winter? The winter peppers are mild, plump, juicy, filled with jalapeño flavor, and all the good stuff, with none of the afterburner fire and ire. Summer peppers are filled with the searing heat of the summer’s sun, dry, arid conditions, and a farmer’s subtle torture of the plant itself, resulting in angry, molten-lava hot peppers. The other morning, I was slicing a pepper into a some scrambled eggs. I grabbed the first knife I could find, a regular “steak” knife, with a toothy, serrated cutting edge. More like a saw than a true cutting instrument. I didn’t so much slice as hack my way through the pepper, leaving jagged edges to the jalapeño slices. Scrapping the slices into the pan, I sampled one. Hot. I mean, like Habanero hot, true fire, burning. Nose running, not quite grab the water, but admit that the pepper made a statement. Looking at my mythology? I’ll blame the knife, that steak knife with its serrated edges that are fine for sawing through tender meat, but tough vegetables, like that usually delightful pepper? Pepper had attitude. Hot attitude. Fiery, pepper heat to the point of pain, for some. Wasn’t painful, but certainly asserted its capiscum essence. I was thinking, in my mind, from the farm to the table, that those peppers should be tending towards mild, for me. Not so much, not by what I tested snd tasted. What this spells out, for The Leo, it’s time to test and tastes, and while the Mercury Retrograde is all but over, and will be over soon, the bookends of Mercury and Venus at 0° of Libra and Scorpio, respectively, that spells out that we must test and taste before assuming it’s just a mild pepper. Me? I’m inclined to blame the knife, If I’d just used a proper paring knife, the slices wouldn’t be so angry.


There’s a kind of symmetry that appeals to my mind, over the course of the transiting sun’s passage through the sign of Libra. Starts at the beginning with Retrograde Mercury aligned with the Libra Sun, and ends with Venus and the Sun, just as both enter Scorpio. As end pieces, they are fitting and appropriate. The symbolism is not lost, as one is that errant Mercury and the other is planet of peace, good will, and certain earthly happiness. Together, this looks rather good, for the short run. The sprint to All Hallow’s Eve, and what lies beyond? There’s a small amount of nitpicking, nagging self-doubt that surfaces, more the leftover residue from the Mercury in Retrograde, and less a real issue, but never let the appearance of a troubling issue go untested, un-toyed with, and left to clean itself up. What good Virgo mind can leave an issue alone, what great Virgo heart can leave that mistake un-loved? Since, I suspect, you’re going to try and as sits? My idea is to let you go ahead and work on that, do what you feel like you must do, and then? My little secret? Don’t get invested in the outcome. Put forth the effort, try to make it work for them, and then? With good conscience, you know you made the effort to assist, and if they refuse? No longer yours to worry about. About the time Venus and the Sun align? This will make perfect sense. “Not invested in the outcome?” That’s the secret. (It’s not a secret but let’s pretend it is, for now.)

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