Horoscopes for 10-28-2022

“Fie, foh, and fum,
I smell the blood of a British man.”

    Edgar in Shakespeare’s King Lear (III.iv.114)

Horoscopes for 10-28-2022


Scorpio Halloween, or to some people, these are the high holy holidays. Based, originally on the fall harvest celebration, this one has a couple of extra Scorpio kickers attached. It’s the halfway point between eclipses, so that unstable insanity is part of the mix. Leaven in the relatively mixed motions of Mars? Really lack of Mars motions. Not that it helps any, but Mars is ill-suited for that Gemini temperament. All of this spells out a kind dangerously benign energy. Scorpio may be a lot of things, but benign rarely shows up as an adjective. The holidays do impart a frantic sense of joyous celebration on top of a bubbling, miasmic cauldron filled with “lord only knows what.” The heady cauldron full of “lord only knows what?” Therein is the Scorpio secret recipe for success. It’s matter of finding that correct balance, or what appears to be the correct balance, or, at the least, in the mighty Scorpio Jenga game? Making sure you don’t pull out that tumbling piece. I mean, not yet, unless, that’s what you wanted it to do, all fall down?


Thinking about cold winters’ nights? I got curious as I can always avail myself of my neighbor’s wood pile, but how much wood is an actual “Cord of wood?” A quick search online, not exhaustive, but also not the first or second click, but eventually, I happened across an image from a “wood dealer,” a self-proclaimed expert in handling firewood, so it seems reasonable enough. According to that source?

A “cord of wood,” or a “cord of firewood” is 4-foot by 4-foot by 8-foot, or 128 cubic feet. However, as an imprecise term, it is usually used to desire a roughly 4-foot tall length of cut firewood. Careful when buying firewood right now. Matter of fact, careful about any Sagittarius actions where there’s a little room for sloppy interpretations. “Yeah, that’s a whole cord of wood, there.” Got out a tape measure, it was about 3 but less than 4 feet tall, and a little less than 8 feet long, and only the depth of one log, so no more than 18 inches, foot, foot-and-a-half, at best? That’s not a full cord. Not complaining, wasn’t my money. Have a happy Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, and/or Dia de Las Muertas, whatever, but Mars might cut you short, if you don’t measure up.


Formerly, I used the excuse of Halloween, and dress-up, as an interpretation of acting out fantasies. As an astute Capricorn observer, though, this bears fruit. Really, it “bares fruit,” as in lays bare dormant, non-existent, fantasies in peoples’ brains. It can be the subconscious, acting out, it can be a deliberate choice, and it might be some unholy combination of all three. Driven be fears, fervid dreams, fantasies, and emotional baggage from scars accumulated in life, there’s a whole subset of psychological analysis from just what choices a person makes around Halloween, and an excuse to get dressed up. Or dressed down. There’s a caution, too, as reading too much into this might be misleading. One buddy, always goes — red-dye smeared shirts, chain-saw, hockey mask, and a machete? Which is funny, as there’s no room for any kind of interpretation, in person, he’s the sweetest, nicest guy. But every year? What this means for Capricorn?


“That’s interesting.” It’s a simple statement, and I’ve exhorted in my own, Sagittarius style, that it’s at the behest of the copious Aquarius intellect. Non-committal. Can go either way. Indicates interest but no investment. It can go either way, which is the necessary mind-set. An Aquarius asset, that non-investment in a particular scenario, and by that, non-plussed, either way. Neither good nor bad. Neither hot nor cold. “Interesting statement, Kramer.” Similar, if not identical way to say it, and for that matter, way for Aquarius to see it. “That’s interesting.” It is, from an intellectual point. Which, Mars spins backward, and Venus approaches a quarterly square with Saturn? That pushes emotional crap up, and the best way to deal with that material, as it surfaces in Aquarius?

“That’s interesting.”


There’s a not a lot to this passage of Jupiter, but have that square off against the relative position of Mars? That creates a tension that frustrates Gentle Pisces. There is no quick answer, but I had, in mind a costume to wear for a Halloween gig, and then last minute, changed my mind. An abrupt change in plans shouldn’t bother an astrologer or a gentle Pisces, but for some reason, it does. I’m not saying this is correct, just that there will be those sudden, “Wait! I’ve changed my mind!” Sudden situations appear. You’ve been warned. Seems like folks are changing directions, abruptly and with no semblance of order to that decision. There is the problem. “Judge not lest ye be judged,” think that’s biblical. Or poetical, but certainly Pisces. The change comes in from some unknown place, and the change isn’t worth fighting against, “I planned all summer for this, but look, I’ll do this, instead.”


I spent the last two or three months teasing with Aries about the “Mars in Gemini” energies. What it means, what it shows, what to do, and most importantly? What not to do. As of the end of the month of October, this year is officially over for Aries. Once the holiday crap is passed on by? I mean, the holy three of Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints’ Day, and Day of the Dead, once that slips passed us all? Start closing out the Aries calendar year. Mistakes, gaffs, misinterpretations, grudges, and mishandled situations? After the fall holiday is over, review the Aries errata. Make notes. Make typesetter correction. Adjust the copy as need be. Look at the business plan, ascertain where the plan failed, and figure out corrections. Got two months to get this done, no rush, but stack up the mistakes so we don’t do that again.


One of the most perfect shots of espresso I’ve had lately? It’s a local chain of restaurants, Italian with a local influence, of sorts. But the espresso, after a pasta dish, salad, and for dessert? Mid afternoon, place was mostly deserted, all I wanted was single shot of espresso. One of the few times that the food image was worth it, and I didn’t whip out a phone for a quickie. It was a single espresso shot in a thimble-sized espresso cup, saucer, and the tiny red lettering on the side of the shot-cup-saucer? It said, “illy” in adorable, iconic red script, all lowercase. It’s a reminder that the original “espresso culture” started in Italy with that brand. The espresso that afternoon, it was oily, with a thick little head of “creama,” just like it was supposed to have, and in keeping with the culture, gone in three sips. The first is to taste, the second is the bulk of the drink, and the third is for its finishing flavors. That was my dessert. It was sweet, diminutive, and just enough caffeine to push me through the afternoon without getting too much. A single shot, not the typical “double-shot” that is more common in American coffee culture. Presentation was perfect, flavor was perfect, and quantity was perfect. In these uncertain and imperfect times, what works best? A single shot. Just enough to get through the trials and tribulations ahead in Taurus without that jittery feeling.


For almost all of my life, I’ve lived within a few miles of an airport. Usually, the distance is between two and five miles, and that fact, in and of itself, is no big deal, but on quiet mornings, early, I can hear the jets spooling up. There will usually be one or two of the big jets that don’t use the sound abatement measures, and that’s a dull roar in a very distant background. It’s a quiet, dull, background noise reminding me I live in an urban environment. The face of travel changed from the good, old days, and I don’t regret that. Miss a few of the joys, but not much. This whole Mars in Gemini, and Mars in Retrograde is dredging up memories, old sounds, and realizations. Halloween, and its associated merriment — for Gemini — is about observation, passive realization, and then, maybe not plotting revenge. Tempting that it might be? “Karma” seems to be moving too slow? Again, not a good time hatch a plot to get even. All because I heard commercial air taking off?


This is the stuff of nightmares. Rather than being ruled, and frightened by the supernatural, the unreal, the dead (undead), and the various other manufactured hauntings? Cancer, Moon Children, the lunar slice from that cosmic pie in the sky? Embrace that unknown. Be scared. Enjoy the fright. Some of this, the ominous music plays, you know what is coming along, it’s a shower scene, there will a shrieking and then the curtain rod-rings are slowly ripped off. Seen it before? Know of the allusion? I’m sure. There’s a series of tropes, metaphors, visual shorthand versions of what’s coming. The one that still gets me, even when I hear it? The almost subsonic thrumming of a bass-line that means, around the next corner, there’s a ghost, a ghoul, enemy, monster, vampire, firefight. Something. Explosion. What we least expect, except, you know the plot line kind of spelled it out that this what would happen. It’s there, a ghost. Sounds scary. Listen for it. This Mars-inspired horror, you have clues; pay attention. It’s almost comical, and plays with the seasonal decor.

The Leo

I was reading series of books, back-to-back. Pandemic-related reading, so to imply. Instead of constant and continual outrage, I would turn off the media sources, and step into a book. I’ve found a handful of serial authors, long series of novels that tie together, and that makes conditions, plus the notion of reading 101, or 352, or even 603 novels, makes being locked up far more enjoyable. What was strange, though, some of the novels? I can devour in a single day. One author, I read his latest — at the time — on West Coast to home flight, with delays, and layovers, I finished the book before I got home. Not all that unusual, really. But one series I started, engaging, entertaining, really sharp protagonist with a touch of the anti-hero, those novels, even when I devote time? They still take three-four days. Pacing, material used to flesh out the inner life of that anti-hero heroine? Food and beverage choices? Don’t know what it is, but the books last longer, although, the content seems to be the same. With Mr. Mars and the high, holy holiday of Halloween? What The Mighty Leo usually does in a day or less? Might take three-four days to accomplish the same goal.

“Mars, you know, slows me down a bit.”


When making coffee, like any epicurean endeavor, the process and roots vary. What I’ve found to be most efficient, when Mercury is not retrograde? Starts with good quality beans, locally roasted, ergonomic, organic, fresh, and free-range. That’s the single most important element — the raw source. After that, depends on the method of extraction, like French Press, pour-over, drip, espresso machine, and cold-brew, that determines the grind. A good grinder is second to beans, then, the preferred method of extraction. I exclusively used a French Press for years, eventually going to a Chemex pour-over/drip for volume and keeping a girlfriend happy. Each style takes a different grind, different approach to morning go-juice. But most important, and this echoes across Virgo-land as well as coffee-making, the primary ingredient is what is so important. That foundation element. For my coffee, starts with the beans. With Mars, and Mercury, plus the eclipse action, but let’s just hang this on Mars for the sake of brevity, this highlights the Virgo foundation elements. What I do to combat Mr. Mars and his errant ways? Espresso-roast and a lighter American-roast mixed together. Strong, and aromatically flavorful. Good as mix as any to see us through the holiday madness.


I can only make so many Halloween allusions, and while some folks, family, in particular, find this to be the most secular holy day, for me, it’s a little of both, but sadly co-opted by retail giants. There’s a level of confusion that isn’t required, and what that’s about for lovely Libra is the unknown, and then, understanding that we can’t know the unknown, and trying to figure it out, right now, this next week or so, it won’t work. Great ideas, but there’s a lot of fake information that appear to be real, and it’s not really real. The biggest problem is telling the difference between what is broadcast as “feeling real,” and what’s an actual fact. If the pandemic taught us anything? Facts, and scientific method is far from always being supported, but it does offer better evidence, and a more structured way to present data. Think along those lines, holidays and whatnot, then how to present the Libra data in as structured — as can be — format. Charts, tables, supporting information.

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