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The Mars (Retrograde) Minute …

The easiest, quickest way to learn

about Mars in Retrograde!

Can a one-minute video explain how to use the secret wisdom of Mars in Retrograde to improve your life?

Yes! The Video:

  • It’s in a class by itself!
  • It’s a mini-workshop
  • It’s a textbook chapter
  • It’s an astrology pointer
  • Easy enough for a novice
  • With a bonus audio meditation track!
  • Become the instant Mars Retrograde expert!
  • Mars Minute:

    Relaxed, enjoyable, humorous…
    Why is this Mars in Retrograde kicking me so hard?
    Is there an easier way?
    The (retrograde) Mars Minute —

    Mars Goes Retrograde, turns “east,” perhaps once every two years, as an example. This year, 2012, it’s retrograde in Virgo, even now.

    What can be done to minimize the effects of Mars being backwards? What can be done to make the most of this time?

    Previously, I’ve offered a series of Mercury Retrograde Meditations.

    This particular Mars retrograde isn’t too horrible, not for the astrologically prepared.

    All about: the Mars Minute

    One minute of meditation with the accompanying sound track will alleviate all Mars Problems.

  • It’s digitally delivered!
  • No messy wrapping and packaging, instant gratification.
  • What’s your Mars?
  • How to navigate through the symbols.
  • Mars Minute:

    The deal, it’s like an astrology reading with me, plus more. Targeted at a minute — a bargain. As a video, you can pause, rewind, jump forward. Load it on your laptop, iPod, take it where you want!

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      About me:
      I trained in several schools of astrology, had classes with many masters, and I’ve continued to study the arcane sciences and more than one branch of metaphysics. However, for the sake of brevity, the shorthand version, I use a basically “western” zodiac. The 12 signs? Like in the paper. That’s the starting point.

      However, a college degree and a university degree doesn’t mean much in the real world. Where I tend to place the importance of the work presented? It’s in observations. Over the years, the countless clients who’ve endured my style. Then, too, there’s the weekly column I’ve been writing for at least 15 years. Instead of presenting a resume, instead of touting academic talents and scholarly accolades, by way of proof of concept, I’ve got a weekly column and all the archives are on the website. Easiest way to see if I’m real.

      The details can be boring at time, but figure I’ve been a working astrologer, and author of “Fishing Guide to the Stars” for many years.

    The Mars (retrograde) Minute

      I’ve delivered my first astrology class in 1994, a quick and hurried overview of the signs, the elements, the planets, and what it all means. Since then, over the years, with over tens of thousands of astrology charts compiled and delineated? Innumerable astrology chart readings?

      This is a honed, cleaned up, more condensed approach. I tend to pack a huge amount of information into a single workshop, and more than once, I’ve discovered there’s just too much for one person to grasp in a single sitting.

      Rapid fire, meaningful examples, images that are easy to grasp and retain?

      This is my material from years and years of doing this work. All yours. I’ve delivered versions of this workshop in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Austin, El Paso, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and little towns throughout West Texas. It’s time tested. Road tested. I’ve added material as I’ve discovered better ways to illustrate the energies.

      Astrology is an age-old science. Since humanity started tracking the seasons, and then the moon cycles, for planting and harvesting. Consider the ancient observatories in the Americas, the American Southwest, the Central American (Mayan &c.) location. Stonehenge. The science is easy, the movement of the planets is predictable.

      The interpretation and the symbolism? That’s what’s so important.

      Wouldn’t a "cheat sheet" be useful? That’s what this is all about.

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