Horoscopes for Scorpio 2022

“There’s neither honesty, manhood, nor good fellowship in thee, nor thou cam’st not of the blood royal, if thou darest not stand for ten shillings.”

(Dude, just loan me a hundred bucks?)

The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac Sign of Scorpio on October 23, 2022 at 5:36 AM (local).

  • October 24 Sun Conjunct Venus 0°59” Scorpio.
  • October 25 Partial Lunar Eclipse 1° Scorpio.
  • October 29 Jupiter Retrograde into Pisces.
  • October 30 Mercury enters Scorpio
  • October 31 Mars Retrograde at 25° Gemini
  • November 8 Solar Eclipse 12° Scorpio/Taurus
  • November 17 Venus enters Sagittarius
  • November 18 Mercury eners Sagittarius

The Sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius November 22, 2022 at 3:26 AM (local).

The ongoing, mid-November Evening Star combination of Venus and Mercury makes for an interesting kind of confusion, appearing opposite from Retrograde Mars.

Horoscopes for Scorpio 2022


Scorpio Happy Scorpio Season. Good, glad we got that out of the way. What I’ve got isn’t “bad” so much as it is a bit of advice on what to do while Mercury and Venus course their days through Scorpio. What to do? Nothing. What to say? Nothing. A cautious, circumspect Scorpio is much safer than the alternative, and between those two planets, Venus and Mercury? You’re going to feel ebullient, effusive, vocal, and think you sound endearing. Which you might, actually, you know, sound endearing. But as a slightly caustic Sagittarius myself? What I find cute, endearing, alarmingly disarming? What amuses me, and will probably amuse your Scorpio self? Might come across as brash, rash, uncaring, unfeeling, and startling inappropriate to other signs. Me? I think it’s funny. Me? I find it charming in a snarky, sarcastic way. I’m not normal. To pile on that about me being far from the intended audience? The very notion that I find it endearing, and utterly charming with the rapier-like Scorpio wit? That, in and of itself should be the warning. Using me a litmus? Might be good idea, despite the endearing qualities that supposedly issue forth from the gentle susurrations of the planet waves — Mercury and Venus? Maybe think this is a good time to aim for that Scorpio archetype, the strong, silent type.

Just a humble suggestion from silly Sagittarius.


Important changes, simple, inexpensive additions can make all the difference. These aren’t those grand, “life altering decisions” that make headlines, no, these are simple adjustments to the Sagittarius lifestyle that give a modicum of welcome relief. From the bad, old days, in a trailer park, deep in old Austin, there was a burner that didn’t work on the stove top. I just didn’t use that burner. Rather, I just used one burner for heating water, all I used on that stove. Where I’m at now, in San Antonio, I use every burner on the stovetop. I rotate the kettle through each station, different one each morning. It is a simple fix, just replaced the stove’s coil with a two dollar part that worked. Not a big deal, in and of itself, but on a symbolic level, and more important, in keeping with the understanding of the flow and placement of objects that are most harmonious? All stovetops must be working, and must be all used, instead of just favoring a single location. Look: I don’t make this stuff up, and I have no objective way to validate the theories, but from my understanding, and layer in some common sense? This works, and it works on more than one level. So it’s not about big changes. Something as simple as a two-dollar part to fix it. Then? Use all that is available, and rotate the chore amongst all, equally. It’s a simple fix, but over this next few weeks, maybe, what five, six weeks until our birthdays and holidays start? Simple, inexpensive changes that have a cascading effect for Sagittarius, as we get swept in the momentum.


On one shelf, I have a whole host of books about grammar. Grammar for nerds, grammar for hooligans, grammar by hooligans, Shakespeare’s diction, addressing the stage, grammar for people who hate grammar, and grammar the way it should be. Just for a giggle, I’ve also got the epic tome about Latin — the default teaching tool to understand a totally dead language, because, after all, the only good language is a dead language. These are all tools, I’ve got, I’ve read, I’ve referenced, all in the past. The problem being, while I’ve read the books, or most, or some of the books about grammar, bits and pieces keep getting forgotten, not like in a senior moment, or the early onset of mental decline, no, that’s not it, it’s just I write, and work, with a verbal world, and as such, I’m used to “hearing” the words in my head. Often as not, I’ll use my own brain as the sounding board for a question about grammar. “Should it be this or that?” I’ll ask myself, silently, in my head, and then wrestle with the sound, or perceived auditory response from me. Not always the best way, but I did generate a canon of work that speaks for itself, run-on sentences, dangling modifiers, with subjects and verbs that don’t agree. Can’t say I didn’t try, though, and I was actually using one of those books to correct a sentence in another horoscope, but more to satisfy my own intellectual curiosity rather than to really learn nuanced rules. Intellectual curiosity is what this is about, following that, dear Capricorn, following that mental question into a book or two, to see what the rules might be.

I didn’t say you had to follow the rules, just know what they are. Like my grammar — or lack thereof.


After Halloween, after All Saints, and after Dia del las Muertas, after all the early Scorpio holidays, after all that? There’s a smug kind of sense of well-being that starts to slip down over Aquarius. Once the holiday is done, and we begin the long, arduous sprint towards T-Day and Xmas? With those twin influxes pounding the drums of war, and with the other holidays all behind us? There’s a sweet spot in there, in between the holiday seasons, sharply defined by eclipse action, and that holiday season is what this is all about, that sweet spot? For Aquarius, that come in the place in between the holidays. Like the first few weeks of this November are marked with a certain kind of awkward magic. With Saturn, in its old home of Aquarius? There’s a certain sense of clarity that comes about, just for Aquarius. To access this clarity, though, it takes a moment of quiet, and with the marching drums of war, the cacophony of the political upheaval, and the nature of interpersonal relationships at the moment? Yeah, finding that quiet moment for reflection is the challenge. Know that it is coming, when all of this makes sense, and it is going to happen sooner than anticipated. Look for a break in between holiday madness, and the gentle rage of others.


What starts out as a (typically) confused state for gentle Pisces? What starts with confusion ends with clarity. There will be much hue and cry as Venus and Mercury line up at the end of the Scorpio season, and that is the time when there is comfortable clarity for sweet Pisces, but until then? There’s a sense that we’re not doing this correctly. The parts don’t seem to fit, the pieces don’t add up like they are supposed to, or some of this just doesn’t make any kind of sense at the time. As we all know, “Time wounds all heels.” Month, the season of Scorpio starts out a little rougher, with a shade more confusion than a typical Pisces would like, but then, as the astrology and geopolitical events unfold, life starts to make more sense. Get passed that early November date, and this really does bring a sharper, more intense focus to all matters Pisces, and as offered, it brings that clarity, a Pisces clarity of vision, the old traits of wicked intuition and ability to navigate the unknown with relative aplomb, as the general, slightly tangy and miasmic fog lifts. All of this is gradual, over time, doesn’t happen right away, but that patience you asked for? Use it now and see what happens. Remember the great aphorism I swiped from another? “Time wounds all heels.”


It’s like a hallucination, a mirage, only, it’s with a sense of smell. Relatively speaking, there will be a few cool mornings in October and November, mornings when I burrow down under the covers and refuse to get up, piling blankets up around me, so I don’t have to set foot outside the warm confines of the bed. Nice idea. Someone, not naming names, but that would’ve been me, left a window open and that demonstrably cooled the place down. Not exactly cold by everyone’s standards, but bitterly below my own comfort level. What happens next is the example of a hallucination smell. I’ll imagine that I can smell a neighbor brewing coffee, or maybe a quasi-distant restaurant, or even just an imaginary coffee shop. I don’t believe in an automatic, timer-triggered coffee machine, although, sure, the idea is nice, but I find grinding beans, boiling water, and popping in a filter to make a pour-over is far more efficient, with a French Press being an acceptable alternative. Either one works, less equipment is required, the flavor focuses the attention on the beans, and it is not complicated. It’s the way I could smell the aroma of coffee, and no, it wasn’t the neighbor, he’s out-of-town, visiting his kids or something. The closest restaurant doesn’t offer a breakfast, so that wasn’t it, either. This is a situation where I was picking up on something that clearly wasn’t really there. I was smelling something that wasn’t real. I wanted it to be real, I was wishing it into existence, but no, there was no actual source for the aroma. My imagination? What this is? It’s an example, with the relative motion of Mars, played against Jupiter? This is about wishing for something that isn’t there — unless we get up and do it ourselves.


This is such a confusing time about feelings. There’s the emotional tug of the approach of the holiday, and I realize, the run-up to Halloween isn’t really the big deal, not for my Taurus contingent, but for some people, it is a big deal. First of the truly “fall” festivals, and the time when the veil between worlds of the living and dead are the thinnest. Compound this with the apparent lack of concentration, due to Mr. Mars and his errant behavior, then Mercury, with the way the Sun aligns with both Mercury and Venus, what that all means? Confusions, and mostly, confusing images of how other people feel about your Taurus self. This crosses international lines, but the results are the same, “I thought he liked me,” or “I thought she was into me,” or any similar variation. Dog and cats. Best example I could come up with the the image of cat that purrs while you stroke it, until, all of a sudden, the cat turns around and bites that hand. Dogs are much more honest; they will either like you or not. No equivocation with them, love or hate, best friend, or sworn enemy. One of my neighbors has a couple of mean-sounding dogs. Not really large animals, they bark ferociously from behind their fence line. What I discovered, though, approach the fence line and hold out a hand, and they go from angry, vengeful monsters to “Happy to see you! Let’s play!” Requires a somewhat closer approach, and when they are let out of their backyard? The dogs are friendly — to me. My neighbor thinks all dogs are a good judge of character, and I’m included to agree. But behind the fence line, the next day, there they are, with eons of animal intent, protecting their ground. This is about confusing messages about feelings. To me, the dogs are easy to understand. Even though I’m more a cat guy, cats are not nearly as easy to understand. Like the emotional ride that Taurus has for this next couple of weeks.


Back in the good old days, which were neither good nor was I old, but back then? I had a professional associate who did “car readings.” Tell her what was wrong with your car, and she’d tell you what was wrong with your life — and how to fix the life stuff. I don’t think she worked on cars. Like, “Brakes don’t work,” so the kind of obvious connection was rushing into something without looking. I wondered about the connection between clogged fuel lines, junk in the fuel injectors, and how that would show up in her style of a reading. Unclean fuel? Filters that need replaced? How does that show up? I’ve long since lost track and she shuffled off this mortal coil, so I can’t say, for sure. I always thought the notion was a bit dubious, and more just an excuse to talk with little supporting evidence. Although, to be sure, there is connection between our inner world in Gemini and the outer world, in Gemini. The line between my old friend, and her car readings, I find that tenuous, at best, and at worst, just a load of organic male bovine byproduct. But that’s me. I try to stick to more universally accepted symbols, and that spells out a kind of trouble with Gemini. Not bad, just, as if someone is plotting to thwart any good momentum you might have. Going into this month, look at the two main symbols, Mars, and the Mars-sign, Scorpio. Mars, in a pattern that suggests a time to hold, refold, and then think about it rather than a direct, confrontational attempt to either solidify a position, or mollify an incorrect assumption? If it moves, right now, like cars? Maybe now isn’t the time to try and change it.


This is a month-long exercise in “less is more.” Start out by grabbing a piece of paper, something you can sketch, write, or otherwise mark up — in some capacity. Grab that piece of paper, or even the back of an old envelope, anything, and get your favorite mark-up tool. I prefer soft-tip, indelible markers these days. Leaves me a little bit of an ink-stanched wretch, but I can give a broad, brush-stroke effect to an idea, and not have to worry about little details. Ask any Virgo, and “God is in the details,” but that’s not what this about. The relative position of planets — and stuff — the positions relative to the gentle Moon Children is about thinking in a semi-permanent manner, one that leaves a ubiquitous paper trail, so you can go back, and retrace your steps. The processes you used to arrive at the decisions, all hastily, yet remarkably clear in the broad term, the ideas outlined on that paper, the very piece I suggested you grab — in the first place. The planets are going to hatch ideas. The planets are going to give rise to wonderful Cancer, Moon Children ideas that can solve a lot of problems. Doubt you’ll solve anything this next few weeks, but the germ of the idea, the nexus, that starting point, it’s all there. Write it down.

The Leo

A different passage in a different play was one of my earliest connections to the understanding that Shakespeare’s work was just shot through with astrological references. That passage, for me, a speech by the character Ulysses in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida, and the speech delineates the way planets are all supposed to follow an order. The planets are wandering in a way through causes nothing but consternation and minor irritations for The Leo. You have been apprised of this data. Astrologically, there is an abundance of stuff that pisses you off because people, other people, just aren’t doing what they are supposed to be doing. Or they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, but not in a way that The Leo knows is right. Or better. You tend to know better. As long as the Sun is in the tropical zodiac sign of Scorpio, the sun is in a fixed water sign. With that, and the added fuel for the flames coming from Mars in an air sign, Air feeds Fire, it’s easy to see this doesn’t bode well for The Leo. Just to level-up on the minor irritations? At the end of Scorpio, Venus and Mercury play cosmic tag, and while not bad, it is confusing. This why I keep suggesting looking over the minor irritations, and just adjusting as need be because, as it turns out, what you might think is the source of The Leo’s trouble, might not be what you think it is. Confusing and irritating? What I’m trying to prevent is a month of times when you have to go back and apologize for yelling at the wrong person. Most this is in November, but you know what? I always count on The Leo to be an over-achiever.


Two Keys Just keep reading until you hit something you like. When I first started working, earnestly, with astrology, I adopted the Western format because it was pervasive, and I understood its basic premise. While I’ve adapted and changed, with study and applied observations, I still like the framework that “Western” astrology gives me. Between the popular mythology of Sun Sign Horoscopes, and the art and science of my horoscopes, I’ve encountered a great number of variables. One of the more amusing — to me — tenets is the way some people keep reading horoscopes until that person finds one that says what is desired. In a simpler time, I worked with this defined as confirmation bias, but the way I was thinking about this, with respect to the Virgo slice of the heavens? I watched as one client would scroll through horoscope after horoscope until that person found a single line in acres of text, and that single line would justify a desired outcome. With the tension set up, and the pressure from the shifting of the Moon’s phases and the pressure that is both immediate, and longer lasting? The message is clear, and continually scrolling until a different message appears, while that might be appealing? Might want to stop and think about the raw, statistical evidence that a good Virgo requires. The proof is already here, and delaying the idea of the change? That’s not going to make this any easier.


I’ve always felt a certainty kinship with real men of the cloth. I suppose, “People of the cloth,” or “persons of a holy order,” might be better expressions. But no, I’ve always felt a certain reverence for true followers of a faith. No judgement, and this certainly doesn’t apply across the board to all purported members or adherents to all faiths, but there are those who do burn with that zeal, and those are the ones I openly admire. To be so sure of the various faiths, whatever is espoused, in the face of such uncertain times? That unshakeable belief in something that can’t be seen? Big part of what happens in our lives. I can swing from certain Catholic underpinnings to Buddhism, all in a single moment. Makes sense to me, but I’m not the Libra in this question, and my various beliefs aren’t the question. I have an un-assailable faith in something, although, my beliefs and understandings can shift with the timbre of the times. What I admire most is the strong adherents with an unflinching faith, and the ones I admire the most? There’s a quiet manner, an assured — but reserved — pattern. Not preachy, not overbearing, not loudly in thy face, but quietly sure of themselves. Safe in that their faith will guide and preserve them. Help others. “All in God’s will,” is a typical expression. As the three personal planets, Mars, Venus, and Mercury, as those “personal” planets sow seeds of weirdness, confusion, and disarray? Remember that there is a guiding principle to all of this, and just because we can’t see the pattern — at this moment? Trust in some unseen supernatural force helps. It’s going to work out, we just don’t know how, not yet.

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