Horoscopes for 1-28-2023

“Thou wilt be like a lover presently,
And tire the hearer with a book of words.

Don Pedro Shakespeare’s Much Ado 1.1.127

Horoscopes for 1-28-2023

  • 2/5/23 16° Aquarius/Leo.
  • 2/5/23 Uranus 15° Taurus square Full Moon
  • 3/8/23 Saturn enters Pisces
  • 3/24/23 Pluto enters Aquarius


Aquarius “Busy Child” by The Crystal Method, off the album, Vegas. Oldie? Golden Oldie, by now? Saw them, perform, “back in the day,” thanks bubba. However, my first introduction to the music? Seattle, and couple of Aquarius folks. The song cycled up and recalled that original audio track, just an audio from a car’s stereo, and me, “Wait, wait! What is this?” That launched a voyage of discovery for me. In a similar vein? Aquarius is poised for new line of inquiry, a new introduction something great, around the corner. I’ve lived through Pluto crossing my Sagittarius planets, and survived. I have no worries that Pluto will be a grand agent of change, but I’m not worried, you have a marker with me so you know what it’s like. We got about a month, now, to reflect back and build towards the Aquarius future. Looking back to look forward? “How does that work?”


I started my career with wired phones. Eventually, a wireless phone got to the point where they would work well enough. Then there were cell phones. From that, cell phones with wired earphones, and finally, wireless earbuds. I’ve long since ditched the wired phone numbers, although, I wonder if those might be making a comeback?

Still, the wireless technology went from being “just OK” to “an audiophile’s dream.” That’s a quick leap in a short amount of time. Paves the way for other, similar technologies, but I’m just concerned with the audio delivery. It’s how I work. Or how I have worked, and anymore, what seems to work best. We got about two week’s before Venus aligns with Neptune, and in the ensuing period of time? Got some stuff to “make pretty.” Some of this merely audio delivery, and sometimes, it’s as simple as sorting out what wireless headset, earbuds, whatever, connects to exactly which device.


Cold, winter nights, I get into a slightly manic mode, and I start messing around with website stuff. Software. Backend dynamics. I’ve spent, days, weeks, months, even years in some situations, trying to streamline the software that drives the sites. Easy to use, extensible, and manageable. Herein is the complication, I dropped a tiny piece of code that modifies the display, all in keeping with “Best (known) Practices” — at the time. Again, cold, dark winter nights, me huddled over the glow of the screen and a keyboard clacking away. It worked so well that one time, maybe two, three years back. Now? I can’t recall what I did. I know I coded something up, and there’s just a fragmentary bit of scrawled commands someplace. With enough time, patience, and the right server tools, I can uncover what I did, then, so I can figure out how to make this more compliant, now. Aries? Last week of January? Do you care that this is a painstaking, minutiae-oriented task? Kind of overwhelmed with the details, but it’s too cold for me to fish, so…


Looking around, there comes a point, ask any good Taurus, consistency pays off. There’s a point, gets to a place where doing it the same way, because it works? Doing it the same way, because it is most efficient? Doing it the same way, over and over, develops muscle memory, and makes this work correctly, each time. Working correctly is an honorable and valid goal. How do we get there? Consistency. I’ve alluded to this hypothesis before, the “10,000-hour rule.” Practice for 10,000 hours? Then you should be a master of that task, the routine, whatever it is. Looking back on this career, though, I found a loophole in my own guideline of “Taurus consistency.” There are three or four ways to indent, or block, or otherwise offset the opening Shakespeare quote, I’ve used consistently for more than a quarter century. The use of a quote is consistent. The format of that quote is not. For Taurus, consistency pays off.

  • Block quote, ordered list, unordered list, left, right, center justified, paragraph, heading, image, text.


I got off on a tangent, and started thinking about the creative process. I’m sort of stuck on one example, and I don’t know how else explain it, it’s that symbolic way this stuff works. I think this is from college lecture notes, but I no longer have the notes, and the only remaining pieces of papers are few odd photographs, some memories, and college degrees. Perhaps sharing it, in print with Gemini will excise that memory. Instead of a written work, think of a painting, and an observer, looking at the painting, remarks about the evocative quality of the bird in a corner of the sky’s imagery, in that painting. The (Gemini) artist looks at the painting, and thinks, “It was a cloud.” Here’s the important part: let the viewer see what he or she wants. It’s the nature of art, and how one interacts with it. “You’re giving me the bird?” Gemini: you don’t have to be so literal.


I favor the idea that there is carefully coded cosmic message in every passage of the Moon. For the Moon Children, the Cancer quadrant? I think this is about being too complacent, and too accepting. The other side is moral outrage with no real destination, and recent events show how that doesn’t work. So the missive, if there is one? It’s about being ever watchful of indignant rage that has no valid direction. It’s about getting worked up over a perceived slight and learning that the issue was misdirected, miscommunicated, or just a philosophical error. “Oh. I got that wrong?” The similar version? The same, without the question mark, “Oh. I got the wrong.” Either one is the usual excuse, and this lunar phase would suggest that exudes aren’t really an acceptable answer. The carefully coded comic message? Proceed with caution as there’s going to be some thing that appears upsetting but might not be as bad as you think.

The Leo

“Fleeting but disruptive.” This Full Moon in Leo, across from the Aquarius Sun squares that Uranus in Taurus. The only fixed sign left out of the obvious equation is Scorpio, and they like it like that. That Scorpio character looks over his or her shoulder, smirks, then still looking backwards, in typical Scorpio snark fashion, makes a sarcastic comment. Smack! Right into whatever that obstacle was, and the other three fixed signs, most notably, The Leo? Most importantly, The Leo? Learn and observe that silly Scorpio mistake, taunting then falling into its own problem. I don’t want that to be The Leo, too. Teasing us about missing the obstacle, or circumventing it, or otherwise getting out unscathed? It’s a fleeting but disruptive Full Moon, treat it as such.

“Better you than me,” smirk. Smack!


What was the number? I don’t recall, exactly, but a “friend of a friend,” suggested we meet and talk business. What I could do for him, what he could do for me, and what was the magic number? The ‘magic number’ was what my site, astrofish.net, was just outside the top (some random big number) of sites in the US. Since traffic is now bought, and paid for, since this kind of traffic is now more a commodity? That renders the data suspect at best, questionable in form, and essentially useless. Keep that in mind, so the conversation was interesting enough, but there was no real resolution. I didn’t add up to the magic number, in traffic, in “hits,” or other forms of metered data that mattered. As another independent, there wasn’t much he could do for me either. This next week, ten days or so? There’s a magic number. You’re going to fall just outside whatever that is, either too short, too tall, too small, too big. Can’t hit that magic number. Personally, though, a little less attention is sometimes a favorable outcome. Virgo: you know what you know; no need for accolades to prove it.


Suggested it, two weeks back, right? Just last week?


Like I always say? “I’m here for you, baby.” However, implicit within that expression? I can’t do it for you, and I can’t fix your own, Scorpio mistakes. That’s on you. I can listen, empathize, offer tea and sympathy, but no, I can’t fix what you messed up. Not up to me, and it is up to you. The weirdness isn’t going to get any less weird, and therein is the problem, and there seems to be no easy, viable solution to the problems at Scorpio’s hand. What I’ve found, when no easy solution presents itself? An arduous answer is afoot, but we might have to dig a little. Move some dirt aside, dig in, get grubby, and otherwise deal with seeking that correct solution to this problem.

“I’m here for you, baby.”


I did some research, well, seriously, not research, just looked into the effects of coffee caffeine versus chocolate. The two have similar chemical structures, similar carbon rings. It’s the long-term effects I was interested in; the apparent half-life of coffee’s caffeine is different. Supposedly, coffee has a sharper “crash” at the end of its run. Chocolate — the cacao alkaloids — has a gentler let down. This is not “scientific,” nor is this valid “peer-reviewed” science. Take this for what it is, anecdotal evidence, collected from musings. There’s that to worry about: the way some folks embrace soft data and echo it as hard data, and then there’s that first-hand experience. I tried the cacao replacement beverages for a spell. Local place is a great source of data and chocolate. But what I discovered? I need the caffeine rush I get from coffee. I think, by now, this might be partially a learned behavior, too, since I can get rush even from decaf. Sagittarius: don’t confuse “research” with facts, and remember, we must sample the effects for ourselves.


I am unsure if I want to read a history book, as told by the various technologies I’ve used over the span of my career. From hulking, behemoth, desktop computers to eventually, a wristwatch, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to read a revisionist history of my technology. Or a version of the history that I’m not fond of, however you want to package that, Capricorn. It was a recent imprint, a version of silicone valley mythology intertwined with personal narrative, and recollections, and should be presented as some sort of historical artifact, but the nature of the technology changes so quickly that I’m unsure if it really is an avenue for telling the short history. Then, too, is this a book I want to read, a story I want to see? I was there, as a consumer, as willing participant to history, along the way. Not sure I want all the details revealed, and remember, these are details as one person purports to recall. Capricorn, time to ask if the technology defines who you are, or do you define who you are through your technology?


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