Horoscopes for 2-21-2023

“Hail, many-colored messengers, that ne’er
Dost disobey the wife of Jupiter.”

Ceres in Shakespeare’s The Tempest (IV.i.76-7)

Horoscopes for 2-21-2023

New Moon is roughly Feb 20, with the Sun and Moon at 1° of Pisces, just after midnight, local time.


Pisces Happy Pre-birthday. Happy Pre-Pisces Birthday. Not sure if it works, but I like it to function. Always got a choice, and that’s what this is about, we’re off to a rolling start to the great Pisces season. There are numbers of little elements starting to line up well but there are few stray bits and pieces that don’t seem to have a home yet. Or bits and pieces that haven’t found their way home. One of those, something like that. Like re-assembling a piece of equipment and few parts leftover. “That’s not good,” but if you use that Pisces magic, it works better. Still, there are stray parts, tiny pieces, possibly insignificant odd bits that haven’t made their way back. Just be wary, and it’s all good in the Pisces ’hood. The proviso is being aware of the stray pieces, and how those are just part of the Pisces magic that makes it all work.


Venus heads towards an annual alignment with Jupiter. Bodes well for me, as I’m Sagittarius, and that’s one of my little planets, Mr. Jupiter, “by Jove.” However, unless there’s marked pieces of the Archer in your own chart? This less about that straight-ahead beneficial experience, and more about figuring out how to package some material.

I tend to not think of Aries as masters of the subtle and the sublime. Not a typical trait, but with Jupiter, and Venus, where they are, in residency in Aries? A subtler and sublime approach would go much further towards achieving whatever your goals are. Whatever you want, you can make it happen, but subterfuge, subtly, and a sublime hand is what works best. Pretend like it’s all really delicate and you are handling this as if earthing was fragile, using an uncharacteristic feather-touch. Gentle. Fortune may favor the brave, but this next week, or two? Fortune doesn’t factor the brash.


The New Moon offers a little break-through in some capacity. There’s really a different kind of energy, but this looks like a wondrous Taurus insight, and it arrives int he strangest of forms. There can be a messenger, a message, an unbidden thought, or a seemingly directionless reverie that lands this new insight. New way of seeing an old problem? New problem that you have an old-fashioned way to deal with it? Any number of possible iterations pop up, but it’s not set on just one answer. Weird, off-beat, strange, unrehearsed, or uncertain sources, all of that could be the answer. The little clue is to listen. I’ve long-since learned that I can learn from the most unintended of masters. In my example, it was about learning what a six-year old led, what that kid observed. The four-year old younger sibling was equally interesting, and to this day, both those kids don’t like to wear shoes, which I attribute to my influence, for good or for ill. But what I learned was to listen. Likewise, most unintended of locations, the masters show up. Listen. It’s not coming from the usual sources, that’s for sure, Taurus.


Borrowing from a certain Scorpio? Best way to get even? Live your best life. Don’t take any action, even though you could. Even though you sometimes feel like you should take that verbal shot, or post a cutting comment, even though you’ve got what you think is a perfect, and more important, deserving target? Don’t do it. Forgiveness may be divine, but this kind of quick, Gemini-flavored retribution isn’t your style. Might be your style, but it doesn’t serve you well, not at this time. So let’s look back at that Scorpio, what’s the best way to get even? Serve up revenge, cold, and dark, in a way that make sure you get your point across? Best way to do this? Do nothing. That one Scorpio, she would arch her eyebrows, not menacing, and yet, the simple facial expression would reduce some strong figures to tears, worried, lily-livered in their boots. “She’s planning something, I know, I’ll be looking over my shoulder forever…” So, the notion, passed from Mars-flavored Scorpio to a Gemini who wants to extract revenge? Best way to get even? Live your best life.


There’s a fine balance point between the desired outcome, and rational expectation from the given set of circumstances. What starts out as a great idea? That can quickly become a mordant morass of misplaced good directions. “You mean ‘good intentions’?” I was thinking more along the lines of someone gave you a clear, concise set of instructions, and you followed them to the letter, but the results were less than stellar. Fault is in the directions? Best of intentions? Didn’t turn out like it showed online? There’s the rational expectations from given set of guidelines, and that’s what this week’s fine balance point is, for Cancer, the gentle Moon Children. It’s about balancing the hopes, dreams, and unreasonable expectations of the mind, against what is really out there, in the real world. Me? I’m a rotten judge of the “real world,” as I’ve lived in a fantasy version of reality for so long, I can’t tell what’s real and what’s not. Doesn’t bother me. However, I do, when need be, temper that with harsh reality because some days, it just can’t be avoided. With that inserted in you Moon Child’s brain, under the Cancer carapace? It’s about seeking that balance between what’s real and what’s not.

The Leo

There’s a quick-witted reply that I had, as an answer to the questions about what is going on, but I couldn’t spit out the answer fast enough. This is a typical response you’ll get in this next few days, a great reply, a snarky, smart-ass answer to shut some one up and shut them down, and render the argument null and void, with a single, Scorpio-like cutting comment. Only. Only problem. Only problem being that you don’t have the answer on the tip of your magnificent Leo tongue, and you might look a little stupid, shouting after someone just walked off, “If that’s me then you’re so…” Little trick, from a silly Sagittarius to the mighty Leo? I can get away with bad timing; you would prefer not. Therefore? Wait until the perfect time to deliver that cutting commentary, and the chance of it being the first time? Not liable to happen. Just sit on it a spell, and the commentary and continuing conversation comes around again, you’ve got the perfect riposte. But chasing after someone, “And one more thing…” doesn’t look good on The Leo.


I’m not much of a gambler, not anymore. Just stepping outside seems to be hazardous enough. Las Vegas and similar environs have lost their luster — for me. So, to be clear, I’m not much of a gambler. In a few weeks, I’ll be gambling on the fishing being good, but that’s not what this is about. This is for gentle Virgo, and that sense that now is a time to bet, bet big, and hope for the really large cash win. Here’s my suggestion, instead, think about that idea that I started with, that I’m just not much of gambler, not anymore. It took me a while to figure out that the odds favor the house, and I doubt I’ll win big again. However, there’s still a strong Virgo sense that something will pay off — big. So, my simple suggestion, new moon in Pisces, then the rest of it? Buy a single lottery ticket. If it’s meant to happen that way? The universe, the odd gods, or whatever you believe in will bestow winnings via a single ticket. Otherwise? Looks like you’ll have to work for it, but luck is still on your side.


By the time this Libra-centric horoscope rolls out on the site? Moon is headed towards Aries, and only a day or so away from that. So maybe not right on the 20th or 21st of February, but shortly thereafter? We got an effusive sense of well-being. Or you should experience an effusive sense of well-being since Jupiter and Venus are headed towards each other and that suggests the ultimate in Libra good-times. Give it a day, and since this varies from the individual chart to the individual chart, since the data is a little curious at times? The deal is, got to give me a day or two. I can’t make it better for everyone, but for those individual, good Libra folks? There is a decent break. Maybe need to give it an extra day or two, so the good luck can catch up with you.


Some years ago, I finally had the perfect image in my head for explaining “the pitch.” It was from a fishing buddy, over BBQ, one afternoon, I realized he had greater understanding of human nature, how to work his wife, and why presentation of data is as important as the facts themselves. I used a variation of his pitch as an example. How this work, though, varies from individual to individual Scorpio. It’s not what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. I tend to get excited, and then, all wrapped up in demonstrations, and me, with much hand waving, flapping around like a flightless big bird. That’s my style — ask any Scorpio — they’ve all seen me. When I was poking at your chart, I kept thinking about the supporting data, and then, more important, how that data is presented. That’s the Scorpio clue for assured success, all about how the information is packaged up and delivered.


Two years of partial hibernation, two years of enforced, curtailed activities, and what did we learn? I learned to love public libraries, with their digital access, and I learned that I can be fine without having to see people every day. Now, in retrospect, what have we learned, collectively, and what has our Sagittarius self learned individually? As Pisces time unfurls, sailing along in Sagittarius, our moment of reprieve, for the heavenly guidance? Ask, “What have I learned?” Place that singular interrogative next to a grander question, as society, as a whole, “What have we learned?” Instead of this as a deep, philosophical, and metaphysical question, though, just tick three items off, simple, easy to number, quick to remember, and straightforward answers. For me? 1. Public Libraries. 2. Paper journals. 3. I don’t like long pants. What I learned? The public libraries with digital access are a god-send for reading material, both research and amusement. 2. I toyed with paper journals for years, but the solitude taught me the right way for me to use the paper format. 3. I joke about it, but two years without pants? Found out I really do prefer a simple beach look. This start of Pisces emphasizes a time to figure out what we learned.


No one ever talks about the malevolent caprice of Valentines in Aquarius. I mention it, almost on an annual basis, these days, but I’m but sickened unto death with it and its jokes. Now that there is semblance of order in the world, now that a few things are starting to make sense? At least come to light? Maybe not so buried? Anyway, the apparent randomness with the way some dates are associated, and assigned meaning? Worthy of that occasionally capricious Capricorn curiosity. Why are certain dates assigned a value when that associated value has little, if anything, to add meaning to the point in the calendar year, where those dates show up, in the first place. Why Capricorn, and why now? The planets want to know, and the best person to ask the questions is a solid, but currently oddly curious, Capricorn.


I’ve made mention of this before, but it cropped up again. It’s the way Shakespeare plays are numbered. Not like, in order, but the shortened versions we use when referring to various plays. Henry 4th, part 1 and Henry 4th part 2 become 4H1 and 4H2, with Henry 6th parts 1,2, & 3 as 6H1, 6H2, and 6H3. To me, this is Shakespeare aficionado crap. That’s all it is, just academic, conference-approved, short-hand. Abbreviations that work. Clearly identifies a specific work in a series, and does so with a minimum of letters. Kind of cool, but it is hard to imagine academics in their ivory towers using a shortened or abbreviated form of discourse. It’s that abbreviated discourse, and the various acronyms, short-hand, and insider nomenclature that means so much. Are you using it correctly? Is it the Aquarius-correct version?


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