Horoscopes for 1-23-2024

Horoscopes for 1-23-2024

“The fated sky
Gives us free scope, only doth backward pull
Our slow designs when we ourselves are dull.”

Helena in Shakespeare’s Alls Well That Ends Well (1.1.120)

Horoscopes for 1-23-2024

Sun enters Aquarius 1/21

  • Venus enter Capricorn 1/23 2:53 AM
  • Full Moon Aqu/Leo 1/25 11:55 AM 5°14’

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“Why does this keep happening to me?”

“The fated sky
Gives us free scope

Aquarius heart Just a casual observation? Life-lessons are repeated until we learn the lesson. Might not be the answer you’re looking for, not for that special birthday Aquarius, but there it is. Little reminder? Bit of a wish? Or is it just a piece of time-worn wisdom that needs to be repeated, like the lessons. Or maybe the lessons aren’t being repeated, there is that, as both a hope and a wish. So when you encounter other signs struggling with the same issue, over and over, and even if that issue shows up in different guises, but it is apparently the same missive, again and again? Hardest lesson for us, in Aquarius, let the other people struggle with their own struggles, as that’s their set of problems to learn. To have a happy birthday? Separate your own set of problems and issues from other peoples’ problems and issues. Hint: their lessons to learn, not yours, and sometimes? Some folks have to learn the hard way. You can interfere, but you just get dirty (and the pig enjoys it.)


Pisces heartThe habit started in old East Austin, maybe even before that, but the best place? Used to be a gargantuan grocery store and in deference to local deities, customs, and desires? There was a a whole row of religious candles dedicated to saints, some of which, might not be known in Rome. I got in a habit of leaving a “7-day candle” burning, sort of as an offering, or remembrance, to whatever, I would leave one of those candles going on the stove top in the old trailer park.

More habit than ritual, at one point, and to this day, leftover rituals that I might, or might not, understand? I favor a candle always burning, preferably in a safe place. Lately, I’ve been using a fireplace, with the mantle as a makeshift altar of sort, and the single flame burning brightly in the winter’s night. Keep the hope alive? Sure, there is that. But also: I thought about the cost of that candle, and I looked for fillers for the glass tubes. Turns out the candles themselves run about a buck, buck and quarter at the cheap store, whereas the replacement wax, dutifully anointed and ready to drop into a long glass holder? This are three bucks — or more. So, it is cheaper to just buy the candles and dispose of the empties rather than find a more expensive filler. I suppose I could make my own, but that’s a level of enterprise, engineering, and engagement that I’m not prepared to handle. Pisces: it’s simple. What’s the cheapest solution?


Aries heartMars, Venus and Mercury, the little planets? They are all in Capricorn and that creates some unwanted tension for poor Aries. Not that you can take a little irritation, some of this is easy enough to accept, all in stride. It’s just all three? Think about it like this: there is a broken part in the Aries chain. This kind of broken link can be as simple as hyperlink that no longer points to a correct spot, or had an incorrect pointer in the first place. Could be a remote worker not doing whatever that remote work is supposed to be done? Can be a lot of different versions, but in itself, a single instance of a problem? No big deal. It’s just, all three of the little planets? mars interfered with forward Aries momentum, Venus affect Aries tastes, and Mercury hampers clear Aries thought (and proper analysis). Try three approaches to find a solution, nothing seems to work. Try a fourth. It fits, but not quite right, and the timing is wrong, but it works. Something to think about. Given the planets’ and the influences? It probably won’t go the way you think is should go, but then it does go the way it is supposed to go. Eventually.


Taurus heartThe secret stash — don’t we all have a secret stash of something? For me, this is coffee beans. I’ve got about half a dime-bag of some expensive, single-origin, lovingly-locally-roasted coffee beans, and that little bag of magic beans? There’s chocolate with hints of floral overtones, and woody undertone, plus notes of cherry, all in a single cup. Think these are leftover from before Xmas, who knows? But the secret stash, and that will vary from individual Taurus to individual Taurus, as to just exactly what is in that secret stash. For me, the simplest example, some rare — or rarified appearing — coffee beans. Magical fruit, well, magical roasted beans, but still, it’s the good stuff. I can barely take one, maybe one and half cups of this stuff, and I am alive with ideas, freshly energized, and ready to go. The hot tip, with this Full Moon? Break out that Taurus secret stash, whatever it is.

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Gemini HeartFrequently, mostly, like all the time? I deal with a subset of information, and fragments of the population. Not all Gemini folks are alike. There are variations, striations, and layers within layers, all divided up. So this is about subsets, and what each section might be dealing with. Probably is dealing with. It’s a relationship thing, and that can be interpreted, or typically? Misinterpreted as a number of different issues. This about Capricorn, and the host of little planets in Capricorn, and how that plays out against the rest of your own chart. The temptation is to start to get granular and take the micro-view. Like, think like a microscope. Looking at the tiniest parts and pieces that make this up, and that’s not the best way to use this energy. Instead of going all tiny and looking at the itty-bittiest of pieces? Step back. Look at the grand structure. Look at the big picture to get a better idea, and the easiest way for Gemini to get that big picture? Just step back. Step away, step back, take two paces, in another direction then look over your shoulder, see if that helps.

But, “God is in the details!”

That’s what Virgo is for.


Cancer heartI spent about three weeks trying to simplify part of what I do. Three weeks might seem like a long time, but I didn’t just stop everything, I just started the project, looked at the parameters, looked at how others answered the same question, and I would toy with solutions, without implementing a single action. Played with it, is a term I like the use, as in I thought, experimented, toyed, pushed, prodded, and researched. The term “research” is a favorite because it implies dedicated time spent doggedly pursuing a single goal. More like I would tailor a search term and look at the stuff that popped up, only, I didn’t stick to one phrase, and even then, I would pull up a page full of potential answers, only to be slightly overwhelmed. “Close the tab.” Simple expression, simple exercise, and a simple way to forget all about it. But at the back of my mind, like a pot simmering on the back burner, a slow boil? I had that problem, that action, that stated goal, it was always there. A link from a spurious search, a blog entry, a review site that was really a sales page? All of that circuitous routing landed me with a solution that was, with minimal effort, easy to put in place. But it took several weeks’ effort in order to land on that simple solution. Put the problem up as a sticky note so you remember that you’re “Looking into it,” even now, and that’s the target. Might take a few weeks, and that’s not a problem. Easy solutions to Cancer, Moon Children problems are available, just takes a while.

“A lot of work goes into making this look easy.”

The Leo

Leo heart“You buy one of these fishing poles, you know what you need to add to it?” Good salesman. I tend to agree with his expertise in this situation, and this question about fishing gear. I asked what was needed. “Bait.” Simple, single-word example. Simple, single-word answer. Instead of complicating this situation, instead of getting the latest, greatest piece of gear, and then, adding on more doo-dads, bells, whistles, lights, and even a backup camera? Wait, is this a car or fishing gear? Anyway, instead of more? Less. What does that fishing pole need? It’s got a reel, the reel has line on it, put a hook on the end, stick some kind of bait on it, and fish. Nothing else is required. Looking at the weeks ahead for gentle Leo? It’s matter of keeping this as simple as possible. What does that fishing pole require? Bait. Best if we don’t overthink it.

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Virgo heartThe internet creates a situation wherein I have paralysis by analysis. I can get to looking at a single product, then search for competing reviews, and then, search for more reviews that are linked, directly, or indirectly to the reviews I just looked at, and from thence? It’s rabbit’s hole that leads to a rabbit’s warren of underground twists, turns, and unexpected results. Some love it. Some hate it. Some are cool, calm, and rational while others are outraged, angry, and upset. I can find an opinion to satisfy any question I have. I’ve toyed with the notion of “confirmation bias,” and that’s part of what we have to watch for, in Virgo-land. There’s a tendency, a planetary array that lends this strength, wherein finding supporting material for whatever Virgo-centric position you might have? There’s more than adequate supporting evidence, opinion, for what you want. “See? It says so right here!” I’m always a fan of competing viewpoints to help figure a way ahead, and that’s the problem, down in that hole in the ground, looking at opinions. Look for some that don’t support your side of the argument, just for the sake of seeing what the enemy might be saying.


Libra heartI would guess that this is seasonal. The Xmas crap is long gone. The new year is well-underway. A sales sheet, a digital catalog, flitted through, and I looked, clicked, and spent some time in a mental meander. It happens. I was shopping. Not buying, just looking. Started with a small backpack, on sale, steeply discounted. From there, color was wrong, but the size was about right, I looked for one that was a better material. Then I stopped. I don’t wear, or use, “pack packs.” I tend to favor, much to the horror of the body manglers, the massage people, and bone crackers? I prefer a “messenger” style bag. I have several. But the appeal, and function, of a backpack is always there, so I looked. No harm in looking, right? As a good Libra, you understand the difference between looking, shopping, and actual acquisition, which is what this is about. As an intellectual idea, a backpack is better. For me, as I walk from the parking lot to the store, or in and out of airports, trains, and commuter situations? The backpack isn’t an issue. All that time spent shopping, and I realized I was happiest with what I have. Maybe that’s how this works for gentle Libra. Maybe.


Scorpio heartMe, personally, I don’t believe in the healing properties of crystals and minerals. I mean, I do, but I don’t. To me, rock are rocks. Some are pretty. Some are just chunks of inert minerals. The old rub still holds, “Which one of these is good for protection?” Any particular one will do if you throw it hard enough, depending on your aim; am I right? Still, there is a certain quality ascribed to mineral specimens, some precious or semi-precious stones seem to work for certain modalities. Depends on the person and the sensitivity to the minerals, I guess, the energetic fields, and such. Then, too, there’s the notion that a certain rock or crystal brings “good luck.” As a good Scorpio, you know that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. That’s all it is. But if a certain rock or amulet helps? I would suggest holding onto that rock or amulet. Whatever the good luck charm is for Scorpio? Hang onto it.

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Sagittarius heart I trust humanity, but I still look both ways before I cross a one-way street. That being noted, with the sky falling in certain areas? I’ll look both ways and then a piece of space junk will fall on my head. For Sagittarius? This is a warning, about being cautious and then, from some other directions, there’s an errant piece of material, just lands on our heads. Can’t say I didn’t warn you. And can’t say it’s a surprise, so there’s one special Sagittarius, she’s looking up and steps off the curb in front of a car. It’s where we least expect it. Can’t give directions because it’s almost comic in delivery, if we’re careful enough.


Capricorn heartCute first date idea? How about hand-to hand combat? Not an original thought, but echoed back to me by a certain Capricorn, and I thought it sounded intriguing, but for a Capricorn — not for me. Not my idea. But as an idea? Think of it as a spring board for further conversation. Except for that one. She’d like to fight on the first date, get a sense of how to respond. Not my thing, doesn’t work for me, and to some, this will be wildly offensive. It is meant as a humor, a joke, or, at the very least a starting point for further conversation, got it? First date idea for Capricorn, specific to this week’s energies? How about hand-to-hand combat, or combat training? Tactics, techniques, or, in my case, who could run away faster.

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