Horoscopes for 5-14-2024

“Lord, we know what we are,
but know not what we may be.”

Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet (IV.v.42)


Mercury enters Taurus 5/15 at 12:06 PM
Venus conjunct Uranus 5/18 at 6:22 AM
Sun enters Gemini 5/20 7:59 AM


Forget the past, it cannot be changed. Worry not about the future, it isn’t here yet. And don’t worry about the present, because you don’t get one. Not much of a happy birthday, but I’ve warned against getting one’s expectations too high when the obvious reality of the situation dictates we should lower what we expect out of other people. I said nothing bad about Taurus, just a point of managing what we can expect from other people, especially, non-Taurus types. It’s not a negative point, it’s just a neutral position. Not good. Not bad. Stick to your own happiness in the moment? That’s why it’s called the present.


“No!” What was that? “No! No, no, no, no!” It’s a string of negatives, in a line, in a row, in a fashion that should indicate to gentle Gemini that now is not the time. We’re close, so very close, but I’d take the rest of this week off. In other words? Should I do this? I think you know my answer, but if it needs to be repeated? “No.” The longer form?

There is a cacophony of planet energies in Taurus, a sign that precedes gentle Gemini, and therein is the problem. It’s not bad. It’s not good, it’s not anything, but as for taking action, especially pointed and specific action in a stated direction? Maybe not so much. Look: I love Gemini. I adore you guys. But right now? Cool it. Just sit on that reply, that retort, that pitch, that whatever it was you were going to do? Sit tight.


Growing up, as I did, I got used to homogenized neighborhoods, as that’s just the way it was. I’m not going to enter a racist’s debate about whether it was good or bad; statement, plain and simple, about how I was raised. By the time I drifted into San Antonio, though, my horizons were broadened, and I was much more aware. Local grocer (HEB) bends each store towards local colors and flavors, while there is a persistent (Mexican/Latin/Spanish) overlay through my Central and South Texas locations. I’ve learned to enjoy, experiment, and embrace the flavors. Most of the real, local cuisine is clearly superior. Fresh farmed, fresh caught, served fresh. It’s not all like that, but enough that even a relative outsider can notice, and appreciate. This is about noticing what is around Cancer, the sign of the Crab, the gentle Moon Children. Look at what is there, right beneath your feet, right there in the aisles of the grocery store, the faces of the people we encounter every day. It’s not the horizons we need to search, it’s right under our feet.

The Leo

In my life, exhibited for all to see within the confines of my astrological writings, I strive for simplicity. Towards that end, I keep the number of keys on my own keyring to a bare minimum. House key, mailbox key, that’s two. Nothing else. Super simple. Truck keys are separate and detachable, in theory for valet, in reality, because I walk more often. So I saw a key right that advertised itself as a minimalist replacement, and I looked around, the expensive one wasn’t worth the gamble, but a cheaper version, thanks Amazon, and I tried it. Worked for about two weeks, then the little screw that held it all together backed itself out, and was lost. This is an example, and I was thinking about this as I tried twice with that kind of a key ring, this is an example of two strikes. An ad came through, and it was from a computer accessory manufacturer, and that ad had the same kind of key ring, with flash drive, and cool-looking handle. I stopped. Two strikes. Majestic Leo: you’re at two strikes with this; are you going for number three? Did it work before? Think it would ever really work for you, or is this just slick advertising, and functional marketing?


Virgo heartThere’s always been an earthy undertone to clean Virgo. There’s the hint of fresh tilled farmland, the way a garden smells when the spring growth is bursting forth, the scent of fresh-cut flowers, and how the backyard smells after the lawn’s been cut. One Virgo looked at me, “So I should put a dab of potting soil behind each ear?” No. Yes. Well, whatever. What I was thinking, locally, there’s a kind of sugar cone called “Piloncillo.” As I understand, it’s the leftover semi-refined sugar, and instead of just disposing of it, the semi-raw sugar is poured into conical forms. Makes a great addition as a sugary sweetener, rich with exotic molasses and other flavors, almost gritty, but not quite. Plays into this week’s Virgoland experience, perfectly. Each cone of hardened brown sugar that I’ve bought? Each one has a different consistency and slightly different flavor. Some are dark, some are harder, some are richer, some are more golden brown. All depends. Ad that uneven nature, plus the hint of earthiness, points to the way Virgo wins. Just a little bit of the sugar goes a long way, and each cone has its own flavor.


I stumbled through a way to help you sleep. In these uncertain times, a simple way to sleep better, quicker to fall asleep? It’s a 10-3-2-1. In short format? No caffeine 10 hours before bedtime, no food 3 hours before bedtime, no work 2 hours before bedtime, and no screens 1 hour before bedtime. I liked the ways it looked but I have a problem. I do tend to cut off afternoon coffee unless I’m working or fishing, but other than that, yeah, that one makes sense. No food, since I tend to use a modified intermittent fasting schedule, that’s easy, too. It’s those last two, for one, I read in bed, all the time. I read mostly on a tablet, in bed. So “no screens” and “no work” is a challenge. As we can see from my example, for Libra, I can talk about a situation, but I can’t follow all the rules myself, but then I’m not Libra, as we’ve long-established. It’s when we got to the last of the instructions, the final steps that are important? That’s when we get to a place where we all try to negotiate, bend, modify, or claim extenuating circumstances as a source for a problem. “I’m different.” Me? I just follow the steps that I want, as I want to, to the best of my ability, and I don’t quibble with the results — or lack thereof. But I’m not Libra. For Libra, follow all the steps for success, not just some of them.


There is a single belief that a good Scorpio holds onto. A fervent belief, deeply held, obvious, and un-examined. That’s the problem. It’s a house built on a foundation of sand, and no decent Scorpio wants to admit that, the underpinning material, the basis for the questions, the fundamental understanding was flawed. To be fair, to be honest, it felt good at the time. Felt like it was in place, and felt like it was right. An early piece of training I got, and I’ll pass this along, “It felt true.” Didn’t matter, in that context, whether it was actually true just as long as it felt like it was true. Here’s the problem: it wasn’t true. Felt like it was, but that is a situation wherein the truth now gets revealed. Be willing to adjust, adapt, change as as new data comes online for the Scorpio soul. New evidence suggests the Scorpio point-of-view can be changed. Should be changed. At least be willing to look at the new information?


One of the most potentially damaging scenarios I see? A good Sagittarius soul happens upon a situation wherein “things” are mostly all right. Close to good. Headed towards stability, peace, and harmony. Not there, yet, but going in that direction, right? The challenge is for our good Sagittarius selves to leave it alone. Do not touch. Don’t mess with a winning scenario. There is a temptation to just add this, change that, or remove some of this other, and none of this works in our favor — not in the long run. The bigger picture should be our concern, and with the gentle Taurus planets in their respective positions, there’s an innate desire to mess with success. Makes us a little restive, and that desire to change some aspect of the scenario — just for the sake of change — that doesn’t work well. I mean, it works, after a fashion and it works, in our mind, and it works, for a little while, but just changing to change? That does tend to mess up a good thing. It was OK the way it was, leave it alone. Resist that Taurus (inspired) urge to change something just because we think it might work better. Looks better, anyway.


Listening, watching, a local weather news cast? There was a thought, the younger, more inexperienced weather folks would repeat themselves, over and over, stumbling through words, when the data presentation is all about the same. As a seasoned presenter, but only in the astrology weather scene? I listen for that repetition, and it I find annoying at times, amusing on certain occasions, and tiresome, too. There are times when I repeat my message, over and over, and I try to change the way I handle that data, just a little. Change up the tempo, pacing, words, and methods of delivery, just to keep it interesting, and hopefully to couch that material in a palatable form. If the first bit doesn’t work, repeated in a different frame might work. What interested me with the weather guys I was watching, the new ones and the seasoned pros? Exact same trick, no real new data, and frankly the weather is a little unsettling, can go either way, but the backing information? That can change. More important? Repeating the same thing, only doing it in a different format, the difference between the old and the new.


A fishing buddy reacted badly to a joke I passed along, just a meme thing. Wasn’t that bad, but I got a middle finger, an all-caps interpretation, and a week of silence. His feelings were hurt when, if he paused long enough to think about it, it also described me. Wasn’t like it was just targeted at just him. We both fit the description, but some people have thin skins about certain humor. I thought it was funny. He thought I was offensive. He forgot we share more (cosmic) DNA than what separates us. His humor is also usually childish enough to accommodate my humor — one reason we’re friends. But like my buddy? Someone will send you an innocuous joke that seems to be targeted right at your personal Aquarius space, head, heart, something. Hits too close to home? Whatever the example? If you give the joker an hour, a day, up to a week of silence? You might realize that it is funny, and plays into a stereotype that you’re not but does hit close. Besides, it was a joke, not a serious attack on your character.


There’s a certain laziness that online writing apes. There’s a certain lack of preciousness, sort of a literary version of “Whatever,” only, like it was at one time, “what ev…” The final punctuation is part of that; it is symbolic of that inherent lack of energy in written discourse. The dreaded ellipse, the three dots, the point point point, the … I was making a quick note and link in a blog, and I didn’t want to conclude anything, but I didn’t want to leave the link without punctuation, so I used the dreaded ellipse. With the word processor I was using? That software changes it to a typesetting mark, the three dots is then a more contained form, but it is still the dreaded ellipse. It’s lazy. It’s a cheap shot. It’s a way out without having to form complete thoughts, and therein is our Pisces problem, taking a shortcut and leaving no viable conclusion. In a portion of modern literature, that is a conclusion, but taking a shortcut is not approved. Finish the thought. Fill in the blank. Add what is required so that the lazy person’s shortcut out of this is not required; finish the thought so there aren’t any dreaded ellipses, real or imagined.


I’m a big fan of natural materials. One way I found to deal with unwanted pests? Cayenne. Simply put, cayenne pepper — I use it in a lot of my own cooking — but cayenne is high in the “heat” department. That’s why I have it, cook with it, and use it other ways as well. I was looking for way to help rid some of the backyard of unwanted pests. I looked around for natural remedies, short of harsh chemicals and repellents, just something that was more natural. Turns out that my cayenne makes an effective deterrent. At least, that’s what I read online, and I’ve given this a try. The simplest example? A raccoon was using a tree to get on the roof. All I did was sprinkle, most of container’s worth, of cayenne around the base of the tree’s trunk. Not sure if that fixed the problem, but I sleep better, and there’s no pitter-patter of little feet on my roof at this time. Consider a simple, Arieshot answer to the question. Cayenne, worked wonders for me.

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