Agincourt Agincourt and Shakespeare’s Henry V, up against the historical king. One take on it, this article is about a version of Agincourt. Other collected tidbits, useless trivia? The original battle was 1,500 English against 2,500 French. The English use of the longbow was the first indiscriminate use of mass killings, i.e. the English longbow […] read more

Books and Book Sluts

Books and Book Sluts All about Penguin Books with a favorite quote, about books and brands – In some decades, carrying the right Penguin was a ticket to social advancement or enlightenment – or getting laid. Never happened to me. Howevere’s there’s a rich literary history therein […] read more

Media Bias

Media Bias Follow along, carefully, unlike so many of my “contemporaries,” I make no claims to be totally objective. While I rarely acknowledge pertinent details in my chart, I do openly admit to being an 11/28 Sagitttarius. Sure. That’s not a myth. However, anything else, is subject to question. Still, In my mateial, I’ve been […] read more

Size Matters

Size Matters Sitting next to Thomas Nolan, Ph.D, over the last two-dozen years, we’ve shared jokes and jibes. He’s massively Scorpio, continuously claiming, “I’m the Phoenix, risen from the ashes.” Me? I’m Sagittarius. The Centaur. Half man, half horse’s ass. The arrangements for this last show of the year were a tad odd, and a […] read more