Advocate and Fan

Advocate and Fan Recycle and reuse. I’m a fan. I’ve returned a half-dozen packs and messenger bags to Timbuk2 before. It’s a good idea. Besides the karmic and obvious PR advantage, there’s another point, comes to mind, and the hot link is here. Recycle, reuse, and research. It’s that final element, research, that’s the one […] read more

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius “I’m a — insert sign here — what does Saturn in Sagittarius mean to me?” Saturn in Sagittarius Saturn rolled into (Tropical Zodiac) Sagittarius last December (2014). Saturn exits back – retrogrades – into Scorpio in June for a couple of months, then heads back to Sagittarius in mid-September where Saturn will […] read more

August Heat

August Heat The world is a womb, hot and wet and laboring to be delivered of August, panting, gasping in the fever of afternoon, sizzling night sweats and poached mornings. Piercy, Marge. “Hot, hotter,” lines 1-4, from Mars and Her Children. NY: Knopf, 1992. Previously, mentioned and observed. Mars and Her Children: Poems […] read more

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