Horoscopes for 10-24-2019

My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent,
And, like a man to double business bound,
I stand in pause where I shall first begin,
And both neglect

New Moon in Scorpio October 27, 2019 around 10:48 PM. Steals and deals are available in the Halloween “boo-tique,” at astrofish.net/shop.

Horoscopes for 10.24.2019

Happy “almost Halloween” time. Yippee-skippy.



The Scorpion

While the Sun enters the tropical zodiac sign of Scorpio on the 23rd, it’s not until we get this new moon on the 27 that we get the real “start” of Scorpio. We’re close, but we’re not there yet. However, that is a big turning point, more like, folks wake up on the morning of the 28th, “Hey! What are we doing for Halloween? Lets have a party!”

Cool, in a way, and uncool, in that there’s three-four days that get wasted, not being used for preparing, and anyone ever notice that the candy offerings get less generous towards the big night? Suddenly, all that “inner planet” turmoil is fun and games, good times and parties. It wasn’t a light switch, other than in a cosmic sense, and the new moon, in Scorpio, is a significant transition point — which means? It’s time to move forward with more than one set of plans. Scorpios do tend to get single-minded about a single task, or project, or goal; and with this current energy? Splitting up that drive and launching more than idea into the void is what works best. Try launching three, then, we’ll revisit in a few days and see which one sticks.



The Archer

Picture from a day care place; pumpkin, Halloween art, and a sign, “It’s harvest time.” Might be a bit unfortunate, right under the name of the day care place. True story. Wished I had that picture. It’s a typical Sagittarius blunder, at this time, The wicked fast approach of the high holidays, Scorpio earnestly cooking along. It’s harvest time, just maybe, though, think about the picture placement. or banner.
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Horoscopes for 10-17-2019

“Reach thy hand;
Farewell. I have told my last hour; I was false,
Yet never treacherous.”

Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen

The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac sign of Scorpio Oct 23, 2019, 12:19 PM CDT (+/-) — your mileage may vary, see dealer for details.

This week’s horoscopes include bug fixes and other updates, over last week’s scopes.

Horoscopes for 10.17.2019


LibraHappy birthday to the last of the Libra birthdays. This is a time for sweeping up. Cleaning up. Parties are over; let’s clean this stuff up now. Easy to suggest, the trick is staying on point. Mars tends to fry the Libra energies, and with that at hand? Hard to stay focused on one task. My favorite trick? Post-it note with scotch tape. I have a small monitor off to one side, runs a systems analysis window — all it shows. Across the bottom of the little flat screen, I’ve got a series of post-it notes. Some have been up there a while, which, is why I come back to the idea of scotch tape — that stuff holds the older notes from falling down. It’s a simple idea, but one with merit. Not like I have long-running goals, desires and reminders up there, but there’s a weekly “to-do” item, and we have to make sure we don’t forget. Post-it note with scotch tape, or whatever your equivalent is, just something to remind us not to lose track of the goal.


ScorpioThe planets, the inner planets, of Venus and Mercury are playing cosmic tag in Scorpio. But as duly noted above, those two are merely presaging the Sun’s creeping entrance to Scorpio. It is not birthday time yet, and as noted above, and until the Sun arrives, responsively, fully, and completely in Scorpio?
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Horoscopes for 10-10-2019

To shame the guise o’ th’ world, I will begin
The fashion: less without and more within.

Happy Birthday!

Horoscopes for 10.10.2019


Happy birthday. This Full Moon has a couple of extra “kicks” to it. Added emphasis? Extra punch? More power? Not really more power, but this Full Moon and ensuing birthday Libra celebrations has an added pressure, or juice, or an extra electrical current. See, not only does the Full Moon in Aries happen, but that same lunar transit is opposite from Mars — in Libra — then Full, then opposite from Uranus, and none of this sounds fun. It is, but the correct use of the energy is required, a fine, delicate Libra balance, with one too many items weighing on your little soul. Pause, then prioritize what you want the most. Priorities pay off, as long as the list is cosmically correct.


There was an ad for “Game Time Essentials!” In my mind, I was seeing sports equipment. Perhaps some protective padding, shin guards for soccer or that high-contact volleyball, football pads, gear like that. Instead, it was an ad for a big-screen TV. Hardly what I would call a “Game Time Essentials,” but I might not be the correct demographic. A similar comment was from a certain female, “New place for my boyfriend, he doesn’t have a shower curtain, but there are three TV screens in the living room.” Scorpio game time essentials? Before the real birthdays arrive?
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