Books for sale —
    “Now I will believe that
    There are unicorns;”

Sebastian in Shakespeare’s The Tempest (III.iii.21-2)

Mercury — officially — goes unretrograde on Dec. 6, 2018 at 4:22 PM.

Portable Mercury Retrograde - Kramer Wetzel

Portable Mercury Retrograde:'s Mercury in Retrograde

Portable Mercury Retrograde

Mercury — officially — goes unretrograde on Dec. 6, 2018 at 4:22 PM. But that still means, for the rest of this week?

Horoscopes for 11.29.2018




Guilt. Guilt is magical. While guilt may — indeed — be magical, there is no room for it at this time. Holidays, faulty planet array, that Mercury thing, no room for guilt. Looking at the Sagittarius astrology chart, I quickly arrived at that conclusion.

Then, I realized, I was struggling with a problem for client, just an answer to a question, and what happened? I got to over-thinking the answer. That simple. Over-thinking the question, its answer, and the correct source of action. Sagittarius is all about action, too. Correct action, most correct action, and see what happens. Guilt may have many magical attribution, but without over-thinking this? No time for it, not this holiday season. The recent events, then, what’s on the next’s week horizon for Sagittarius, that etches a pathway that might be laden with that sense of guilt. No room, no time. Simple solution, more as a reminder to myself than anything else? Don’t be over-thinking this.


This is an amusing reminder, to myself, as much as it to Capricorn. It has to do with immediate reactions to a situation. That first, instinctual image? That idea of “different” with its friend, “change” also implied? No one likes change. No one likes “different” when it feels like it is not of our own (Capricorn) making. Doing.
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    Tut, tut, my lord, we will not stand to prate;
    Talkers are no good doers. Be assur’d;
    We go to use our hands, and not our tongues.

1st Murder in Shakespeare’s Richard 3 (I.iii.350-2)

Happy Sagittarius Birthday!

The Sun enters the Tropical Zodiac sign of Sagittarius Nov. 22, 2018 around 3:22 AM.

Horoscopes for 11.22.2018




What I recall about the past says more about what I think about the present, than what has passed. Happy birthday, Sagittarius? Sure. The past, personal history in whatever form it might take? That is a slippery slope. Between the Venus not retrograde and the Mercury just getting geared up and moving backwards, there’s a hint, an echo, a repetitive memory that is calling. But what we recall doesn’t always have to do with the past, it is more a reflection about what we think about the present.

The retrogrades serves as a mirror to memories, real — or imagined. The memories, real or imagined, are about the stories we tell ourselves now. While a moment’s reverie can be illustrative and constructive, more than a blink of an eye, more than a moment’s beat or two? That’s too much time spent reliving past occurrences. What our Sagittaerius selves choose to remember? Says more about our current situations rather than what really went on the good, old days. Or, as I have come to refer to a certain epoch in my personal history? “The bad old days.” What we recall about the past says more about our present than is does about what has passed.



The Sea Goat

“Kramer, this looks like a peyote button — figures.” No. It does not figure. I will call a foul on that one. It is a bead — nothing more. It does not remotely resemble a ‘peyote button,’ or any other kind of mind-altering substance. “Mescaline, I know it!” No. It’s a wooden bead, from whence, I know not, and it is still sitting in a small dish, looks kind of like an ashtray, got some change, a couple of crystals, a good luck token, a single I-Ching coin, just the usual crap.
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    PAR.:I love not many words.(exit)
    LORD. DUM.:No more than a fish loves water.

From Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well (

Mars “squares” Jupiter, Mercury turns retrograde, Venus turns direct, and a Happy Scorpio Birthday!

Mercury’s retrograde pattern starts Nov. 17, at 13 (and a half) of Sagittarius and slides back to a resting point at 27 Scorpio, December 5, 2018. Usual caveats apply.

Horoscopes for 11.15.2018




Having been on both sides of this kind of energy, I can help my Scorpio birthday friends. I watched as a friend carried anger like shield to protect her. Righteous indignation is a luxury and for a Scorpio? This isn’t a good week for that holy cross and mighty sword of anger with which you slay demons and devils who have done thy Scorpio self so very, very wrong. No doubt this anger is justified. No doubt you were wronged. No doubt someone — not me — but someone crossed that line and should feel the heavy hand of Scorpio wrath. Still, think, birthday, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, all of that. No need to launch into an attack, which, here’s a birthday promise for Scorpio, no need to launch an attack that you will have to fight yourself, when , if you’ll just put the petty difference aside?

In good time, not soon enough, but in good time?

That justice will be served, and here’s the funner part: Scorpio won’t have to do any of the work. Put away the flaming sword and holy cross of Scorpio martyrdom, for now.


Is it a choice? Or is is a decision? Simple question. Every morning when I wake, I get a chance to make a decision. It’s a choice, for me, as I choose to be happy. Yes, the planets are applying an undue amount of pressure but that just means there’s something cooking up in the astrological pressure cooker of Sagittarius, and it will pop out a little later. In the morning, when I wake up, I have a choice. While it looks like a choice, it really is a decision. What’s with the questions and definitions?
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