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Aquarius guys: This sign used to be ruled by Saturn until Uranus came along, quit making butt jokes. It’s the sign of the “Black Hat” These are outlaws of the zodiac. It’s really an air sign, too, and stubborn, at that. They never fish with the right bait, but they wind up with the biggest catch. Like I said, Outlaws to the very end of it. While everyone else names their boat after a girlfriend, these guys have big, black boats with serious depth fish computer-aided Bass demographic devices on board. And the boat’s name is usually something like, “Killer.”

Grocery store: “Why must you do this to me?” asks the Aquarius. In my limited observation over the past 20 years, what I’ve seen more often than not, is that an Aquarius in a grocery store buys hardware. You know, a cooler for the upcoming picnic, maybe some lawn furniture. However, that same Aquarius will go to the department store and find foodstuffs to buy. So if you’re going to go shopping with an Aquarius, be prepared for a little bit of a change up. It’s not going to be the way that you think it’s supposed to be.

Shopping at midnight: This one is easy because it’s just like the grocery store, and, in fact, I have more data about Aquarius in Wal-Mart at two in the morning than I care to. Groceries and car parts. And maybe some food for the pets. The Aquarius will also have a certain aloof behavior towards going in Wal-Mart; however, this gradually slips into a sense of merriment when you encounter all the strange things that inhabit a super store after the normal hours of business. The Aquarius is looking for a few food items, and maybe a new alternator for the truck. All at the same time. Perhaps this isn’t what most people do at 2 in the morning, but this fits the Aquarian schedule just fine. Maybe a little spray paint, too, because they are going to need to leave a message soon.

Brick wall: Don’t forget that Aquarius is a fixed sign. No news here. So when an Aquarius encounters a brick wall, they whip out a can of spray paint and leave a graffiti message on it. Perhaps this message is a suggestion that might be anatomically impossible, or, at the very least, rather uncomfortable. Still, the message will be properly punctuated and spelled correctly. Do anything about it? That’s not the Aquarius’s job, they are busy dealing with other problems by the time you read the writing on the wall.

Bait: Rattlin’ Rogue — this is a super–duper, time–tested lure that works better than anything else. Besides, with a name like Rogue, you know that there is something special about this lure that will definitely catch your fish. Better yet, the Aquarius fish is always drawn towards a roguish display of humors, as some would say. And the top water action of this lure is bound to attract the eye, and the mind, of the Aquarius. And if you catch his eye and mind, then you’ve got an Aquarius, hook line and sinker.

Body part: Ankles, calves, lower leg.

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Aries: The Aquarius female loves the fiery passion exhibited by the Aries guy. That much works really well. There are problems, though, and the Aquarius female is going to be forced to develop a little understanding of the childlike nature of an Aries male in order to make this love take root and grow.

On the upside, the Aries fire feeds off the Aquarius air. And the Aries can respect the consistency the Aquarius offers. While the Aquarius mind will always fascinate the Aries, sort of like making a new scientific discovery each day, this fits in with an Aries agenda because each day is a new day, a new adventure. Both signs are often accused of being cold and unfeeling, being too cerebral. This is a problem but with a degree of understanding about how each sign operates, there can be a meeting of the minds. The Aquarius woman is bright, very bright. She may take a little while to decide something while she works the thoughts and analysis through her brain. And the Aries will forever seem impatient with this process.

Learn to give him something to chew on, a course of action to take, and give the Aquarius a chance to figure things out in her own time. The cold and unfeeling side of the Aries is because he is quick of temper: quick to get irritated, and just as quick to cool off. This creates a condition which looks like unfeeling. He’s already forgiven your indiscretion, as long as it is a minor one. The Aquarius female does have great passions, it just doesn’t show on the surface. Learning to be a little more demonstrative, something to give to the Aries to help feed the fragile male ego, helps. Always have a backup plan of action, because that Aries guy loves action.


Taurus: The Taurus guy with an Aquarius woman can be good, if certain conditions are met, better yet, if certain conditions are understood. Realize how a Taurus deals with problems. Realize that both signs are fixed, and therefore, rather stubborn in their own ways.

The Taurus guy can be quite cultured, soft, sensual, a wonderful and attentive lover. Figure out what his favorite delivery food is, and put that number on the speed dial. Perhaps it’s pizza. Perhaps it’s something a little more interesting. Taurus types are classically associated with food, soft lights, romance in the finest degree. This does rub the Aquarius woman a little the wrong way. Not that there isn’t hope, but there are a few concessions to make. Turn some of that mental exercise into a tactile pleasure center, the Aquarius will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Don’t expect your Taurus guy to turn into a rocket scientist. I’m not saying he’s not bright (you wouldn’t be there in the first place if he wasn’t) just understand that he will likely demonstrate his love in a different fashion.

Make an effort to eschew the little head games. Doesn’t work with the Taurus guy, he just sits there and thinks about thinking about it.


Gemini: Yes. Sure, a Gemini male is a fine thing, a wondrous piece of work. But if you’re really interested, make sure you consider both sides of the Gemini face. Make that all 43 sides of the Gemini before acquiescing to him. Got that?

One of the serious positives about a Gemini male is that he can entertain you, and he has a breadth of both character and knowledge to keep you going. Of course, there’s this trail of broken hearts and broken toys left in his wake. You need to know about that, at least a little. To be sure, though, he will get around to telling you about all of what is in his wake, if you can pay attention long enough. The Gemini male is a rare species. One worries about catching and containing them. It can be done, and no one is better suited than an Aquarius. You will forever fascinate him with some of your views because they are so contrary to popular opinion, and at times, so synchronized with him. It’s a good news situation, mostly.

The warnings are clear, and make sure you understand the true fickle nature about Gemini before embarking on this journey. Maybe invest in a separate television for yourself, too, so you don’t have to keep up with his frenetic channel surfing pace, real or metaphorical.


Cancer: Why oh why did you ever do this? You should know better. But now that you’ve done it, perhaps there is some way to salvage this relationship. Cancer men emote. A lot. They are capable of great depth of feeling. They are wondrous creatures who will always amaze you. They are fun loving, at heart. And they do have a big heart. It’s just that your basic Aquarius ways are going to cause a source of befuddled amusement to him. And some consternation, as well.

If you’re looking on the bright side, the Cancer guy can be a real challenge to your basic Aquarius, and since you Aquarius girls always rise to a challenge, it looks like you might take the Cancer bait. But I’m warning you…. he has feelings. Lots of them. Sometimes you have to pry them out. Sometimes they are clear. And he needs to know that you care, too. That’s where the trouble starts. An Aquarius woman will say she cares in deadpan manner, and the Cancer guy “could use just a little more support than that!” I wouldn’t claim to be quoting verbatim, but I do believe you are getting an idea, now aren’t you?

Therein is the challenge, and I charge my Aquarius girl reader to figure out a way to successfully be supportive of your Cancer guy without scaring him off, or making him retreat into that carapace of his. And if you do make this work, besides a tip of the hat, please let me know what you did right.


Leo: The worst of the worst or the best of the best, and one of you is going to make the call. The Aquarius is a natural rebel, male or female because titles are labels, and most Aquarius girls eschew labels of any kind, therefore, oh, never mind—you make this too difficult. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it works real well, and sometimes it is the biggest crash since it snowed on Thanksgiving and the interstate iced up (well–known fact, Texans and ice don’t get along too well).

So if you slow down and play the Leo game, this can be wonderful. An Aquarius girl can be a natural follower. Too bad she has to question her leader along the way. The opposite of this seems to work, roughly 50% of the time. I wouldn’t give this such good odds, but if I did set the odds, that just means you Aquarius girls will do your best to make it work as best you can. Unlike you, I get along with Leo’s rather famously. Of course, I’m more familiar with the care and feeding of a Leo because I have a cat who demands a little pampering. Your Leo boyfriend, significant other or whatever you choose to call this developing situation is like my cat. Good food at the same time every day. A certain amount of petting and stroking is also a good thing. Don’t play with her tail because that irritates her. And even though my cat is a little on the chubby side, I’ve found it really improves things when I don’t mention that to her. Your Leo guy is the same way.

A little care and proper feeding along with the concomitant stroking and petting, and you’ve tamed the mightiest creature in the jungle. Or the house, whatever analogy works best. Don’t be afraid when he drops dead animals at your feet, either, he’s just showing that he cares. Like my cat.


Virgo: Think about this before you embark. Of course, should I give you any dire warnings about this relationship, you’ll just take that as a high sign to continue. Perhaps that’s the best way to word this, for you. It’s not without some problems. But how could any relationship not have a few problems? This one isn’t too bad, but you’ve got a Virgo guy by the hook, and he’s going to squirm, that much is sure. And he’s going to complain, on occasion, about something or other that seems to be a little out of place.

Virgo guys have this wonderfully insightful mind. They can see beyond the mere mundane existence that the rest of us see. What your broad reaching Aquarius mind will encounter, though, is it will seem like he’s obsessing on details right now. And if it’s not now, it will be at some point. In fact, it will be a point that he picks at. Doesn’t much matter what is going on, he will, sooner or later, work his finely tuned Virgo brain up into a lather over what seems like the very barest of minute detail that you dropped in a conversation. Some seemingly unimportant detail, a stray and flippant comment, something that doesn’t seem to matter much to you, he picks up on that and works it into the ground.

He is, after all, an earth sign. I would hardly ever suggest that a little grounding is good for an Aquarius, but in this case, you might want to think about it.
When it’s good, when he’s out of the Virgo panic mode, you’ll find that this relationship has many good things going for it. Of course, every once in a while, you’ll hit the age–old question about the glass of water. And you’ll get the age–old Virgo answer, too, “Half empty? Don’t you know this signals the onslaught of a drought? We have to conserve!”
And you’re thinking that the waiter will bring more water any minute now.


Libra: Aquarius Female and Libra male is a good combination because the basic intellectual compatibility is there. The air signs match up well with each other. There is a problem, though, with two signs that each think that he or she needs to be in charge. I’ve often accused Libra’s of being manipulative. And I’ve said that the basic Aquarius sentiment is a stubborn one. The Aquarius female is quite taken with the Libra. There is always an instant attraction for the Libra’s good looks and sweet talking tongue. Or sweet tasting tongue, as the kiss may be. The little endearments and platitudes just roll off his tongue, and his easy and jocular manner sparks a little light in the head of the Aquarius female. She just loves it. But even though the Libra is tripping of tongue, there is that basic indecisive quality about the Libra male. As Pa Wetzel often says, he’s Libra, you know, “For the sake of argument, let’s just take another look at this….”

The angle between the two sun signs is called a trine, and this is a harmonious get together. And, the Fixed Nature of the Aquarius works well with the Cardinal Nature of the Libra. The Aquarius will have the tenacity to see the project, in this case a relationship, through to the end. One thing to be aware of, for the Aquarius girl, is that the Libra guy will have what seems like a short attention span.

The Aquarius female will constantly be rolling her eyes and acting a tad impatient, like tapping her foot, when he said he would be there at 7:00 PM, and it’s now 7:30… this is more a characteristic of the Libra. Just get used to telling him the show starts half an hour before it really starts. Libra is supposed to represent balance—its sign is the scales. Libra’s are anything but balanced. Herein lies the other problem. Rather, this would be a problem for anyone but the Aquarius. If she learns to act like the voice of calm and decisive reason, the Libra is sure to follow. Just let him think it was his idea.

“Mind games” is an ugly term fraught with a very negative connotation. However, with this astrological pairing, mind games abound. The bright Aquarius female needs this form of mental stimulation. Without some form of head–trip, there just isn’t the necessary excitement. Since both signs are mentally alert, even a simple phone conversation winds up with a little innuendo, a degree of banter and light hearted chatter that is filled with a childlike game of one–upmanship. The smart Aquarius girl let’s the Libra know that he is winning this round, but also let’s him know that she is the master, and he is her pawn. If it was serious, and it never will be a serious game, she could beat him. This sort of back and forth interaction is what makes it work so well.

I’ve got an Aquarius friend in Texas who is just like this. She can be talking to a cowboy for about three minutes, and then she’ll stop, “What’s you’re birthday? You’re Libra, aren’t you?” And then she’ll laugh. Sure enough, the cowboy on the other end is Libra. Aquarius women can pick the Libra men out of a crowd because of the smooth talk, the high dollar words thrown into the conversation. It’s important to remember that the Libra will always think that he’s in charge. A good Aquarius female plays this game, always remembering that she could be on top, if she wants to be.

In the long run, an Aquarius woman and a Libra man have the ability to build a relationship that can last lifetimes, if they so desire. The part of the relationship, which lasts, is the mental gaming, the subtle word play, and the sly innuendo that can turn into a lasting combination. It is a relationship built on trust and mutual understanding. In the bedroom, well, Aquarius women are always difficult to pin down, both figuratively and literally. The old quote from Shakespeare, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind” (Midsummer’s Night’s Dream I.i.234) applies in this case. It can be a rich and rewarding bedroom experience, but with the Aquarius women, there must be both mental stimulation, and sense of the strange. Not kinky or painful, just some kind of mental puzzle to make the union complete.


Scorpio: Tough call, here. I’ve seen a couple of those unions work out over the long haul, but it’s not like it’s an everyday occurrence. The challenge, and this is one of those times when other stuff in the chart really counts, the challenge is to get past the Aquarius/Scorpio debate about who is in control.

Next to the Scorpio Male, the Aquarius girl is going to feel like a real inconstant person. Nothing can address this. Her love of freedom is going to make this a hard one for the Scorpion to understand because he likes to control every situation. And when there is something in his environment that he can’t control, like an Aquarius, he has a tendency to write it off, or dismiss it in some off hand way.

The heart of this relationship is a Square, and it’s between two pretty stubborn signs. On the down side, I’ve certainly seen these two extract the worst possible behavior for both signs when the two get conflicted. In fact, most Aquarian women have a built–in detector that averts them to the Scorpio grasp. Maybe it’s better that way. Like I’ve alluded to before, I’ve seen this work, but I’ll promise that there is a lot more in the charts than just the sun signs. The Square is a tension–filled angle, and that’s what gives this relationship the spark. Just make sure it doesn’t start a raging bonfire. Or forest fire, if you know what I mean.


Sagittarius: I’ve done more research into this strange combination than perhaps I should. As such, it might weight my favor in an obnoxiously positive direction. But I’ve found this to be a good pairing of sun signs. There’s an obvious reason for this, both of these signs are scholarly, albeit in different directions. And to make it the best possible scenario, the Fixed Air of the Aquarius girl’s mind can really fan the flame of the Sagittarius guy’s Mutable Fire.

The term “head games” comes to mind, but it’s not like a usual head game that has a very pejorative definition in the vernacular. It’s more along the lines of an intellectual puzzle, and that’s what pulls these two signs together. And as every one knows, the Sagittarius needs something in his world to serve as an anchor. That’s where the fluid fixity of the Aquarius Air plays in so heavy. Her fixed nature can trap the Sagittarius and provide just enough stability to serve as a good basis for this relationship. According to one source, and from my own observation, Aquarius can come across as the least fixed of the durable signs. This sort of free flowing mental attitude is necessary when dealing with a Sagittarius.

The most successful of these relationships has been over a long distance. The term “long distance romance” is a slippery expression, especially in Texas where we have belt buckles bigger than some states. Since communication is so important in a relationship, the electronic means now available, like fax, e–mail and cell–phones is clearly a superior method of communicating, and it sure beats that messy face to face stuff. This will appeal on more than one level to both the Sagittarius and the Aquarius here. An electronic “touch” is sometimes better than the real thing because its most important quality is the thought, “the thought that counts.”


Capricorn: Since these two signs are so close to each other, it just seems like it would be a natural match to hook them up. In some cases, this can work very well. In other cases, this ain’t so hot. All depends on what else is floating around. But it does follow the Cardinal Rule that Cardinal signs take direction from Fixed signs best. In an ideal world, the Aquarius girl ain’t so much of an Aquarius that she is too rebellious. That’s going to kill something off in Mr. Capricorn because, at their very heart of hearts, a Capricorn guy has some traditional values. There’s that sense of destiny, which can’t be eschewed, there’s that sense of making sure things are done the “right way” which is important to your Cap guy.

Of course, this all might seem a little puzzling to the best of the Aquarius women I know. That sense of doing things the right way, just for the sake of tradition, or because it’s historically accurate, or because it’s “the way they did it before” can sometimes cause a little inner conflict with an Aquarius woman. She has that sense of adventure and a quality about her wherein she occasionally likes to fly in the face of convention just for the sake of rocking the boat. “If it’s a rule, then I’m supposed to break it,” one Aquarius date told me.

That same attitude about bending certain rules doesn’t always work with Mr. Capricorn. However, he can certainly see the results of your efforts, and that works well for him.
I’ve always found my guy Capricorn friends to have a refreshing attitude that includes a droll sense of humor. Dry comes to mind. “Dry as the Texas sand,” as the lyric goes. The intellectual component of the Capricorn guy and the brain part of the Aquarius woman can meet on a certain level, and that’s where this relationship can take flight. Somewhere, somehow, there can be a meeting of the minds. And I’ve yet to find an Aquarius woman who isn’t turned on by thinking.


Aquarius: “They said it would never work,” is the expression that comes to mind, and then, all I can do is think about times when it has worked.

It is an odd combination, and the places that I’ve found this one to be more successful are in remote locations. It’s like two halves of the same piece of fruit. A remote location, like far West Texas or Alaska seems to let these two really get into it all by themselves. And secluded locations force a sense of sharing that’s not always possible in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

That’s not to say, if you want it to work you have to move to the country. But what it does imply is that there needs to be plenty of time where you two are alone together. That expression, “alone together” is the best way to explain how this thing works in the long haul. It’s a really weird combination because both characters have a detached sense, yet, when paired up, they almost need each other, if only to know that the other one is somewhere in the house, maybe not right in each other’s face. It’s pretty strange.

It might be my own predilection for remote locations and it might be my own predilection for Aquarius in general which finds me finding these coupes so successful in far–flung environments. But there’s a really cool dependency that grows in this pairing because everyone knows that an Aquarius can survive alone. I realize it’s a contradiction, but a simple contradiction is no challenge to an Aquarius, male or female.

Telling you it won’t work is the best way to reverse the situation. It will work, but there’s a degree of understanding, almost like mental telepathy, that is the basis for this coupling.
Hey, go for it. Drop me a postcard from Alaska, the Pacific Rim, or your mountaintop.


Pisces: Skip it, you should know better. Of course, that’s just going to make him that much more appealing, but make sure you know what you’re getting in to. Pisces guys are wonderful. There is a depth of understanding, a mysterious “something” about them that just leaves the rest of ya’ll wondering, “What is it that he’s got?”

Make sure you understand about his somewhat fluid sense of dynamics of any situation. Situational ethics seem to apply in his case. It’s not bad, not by any stretch of the imagination. And it’s his apparent imagination that will make you wonder. I will always maintain that it’s not his imagination, but his alternate vision of reality. He can see beyond the black and white world of three dimensions where most of us dwell.

A good Aquarius girl like your self can truly appreciate this vision of his. Or visions. But it also gets to be a bit of problem when you want something done like taking the trash out, or mowing the yard. He might be the most mutable of the signs, and he might be one of the most emotional. While that’s wonderful, there will be a time or two when you can’t help but tweak him, just a little bit. And that constant tweaking, jousting with his emotional side, which can hurt in the big picture. Tone down the teasing for your Pisces man. He really is wonderful, and he does offer doors to places you wouldn’t normally go. Just understand that he is in touch with alternate versions of the reality that you and I understand, and that can either delight you, or really piss you off.