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Sagittarius guys: What lucky fool guys they are! Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a gas giant, and it’s the lucky star. Sag guys make great comedians because the world is always laughing at their dumb mistakes. Which is too bad because Mr. Sagittarius is laughing, all the way to the bank. Not always a smart choice for fishing tournaments because the Sagittarius is liable to turn the boat over — and then catch the biggest fish.

Grocery store: Shopping for more mundane foodstuffs with a Sagittarius is a bit of a drag because it’s so pedestrian. However, if you can get your Sagittarius into the grocery store, you’re up for a good ride because it’s fun. Sagittarius is the sign that turns the shopping cart into a skateboard. Sag will also knock over the row of cans, upset the displays, and generally make a nuisance of himself except that everyone present will find it comical. One line I’ve heard before, at the grocery store, “I’ve never seen someone your age ride on a cart like that…” and that’s a typical response. It’s a lot like going to the store with a child in tow. Just be careful you don’t let your Sag loose in the cereal department because he’s just got to have some of the latest market driven cereal, something that is all sugar and no nutrition. Just surrender and enjoy the adventure.

Shopping at midnight: This is the greatest of Sagittarius adventures, a foray into midnight retail. In fact, the Sagittarius was heading up to the store a little earlier, he just got distracted, there was a band at the club he wanted to see, then he had to stop off for some late dinner because the Blue Plate Special was a favorite, and then it’s after midnight when he finally gets to the store. Better plan on it taking some time. He’s going to look at some athletic wear, perhaps a new pair of shorts, and in true Sag fashion he’ll buy a month’s supply of men’s underwear, a 5 for $10 deal (because he doesn’t have time to do laundry), then there’s the cowboy hats, and maybe a belt because his waist size keeps expanding and contracting. Sporting goods are popular, as are auto parts. He might even pick up some cleaning supplies, too, but don’t count on them ever getting used. Then there’s the magazine and book section in the super store. Not exactly a place for highbrow literature studies, but very few Sagittarius types can escape looking at the books section. And school supplies, you know you can never have enough pens, pencils, paper, notebooks, and so forth….

Brick wall: A large, fixed object is no obstacle, not for a gallant Sagittarius. Look at the most common symbol for Sagittarius, it’s a little arrow, pointing up. When a Sagittarius comes up to this brick wall, what he’s inclined to do is bounce right over the wall. He might even trip, getting over it. Sagittarius is the master of deflection detection, too, “Problem, what problem? I don’t see a problem here….”

Bait: Sagittarius: Baby Trout — No commitment, non-recourse spicy food in a foreign land. Or BBQ at Black’s in Lockhart. Either way, the baby trout lure works. Offer that Sagittarius fish something that looks different. In fact, some of the biggest bass in Texas have been caught on this lure. So it’s BBQ or baby trout, but something with a little bit of spice helps because it’s always easy to hook a Sagittarius fish, but getting that trophy into the net and on the stringer is a bigger challenge. Sag fish are frequently called, “The one that got away.”

Body part: Hips and thighs.

Sagittarius girl and ….

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Aries: Fire and Fire. Wow. Cool. No, hot. That’s what this is, a hot relationship. I’ve always approved of a Sagittarius and Aries relationship. I’ve seen them be nothing but good. Well, mostly good. There’s a degree of understanding that you need to impart to this fine specimen of humanity called an Aries, though. He’s a Cardinal sign, a Cardinal Fire sign, as we previously noted. What we wind up with, when you put these two together, is a relationship with a hot, passionate side, fueled by a lot of go power.

The problems start when the go power takes a nap. The intense passion needs a rest occasionally, and while passion is asleep, if no one tends to the fire, the flames will go out. That’s the problem. Don’t let the fire go out. It can rest and dwindle, but remember to make sure the coals stay warm.

Tending this relationship is lot like looking after a good barbecue pit. It takes time, patience, and a degree of responsibility. The problem here is that neither sign really has an innate sense of what it takes to keep this going. It’s good a for a short turn, like that barbecue pit, great for doing hot dogs and burgers on a summer afternoon, but the long, slow smoked brisket of a relationship might take some extra attention. There needs to be something that will keep the flames going, something that keeps the smoke pouring out of the top of the pit, a little fan for the flames.

One of the best pit tenders I know keeps a bottle of hot sauce, a bottle of barbecue sauce, and little spray bottle of water at hand. These ingredients, on one level or another, might be the best items to keep this relationship going. You need to add an occasionally piece of Mesquite for flavor, maybe paint the ribs with hot sauce from time to time, perhaps layer a little barbecue sauce, and then, there are times when the mist from the water bottle is necessary to tone down the flames.

The end result is long, slow–cooked to perfection, type of meal where the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. There will certainly be enough zest in this relationship to keep it spicy for a long time, it’s the judicious use of that water bottle that’s important.


Taurus: You know, I’ve seen this one have a certain amount of appeal. And in a number of the cases when it works, the Sagittarius girl is a Scorpio Rising, which if you look at the rest of the chart, gives her a Taurus Descendant. That means Taurus is the sign that “rules” her 7th House, the place in traditional astrology that’s called the Wedding House.

But that’s the exception with this combination because in the same traditional astrological vein, Sagittarius girls and Taurus guys are just a little too different for this to work out. It’s like looking at Bass Fisherman, with their trucks, boats and mountains of gear for tournament work, and the Fly Fisherman with his willow creel and single little fleece lined holder of hand–tied flies. One moves fast with lots of horsepower, that’s Mr. Taurus the Bass Fisherman. The other is light on her feet, able to adjust to rapidly changing conditions, that’s the Fly Fisherman, the Sagittarius girl.

While these signs have a certain amount of common ground, the problem is that the Sagittarius girl goes for something a little more refined whereas the Taurus guy represents something that is conventional and steady.

Perhaps the fact that they are both fishing is a common ground, but too often, these two versions of fishing just don’t seem to match up well.

If this is one that works, I would suggest that there is a certain amount of astrology glue that holds it all together, perhaps something beyond the Sun Signs themselves. But if this is a strict Sun Sign interpretation, I’d give it a miss because even though there are distinct similarities, you’ll notice that we’ve got two people from different worlds. Or, maybe it’s just two people from different versions of the same world.


Gemini: The reverse of this one, a girl Gemini and a Sag guy is great. Somewhere, though, in my files, when I look at the reverse of this, with Sagittarius woman and a Gemini guy, it just doesn’t seem to work as well. To be sure, if it does work, then it’s just like it is supposed to be, what with all the Sagittarius fire being fueled by the Gemini air. Sure. Works well.
The problems that I’ve seen crop up time and again have more to do with the inherent unstable nature of the Gemini guy opposed by the Sagittarius Sun of the female. No male bashing jokes here, but at times, my fine Sagittarius girl is going to feel like telling a few. And the jokes might be a little too painful or a little too close to home for his tastes.

What causes the friction, from what I’ve been able to determine, is that the Sagittarius woman needs a little more than the Gemini guy is willing to give, all the time. Not some of the time. There are days when that Gemini is the most adorable person in the world. There are other times, when he does his Gemini thing, and you are just beside yourself with impatience. In fact, you’re going to find your sweet Sagittarius self muttering, “Oh just grow up.” Imagine the irony of a Sagittarius telling someone to grow up? It’s the ultimate in contradictions. But on occasion, you’re going to find that’s the very comment you make.

Enjoy your Gemini for what he’s worth. Fun loving, intellectually stimulating, a real life of the party most of the time, a nice guy a lot of the time, a childish love of fun which works well with your childlike glee. Wait, there’s the problem. That Gemini guy is going to be acting childish whereas a good Sagittarius girl has a childlike way of looking at things. It’s a small difference, a nuance in the words, but in this case, it’s important.


Cancer: A Sagittarius female and a Cancer guy is, to be sure, a little on the strange side. More than a little strange. There’s something innately appealing about a Cancer guy. He’s coy, reserved at times, usually rather good looking, and there’s more than a hint that there is a depth of emotion hidden in his reserve. But like all tasty crab dishes, there’s bit of work required to dig out the sweet and tender parts. And don’t forget some people are really allergic to shellfish. It’s just something in the chemistry. Doesn’t mean this won’t work, just be a little more careful with both your heart and his tender heart.

On more than one occasion, you’re going to encounter the crab’s shell. This is either good or bad, and that’s really an ambiguous statement. But it does depend on how reactionary you turn out to be. If you can cool your Sagittarius jets for just a minute or two, stop and look at the big picture, you will quickly realize that bouncing your head against his carapace is a fruitless endeavor.

There’s a subtle nuance in the way he tilts his head, a way he looks when he’s sitting at the keyboard, a gentle lilt in his voice, something that you really do like about him. But there’s still a reticence, and that reserved nature of his comes to the forefront again. He is capable of grabbing onto you with a giant crab–like claw, and refusing to let go, too, and that’s another problem. Or asset. Perhaps you want a guy who has the tenacity to hang on. If you can work your own way under that thick shell, you’ll find a good relationship. It’s getting under the shell that takes time. I wouldn’t suggest that all Sagittarius women are impatient, but I’ll suggest your patience will be taxed.


Leo: I really do like the opposite of this one. And I’ve seen this one work pretty good for an entertaining relationship. But a good Sagittarius girl had better do a little academic research about her Leo companion before getting into to this too far. He’s easy to please, all you have to do is stroke him. It reminds me of a guy I know who catches catfish by hand. Now, with Leo being the Lion, the Catfish metaphor is even funnier and more appropriate. How does this guy do it? He strokes the Catfish. He reaches down, runs his fingers around the big fish’s head, and then grabs that sucker by the gills and tosses them up onto the bank. There’s got to be an assistant on the bank, too, someone to make sure that big fish doesn’t flop back in the creek.
Okay, your Leo guy is just like that catfish, almost literally. A quick stroke, a reassuring touch and then, “bang!” He’s yours. Makes it sound simple, but catching Leo’s is like trying to catch certain fish, it looks a lot easier than it really is.

And like the example of those catfish, it could almost take help from another person to keep him when he’s landed. But is it worth the effort? For a Sagittarius girl, it sure is worth the effort to keep that Leo around. He’s loyal, dependable, imaginative, and he will treat you like a Queen, if you let him. It might take a little bit of a try to get it together the first time, but after that the rewards are great. Personally, I prefer my catfish rolled in some corn meal and pan fried with some Cajun spices.


Virgo: The opposite of this makes for some interesting comparisons. And at the risk of sounding like the sexist male that I am, this one seems to work better than it should. I’ve seen it last for a long–standing period of time. Now, there is something of a timely note which should be added at this point, my fine Sagittarius girl, Mr. Pluto is either coming along or he has already visited himself upon you. And at the same time Pluto is in Sagittarius, he’s making a difficult angle for the Virgo you might be considering.

What Pluto does to a relationship is tear things up and then let things fall back together. Or apart. If you have a good relationship, then this looks like it will survive some of the rage, outrage, and general mayhem associated with the Dark Lord of the Underworld [Pluto]. But if you’re on shaky ground already, or if you live in California, I’d be extra careful.
It’s not the end of the world, and while you two are both mutable signs, you’re going to find that this relationship has a certain tension that actually makes you two stick together better than most. Or, at least, better than some. Don’t forget to review your related Virgo material to help deal with this guy, though, because he does need a little care and feeding in order to keep him around.

The problem with the sexist comment is that I’m a male Sag, and I’ve dated a Virgo. Or two. Some are very dear friends. Some are now sworn enemies for life. I never did get the grudge thing figured out. So when I say the reverse of this works well, it’s from the point of view of a participant rather than a neutral observer. And as soon as one Virgo dumped me, another one popped up to be extra nice.

In more traditional astrology, Sagittarius is a male sign, and Virgo is a female sign. That’s also why I like the reverse of this because it fits with the old books. In this day and age, though, maybe we can move beyond the traditional roles. Good luck with a Virgo, and yes, it can work pretty well.


Libra: A Sagittarius girl can do much worse than finding and hooking herself a Libra. The Libra male is a good catch, at times, he can be the best. He has a penchant for art and beauty, and I’ve yet to find a Sag girl who just won’t make herself a fool for such things. She’s easily seduced by the love of good food, good wine, and a little bit of the Libra charm. And that Libra guy can come across as quite charming.

The problem with this relationship has to do with depth, not breadth. The passionate Fire of Sagittarius is often fueled by that Libra Air. The problem is that the Sagittarius girl will sometimes look over at the limpid pools of blue (brown, hazel, green—whatever) and wonder if there is anything really back behind the eyes. Is that a brain stem or just the stem of a vegetable? Is there a mental process at work or is there just a vacancy sign? Does he really interact with me, or does he just mimic back answers? “Do you think I just mimic stuff back to you?”
The balance of the question, and the answer, has to be fair to the Libra. Yes, there’s really a depth in there, but sometimes he does come across as shallow. He’s not, but he can be busy weighing some of the heavier parts of the conversation. Or he’s worried about a tactful way to tell you some of the spinach enchilada is still stuck to your teeth. Being A Sag girl, the blunt answer works. Being a Libra guy, the blunt answer is not artful enough.

Tap some of his passion. Tap some of his desire. Tap into that brain, the mental process, and see what happens. He’s in awe of your depth of feeling, and he can respond to it. He just worries a little bit about such an open display of affection. I mean, he’s affectionate and all, but the overt stuff can scare him at times. The Libra tends to come off as a little reserved at all times whereas the Sag girl, in my limited experience, is all emotions all the time. Usually upbeat and positive, even in the face of insurmountable odds, but it’s out there. Mr. Libra Nice Guy can appear cool and calm.

The angle between the signs is called a sextile. The tighter this is, the better the angle is, and then the better the relationship. As long as you’re involved with a Libra, plan on being a little more decisive than usual.


Scorpio: What do you do when the most sexy sign in the zodiac meets with the other sexiest sign in the zodiac? Mr. Scorpio is alluring. He’s sexy. He’s stimulating. He hints at a prowess that can tame your wild and wanton ways. He’s appealing. He gives you that look, the first time, and you feel like you are standing naked beneath his gaze. He looks you in the eyes and you melt. You have suddenly become one word: toast.

And he’s a Fixed Sign. You knew that this was too good to be true. Guess what? It was too good to be true. It’s not working and it’s not going to work. A good Scorpio guy doesn’t want to date. He wants to take you home and tie you up. It’s not unreasonable—he’s looking for a hostage, not a girlfriend. And you have been captivated by his Scorpio charms, of which there are many.
My, albeit limited experience thus far with Sagittarius women, has been that ya’ll are many things, but one hat you don’t wear too long is the hat which implies “property.” Not all Scorpio guys are like this, at least, not at first. But sooner or later, there comes a time when the Sagittarius yen for freedom unleashes itself, and that when the trouble starts. That’s Trouble with a Capital “T”.

One word of advice, never, ever cross a Scorpio guy. He will seem to carry a grudge to the grave. Scorpio guys have even been known to bring that grudge back across multiple lifetimes. He will remind you of any past indiscretion at a most inopportune moment. He will dredge up previous harms and flaunt them at a time when it is not a good thing. His timing will be impeccable—impeccable from the point of making you suffer. So if you decide to wander from this relationship, make sure that you have clear communication with Mr. Scorpio. Do us both a favor, never cross him or withhold information he might want or need. It’s just not a good idea.

I don’t want to be a voice of doom in this situation, but a typical Sagittarius girl needs a fair amount of warning before getting involved with a Scorpio. Even flirting with a Scorpio guy contains an element of danger. While flirting with danger is fun, the Scorpio guy is serious.

The odds are long on this one. The deck is stacked against you in this relationship. Compassion and understanding, maybe a Scorpio Moon in your chart, and this works well enough for a long–term commitment. But research Mr. Scorpio a little bit before you get involved. He can be a steadfast companion for life. Or an enemy. Depends on how well you deal with him. You will never forget him, that’s for sure.


Sagittarius: All I can say about this is “go for it.” Ah, c’mon folks. I’m Sagittarius and I’ve had one Sag girl break my heart. And no sooner said than done when a flurry of other Sag girls worked their way into my life. I can’t say anything bad about them. Not a one.

There’s too many Sagittarius girls in my files, too many of them are good looking, too many of them are fun, passionate, considerate, ready to go at the drop of a gym bag, for me not to be rather encouraged by this Sagittarius and Sagittarius relationship. There is a problem, and the problem has to do with a lot of extraneous factors. Which one will leave the relationship faster? Which one will get up one morning and announce, “I’m thinking of going to study in France this week,” pack up and leave?

It’s a valid question. There’s much that is good here. Perhaps it’s too much of a good thing, or perhaps it’s two people that are very much alike. Or perhaps the problem is the fact that the male Sagittarius is little more wandering than the female. Or it might be reversed—you can never tell.

The passions are certainly strong, the love is enduring, but the day in and day out sort of mundane tasks are the sort of thing that wears these two out. This is a relationship built on mutual admiration and strong passion. Alas, the problem with passion is that it can burn out. It really does depend on who has the most fire in his or her chart, but the one with the most fire stands a chance of burning quickest, perchance too quickly, and wearing out the relationship.

In the best of times, this is one of the best of relationships. In the worst of times, however, due to the similar responses from both parties, the worst characteristics of the Sagittarius creatures are exacerbated. Means when it gets tough, the scene gets really ugly in hurry. The good news is that there is always hope for reconciliation within this grouping.
Timely note: Pluto is currently in Sagittarius and he’s made aspect to maybe half of us so far. He will realign your thinking about a relationship. Consider it a focus point kind of astrological influence. If it’s already hit, ya’ll are cool. If he ain’t visited yet, just be prepared.

The inherent problems with a same–sign relationship are multiplied when both the signs are the Mighty Archer. Given the Sagittarius penchant for grandiosity, as long as it’s good, it’s great. Keep that thought, and keep it upbeat.

Who loves you, baby?


Capricorn: Seek professional help now. You’ve fallen for a Cap guy. You need a check up from the neck up. You really should know better. There’s been a recent deluge of charts I’ve looked at, good Sagittarius women, darling every last one of them, and they all seem to have a plethora of planets in Capricorn. Not the sun sign, but other orbiting little planets like Jupiter and Saturn, maybe Venus or Mars.

Then this person finds herself looking long and hard at a Capricorn guy. To be sure, there’s a little bit of astro–glue in the charts, but let’s be reasonable here…. he’s a Capricorn, fer chrissakes.

I happen to have a lot of really long standing and well–intentioned relationships with guy Caps. But I’m not sleeping with them. Pretty simple fact. And I’m not going to be sleeping with them in the foreseeable future, “not in this lifetime” is a likely phrase. Not this body. So I get along with a Capricorn guy in a most excellent manner. Funny, witty, droll, entertaining, self–deprecating, honest, reliable, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. So I lied about the buildings, but I have several Cap guys who would do just that, or, at least try.

With all the nice things said, let me warn a decent Sagittarius girl like yourself about getting involved with a Capricorn fellow. He can be all of those nice things. It’s just when it comes a relationship, he can be pretty much “out there” and none of us are too sure where “out there” is. This obviously witty guy is suddenly smitten by your Sagittarius traits. The only problem comes from the fact that he’s going to start trying to amend your ways. Sagittarius girls are great but they do not gently let someone else manipulate them for very long. I want to be as fair as possible to the Capricorn guy, too, and he’s just trying to evoke a few changes that might actually do you both some good. But that’s also a problem.

If you’re smitten with him, or he’s quite taken with you, good. Just be a little careful, and since I have so many Capricorn guy friends, I’ll plead with you to be as gentle as possible with him. Just remember, sometimes, you’re going to find him “out there” when you ask about the true nature of your relationship.

One of my guy Capricorn buddies came up with the perfect analogy for this relationship, “Man, it’s just like Artoo and Threepio. No, wait, really, it is. See: that Sag girl, she’s just like Artoo, always in the right place, at the right time. And Threepio? He’s just like me. He complains about no adventure, and when that Sag Girl drags me off on some adventure, I’m just like the character, complaining that it’s not safe.”

Can’t win for losing, huh?


Aquarius: What are you thinking? The reverse of this seems to work rather well; however, this is an unlikely combination for a Sagittarius girl. You’re going to find that Sagittarius girl needs more passion than the average Aquarius guy is willing to give up. That’s the problem in a nutshell. You probably met your Aquarius guy at a poetry reading, or in a bookstore, or at school. If it was a bookstore, it might have been just about any section but the “self–help” shelves. After all, he has a lot going on, and he doesn’t worry about fixing himself. He’s more worried about the ozone layer, or the homeless, or something like that.

He has noble aspirations, but then, you’re Sag and you can share the wonderful dreams. The problem with this combination is that the guy seems to use air as a foundation for his ideas. A Sag girl is rarely considered a voice of reason or a sea of calm, but in this scenario, that’s how you’re likely to feel.

There’s one critical element that is often found missing in an Aquarius guy. While this is a generalization, if you’ve got yourself an Aquarius with a lot of air in his chart, passion, as we commonly call it, is going to be an ideal rather than a fact. He may be excited at some times, but he’s more excited about ideas, and he seems to internalize a great deal of passion. I’ve played to an Aquarius audience before: “It’s okay, Kramer, we’re laughing on the inside.” I sort of figured they were applauding on the inside, too.

That’s the trouble with this combination. Like I’ve suggested, it’s not without some merits. Chances are, there’s a degree or two of Aquarius in your Sagittarius chart. That’s what hooked you up in the first place. Or he may have some Sagittarius—like the little planets. It can work, but it’s a weird one. And sooner or later, you are going to explode—he’ll just observe with mild and detached interest. What is it that you are going on about? He understands many things in his acerbic mind. Emotions, though, sometimes leave him befuddled, except, of course, on an intellectual level. There is the odd Aquarius who claims he understands emotions. Understanding is good, and I’ve always been encouraged by an Aquarius who really is in touch with his feelings. It could happen, sure.


Pisces: Some astrologer, or perhaps it was somebody who knew something about astrology, pulled you aside and tried to warn you that Pisces is not a good sign for you. This is not entirely true. First of all, very few signs can match the amount of passion caused by a Sagittarius girl. Few signs, none in my experience, can match the unquenchable fire that a Sag girl has. And you should know by now, when I give you a build up like that, there is a let down coming soon….

The standard issue Pisces Male has a few meandering qualities because he is a mutable Water sign, which don’t exactly line up with the Sag girl’s sensibilities. That can be the cause of much trouble. But there’s another quality, overlooked by amateurs, but for those of us who trade in love, we know different.
“If music is the food of love, play on…” (Shakespeare wrote that in a play)

The heart of this is a square. That causes trouble. And it causes friction. But with two of the more adaptable signs, there is a chance to smooth over this friction. This can work, and when it does work, it works well. One thing is for sure, that Pisces guy is going to be forever enthralled by your passion. Whether it’s passion for an idea, a concept or feeling about a person, especially him, he loves you for it. A Sag girl has an ability to demonstrate the passion and the Pisces guy has an ability to receive this. Water and fire can make steam. Just don’t let his water put out your fire.