Monthly News of the World 10/93

Monthly News of the World 10/93

This is real astrology for surreal people. That means hours of intensive study and preparation go into deriving a brief synopsis of what the coming month will be like. Unlike other metaphysics, astrology is a science.

Aries: this month starts out with you in one of your moods but that quickly changes. Luck is still uncertain, and just once you will find yourself up against the world, but it’s only a fleeting expression of your inner most self trying desperately to get out.

Taurus: this is the month you have been waiting for: everything and everybody is either against you or for you. Your mood swings may resemble a playground while some of the strong planetary influences attempt to pull you apart.

Gemini: finally! A good, if not a great, month to be a Gemini! This certainly is a propitious month for you, too, what with some new found wealth blowing into you life. Be careful, though, you don’t want to overspend what you’ve got. And watch out for sudden romances which can end as abruptly as they start.

Cancer: you’ve probably got some of the strangest energy you have ever encountered in your life, going on all around you this month. Your place of work continues to be a source of constant amusement, as do long-distance relationships. Remember long distance romance almost never works.

Leo: party on! (Don’t you just love a Leo?) That old stubborn energy should become a thing of the past. By the middle of the month, you will feel like you are back in the swing of things again!

Virgo: batten down the hatches, lower the sail, get the mizzen mast ready, you are going to sea. The tide of your emotions will sweep you away, one more time. However, you are forewarned, and that means you are also forearmed, so it is off to battle at sea!

Libra: last month’s good fortune is leaving some lingering aftershocks, like a warm glow. Of course, that warm glow might also come from you spending some time in the spotlight, you also have that to look forward to this month. Still, enjoy the good luck, too, but caution is now advised.

Scorpio: if there ever was a good month to be a powerhouse of a Scorpio, this is THE month. The tough energies are just making you that much stronger so it doesn’t get much better than this, except maybe next month. You’ve got the energy, go ahead make some one’s day!

Sagittarius: now, more than ever, is a time of preparation: get ready for what is coming up next month. Your energy is quite righteous for going out and getting all your affairs in order: especially romanctic ones. Just in time, too, because you need to be prepared for next month. Tough luck this month, but next month bodes well for you.

Capricorn: the old sea-goat is feeling a definite animosity towards the world at large as people keep trying to encroach on your own personal space. Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that the world is not out to get you. Keep looking over your shoulder this month, especially in respect to the work place.

Aquarius: I’ll bet you are getting tired of all of this assessment and re-assessment of your life, the universe and everything. Matter of fact, I’ll bet you’re just tired of it all. I did warn you about quick romance last month. Did you listen?

Pisces: in love with life this month? How about in love with being in love? Or maybe just in love? Only a true Pisces could really figure that one out. In any case, now is a good time for romance. Perhaps, though, it’s not a good time for much of anything else, except being a Pisces. No mater what scale you use, this is a good month for you.

copyright Kramer Wetzel, Austin, Texas 10/93

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