Week of: September 22-28

It’s Libra time, the fall equinox, the time when the days and the nights are equal in length. Means getting up to go fishing is a little bit easier because that darned old Sun doesn’t poke its head up quite so early.

Aries : You get one of those rousing good starts to the week. You know the kind? You walk in and the boss is already angry, you look at your watch and it’s only 7 in the morning. Just when you thought you could get ahead. Okay, work with me on this one: you have a new mantra (Bubba, it’s one of them things you say over and over), and this new one goes like this: the weekend will be fun, the weekend will be fun, I just got to hold on….

Taurus : Like your neighbor’s weed eater at 7 AM on Saturday, or worse, the blower thing on a Sunday morning, you’ve got one of them wake up calls coming this week. Harsh discussions at the top of you lungs is not a good solution here. Of course, nothing like a good fight to make you feel better, huh? Still, I would recommend against it. Use that peaceful influence and shoot for talking your way out of trouble. You’ll feel better.

Gemini : Notice that everybody is opening a Micro Brewery these days? I full well expect to hit one in the local convenience store, you know, Micro Brewery and oil change. Not there’s much difference these days, not with some of the places I’ve seen. Anyway, there is also an alarming trend in Texas called vineyards. All this concern with beverages leads us to the solution to the problem for the week: escape. Don’t try relaxing right now.

Cancer : There is an Arabic side to horoscopes, the ancient masters of the desert came up with this parts of astrology. And yours looks really good this week. Now, ion order to make this work for you, what you want to do is get together with your local soothsayer and get that person to pick some lucky number for you. Maybe read a few tea leaves. something. Anything. Channel up Elvis. Games of chance, like lottery tickets are a good bet.

Leo : You guys are supposed to be in what is often called “fat city” right now. It just doesn’t get any better than this. And if it’s not really that good, look around and ask yourself, “Self, was I supposed to go for something different than Avocado Shag carpet?” Your taste is not at particular high point right now, but this week brings money opportunities out the wazoo. Do something with all that cash. Maybe send me some, too.

Virgo : What a wonderful week for a Virgo! You might feel a little Gemini-like, up one minute, down, 30 seconds later, and then up again. Since you are a Dirt Sign, these little mood swings can last all day. Take a lesson from a Gemini, though, and don’t take all of this too serious. By the time the weekend rolls around, you’re doing “just fine.”

Libra : It’s the beginning of the birthday month for Libra. All of ya’ll early degree Libra types have a lot of “movin’ and shakin'” going on right now. Don’t get too caught up in one idea right now. Don’t let Bubba tell you where to fish. Use your own guide to figure out what works for you this week. The big fish pond in the sky has a few good surprises headed your way, if you just give it a chance.

Scorpio : Ever surf? Because, if you did, then this is one of those times when the waves are the best, and you used just the perfect wax on your board, and it couldn’t be any better than it is right now. All the little things seem to be coming together quite nicely for you. If the little things AREN’T coming together, then take a look at letting someone else bait your hook. Go ahead, let someone help you out this week.

Sagittarius : Bet you start feeling a whole lot better by the middle of the week, and then, rolling right on into your sign like a big 18-wheeler, you get Mr. Mars. He’s here by the weekend, and he brings life, vitality, energy, and, and, other stuff, too. Just be careful because ,mars means things like fish hooks get caught in thumbs, and when your filleting a decent catch, you can slice your own hand open, just like a surgeon. Careful with sharp objects this weekend.

Capricorn : The last time I made a reference to the “fog lifting” a number of confused Capricorn’s wrote me notes. Well, there is a fine mist out on the lake today, and there is a lone fisher-person motoring along in a small, flat-bottomed boat. He can see through the mist which is a rising up off the lake. Now, like any good Capricorn, you can see through the mist, too. The problem is that your alone out there, in the boat. Head for the best place to fish, despite the fog.

Aquarius : This is another one of them weeks with lots of “growth” opportunities. Much as I hate to sound like a New Age Tree Hugging Micro Bionic type, these opportunities just might present themselves in the form of a challenge or two. Be kind to your old fishin’ buddy, and don’t take it on him. Use these “challenges” as a way for you to get ahead. Like, consider as new bass boat right now.

Pisces : Dichotomy. It’s a big word. And it talks about what you’re dealing with this week. One part of you wants to stay home, and the other part of you wants to get completely shrug any sort of obligations (like housework) and go fishing. Reminds me of a sign I saw at a favorite bait and sushi place, “don’t be wishin’, go fishin’!” I guess that motto sort of sums up what you ought to do with that dichotomy.

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