Week of: November 3-9

First Kiss cost me a dollar, second cost me two
At this rate I’ll be in the po’House after a week of lovin you.
Misery won’t buy company, of that I’m livin’ proof
Have to sell my soul to the devil just to spend some time with you.

(c) 1997, Half Street, off their CD

check them out at: http://ccwf.cc.utexas.edu/~messina/half.html

Aries : I warned you about shooting first and asking questions next week. It’s next week, and you should be asking a few, very penetrating, questions right now. As my old pappy used to say, “put on your thinking cap….” Yes, this is good week to put on the thinking cap. Did you think about the travel options? Are you gong to make a long journey someplace? You should.

Taurus : Maybe the early part of the week isn’t so hot for you, and maybe you’re just not a morning person, or maybe it’s you’re not a fall person. Whatever the case may be, you feel like burrowing under the covers for a while, and not coming out until Wednesday. Then things get better. There’s a New Moon which turns on your creative juice maker, and that means you got an idea or two that gets hatched. Just don’t be counting eggs and expecting each and every one to become a baby chick.

Gemini : How’s the old workout routine going this week? I guess you feel like you’re supposed to be spending more time at the gym, maybe some extra time on the treadmill would help. You know, there are holidays coming up and you want to be in good shape before they get here. I’d stick to the special FGS workout schedule, and that includes getting out of bed as an exercise.

Cancer : This is a another good week for you Crustaceans. Plan on getting out of your shell a little because this is a good week to be out and about. Now, about fishing plans for the coming weekend, you might want to renegotiate with your significant other or house mate, or whatever it is that you call that old relationship things about the coming weekend because you will want to be ready for some last minute changes in your plans.

Leo : Your week starts out with a big bang, sort of like the one that some scientists say created our universe. Then you get down to the cliche “brass tacks” of what holds everything together in your life. It’s by no means a bad time, and given that you have strong Leo sentiments, this is a good week for what you do best: party. However, don’t be perturbed if others are not so willing to help assist you in this festive time.

Virgo : Put them old Romance thoughts aside for the week. Just put them in neat container, and shove them on a shelf. I hope it isn’t a dusty shelf, because then you would tempted to clean it. Nope, put everything else aside, and concentrate on some work stuff for a while. This is a good time to launch a new project, sort of like christening a new boat, a bass boat, I would hope.

Libra : A lot of signs are having a hard time getting started this week.. The good news is that you don’t suffer from this ailment. You have plenty of get up and go for the Monday morning rush. If you don’t, try another cup of FGS brand truckstop triple French-Italian roast coffee, then you’ll have the energy to get the week rolling right. The only problems approach as you run out of steam along about Thursday. Friday is a welcome relief, too, and you need to cool your heels next weekend.

Scorpio : There was a series of bad jokes which made the email and fax rounds, something along the lines of “you know it’s going to be bad day when….” and these jokes are infinitely amusing. It’s even more amusing to wake up to the sound of a live news crew knocking on your door. That’s one of the punch lines from those jokes, and that’s also what this week is going to be like. Now remember, this is typical Scorpio sarcastic humor, so take it with a pound or two of sodium chloride.

Sagittarius : If it’s not one thing, then it’s another. You need to be in a about three different places this week, and all of these areas of your life are demanding your attention. Are you doing something about this? It starts with romance at home, then there’s work, and finally, you have some poker buddies who are literally demanding you show up for a game. One of them might have stacked the deck, too, because they all got mad at your good luck. Take your own deck with you this week, just to keep everyone honest.

Capricorn : Venus and Mars make a grand entrance into your sign at the end of the week. This is a love combination, and it means that romance fills the air. So much for the good news. The hot, burning lava lamp of love is like one of the plates which they set down in front of you in a Mexican Restaurant: Warning, the plate itself is hot. If it’s really good South Western cuisine, the food is hot, too, but I was worried about you burning yourself on the plate. Give everything a chance to cool off before diving in.

Aquarius : Time for a little classic cinema: 2001, the original. You will find that you are forced to perform some kind of surgery on a computer brain this week, and maybe disconnect it from its memory banks. All the while, it will be singing some song. If this is a convulted example, then think about this: you are off on an adventure, and, at some point, you have to take command of the situation. That command position is coming this week, now do what you have to do.

Pisces : It’s nothing but a good week and it is continually getting better. At least, better for the most part. I wouldn’t go all out on this “better” theme, but by the time the weekend gets here, you should be feeling much better. Better better better. I wonder how many times I have to repeat this before it does get better?

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