Week of: Dec. 29-Jan. 4

“Fortunate mistress,–let my prophecy
Come home to ye!”
— Camillo in Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale [IV.iv.661-2]

While the New Year always brings out the major-transformation mode in everyone, you have serious changes occurring. New ideas, new projects, new things to start. Be glad that you are an Aries, too, because now is a good time for a strong start. In fact, jump-start the year by beginning your annual “year in review” ahead of time. Don’t delay this quick overview and assessment.

Your romantic life is under attack. Rather than panic, make considerations about what you want out of the New Year. You have a chance to effect healthy doses of change in the romance department. Take charge of your life. Romantic involvements have the biggest tractor pull on your heart. Don’t wait for things to pass by you. You are in one of those “seize the moment” weeks, and the more grabbing you do, the better. I wouldn’t recommend, though, that you do this on the subway train.

The year’s end means it’s time for a fiscal look at yourself. While everyone else is worried about the beginning of the new year, you need to finish wrapping up the old one first. Get that stuff off to your accountant as soon as you can. The sooner that business details taken care of, the sooner you get to play. This is one of those weeks when work comes first. Priorities. Stat!

The big deal is New Year’s Eve: You are stuck with cleaning up the mess. I’ll warn you now about having a party at your place, but you probably won’t listen. Be careful about overdoing it this time because even though you are in the party mode, it’s not in your best interest. You have loose details that require atteo
This is one of those times that you’ve been warned about, and do you listen? A good Leo never listens to advice from a sage astrologer. However, a good Leo will make the most of this week. Enjoy the festivities of the New Year but be prepared for unsettling (and possibly upsetting) changes in your schedule. No matter your plans, they’ll probably change. Not much you can do about that. Be willing to accept life’s stones turning up in your sandals.

I’m not a doctor, nor do I plan to be one. But a doctor could play a big role in your week. It looks like a simple ailment, but you probably have the symptoms blown out of proportion, as you are famous for doing. Rather than worry, continue with the new romance you have recently found for yourself. The other person cares just as much for you whether you think you’re sick or not, and that’s a big plus.

Two things are putting you in the Tractor Pull Arena: Number one is romance. You aren’t called a “loving Libra” for no reason. Number two is a pressing amount of work, probably a new project, and it desperately demands your attention. The best idea is to clone yourself, then you could attract both concepts with equal vigor. Alas, modern science hasn’t gotten that far, so you’re stuck. But you get the idea. You can’t be in two places at
once, so marshal your energy as best you can.

It’s a good week to nestle under the covers with your most important significant other, and then warm each other up. There’s no other way to politely put this. Your energy is quite high. Use it or lose it. It’s important to distinguish between “love” and “lust” but not to extinguish them in any sense of the word. In other areas of your life, the transitions into the new year might not smooth, but that’s up to you.

You have romance on the brain, but the driving force should be business and money. Commerce can be surprisingly brisk. It’s up to you to take advantage of this brisk surge in trade and do something with it. You should take every business opportunity which presents itself to you. It’s a good week for laying a solid foundation for the coming year. Romance figures in this week, too, but strive to keep your focus on what’s really important: The romance of money.

As Fate would have it, this arbitrary shift in the calendar is a good time for a fresh beginning. The past holiday season has been rough, and now’s the time to focus on plans for the coming year. It’s an important week for getting a fresh start on future events. Beware of scams, but pay close attention to scheming. There is a difference, and you know what to do about it.

A lot is happening in your world. Business is booming and your personal building is great. To complicate matters, an old romance, or maybe a new one, is demanding a lot of attention. Between these areas of your life, however, you need to make a strong distinction. This is work, over here, and that is love, over there. If the line between the two erodes, you might end up in a lot of trouble.

New Year’s is supposedly a time to asses what works in your life and what doesn’t. Be prepared, shortly after the first, to let go of old ideas, projects, friends, and lovers no longer useful. While this might appear to a be painful thing, it isn’t. You have new opportunities to expand in the coming year, and now is the time to lay a solid foundation for this expansion.

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