Week of: 8/24-30

"There comes a time in ever rightly constructed boy's life when he has to go digging for hidden treasure."
Mark Twain in his epic juvenile adventure book (but good for adults, too) Tom Sawyer, chapter 25.

Aries : The idea, as put forth by Mark Twain, that there comes a time in everyone's life when the goal is to get out and dig for some treasure is good for you this week. You've overlooked something in your everyday life, and this could use some undercover work. Or work at uncovering the little gem which is hidden there. You stand a chance of finding a strongbox full of about $6000 in gold coins, if you are willing to put out a little effort this week.

Taurus : Well, dear Fixed Earth Sign, the quote from Mark Twain has a lot to do with the Hard Work you've got ahead of you for this week. Sorry to use such harsh words, but that's about the sum total of it. Roll up your sleeves and have a go at it, and you will be pleasantly surprised when you actually do strike gold. It might just be silver, but we are still taking about a hidden treasure and we are still taking about things which pay off. Of course, all this nonsense about hard work might offend your delicate Taurus sense of taste, but I'm sure you can work with me on the definition of what hard work is. It's just Saturn, and he's here for a spell.

Gemini : I was going to use a terrible joke to tie into that quote from Mark Twain, something like, "Can you dig it?" but I realized that I would receive numerous complaints about my sordid attempts at making a pun. And I'm sure that the Gemini's out there would want to punish me for such humor. Still, there is a element of truth in this quote, especially this week. You've got an area of your house, apartment, or trailer home which could use a thorough cleaning. And, if you are willing to do this, you'll find that it is just like digging for treasure. I just hope the bright, shiny objects that you discover along the way to cleaning everything doesn't distract you too much.

Cancer : Delicate Moon Children are greatly influenced by the passage of the Moon, on her course through the evening sky. And with the route of the Moon passing through Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and then, finally into Sagittarius this week, you will find that the Mark Twain quote makes no sense to you. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but I wouldn't worry about spending time digging for treasure, this is not a week for trying to undercover hidden assets. In fact, you will find that you are a remarkably jolly self these days, and this week is a good one to get on about the business of having fun. Some new fishing gear might help. I suggest Wal-Mart or Sears as the place to acquire this new equipment. Of course, Bubba's Live Bait & Tackle on the road to the lake might also be the best place shop.

Leo : In your case, and your case is a special one, my fine Leo friend, because every Leo is special, this treasure hunt metaphor this week just doesn't really seem to apply to you. In fact, with the all the little Love planets all lined up in your sign, I don't think that you are going to be forced to sully your paws with tarnished dirt. Work, like that, is best left for the other, less regal signs. Of course, you should be paying attention to some details right now, and this attention to detail will help others as they search for the buried treasure. If anyone knows where that treasure is buried, I'm sure it's a Leo. If you want to clue me in, well, you know my email address.

Virgo : New Moon, New Sun Sign, and everything is coming up roses. Perhaps not in the strictest definition, but you get the idea, or so I hope. The New Moon which starts out this week, is a good time for you to begin a new endeavor. Like digging through that morass of details and getting to the bottom of things. And starting a new project. The little, love planets are lined up in the sign before you, so I would be extra careful about impulse buys this week. I know it's Virgo Birthday Time, but still, watch the compulsive over spending this week. At least, watch the spending until you uncover your own, personal hidden treasure.

Libra : Forget the hidden treasure allegory for this week. In fact, there's a another story from within Tom Sawyer, one about white washing a fence. Tom became very rich doing this. You have an opportunity to do the same thing, all you have to do is convince your neighbor, co-worker or similar person that it's what they really want to do. It's for their own good. In some circles, I believe this is referred to as "Marketing" but Mark Twain was writing at a time when that term was largely unknown. However, a little effective marketing can get someone else to do all the hard labor for you. And you'll both feel richer for the experience.

Scorpio : One of my famous allegories for explaining how a Scorpio is prone to behave involves digging. So this week, as I encourage you to dig for hidden treasure, remember that I'm serious. You've got something, a real clue, right under your nose. Now, if you can just follow that clue, I'm pretty sure you will find what it is that you are looking for. And remember the accolades you will receive when you uncover that treasure, all by yourself. Scorpio's are known for being great self-imposed taskmasters. You expect a lot out of yourself, and I feel like you will not let me down this week.

Sagittarius : Late in the week, we get our monthly Pluto/Moon thing. So put off any efforts at finding that hidden treasure until then. That's the best time to dig. While every other sign is puzzling over treasure maps, and lining up tools to work with, you are best off loafing in the shade of a leafy oak. (Any tree will do, but I like the Oak this week.) As the weekend approaches, and as the other signs are dropping their tools in despair, you hastily grab one shovel and go to work. And look at what sort of great secrets you can uncover.

Capricorn : The problem associated with digging for hidden treasure this week is that you are more apt to attempt to "plumb the depths" in the wrong place. Now, here's an astrological hint: while everyone else is looking for treasure in haunted houses, and under the branch of an old tree, you have an opportunity to actually do a little research and discover exactly where that sunken Spanish Galleon is. So while everyone else is out sweating in the hot sun, get your Capricorn self to the library and do a little research. Okay, maybe it's a lot of research. But the AC in the Library works fine, and that's the bet way to go about getting this work done. It's the tired old adage, "work smarter, not harder."

Aquarius : Alas, my fine Aquarian friend, it looks as if the hidden treasure will stay hidden this week. No matter what you do, it seems like everything evades your grasp. Neptune is up to its usual camouflage techniques, and what this does is dress everything up so you can see the forest and all the trees. Perhaps it would be better to look at it this way: stupid fish, not even bright ones, will come up along side your boat and spit your bait back at you. It's not a pretty sight. Avoid trying to do anything that requires subterfuge this week. Aquarius is not sublime this week.

Pisces : Hidden treasures are such a noble cause. And think about all the good things you could do with that money, if you really did recover a hidden treasure. So what's stopping you from getting out and doing a little bit of hard work right now? It's really pretty simple, the harder you work, the more you sweat. I'm sure there is some other reward for hard work, but I haven't seen it yet. And I'm sure you'll agree that this actual "digging" exercise is vastly over rated. Let the other signs do the hard work right now. You can take a break. You need a break, anyway.

About the author: Born and raised in a small town in East Texas, Kramer Wetzel spent years honing his craft in trailer park in South Austin. He hates writing about himself in third person.

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