Week of: 10/4-10

“Heaven is above all yet; there sits a judge
That no king can corrupt.”

Shakespeare’s King Henry VIII, Act III, scene i.

I’m going to be available at the Whole Life Expo in Austin this weekend. If you don’t want to pay the entrance fee, try telling them your on Kramer’s Guest List — usually works for me – “I’m with the band, man.” You can find me in booth 156, assuming that somebody’s Mercury doesn’t retrograde right now.

There is the name of town in Texas listed in the Capricorn horoscope this week. I’m looking for other names of Texas town which have not been previously mentioned in FGS columns, along with their coordinates and county, in order to get in the running for a free (abbreviated) “El-Cheapo” chart interpretation.

Aries : Don’t plan on getting a lot of sleep this week — it looks like you are going to be rather busy. I mean, it’s football season, and in Texas, this sport is treated like a religion. In some circles, I’m sure it is a religion, but I guess that’s an observation best left elsewhere. It’s a physical sport, you know, and that’s the thing that you should look out for this week. Now, you’re not getting enough rest which means that you will bruise easily this week. Perhaps this is on a metaphorical level, or maybe, you being Aries and all, this is on a real world level. The best thing that you can hope for is like a polo field I know of in New Mexico, surrounded by mountains. This particular polo field isn’t very level. Know what I mean? The good news about this week is that you get to pick which side you want to be on. So in the day to day combat, pick the side which gets to play downhill. Make your opponents fight that uphill battle.

Taurus : I want to divide Taurus into two pieces, the first part of the sign and the second part of the sign. The first half, you guys have it tough this week. No two ways about it. You will be feeling like one of the fish I caught last week — he put up a really good fight. In fact, I was surprised when I finally landed that sucker because I thought he was much bigger than he really was. It’s not the size of the fish, but the size of the fight in the fish. Now, for you first half Taurus people, the struggle is really good. You might lose anyway, but I’ll bet that you are a catch and release type person on the other end of the battle, anyway. For the second half of Taurus, there is no big influence this week. Saturn is gradually moving away from any influence on you, and that’s going to provide a sense of calm for the week. This relaxation period, is only a brief moment in Taurus time, rest up and get ready for some fun stuff next week.

Gemini : I realize this isn’t new ground, but what we’re dealing with here is a simple case of “us” (Gemini) and “them” (other people). The “us” part is good because any Gemini can easily outperform all the rest of “them” in a ratio of 2-1. This is a good thing this week because you are going to be called upon to be much more than you ever thought you would have to be. There are at least two different characters who you have been courting, and this week, between work, play, and your developing situations, I just don’t see how a normal sign would do it. It was an old fishing trick, but it might just work this week. Might work. There’s a way to put two lures on a single line, one ahead of the other. If you can pull this one off, I’ll promise that you achieve at least 50% of your goals. Could be both, but I figure you only get one strike at a time. If fish hit both lures at the exact same time, their combined weight can break the line.

Cancer : It’s not the phase of the moon that will really affect you this week. It’s more like the Sun itself which is in Libra right now. And a long as that old Sun is besting you a little, I would suggest a more reclining attitude. Pole fishing is a good example of this attitude. You grab a pole, tie a little piece of string with a single hook on it and attach this to the end of the pole, add a little bit of bait, and head to the nearest pond. Or, in my case, over to the river. It’s a quiet river, slow moving, and the water is clear. This week, you don’t really want any fish to disturb you; however, there is one shot you have, and it’s a surprisingly good one, at reeling in something big. There are these big old carp looking things which lurk in the river, and you have an outside chance of landing one in the middle of the week. If it doesn’t happen, then don’t worry about it because the idea this week was to relax and reflect. That’s why we all it “fishing” and not “catching.”

Leo : The mighty lion starts out mighty cranky this week. But a bad Monday, or even a bad Tuesday doesn’t mean that the whole week will be bad. Once you get rolling, once you get up from your recumbent position, once you get the fire started, then everything begins to work a little better. By the middle of the week, you should be feeling a little better. And by the end of the week, you are ready to face to weekend with renewed energy and feverish excitement. There are some invigorating planets over in Sagittarius, and that will eventually make you feel better. It’s a matter of waking up, smelling the coffee, and getting rolling. My cat is a good example, she can move from peacefully asleep to the role of the mighty hunter when she spots a bird on the patio. For an overfed animal, she can move with a lightening like ferocity. You’re going to find yourself getting motivated, just like that cat, as soon as the you spot your prey. I’ll promise something will cross your sights by the end of the week.

Virgo : I should wax eloquent for Virgo this week because Venus is making an entrance into your sign, and she is also making a nice little triangle shape towards Jupiter at this time. Early Earth signs will enjoy the benefits of this. You might even feel heavenly, or to put it in other terms, angelic. I would charge you with using this angel energy to do something nice this week. I will wager, too, that you cohorts at work, or at the diner, as my case might be, will be more than willing to let you extend a gracious hand. Make that a gracious Virgo hand. The little planets are moving in a way to make you feel little bit more extravagant with your resources. You might actually tip 15% instead of the customary 12.5% (figured before tax). Instead of lecturing about these little acts of kindness, I’m just going to recommend that you go for it. You may not see it immediately, but your graciousness will be rewarded eventually.

Libra : New Moon weekend is coming up, and that bodes well for getting yet another Libra project launched. Of course, getting underway is always hard, but once you’ve made your mind up, nothing can stop you. I’d like to suggest that you enjoy an internal debate with yourself, for most of the week, while you try and decide what direction this new project will take. In fact, to some of the less enlightened people out there, that is to say, to a non – Libra person, it would look like you are staring out of the window, in an obvious act of blatant inactivity. Nothing could be further from the truth, you’re just working on some new ideas. Will this momentary reverie work? Will you get to figure out what direction it is that you must take? I’m sure that all will be revealed to, in giant flash of insight, by the weekend. Until that moon creeps into your sign, though, go back to your contemplation. I know it might look like an afternoon nap, but I understand that you are, indeed, working on it.

Scorpio : My dear, sweet Mother is a Scorpio, and she gets really upset whenever Mercury gets in her sign. “You just tell Mercury to get on out of there….” is a common response from her. If I could move the planets, I would. But as of right now, I’m not able to do much more than report on what is going on. Mercury excites some signs, and it has a deleterious effect on others. I would like to suggest that Mercury will be exciting the Scorpio “Higher Mind” this week. In fact, like some sort of critter from Greek Mythology, a new idea is about to born in this Scorpio Higher Mind. I just wish I could remember what mythological varmint it was that popped out of that guy’s head. In any case, and despite what Ma Wetzel says, I think this is a good week to examine what is going on in your mind and get ready for something new to pop out.

Sagittarius : Happens every fall, or so it seems. The State Fair of Texas is going on in Dallas, and the possibilities of new romance abound in the Sagittarius mind. This feeling of being in love, however, is a fleeting emotion. In a few weeks, the carnival will be packed up and headed down south for the winter. And the fairgrounds will be empty again. Not only that, but the Texas-OU football game suggests that autumn has finally arrived in Texas. I would suggest that the romantic feelings kicking around in Sagittarius right now are nothing more than a longing for someone warm to cuddle up against on these cooler evenings.

Capricorn : It’s time to stand and deliver this week in Capricorn land. What does that mean to you? I hope we’re both on the same wavelength right now because you get a chance to do just that. Personally, I’m more enamored of the name of a small town in Montgomery County, it has a better ring than “stand and deliver.” That place is called “Cut and Shoot.” If you think I’m joking about the name of that town, look it up on the map — 30N19, 95W28. And while you’re looking at the map, consider mapping out where you have been for the last few months. It’s time to make a decision, and nothing would be better for making that sort of decision than figuring out just exactly where you have been. There are some big decisions coming up. So the name of that town, Cut and Shoot, is not such a bad metaphor for the week. Make a few changes this week, and see if you don’t benefit from them.

Aquarius : Look, my fine Aquarius friend, I know we usually get along together rather well. But something has come between us at this time. Doesn’t matter what my fine Sagittarius self suggests, you will find a problem with it. Of course, I know that this is due to an angle in the heavens, and this isn’t a fishing angle right now. It looks like it is Neptune squaring off against Jupiter, one more time. While this has been an ongoing event, it looks like you have a chance to figure out if your Sagittarius influence is really worthwhile right now. It is. No, it isn’t. I do know that it is one of those two, but I can’t resolve the basic binary operation at this point. And, in the case of Sagittarius influences in your chart, maybe your life, you need to back off for the moment. It’s not as bad as you think. But weigh everything we say this week because you might want to delve a little deeper into your decisions process right now.

Pisces : There comes a time in every Pisces life when the stars reveal great truths. This is not one of those weeks. It looks more like a week of small truths, maybe just a few gentle pleasantries instead of the big deal. Some of the other signs are having a tough time so you should take it easy this week. There is an odd romantic influence at this time. Despite what the books say, how so ever, I feel like this odd influence is less than it is cracked up to be. In fact, I think it’s a minor thing, and you shouldn’t get too worked up. At least, don’t get too excited yet. There is a chance of something else happening, a little later, but it’s not going to be a big deal this week. The big answers are in the small truths.

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