Week of: 12/4-10/2000

    “Thou art a piece of virtue, and
    I doubt not but thy training hath been noble.”

from Shakespeare’s Pericles, Act IV, scene vi.

Week of: 12/4-10/2000

Aries: It’s one thing to have the Sun and Moon conspire to show you a good time. It’s another thing to have “the planet voted most likely to be associated with your sign” — that’s Mars — in the sign opposite you. So everyone wants to party, and you’re not quite ready to play yet. Or you are ready to play, but there’s a big obstacle in your way. It would be nice if someone would just come along and sweep this road kill out of your way. You and I both agree that it’s a good idea to get this out of your way. The problem with times like this is that not everyone seems to agree to your agenda. Or my agenda for you, which is about the same thing. Now, there are a couple of ways you can go about this sort of obstacle, you can slow down and weave around it, which is the easiest and most expedient route, although, at the time, it won’t feel like it’s the quickest way. Or you can hit the accelerator, and just run over it. If you’re in a big truck, that might not be much of a challenge. I’m just worried about collateral vehicular damage — you should be, as well.

Taurus: Times like this, I have an easy answer to tough questions. I spend a little extra time carefully listening to what is being said at the counter where fishermen gather to swill truckstop coffee before hitting the lake. The cold winter mornings (hey, it’s winter time in Texas), in the predawn gray, the slight fog drifting up from the lake’s surface, the quiet peace… it infuses your soul with a moment of tranquility before the holiday crush. The secret, like at the counter, is to learn to listen right now instead of shooting off your mouth. There’s a hint in your chart this week which suggests you can pick up some good advice right now. That place which was so good last week has been “discovered” and is no longer a hot spot. The weekend looks good, the one coming up, but you should heed a little advice from the gossip floating around right now; never look a gift tip in the horse’s mouth. Or something like that.

Gemini: In as much as the central theme this week should be “party party party,” I feel like I should warn you about something, it’s called “work.” Not Monday, nor Tuesday, but late in the week, perhaps on Friday afternoon, just as you’re about to slip out the door and take care of Xmas shopping, or similar holiday entertainment, and just as you are about to make a daring Gemini escape to an early weekend, something lands at your feet. If you’re really lucky, you might get out before this happens. But what I really want to do is amend that central theme chant, from “party party party” and add in a single word, “party party work party….” I know it’s not going to meet with a great deal of fanfare, but I suggest you schedule a little extra time to deal with sudden changes that occur late in the week. A certain willingness to either work late, or come in early, is met with approval from folks who seem to wield authority over your income. And right now, a little extra cash is always welcome.

Cancer: The method you use to judge how popular might need a little refining. Mars is leaning on you a little, making a strange angle, some astrologers would call this a “tension filled angle,” and it’s this particular segment of your sky that I’m concentrating on. It’s like not being able to find a date for the company Xmas party. Of course, your individual situation can vary dramatically, but the feeling is the same. Nothing is worse than showing up empty handed at an event like this. And there’s also a certain amount of sycophant behavior which you find distasteful. Even the term is repulsive. I just calmly suggest that this is exactly what you should be doing. This event — this week — gives you a chance to make a good impression. Don’t spend time fretting about situations that you have no control over. While you don’t feel popular right now, a little patience will realize substantial recognition, just a little later.

Leo: You’ve got a high degree of activity occurring in your Leo Life right about now. What’s best, at a time like this, is to surrender to the “process” because nothing else seems to make a lot sense. There’s good and ill in your chart. Good because the Sun is wonder in Sag, and that makes things nice, warm and fuzzy for you. But as the weekend draws nearer, there’s a growing sense of trepidation, even though the approach of the Full Moon is a good thing, too, sort of a sense that that thee warm and fuzzy feeling has suddenly gotten a little cold. Or that the “fuzzy” part of the feeling is like something which has been lurking in the back portion of your icebox for, for, well, for a long time. You’re not even sure what it is. It looks like it’s some take out food left over from about six weeks ago. Good news? No preservatives were used in that food’s preparation. But that’s the inherent flaw, too, and this is a time when the less adventuresome folks might just ought to throw that stuff out.

Virgo: Shopping is sometimes considered a group activity. Sometimes, though, like this little period of time, this week to be specific, you should shop on your own. Alone. You’ve got a little list of “goodies” to acquire, and you don’t need any help with this plan. Besides, as you linger in one section of particular store (for example: in the plastic worm section of a certain sporting goods store), you don’t need your friends hovering nearby, questioning just what your looking at. Or, if you decide to look at the winter clothing in the hunting section of the same store, you don’t need an annoying accomplice suggesting that the camouflage colors are all wrong for you. That’s the idea (with the irregular “woodsman” print). There’s some decisions you are faced with this week and I urge you to consider making these important considerations by yourself. There’s a strong undercurrent to the week which is redolent with the idea that you need to be working “on your own,” as it were. Besides, if you really do forge your way into the maddening crowds, you’ll find that working alone, if only for the briefest period of time, is best.

Libra: you need to be everywhere at once. There’s a compression algorithm which works great on software, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work so hot on your own, personal time and space continuum. This is due to Mr. Mars, and he’s in your sign, and he’s making his merry way long, just heating everything up right now. Work, personal life, shopping, ideas, everything gets warmed up by this guy. So if you can be in three places at once, then your set. Of course, you can’t do that, but you can move at a higher than usual rate of speed. Doing so might annoy some of your friends and family, but that’s not the issue. Or maybe it is the issue because your normally friendly and easy going manner is affected by this little planet. Careful about whose toes you tread on, in an ebullient display of joy. It’s like having a friend stand right next to driver’s window on the truck, and you greet them, and then hurry off, running over the tips of your friends boots.

Scorpio: When Mars is heating up the sign which comes before you, there’s a trend for you make a few egregious decisions, perhaps act a little impulsive, maybe make some purchases that you’re sure that are ever so correct at the moment, but when you get the package home, and get ready to wrap it up, it just doesn’t quite make as much sense as it did when you were standing there at the counter of the convenience store. I realize not everyone does Xmas shopping at the corner store, but you’d be surprised at some of the good stuff you can get there. But there’s a problem, too, like buying Texas State Lottery tickets as a stocking stuffer, and getting the quick pick numbers for this weekend. Sure, it’s a nice idea but all you’re really doing is stuffing the state coffers with cash, and the big gift date is still a few weeks away, and I’m not sure how well received a few dud tickets will be. Scratch off games, though, those work, as long as you remember to let the recipient do the scratching.

Sagittarius: Some astrologers suggest that Sagittarius is a graceful sign. I tend to think of us (like myself) as kind of goofy. But this week, just for a little while, hide the goofy grin, and be prepared to mask some of the inherent silliness that we all share. Mysterious, deep, dark and foreboding, is a good look to aim for. It scares my clients when I take on this appearance, but it works, if only for this week. I’ll wear all black, from the crest of my cowboy hat to the pointy tips of my cowboy boots. Makes a for slightly frightening echo, although, anyone who really knows you this week won’t be too perturbed. This is a time when you’re trying to gather up all you internal thoughts and get it all together for the holiday season. You’ll be in the spirit soon enough. You might already been there, but there’s a dark side which needs to exert itself during a time just like this.

Capricorn: Not yet. Two words that sum up this week in a simple and direct fashion. Hunting is a sport that a lot of people don’t approve of, but that doesn’t stop its popularity in Central Texas, and venison makes a great starter for chili. And even if you don’t approve of going after Bambi’s daddy as a sport, imagine that this week is just like hunting. And there are those who would suggest that the world of business is a blood sport with even more deadly overtones than mere sport. So take a tip from the hunters this week, “Not Yet.” There’s a time when patience and a steady hand are far more useful than rapidly firing away at some distant target you have no hope of hitting with anything other than sheer luck. So take it easy. You not quite there, the target is not quite in your sight, and you shouldn’t be pulling any trigger this week, real or imagined.

Aquarius: The holiday loot is piling up, and you’re feeling pretty good about everything right now. The approach of the season has infused you with a certain, intangible, but very palpable sense that there’s much to do, and much of you to do this with. About 90% of the good Aquarius folks that I know are clear right now. No problems, clear as winter day in Texas when the cool weather sweeps the streets clean, the air is fresh with a slight winter chill, and there is a hint of good things, just around the next corner. On top of a bluff, overlooking the lake, it feels like it’s possible to see into next week, it’s just that nice. You shiver a bit in the cold weather, and look forward to a fun season. This moment of reverie is going to be disturbed by the numerous events, places and people you’ve got to be around in the coming weeks. Yes, activity is going to swing into high fear, but this week promises to give you that extra dose, like a second or third cup of coffee, just in time to get it all done.

Pisces: The annual Fish Fest Xmas party is a grand affair. We get to wear our fishing clothing to a company party. We’re not expected to behave in a rational manner, and this event is coming up this week. It’s a party time, and the Pisces I know are all going to be enjoying this. The trick with a week like this is to enjoy the good times without making any long term commitments. Like who your partner will be for some bass tournament in mid-April, or who you’re going to share a room with in order to cut expense, next May. See how this is working? I mention “long term commitment,” and folks immediately start thinking about relationship of the romantic variety, and that’s not the idea here. It’s other arrangements, and maybe this isn’t the best time to make such commitments. A vague “yeah, call me about that, after the holidays,” is going to be the best way to get something done. Nothing is worse than having to live up to your prearranged plans, something you devised in a moment of good cheer. Be careful about what you really agree to this week, I’m not sure, in a more sober moment, that you’ll find the agreements that useful.

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