Horoscopes for 7.16.2020

Hark! Again;
These are the bells knoll for us. See, the lights
Move this way, Julio. Quick, behind yon arras,
And take thy secret stand. Dispute it not;
I have my reasons, you anon shall know them:
There you may mark the passages of the night.

Lenora in Shakespeare’s
Double Falsehood 3.2.64-

Two take-away points from the quote, just offhand, see if this fits, first, it’s that “hide behind the curtains” thing, shows up earlier in Hamlet. Then, there is the authorship question itself, but I leave that one well-enough alone.

Horoscopes for 7.16.2020


The Crab - the Moonchild
The summer sun is near its highest point overhead. The moon is grudgingly making her way along. The planets spin in their predictable orbits. We move forward. As the Moon Children celebrate another lap around the sun? It’s an interesting year to have this orbit come full-cycle. As as happy birthday notice, and this applies across the broad spectrum of the Moon children, a whole swath of the night (day) sky? There’s a sense that some portion of the life has come full-cycle, or, for a select few, that this is at a turning point. A halfway point. A position halfway from “here” to “there,” and the individual destinations markedly vary. Doesn’t stop this being that position wherein a simple pause, consider it a birthday pause, to stop and assess directions. Stop and consider the desired outcome. Stop and look around to make sure this is the best course for the Birthday Person — at this moment. Just pause, look around, figure out the cycle then figure out where we are. Then, too, celebrate as this is still the Moon Children’s birthday time. Should enjoy that.

The Leo

The Leo
At one point in my life, I recorded me doing a certain speech from a Shakespeare play. I had it, in my mind, having seen it several times, I had a certain way I thought it should be punched up and delivered. With Shakespeare’s accepted canon of work, say 39 plays? Only so many ways it can be done, right? Hearing my own voice, inflection, as I read the words into the computer’s microphone? What I realized?

The words, the cadence, the way the words were on the page, in the script, and the way the words were intended to be delivered, in faux-conversational, conspiratorial tone as an aside to the audience? Very different. I went back and listened to the play, over again, then I watched a very-dated movie version. All of this is a passing reference to what amounts to me reading no more than a short paragraph of text, trying to record it, then toying with the nuances of delivery. Very challenging. In the movie versions — one movie versions — the delivery was very, very different from what I’ve understood it to be. Not bad, just substantially different. Actors add their own spin. Couple of points for The Leo: for those who orate on stage, in any form, and do so well? Respect. That simple. The other, more internal missive from me trying to do a monologue? Understand what our limits are. I can work just fine with “pen and paper,” but as far as really doing one of these speeches live? I know I can’t. Interpretations and limits. Know them both.


Of course I always have a special interest in Virgo, a sign that I’ve held near and dear to my heart for most of my life. Doesn’t mean that this is a healthy special interest on my part, as no matter what I do, it’s just not quite right for the Virgoperfect, whatever, mindset? As a Sagittarius myself, I tend to use broad, general terms, and I favor sweeping statements coupled with grand, possibly bombastic gestures. Loyalty, fidelity, all of that. Talk a good game, but then, as too many Virgo know, more talk than action, or sometimes, more talk than inaction. Either way, it’s about other signs — not limited to just, say, Sagittarius — and the other signs? All talk and no action. Or all action that is ill-conceived and not nearly enough thought has gone into it. All one way. Or the other, but both ways tend in the direction that will annoy the ever-lovin’ crap out of a good Virgo. To make headway, next couple of days? The good Virgo would do well to give us all (non-Virgo) a little extra space. Allow for our grandiose claims and sweeping gestures that hold little real meaning. We mean well, we’re just not up to deliver, and the biggest issue? That Virgo brain that analyzes too much. Don’t stop analyzing, but might want to reel in those expectations for the other 11 signs.


Lazy, laconic summer days should be spent idly in the back of a boat, maybe with a single fishing pole, gradually drifting along. My old home in Austin is filled with recreational boaters by mid-morning, every day, so that’s out. The other lakes, too, by the middle of the day, every available watercraft seems to be on the surface of the lakes, taking up valuable fishing resources. They should try a little social distancing? Sort of ruins the image of the laconic lake days. Learning to move in concert with the season, and the summer days, this is important, and learning to figure out the pattern of the motions on the lake, or the bay, whatever, that’s the clue to Libra happiness.

I’m all about that Libra happiness.

So this is matter of figuring out the pattern and then working within those constraints. For one fishing buddy, this is simple, he’ll tow his bass boat to lake here in town, launch and fish from about 5 in the morning until close to 8, then shuffle off to the office with the boat in tow. Does this two, three times a week, now. That 5 AM time? Runs on lights going out, and takes them down when he gets back, it’s not too hot yet, and he can say he fished. Cool out, and over a week, if he does that two, maybe three times? that’s the equivalent of a whole day of fishing with the added bonus of no other recreational watercraft annoyances on the lake. Perfect. Figure out how to move in concert with the high summer season. Like my Libra buddy. Makes it much easier for “social distancing,” too.


Flipping through some files on my tablet, or phone, or maybe a laptop? I accidentally deleted a single file that held many ideas, most of them unimplemented, and unused, never to be acted upon. While I didn’t — consciously — delete the file, after two seconds of panic and how do I restore a backup, I let it go. My subconscious mind obviously had a better idea, and other than just the top three items on the list, the rest was never going to be used. Business ideas, notes, quotes, advertising jingles, and pithy one-liners, all gone.

Some of that material predates the internet, if by only varying degrees of definitions employed. Some of the material was used and reused, only to have me forget to erase it. So the loss, while it was momentarily tragic, in the bigger picture, maybe some of the material needed to be discarded. Can’t say, for sure, as it is all gone now. To properly adjudicate on this, though, having recently scrolled through the file, there was some good material, but a lot of it was dross, and either definition can be applied. I tend to favor the idea that dross is the waste material from leftover from smelting pure metals. Throw it away and what we’re left with is pure gold.


Reading an online book review, think I’ll skip the book, but a phrase from that review? All about constructing worlds. While this referred to some futuristic science fiction material, in the review, the writer cast backwards and recited previous times that relied on “world building” as a vehicle.

In my own life, my canon of work, I’ve relied upon world-building as a way to convey meaning. Sometimes nuanced, sometimes painted with a broad stroke, the metaphor sticks. In a few days, Sagittarius is ready to start building a world. Can be a simple construct, or could be more elaborate. Kind of depends on personal preferences. As an example, drawn from my world — more fishing, weather is hospitable to me, and astrology is widely accepted. But that’s just my example for now. We’re looking long term and doing some world building.


It’s about what you’re willing to do to ensure unlimited Capricron success. There, within your grasp, you can almost get your beady little paws onto it, you can feel it in the clutches of your claws, underneath the Capricorn hooves, right there, almost.



So very, very close.

The deal is, not every effort will be an outward sign of success, at least by normal, worldly standards. Doesn’t mean that you’re not a success, but if the world doesn’t define success the way you were winning this week? Perhaps we need to redefine Capricorn success. It’s not all about the money; although, to be sure, that stuff helps. Need help redefining your success? You know how to reach me.


Austin was, in years gone by a littoral zone of sorts — the expanse between a conservative high tide and ultra-casual low tide. There was a time when no job, no shoes, no problem defined an existence there. For me, matter of fact. The greatness, and the diversity that existed in such fertile stretch, stuck carefully between the low and high tides? It fostered creative impulse and fueled the cross-generational, no-genre music of its time. “It’s that Austin sound,” the old line, “kind of rock, sort of country, a little urban… soul, blues, folks, eclectic, and searing guitars. You know, Austin sound.” That boat sailed. But that kind of zone, a transition where anything can grow and prosper with the understanding that it might be all rent asunder by the next high tide? One big wave could wash it all away? This is a littoral zone for Aquarius — an area that defies being in just one category. Embrace its tentative and fragile nature, and understand, one big wave? Could be all rewritten — again.


PiscesWhile most of my pre-conceived notions about the Texas Coast — any kind of a beach trip in the summer — involves fishing poles, for most Pisces, this might not be the best example. However, as an adjunct, I have another metaphor to pass along. In part, this could be a parable, but I was standing, at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, on the beach, just as the tide was passed high tide. The waves, the leftover surf would lap up on the shore, eddy around my bare foot, then sink back into the sea.

Where my feet were? There was a small indentation, as if each time I stood still, a gradual piece of the beach went back to the sea. In part, this is wave and fluid dynamics, and in part, the science of the shoreline, but also, it’s a message, on small scale, to a certain Pisces, and on larger scale, understanding that no matter where we are in the cosmos, even a simple of act of standing still changes the face of the landscape. A single footprint? Not much of an impact, but over time, one cannot, with good conscience, argue that mankind doesn’t directly influence his environment.

Spin this down to this week’s meaning? No matter how trivial an action might seem, it can have great impact — the biggest challenge in Pisces? Seeing that even the smallest act of kindness can have a generous outcome.


AriesEver just run out of energy? Fail to get excited about something that should be very exciting? That’s what this phase — next few days — something that used to be earth-shattering for Aries, something that mattered? Just, like, it isn’t such a big deal anymore. I take that back, it is a big deal, it’s just not that appealing. Lacks the internal motivation that used to work on our Aries selves. It’s not that we don’t care, no, that’s not it. It’s like we can’t be bothered.



TaurusUsed to happen with a buddy of mine, fishing buddy, if you have to know, and he was always coming up short. Short for rent, then short for his mortgage, then his cell phone bill, then gas money. Always wanting to borrow money for something or others; always late on his bills. Before Y2K, I loaned him $20 for gas, one week, which set in motion a number of events. Out of desperation, he got a better paying job, rose to prominence in his field, and acquired more expensive habits.

Plus: he never paid me back the $20, which, for me, was an inexpensive lesson. Never lend money to friends. I knew that then, and someone who is already in debt at the pawn shop, the Cash Advance store, and behind on his car payments? Not a good idea. I can give him money, which, as it turns out, was what I did. Best $20 I ever spent. Learned my lesson well. Or learned my lesson again, and it’s one that I have yet to forget.

Someone is coming at you to borrow money. Someone has a great idea, and it will only cost you so much, and I’ll get it back to you soon! I promise! People who want to borrow money have the best stories. Just as a suggestion, though, especially with the machinations of Mercury and Saturn, independently, yet almost in concert? No. Or, as I still suggest to my buddy, to this day, “I would if I could, but I’m a little short on cash at the moment…”


GeminiThe English Language is a horrible mish-mash of Romance and Germanic, with other flavors sprinkled and leavened in, as odd gods saw fit. Then, too, the language is ever changing as values and meanings shift. However, and I did study some Latin at one time, I can usually figure stuff out. Sometimes, not all the time, but certainly some times, I can fake it even when I have no clue.

Part of this comes from “intent listening.” I will listen while a couple of friends will rattle off in rapid-fire Spanish, and other than a little bit of border patois, I have no real understanding, but if I listen intently, I can make out the general direction that the conversation is going. It’s about tone, inflection, facial gestures, some words I know the meanings of, verb forms that fall in verb places and indicate actions or one form or another, and most of all?

“Intent listening.”

Simple as that. I watched as a friend and waitress exchanged a quick set of back-and-forth comments about the special of the day and whether it was really worth it, or if the usual was better. If I was listening too closely, I would’ve mistaken “but” for “dog;” however, that was the least of the issues. The special wasn’t nearly as good as the usual. I had to listen intently to ascertain that fact, as my buddy might’ve told me to get the special and watched my reaction. People are mean, sometimes. While it’s not a native tongue for me, by carefully watching — listening — to the intent of the message? Makes it much easier to understand what is happening.

I didn’t know you could speak Spanish.

I can’t — but I do speak Restaurant Mexican, a close family member on the tree of languages.

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