Horoscopes for 1-14-2021

Horoscopes for 1-14-2021

What’s worse than murderer, that I may name it?
No, no, my heart will burst and if I speak,
And I will speak, that so my heart may burst.
Butchers and villains! Bloody cannibals!

  • Shakespeare’s Henry 6.3 V.v.58-61


Years and years in the distant past? I wrote about Taurus energy as being almost pedantic in its pace. Not hasty at all. Measured and conservative, in motion, actions, and deeds. Light of mind, but considerate of conscious choices. Again, this cycles up as we approach — at the end of this week, a rolling conjunction that involves Mars, Uranus, and quick fly-by from the Moon, as a kicker. Next week, I mean. End of this horoscope. However, as the Capricorn birthdays roll along, we’re getting close and what this does on a global level? There’s an expectant forward push while there’s also last second pause. Not sure about it, but close. “I just wanted to make sure I thought this all the way through, you know, make sure all the i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed.” This is an experiential understanding of this energy, it’s run right up to the edge but not cross over to the other side, it’s flirting with the dangerous stuff, but not crossing the line. To be sure, the Uranus factor with Mr. Mars, and then, when the moon highlights all of that? There’s an urge. But acting on that urge? We encounter that stout, solid, Taurus reticence. Might not be a bad idea to pause, properly pause for just a little bit longer. Happy birthday to that one Capricorn, too.


I listen. What I’ve learned, by listening, I can acquire all manner of useful information by just listening. No judgement, or, at least, I try to have no judgement visible on my face, aiming for that poker face as much as possible. The aspect of listening, sometimes intently, sometimes just an overheard piece of conversation, and sometimes, it doesn’t matter, just listening instead of talking?

There’s a very resolute energy fast approaching and this gets worse before it gets better. “A closed mouth gathers no feet,” and that might not really apply to an Aquarius as it is really a Sagittarius saying, but it hold up well for this next few days. Lot’s of pressure from all over the place, and to me, this is most interesting when we listen. Mars and Uranus “square” Saturn and Jupiter, and that means we’re all tempted to just blurt out priceless material. The value of what we might want to blurt out? That goes up, if we can keep it to our Aquarius selves, if just for a little while longer. Like, this next week, maybe ten days. Practice what I do, listen.


E-mailWhen I find a certain amount of Pisces placements in an astrology chart, I think about the term, “Emotional sponge.” While that term can have a slightly negative connotation, it really addresses empathy and intuition that lacks restraints. It also means, to me, that there is a certain lack of protection, just absorbing the emotions of the greater zeitgeist, or whatever was on the news that morning, all at the same time. As humans, we need a certain amount of empathy, and as with certain Pisces placements, there’s more than enough of that ability to feel what I’m feeling — even if I can’t identify the feeling myself (non-Pisces person). With that in mind, the idea that there is this greater than usual influx of emotional material, some garbage, some gems, the distinction between the emotions, what belongs to that Pisces and what is clearly an over-wrought empathy emotion? The distinction blurs. The Uranus/Saturn/Jupiter stuff just blurs this worse, and then, makes for a number of (non-Pisces) people uncomfortable. Their discomfort is not the Pisces problem. Remember that, when wave after wave of distressed and distraught emotions go washing over, lapping over into the Pisces pond.


E-mailPulling in from fishing, the other afternoon, another guy in a boat was there, had on a “Retired NAVY” cap. Asked about what they caught, compared baits, then I asked about his hitch in the US Navy, kind of an assumption, on my part, but a good guess. “You know what I learned? You know what it really stands for? Never Again Volunteer Yourself.” I chuckled appreciatively, with a wide grin escaping. All my years in and around military, I never heard that exact expression. I do know that the Army has a strong ethic about not every volunteering for anything. I also know from having served one term on the board of a not-for-profit that I will never do that again, either. So this adds up either, as a military (don’t ever volunteer for anything), or my example as a civilian (don’t ever volunteer for anything), the message during this difficult week fraught with doom and despair from certain corners of the heavens, and here on the Planet Earth? My simple example for Aries? Do. Not. Volunteer. (Or, properly amended, “don’t volunteer for anything this week.” We know how you are.)


E-mailI have two rather distinct routes in mind. Might be more, but for this Taurus energy, currently running amuck in the heavens? Good enough example, right? There are two way, at least two ways, to get from “here” to “there.” “There” is a nebulous goal, of sorts, and for the sake of clarity, like, let’s say I was going to the store, right? If I’m walking, there’s one path, leads down a paved alley, circumvents several busy streets, and there’s always an option to view wildlife along the way. That’s one path, best suited for pedestrian-only navigation. There is another route, if I’m driving a car. No alleys, no shortcut through wetlands, no back routes. Two very different routes. Oddly enough, in this example, both take about the same amount of time as the paved road route is substantially longer. All just to go to the grocery store. Coming back, it’s even worse in a car. Again, this is just an example, and Taurus needs the example, what with Mars aligning with Uranus and both squaring Jupiter and Saturn? The shortest, quickest route for this week? Take the shortcut. Go on foot. But be aware, there are — at the very least — two ways to solve this problem. Two routes. Maybe more. Look at it on Google Maps or something. But there are least two ways to circumvent the apparent nastiness. “You know, it might just be quicker if we walk.”


E-mailStep outside of one’s self, if only for a moment. Step to one side, and look at yourself. Or imagine that you’re outside your own domicile, looking in through a window, watching your Gemini self do whatever it is that you’re doing. There’s a cosmic pause button, and it would do us all well to hit that button and freeze the action. The perception of an obstacle and the reality of the situation, as presented? Might be two pieces that don’t add up. Might be two separate issues, and instead of trying to combine in an easy, “One size fits all” answer? Yes, split it up. Easiest way to do that? Freeze the image, stop the action, and step outside to look at what is the deal. Seeing from an outsider’s point is an easier way to understand and move ahead. Understand, too, that the main influences, that Mars and Uranus thing, plus its issues leaning on it, understand that this is from an outside source, and while you’re rolling around “in it” you can’t see the issue properly. Or realize that there might be more than one source of ire — and more than one solution to that source of irritation. Step outside yourself to see more clearly.


E-mail There was an image of a Cancer crab symbol, and it looked more like a crawdad (crayfish) rather than the traditional crab. Second glance, it looked a lot more like a Scorpio than a crab. Vaguely crustacean, but more Scorpio-like. No tail with a stinger, but I think that crawdads are crustacean. Not sure, not going to fact-check anything today. The crossover imagery reminded me to remind you that there are elements of that Scorpio-like image embedded in the Moon Children’s soul and psyche. Comes a time when there’s a hint that there’s a chance to get even. Serve up a little cold side-dish of revenge? Remember that image of the crayfish (crawdad), looks a lot like. Scorpio symbol, but is missing the stinger? That’s the clue, as there is a point wherein your Cancer self can play with the idea of revenge, but trying to act as an agent of justice? Not a job for the gentle Moon Children. Yes, I know it would be fun, but no, not really your assignment, not this week. Toy with the idea as need be, but maybe, don’t act.

The Leo

E-mailWhen I first encountered the acronyms that are so common? I ran into them at the formative stages of my career when there were clique-ish like groups in the nascent stages of the inter-webs. “LOL” used to mean, “Laugh Out Loud,” and these days, the meaning seems to have shifted. When this happened I don’t know, and I’m not going to dissect usage in slang and among online languages, as that’s too hard. Linguistics is not my thang. I like language, but I can’t tell the differences with the online material as it has shifted. With that pile of planets in Aquarius, that means it’s easier than usual for The Leo to get their feeling injured over a perceived slight. Just following a comment that is equally dismissive and hurtful to The Leo with the letters, “LOL?” That doesn’t lessen to the pain and suffering that the missive causes. Flipping that around, as well? Making a caustic, cutting comment then adding “LOL” as a final punctuation? That doesn’t work, either. Nice try, but how does “Laugh Out Loud” come to mean, “I mean no disrespect but this is hurtful unless you read it in a sarcastic voice.” The vagaries of language, usage, and our modern communications? Watch what you say, and watch to make sure that pointed verbal barbs headed your way this week? Make sure you see the dismissive “LOL” at the end. I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to really want to attack The Leo.


E-mailThe over-use of the verbal communication form, the emoji? There’s an inherent laziness that it evokes, a way to say, “This is a sarcastic response, but adding a smiley face, or winky face, whatever, that means — although the comment is bone-cutting sharp? I can get away with it because I added the little wink-looking thing.” Pause with me for a moment, and think back to when someone, not me, but someone sent a message that was kind of harsh, but at the end, it was punctuated with a wink or a smile, or something to soften the blow. Did that really work? Which means, as we gradually meander in a forward motion, despite the way things look? Despite apparently exigent circumstances? Despite apparent Virgo circumstances? Snarky, sarcastic and just plain mean messages with a smiley face don’t work. Didn’t work when you got them, and sending them, now, might not be the best way to answer. Save the sarcasm for a little bit later.


E-mailFor several years, I was quite fond of the simplest of tools for writing: the Sharpie. To this day, I still have several around, and some empty sheets of paper, all of which are perfect for a rough sketch. That’s what this is about for Libra: the rough sketch. It’s an idea, a wire-frame model that serves as a placeholder, hastily drawn symbols on notepads that ride around in a back pocket. There’s a sheet of paper, ruled legal pad, yellow, ruled legal-sized pad, curling at the edges, that sits on my nightstand. Couple of soft-lead mechanical pencils set atop that pad. Ideas. Rough sketches, a symbol, a maybe name, or sometimes, this is always fun, I’ll just have an abbreviation for an act and scene number, some arcane reference to a Shakespeare play, something I saw, heard, want to look up. All starts with a rough sketch on a piece of paper. To make this week run as smooth as possible? Have that device, the hardware, the software, whatever it is that you use for rough sketches and quick notes? Have that at the ready, as the week picks up speed.


E-mailThere’s an element, a trait, always attributed to Scorpio. Revenge. Always interested in revenge. To be sure, an old Scorpio buddy once said, “Revenge: best served cold.” I could never tell if he was joking, or just playing some kind of sick and twisted long-game wherein he would be the last one standing, and screaming unto the heavens, “See? I win!” Of course I want the Scorpio to win, but at what cost? I understand being right, and I understand the necessity for correctness, but at what cost? Therein is the question for this slice of the heavens, Scorpio, at what cost?

“They say I’m vengeful. We’ll just see about that.”


Wow. Who saw that coming?

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