Horoscopes for 2-4-2021

Then, have I reason to be fond of grief?
Fare you well! Had you such a loss as I,
I could give better comfort than you do.
I will not keep this form upon my head

Horoscopes for 2-4-2021

Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, all in Aquarius, but what does that mean? Plus, well, that Mercury thing… What it means?


The electronic connection I share with some friends? It’s invaluable. Some of my fishing buddies, outside of a few days a year, I might never see them in person, but a round-robin of group text message things, or an answer to my usual weekly e-mail, that provides some kind of closer contact without having to actually see the guys. It’s an amusing way to stay — to me — I’m not Aquarius — artificially connected. Sure, there are various social media routes, and ways to stay connected, that dubious “social media” thing comes to mind, but I dislike that particular choice. Still, there are ways to stay electronically connected even in these trying times. Which is what this is about. I got a message, perfect example, from fishing buddy’s cell, and I didn’t recognize the number. Only, I had just sent out a picture of a catch in a group, and he just replied to me — see? There’s a way to stay in touch without it getting too carried away. Personally, I prefer e-mail — but as an Aquarius, you can define the electronic touchy however you want to.


E-mailDepends on how “Big-picture, little picture” you can get. Really kind of simple. The overall, overarching, the “macro” views? Those look good for Pisces. It’s the details, and while, ever dated a Virgo? While “God is in the details?” Yeah, sure, while that might be true, for the time being, this week, here and now?

Pisces is fine as long we don’t let you get mired in the details. The little parts, the individual pieces, the micro as opposed to what I started out suggesting, with the macro? All the tiny details, and yes, someone needs to look after the individual connections, but that’s not your job, not this week. Stick to big-picture stuff only. Makes for a happier coexistence with the rest of humanity, such as it is.


E-mailThere’s a challenge that I see, and Mars — in Taurus — makes uncomfortable waves, puts out energy, or particle beams which might be waves, depends on where we are with subatomic theory at the moment, but Mars creates tension with an otherwise not-too-bad Mercury in retrograde. That tension, though, what this week is going to do — for Aries especially? This highlights what needs to be fixed, finished, or messed up. Tends to look, to me, like that’s something that was left unattended, and that item requires Aries attention. Put it aside, put it on the back-burner, regulated it to the “avoid at all costs” pile? Yeah, that’s the one that require the attention. The way this happens? Mars pushes on all that Aquarius stuff, and that makes the problem even more obvious. If you’ve been avoiding it because you don’t want to do it? Probably a good time to get after it before it gets brought up — again — by the stars .


E-mailMe? I’ve always been a big fan of “unconventional.” Unconventional wisdom, unconventional means to an end, just about any choice that lands outside of ordinary. Tools, toys, methods, attire, tactics, and just about any answer to that unasked question, and I like the weird answers. While this is a kind of a stuttered response, especially now, what with the plethora of planets in Aquarius, that notion of “unconventional?” Yeah, that doesn’t figure well within the Taurus view, not this next couple of days. Go back to traditions and traditional. Go back the way we’ve always done it because that way works. It’s great to think outside the box, but with the recent spate of cold, wet weather? I don’t want to live outside the box, and I don’ think you do, either. Save the pain and suffering, save the experimental material that doesn’t hold much promise for working, and stay on top of this by doing this exactly the way we’ve always done it. Flies in the face of conventional wisdom, but maybe that’s what we need.


E-mailGrowing up, I seem to remember that periscopes, a device that allowed us to peer around corners, was the cool toy. Don’t recall much, check something like YouTube for old ads and such. I’m not digging around for that, and we’re working with deep-rooted, possibly malignant memories. What I do or don’t recall is not really part of the question. What is part of the Gemini equation is a way to peer around an obstacle, or some inanimate (or animate) fixture that seems to block the Gemini vision. A periscope. Some kind of portable refractive device that brings the material that is currently out of focus, back into focus. Plus, there seems to be something in the way, and a simple handheld device for peering around corners would be the answer to that unasked question you’ve got, like, “What’s up just ahead?” Periscope, or periscope-like device, perhaps a tube with right angle bends and prisms to reflect the stationary imagery? Some way to see what’s coming up without getting exposed, that’s the trick. Could be as simple as a girlfriend’s makeup mirror, too. “Hey, can I borrow that for a sec?”


E-mailWished I’d gotten into the productivity, self-help software, hardware game. I had an idea for great product, I used this methodology when I first started working with Mercury in Retrograde, and I’ll pass on the short form. Key word? Disposable. At the beginning of each day, I start with series of goals, a loose schedule of sorts, coffee, chores, essays, exercise, cleaning, rest. Meditation, too. Must always meditate. With onerous planets foisting unstable energies, and the Sun in Aquarius? The trick is start each day fresh, new set of goals that are not tied to the previous day’s drivers. What ever was important yesterday? Not a thing, today. Towards this goal, I used to use post-it notes of various ilks, then old business cards, and these days, still, old envelopes, notecards, notepads, just about any kind of paper. I’ll scratch a set of goals for the day, and then? At the end of the day, whether I achieved the written goals or not? I’ll toss the reminders. No carry-over, day-to-day. No lingering, “I meant to do this,” hanging over the Moon Children’s head. No carry-over, no bringing it forward. Each day is a single unit, and if it doesn’t get accomplished? No worries. Should’ve made this into a software/hardware GTD package. But I didn’t. Review at the end of the day, then start fresh the next day. All week long, Moon Children, all week long. No carry-over.

The Leo

The LeoBeing raised, as I was, part of my familial heritage is Deep South. Southern. Not a lot, and there’s an interesting bit of trivia about my family and education, in the Old South, think: equal education. But that’s not this week’s concern for The Majestic Leo. This is about my heritage and how I tend to hold the door for other people, so they may pass in front of me. In this example, it was a restaurant door, and there was bit of sky leakage, light rain, and I paused, outside, long enough to hold the door open for a woman, and then, her mother, too, and then, there was a guy tagging along, and I just held it open a little longer. I was the fourth, ducking in, when a wind gust scattered more drops of water, some falling down my neck. Hugely inconvenient. Slight discomfort. In the bigger picture? Not a single problem. Minor annoyance, less annoying than the masks, and holding the door open for one just brought a deluge, both figurative and literal. However, inside? The party I held the door open for, in the first place? They all demurred, and pushed me to the front of the line (as I shook off some of the extra moisture.) concentrate on helping other people, even if your Leo self gets rained on — there will be a payoff, I just doubt it will happen as fast as it did in my example.


E-mailIt’s just mentally messy now. I don’t have real solutions other than eschew obfuscation and try to be clear. But can’t expect clarity, not from the way things have been going. It’s not bad, it’s not evil, there is no looming disaster for the Virgo skies, it’s just that pesky, petulant mercurial, miscues. Mistakes happen. Doesn’t stop the very Virgo effort of trying to clean up a mess, and might I suggest, it might not be of our own making? Think that’s kind of the clue, figuring out that that some of the mess in front of us — it might not be of our own making. If I messed it up? Then it is up to me to clean it up. But if it’s not really my own mess? Why should I be stuck with the chore of cleaning the up the mistakes of others? Valid point for Mercury, miscues, and mistakes. “If it is not of our own making? Are we responsible for cleaning it up?”


E-mailPerhaps I’m of an age, and the idea of the refraction of light through a prism? It almost universally evokes the iconic Pink Floyd album cover, Dark Side of the Moon. By now, from what I’ve observed, this should be part of the great subconscious set of sensibilities. I took a Libra date to see “Dark Side of the Rainbow,” at the old Alamo in Austin, one time. Pink Floyd’s album set to the visual of The Wizard of Oz, kind of an old stoner thing, and even amusing in my un-stoned state. But this isn’t about weird connections between films and sound tracks, no, this is about that image of a prism. I was working with that because there’s a laser-like focus required, but the very Libra-like laser-like focus? That’s going to hit that Mercurial prism and scatter light everywhere, different shades. Refraction? Reflection? No, I think it’s “refraction.” That prismatic effect is what works for the way the light hits the Scales this next few days. Laser-like focus spilt into a varying bands of light and going just about everywhere.


E-mailI had about three simple repair projects ongoing. Three, simple projects. Easy. Hand tools, no power tools required. Simple stuff, right? First one, I got about halfway done, and realized I needed another tool, a simple Torx Driver, but not something that I had on hand. Simple, easy task — with the right hand tools. Off to the home repair store, the big box place with the reassuring “lumber” aroma wafting through the aisles. Yeah, I got another tool and then something I needed for the kitchen and then I found the right driver bit, got it, too. One answer turned into three more questions, and another handful of projects, I mean, replacing a low-flow shower head is easy. Back to the store a second time to get that latex “plumber’s tape,” or thread tape, not even sure what it’s called. Simple tasks, each one, and each one is compounded in difficulty by a minimum factor of three. Blame me. Blame the planets. Blames a leaky memory. Blame the tool section of the store that looks like toy aisle to me. Whatever that simple Scorpio task might be? Plan on multiple tries. It’s not bad, just, allow for extra time to accomplish that Scorpio goal.


E-mailOne of my great claims? I can say absolutely the most correct fact, at the very worst of times. Inconvenient doesn’t begin to cover the way I can open my mouth — best of noble intentions — and make a remark that skewers, or is hopelessly tasteless, and never mind that it might be something everyone as thinking, I just said it. Not always an endearing quality. Not a trait I’m proud of, and I’ve learned to sound it out in my head, first. Still doesn’t always stop the blunders, but age has taught me to shut up a little more frequently. Much as I try to weigh and weight my words with appropriate gravitas, some days? Like this next week? Yeah, careful. Chances are, yes, it was something that needed saying, but were we right person to say it, at that moment? Nothing helps better than an old adage, recycled, yet again, for our Sagittarius self, “A closed mouth gathers no feet.”


CapricornThe last place I lived, it had a yard, and the backyard had a spot where I assembled a compost pit. Rather a compost bin, not a pit, as it was raised above ground. Food scraps, shredded papers, and some fallen branches was about all that ever made it into that bin. However, after a year of neglect, that bin produced rich, fertile earth, maybe half a cubic yard of the stuff that is good for growing flowers and whatever. For Capricorn, this is the time to rotate the compost, dig out the rich, fertile loam at the bottom, and spread that material around. This is about foundations, and this is about stuff we put away, maybe a year ago, maybe further back than that, just stuff that was left, setting there, left to rot. Now? Now that sludge is dark, beautiful rich soil. The planets are suggesting, with all that is left in Capricorn being Pluto? The planets are suggesting we open up the the bottom the compost pit and shovel a little bit of that material around.

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