Horoscopes for 1.28.2021

O my lord,
Would it not grieve an able man to leave
So sweet a bedfellow? But conscience, conscience!
O, ’tis a tender place, and I must leave her.

    King Henry 8 in Shakespeare’s Henry 8 2.2.132-5

Horoscopes for 1.28.2021

With Mercury retrograde in an air sign? But what does that mean? Exacerbated by Saturn and Uranus?


One of my favorite bookstores is a local chain called Half-Priced Books. Not really local anymore, and not really a small chain, but it was, as I understand it, a family-owned business that started out of a love of literature, the written word. In evolving times, even with the pandemic, they managed to stay ahead of the various winds of change, and stay on top of the business. One aspect I love about the stores is each store has an individual personality. Different stuff, some local, some national, and sometimes, international. The British Press industry just seems to make books that feel better (to me), even with their weird, “I wish this was in English” language and strange punctuation.

I stopped off at one Half-Price Books the other day, I marveled at two versions of the The Complete Works of Shakespeare, one an exact copy of the original text I used in college, and the other a newer version that has met with much critical acclaim. The old copy was, like $5. The newer version was still steeply discounted at $15, a fraction of the original university textbook price of $75 (and I paid that in 1980 dollars). About the only version of any Shakespeare text I use is a digital one, as a phone or tablet is way smaller and easier to access than the ten-pound tome I no longer carry around with me. I weighed my decision. I put both copies back. I don’t need another copy of The Complete Works — I have enough, some still filled with undergraduate notes. This is about weighing issues, deciding on the best course of Aquarius action and then? Follow me through that bookstore: I didn’t buy anything. (Well, that time, I didn’t buy anything.)


E-mailFor Pisces, I tend to ask for divine help in figuring out a metaphor that works. I asked my oracles, and looked at the stars, then came back to waiting for a sign. There wasn’t one, not right away. What I did get, though, if there is meant to be a move? If there is meant to be a shift in Pisces perceptions?

If there is meant to be a shift then the Pisces has to kick this into gear. Have to drop the shift lever down, and ease back on the clutch, letting the motor slowly pull us forward. It can happen, but with Mercury and Mars and all that? It’s up to yourself to get this engaged. Can’t rely on other people, not at this moment. Up to you. My old adage, one that I still rely upon?

“If it’s meant to be then it’s up to me.”

Take note of that, this week, especially. No, seriously. Drop it into gear and release the clutch. Slowly.


E-mailOne of the most common “Feng Shui” symbols I’m familiar with? It’s a frog, or a toad, or similar amphibious critter with a coin in its mouth. Just a common good luck, spread the wealth, attract money symbol leftover from arcane Eastern Traditions. Again, I’m not sure of lineage or true meaning, just that it’s supposed to be good luck and promote fiscal wellness. I was trying to suggest that client might have to “Kiss a few frogs” in order to find her prince charming. Kissing frogs reminded me of the frogs with the gold coins in their wee mouths. When Mercury is like this, there are usually a couple of frogs to kiss, and that is not gender specific, just depends on what one is looking for, prince, or princess. Either way, there will be some frog kissing, and that’s just what this week brings, for some. For many, possibly, but for a few select few? There’s always that outside chance that the Aries kiss breaks the spell and the frog turns into a handsome prince. Or pretty princess, whatever. Mercury, in Retrograde? Have to kiss some frogs and see what happens, real, or metaphorical.


E-mailShowed up for a doctor’s appointment. The front office person, think she was a nurse at one time, we exchange pleasantries from time to time. Each time. I’m at an age where regular doctor visits are not a luxury but a necessity. Eye doc, skin doc, teeth docs, inside doc, outside doc, yeah, some as often as a once every four months. Nurse, or front office person, I’m unsure of the proper title, I know her name, she says hello and asks why I’m there, as I’m not on the books. I smiled. I know what’s happening. The electronic reminder phoned me a few days earlier to remind me I had an appointment with that doctor. Hugely annoying, but also a good failsafe for forgetful people like me. For some reason, I wasn’t marked down as a patient for that morning. It was in my book, and the office’s automated thing reminded me, so that’s two, but the gatekeeper said, “No.” Remember, I forged an easy relationship with her, so she smiled, frowned, then suggested, since it was my usual time, she could work me in, if I would just be seated for a few minutes. 45 minutes later, saw the doc; he said I’m normal. Pay the co-pay, and I was on my way with a little reminder card for my next appointment, in about six months. Two parts, one, even though our Taurus self might be right? Don’t push it. Niceness trumps over creating a scene, and two? The people who really run the show? Even if it is their (Mercury) mistake? Don’t get all worked up. Avails us naught.


E-mailI was attempting to log into a website. Think: data I wanted behind a login screen. My password didn’t work. Which meant, I started that laborious process of “Lost my password” to get it send me a new password to an old email, that I had to dig around to find, then click back and then set a new password. Oh — it’s not difficult. It’s a simple process. Part of our modern world, right? Sure. Just something we all do from time to time. Not painful, just troubling at time when I wanted that access immediately, and it took, seemed like Gemini hours (minute, two minutes max.) for the reset to come through the electronic pipes. I’m the author here. I know what’s happening with the planets, most notably, that pesky Mercury thing. I also know that I have to build in time to my schedule so I can allow for unseemly delays, like a “Lost password” scenario. As a Gemini, you know the drill, right?


E-mailI have been through a succession of notebooks, various and sundry items, as well as pens, pencils, and other writing instruments, all in search of what works best. At the moment, there’s a small ball point pen I use, sort of like a half-version of a basic Bic pen, and there’s a small version of Moleskin notebook that I use with that pen. Keep one rubber-banded together in my pocket — especially when Mercury is Retrograde. I will get fleeting ideas, insights, understand the logical procession of a series of events, and the inevitable conclusions, all with no way to record my brilliance. While this started as slips of paper tucked in my wallet, this eventually became a full-fledged notebook that I carry, pretty much all day, every day. However, I would be remiss, if I didn’t note, I have to remember to use it every day. Which I don’t. Except, when Mercury is in its current state of affairs, i.e., retrograde, and like now? Retrograde in Aquarius. Pens, pencils, crayons, notepads, pocket notes, note cards, old envelopes, or just about anything. I will, on occasion, use a felt-tip pen and write a note on my palm, just to I remember whatever it was I was supposed to remember. Put this retrograde energy to use, as there’s a well-spring of Cancer knowledge that comes bubbling up, if we can just find a way to remember it for later.

The Leo

E-mailThere are times when “This is the way we do it because we’ve always done it this way” prevails. This is one of those times. I understand, The Sun enters Aquarius, then conjoins Saturn, then moves past Saturn to split Saturn and Jupiter. Plus Mercury is Retrograde opposite from The Leo. Stand on tradition. Stand on the notion that the way it has always been done is the way we will approach it this next few days. The old-fashioned way? The dated process built on dated data, from a previous era, more muscle memory and habit than thought and analysis? Yes, we’re doing it that way. It worked before, and with everything stacking up in Aquarius, opposing The Leo? The old-fashioned, time-worn, practiced-route works best. Or works best — for now. For now? For now, we use that expression, “for now.” Doesn’t mean we will always do it this way, but in face of the opposites, for the time being, “for now,” this way serves best. “Why are we doing it this way? Because we’ve always done it this way.” What serves best is to start there.


Some years back, I had this great idea as as way to totally encapsulate a particular’s sign’s energy, a single expression that nailed it for the time being. It’s about practical application to whatever is loose in the world of Virgo, “Practical application of extant energies.” The practical application of the existing way things re, at this moment? Best use of the Mercury Mayhem? What serves our little Virgo mindset best? Three, or maybe a multiple of three? Take the well-spring of Virgo intution, and apply that to fixing some problems that are right there, in front of your face. This, that, and over there, and then, back to what you were first working on only to get sidetracked with a short clip that shows a better way to do it so you have start over, yet again, and that counts as not one but two. See how this goes? Distracted solutions are really good, since the whole world’s gone mad, might as well work in the your own corner, and fix what you can fix. If he first fix doesn’t work? Or if the job isn’t up to your own level of expectation, go back revisit the Mercury is Retrograde material. Might help some. Then remember, I suggest three tries to get to one place.


E-mail“Two steps forward.” Two steps back? “Three steps forward?” Three steps back. “Spin.” Counter with a twirl in the other direction. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. “Is this another of your silly Mercury is Retrograde things?” Yes, actually, it is. As Libra tries to make headway where there is no headway to be made? What happens is a series of gestures and motions, movements that make the gentle and sweet Libra look like the St. Vitus’ dance. The solutions may vary, but the idea is that a built-in pause helps. For me, I take a coffee break. I found that little espresso-style cups of coffee make me run back and forth and that actually has a calming effect on me. The traditional solution, and one that might be more appropriate for Sign of the Scales? Tea. Herbal, non-caffeinated tea. Local person, lovely lady. Make this great stuff, mostly wild-caught, locally-gathered herbs, and “stuff.” Tree bark? Looks like lawn clippings to me, but tastes great, some stinging nettle, perhaps hibiscus, and gratefully? No caffeine. Something like that works well. Or, for me? Coffee. Adjust to your in personal needs and tastes, but you get the idea?


E-mailStanding on the shores of a lake, it was really a cooling pond reservoir for a power plant, I was casting out and catching a few little fish. Sunfish. I could look up the exact designation, but most of my life, I’ve just called them “sunfish” and let it go. Crappie, to some, and other names as well as other distractions as there are more than one kind I was catching. Variations on a theme. It was a few hours, one afternoon didn’t have to time to be bothered with a boat, or bait, or any of the other associated issues, but I did have time to “wet a line.” No intention of keeping anything, and not really too interested in catching, other than, symbolically, I was catching some fish, that being purported goal of “fishing.” It’s a relative action, unique, calming, meditative, and in its own way, very satisfying for me. I’ve stood on the edge of a number lakes, a few rivers, and even some streams to repeat this process. It’s an important gesture. Mercury is most heinously retrograde. Catching — and releasing — little sunfish as the wan winter sun warmed the horizon? Sure. Best way to use this kind of energy. Slightly repetitive but calming, too, and this year? We all need something calming.


E-mailThe sign of the Archer (Sagittarius) is oft considered the sign of the wanderer. We ramble around, kind of shiftless until we nail down a suitable anchor. For me, education, experience, and experimenting led me to this career. I always point out that I fell into this backwards, not going in a linear fashion. In retrospect, maybe it was linear, but at the time? It felt like I was bouncing off walls, bumpers, and being pitched around like a silver ball in a pinball machine. The original title for the planet Mercury was “the Wanderer” because it traversed the night skies in fashion not congruent with the rest of the twinkling little stars. In part, that’s because it’s a planet, not a star.

Sagittarius is going to careen off obstacles, bounce from spring-loaded bumpers, and otherwise feel like we’re spinning out of control. We’re not, but the destination that we think we should be headed for, the stated objective? We might not get there. As I’ve intoned so many times before, the best reaction to this kind of energy, remember, this all in Aquarius at the moment? We might not get where we think we ought to be, but we wind up where we’re supposed to be. Keep that in mind when we hit the various walls and feel ourselves bouncing then bounding out of control.


E-mailThere’s a certain amount of pure, unadulterated glee that comes with this. The hardest part about being a Capricorn? Not giving into that temptation to do little end-zone victory dance.

Don’t spike the ball.

No extra high-five celebration that clearly is less about a celebration and more about rubbing it into someone else’s face. No need for that. Yes, revenge is best served cold. The planets incline to make sure that your Capricorn self is vindicated, validated, and otherwise? “Yeah, go ahead say, ‘You were right.’ I hate that.” Maybe it really isn’t hate, but that kind of comeuppance? Best left to other signs, like, just spitballing here, maybe Scorpio? So leave the vengeance and the little victory dance, and the rubbing of their faces in it? Leave that to other signs. It is a look that doesn’t look good on Capricorn, and it’s look that’s best avoided this week. Enjoy the victory, but do so privately.

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